My Old Home Town, Tucson, Has Terrible Crime Wave And No Idea How To Stop It!


While researching crime in California, where I once lived and my family lived since before the Civil War, I decided to check out crime in my old hometown of Tucson, Arizona, where my family also lived since before the Civil War.  I and others ran a vigilante anti-crime group whereby we even used guns to take down criminals, kidnappers and rapists.  When I was forced to leave when Tucson condemned our entire neighborhood, I said, ‘You will be sorry, you will miss me in the future!’ and I went on to tackle NYC criminals, instead.  Now, I have abandoned the Big City and live on my isolated and well armed mountain retreat.  What a mess, liberals make of everything they touch!


For Tucson and NYC and other nifty places are trying to cope with waves of criminals who never sleep and never give up probing for weaknesses.  Citizens can stop all this but are unable to do much of anything and ever since my vigilante days, Democrats have passed many laws tying the hands of citizens while enabling criminals to run riot.


I hate this and the results of this is the destruction of people’s homes and lives as they flee in terror or use various hopeless security systems that supposedly passively prevent crime only it doesn’t…does it?  Way back in my great grannie’s frontier days, no one dared stop her from defending her property or herself.  Anyone dumb enough to tangle with her was…dead.


But then, she would whack drunks with her umbrella, too.  What a woman!  Anti-slavery and anti-booze woman who knew how to fight.


Well, when I lived in downtown Tucson, I had to fight like a fiend, we were assailed by criminals nearly nonstop.  Killer Rabbit and Killer Rooster helped me in this enterprise.  I used axes, pole arms, swords and guns, going after criminals back in the day.


On the ranch which was next to the mountains on Mt. Lemmon Highway, I used guns, etc. when still a child to take down criminals who thought they could come and poke around on our ranch.  ‘Hands up!  You are under arrest!’ I loved yelling that while putting a bead on men much bigger than I.  Having the dogs growling next to me helped the effect.


I grew up willing to shoot and kill, after all, I had wild animals as pets and ran riot in the desert and did this while armed.  Meet a little girl on a old horse with a dog in the desert, threaten her verbally or make any odd moves and you would be looking at Death.  This is how I grew up.


In the desert, back then, Sheriff Burr knew me personally and knew that I was the Law out there and he was always amused (he was HUGE) to have a little girl go to him and explain a criminal case and display how the arrest was made.


When I lived in Downtown Tucson, the criminals became nastier and nastier until they began KILLING US and I was so pissed at the city cops, I told them I was going to be the cops from now on and anyone trespassing on our neighborhood and if they harmed anyone, we would HUNT them down.  And we did!  Oh, we did.


The city ‘solution’ was to utterly annihilate the neighborhood and then the military crashed a jet into it so it is no longer there.


So…today I decided to poke around Tucson news to see how they are dealing with crime and then BLEW UP because the top story, for example, is about a multi-time rapist/vicious beater exactly like the ones we caught in the early 1970’s attacking us (one tried to come into my bedroom and I chased him with an ax…he later was killed).   Except this isn’t in downtown Tucson, it is NEXT TO MY OLD RANCH!!!!


Pima Co. Sheriff’s Dept. identifies suspect in serial rape case – Tucson News Now

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –
The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has released the identity of the suspect in the serial rape case, as 43-year-old Christopher Garcia.

According to PCSD Garcia faces the following charges: armed robbery, sexual abuse, and aggravated assault. He has been booked into the Pima County Adult Detention Complex on a $500,000 bond for two PCSD cases and a judge added another $300,000 bond for one case from the Tucson Police Department.


Police detectives believe Garcia could be connected to two other sexual assaults, according to Sgt. Pete Dugan with TPD.


PCSD arrested Garcia on Thursday, Sept. 22.


Sheriff Chris Nanos said the first case came to their attention after a naked woman was found on the side of Mt. Lemmon Highway in the early morning by a driver. He said the woman described being sexually and physically assaulted.


A second case involving a half-clothed woman on the side of Old Spanish Trail happened less than a week later, according to Nanos. He said her description was similar to the first.


Good gods…this is my old childhood territory I patrolled with Old Socksie and my Dalmation, Lady and my cat, we roamed all over the place.  Our ranch is on Mt. Lemmon Highway and for years was the last human habitation on that highway when driving up to the mountains.  Everyone who had bad things happened, we were the first to respond or to go to for help and I did many times, mostly for car crashes and floods.


From TODAY:  Suspect in homicide investigation turns himself in to police – Tucson News Now


 TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –
One of the suspects in an assault turned homicide investigation has turned himself in to police, according to Sgt. Kim Bay, spokeswoman for the Tucson Police Department.


Davaress Davon Bolden turned himself in to the Phoenix Police Department on Tuesday, June 27.


Bolden is one of two suspects in an east side assault case, that became a homicide investigation after the assault victim died.


Well, well, well: now on to the cops who are supposed to be preventing crime and saving citizens in Tucson: THEY ARE NOT!!!  And they have the exact same excuse that Mayor Beame and Mayor Koch gave me when I was the Housewife From Hell and twisting their pencil arms to force them to do something about crime: ‘we have no money’.



Here is the OFFICIAL legal junk the Tucson police give citizens while leaving them all helpless: Neighborhood Watch | Official website of the City of Tucson


Neighborhood Watch is simply a program of neighbors watching out for each other during the workday, evenings, vacations or any other absence. The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program is to create an alert neighborhood by using simple crime prevention methods. The program works through the mutual aid of neighbors watching the property of other neighbors.


You are supposed to look and then…what?  Oh, call the ‘cops’.  Only they don’t come.


This has several advantages, including the fact that your neighbors know who you are, what type of car you drive, and who belongs, as a rule, at your residence. A patrol officer driving by your home might not recognize someone as a stranger in your yard. However, an alert neighbor would recognize the person as a stranger.


Grilling people who are acting and looking like criminals is one thing our patrols specialized in.  Criminals hate this and would scream at us and threaten us and then call the cops who would come and tell us not to bother the criminals.  I kept records of everything and photos of everything and back then, we didn’t have access to easy videos but we would have if possible.


They could then call 9-1-1 to alert police of the suspicious activity. Neighborhood Watch does not promote vigilantism. Members of Neighborhood Watch groups are never asked to put themselves in harm’s way to prevent crime. They should only observe and report suspicious activities to the Police Department. This leaves the responsibility for confronting and apprehending criminals where it belongs—with your Tucson Police Officers.


We were ‘vigilantes’.   We fought with the cops about how laggard and slow they were about violent, hideous, murderous criminals. We could catch them in less than 24 hours.  The cops?  Nope.  They would goof off and hope the criminals would fall into their lazy laps.  They told me to stop and I said, ‘So, you will do it now?  If not, no.’


It is still total laziness and super slow reaction and no good results  TPOA: 


Recently, KGUN 9 reported on a story of a burglary victim who had to wait 8 hours for the Tucson Police Department to respond to his residence and take the report. That gentleman felt that an 8 hour wait time for a police officer was unacceptable.


HAHAHA.  People came from far and wide to ask me how I always got fast results.  Well, the cops, once they figure out they have to move fast, will.  In NYC I changed the cops in my area from super slow to super fast, too.  When I leave a place, it resumes its slow pace because citizens are told, they cannot do what cops do.


During KGUN 9’s investigation they also spoke to Lt. Early, Chief Villasenor and City Council members Steve Kozachik and Paul Cunningham. All of them also agreed 8 hours to wait for an officer was unacceptable. The Tucson Police Officer’s Association would like to agree with all of these gentlemen and KGUN 9’s investigation. We would also like to extend our apologies to all crime victims who have had to wait for an extended period for police response. As law enforcement professionals we would like to be able to respond to all calls for service in a timely manner. Better than that, we would like to have the ability to be pro-active during our work shift and prevent crime rather than just report the results.


But they can’t or won’t.  What bothers me is, citizens are not taking matters in their own hands.  Why?  There should be a ferocious response.  Instead, everyone just looks at each other and go ‘ho hum, guess we can’t do a thing.’  BULL SHIT.


For the last 5 years the Mayor and City Council have had numerous budget problems. Their response to these problems has been to consistently use public safety as a band aid. Budget cuts, hiring freezes, furloughs, rising benefit costs and ignoring the promises and contracts that they made to their employees. Currently, the police department operates with more than 200 fewer officers then they did 10 years ago.


Funny, that.  Mayor Koch said that to me years ago at a meeting.  I said, ‘OK. Just don’t stop me from patrolling.  You stay in your mansion and I will stay in the streets.’  He got  mad at me.  But then, he also allowed the cops to cooperate with me and instead of wasting time, patrol my hood, my way and it was highly successful.


These officers have seen a dramatic increase in calls for service and have been expected to continue to provide professional and fast service. The demands of the job have not changed. The scrutiny and expectations remain high. The accountability for our expenses is conducted with a level of professionalism that is unmatched by any other city department. The reward for our continued professionalism has been to watch as the city places its financial priorities on everything except public safety. As we already discussed, the city is looking for ways to subsidize the streetcar. There is also talk of subsidizing even more money to Suntran. There was also the recent discovery that a sculptor who has done no work received a pay raise for agreeing to do half of what the original contract was and all penalties were waived. These are just a few examples of the fiscal mistakes that are being made.


NYC wasted money, too. I said, ‘OK, just let me run the city my way and you guys can do what you like doing’ which was to be criminals, themselves.  When they tried to gang up on me, they ended up in PRISON or dead.  It was delightful, then I moved out.


If recent history has taught us anything, we already know that the first option will be to take more money from public safety. City leadership continues to use the backs of public safety employees at a cost that is only beginning to surface.


Below is a Tucson crime map.  My old hood is still one of the highest crime areas.  The lowest area is where my family ranch still is but the crimes are there now, witness the beating/rapes there.

Crime overwhelming TPD – Tucson Citizen Morgue, Part 1 (2006-2009)


When Sgt. Ron Payette joined the Tucson police force in 1982, there was so much silence between calls that the dispatcher often piped up with a “radio check” to let officers know the radios were working.


Now Payette, a Midtown Division patrol supervisor, practices what he calls “MASH-unit” law enforcement, zipping through traffic from call to call whenever he is on patrol.


Often, dozens of low-priority cases await attention while police are repeatedly diverted by higher priority calls. With more than 400,000 calls a year, there are few breaks.


“You stick a Band-Aid on it and move on to the next one,” Payette said recently while driving to Tucson Medical Center to take two calls, a drug overdose and a reported sexual assault.


For the past decade Tucson has lagged at least 32 percent behind the national average number of officers per 1,000 people, leaving Tucsonans with an overworked Police Department and crime victims who wait, often for hours, for officers to arrive.


“We have to triage our services so we are available to deal with those life-and-death emergencies,” police Chief Richard Miranda said. “Where in the past the life-and-death emergency was the exception – maybe it happened once or twice a night – now it’s happening once or twice an hour.”


I am assuming that Tucson’s people, most of whom are newcomers (seriously) the handful of old Frontier families mostly have fled the place just as I have gone, only one family member still lives there and she is my brother’s widow, and a newcomer to Arizona.  The old, old families are mostly gone for good.


We didn’t ever wait for ‘cops’.  Out in the desert, there were no ‘cops’.  We were the ‘cops’ and had quite a few guns, too.  And used these.  And yes, it would be highly dangerous for some stranger to come around and be a jerk.  Today?  The people who surround our old ranch are all newcomers who think someone is to service them, not them run things.


We were literally the cops, the ambulance service and fire department.  There were no others.  Just us.


I learned how to put out fires when still a child.  And how to do first aid, too, for that matter.  Not to mention, how to use ropes as well as guns.  Hell’s bells, they run Tucson like the old days with a population that is a bunch of ninnies.  People don’t even know how to organize a posse anymore!  I know how to do this.


Wild West Tucson is now City Slicker Slum.  Thanks a lot, guys.  You all drove me out.  But then, NYC was the Wild Wild East once upon a time and I had immense fun dealing with criminals and politicians back then, too.  And they said you can’t force NYC to clean up its act!  At gun point, you can do great things, no?



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13 responses to “My Old Home Town, Tucson, Has Terrible Crime Wave And No Idea How To Stop It!

  1. nclaughlin

    I’ve made this comment before, but Elaine, you sure have led an interesting life!

  2. Claudeeyah

    Not to be rude, but didn’t we discuss posses earlier today regarding Megyn Kelly? 😀

  3. Lou

    Meanwhile, across the sea,
    we have reported on many occasions, NGO rescue boats joined by the Italian navy end up delivering them to the shores of Italy.
    Invasion of Europe news…

    Italy’s migrant welcome centers are in a state of “collapse” as huge waves of African migrants take advantage of the temperate climate to make the crossing from Libya to the Italian peninsula.

    On Tuesday, 8,500 African migrants are reaching Italian shores aboard 14 different ships, adding to the 5,000 who arrived on Monday. The massive arrivals have led local media as well as politicians to speak of an authentic immigrant “invasion” exceeding the country’s capacity of assimilation.

    Officials reported on June 15 that more than 65,000 migrants had arrived since the beginning of the year, but that was prior to the latest influx. Figures for the year now stand at 73,380 migrants into Italy, or a rise of 14.42 percent over the same period in 2016, when then-record arrivals had reached 64,133.

    The exodus from Libya to the Italian coast has continuing unabated with no visible action on the part of the Italian government or the European Union to halt it. [All they had to do years ago was to safely turn back a few of the boats to the African coast to discourage the mass migration from an overpopulated Africa.—ed]

    The illegal immigrants who reach the Libyan coast from all parts of Africa (most recently, from the West), embark in the Mediterranean on makeshift boats. The majority of these are picked up either by NGOs or humanitarian organizations or official Italian Coast Guard or naval vessels.

    Despite their intention to travel up through Italy into northern Europe, the vast majority of migrants end up remaining in Italy, mostly because the northern borders with France, Switzerland and Austria are closely watched.

    Continue here.

    If you are an American of Italian descent, it might be a good time to see your ancestors land.—via Refugee resettlement.

  4. vengeur

    A few months ago the very liberal Mayor of Tucson was CARJACKED in front of his home (in the Sam Hughes neighborhood just east of the university) by a black man with a gun. Of course he was never caught and the incident was forgotten as quickly as possible. The Mayor said words to the effect , that if there were more “programs” for people like the carjacker, those kind of things wouldn’t happen.

  5. HAHAHA. Wow. People make their own messes.

    I proved more than once that standing one’s ground and actively fighting invaders WORKS. To the most amazing degree. But one has to fight and a lot of people have no idea how to fight.

    Because I grew up on a ranch and did stuff all the time (killing, for example, chickens for dinner, hunting, killing vermin, training large mammals, etc.) you get used to dealing with difficult humans who think they are ‘tough’.

    My bus driver, in my youth, was an elderly cowboy who had a very wild West life, born before WWI and he was very dangerous to any fool wanting to fight him, he carried guns on his hip and used it around me, to my great joy.

    We were buddies! Today, he would be arrested after shooting vermin in my presence at the bus stop! Back in 1960, no one but he and i were ever at the bus stop so no one saw what we did and I had to be careful, there were coyotes and other vermin about. Especially that rattler we killed.

  6. Petruchio

    In a separate, but related news item, you can no longer buy Mega Millions or Powerball lottery tickets in Illinois because Chicago and Illinois’ finances are so bad. The Chicago Dept of Education’s Bonds are rated as Junk. The City of Chicago is bankrupt for all intents and purposes and the rest of the State likely will soon follow. Also likely, more states and Cities are likely to follow the path of Chicago and Illinois.

  7. And we get to see how the Roman Empire fell. Holidays and games proliferated and took over all other activities and the idle population grew while business collapsed and the currency was debased to being worthless.

    All wealth was concentrated into fewer and fewer hands and this made looting by barbarians easier.

  8. Floridasandy

    Lou, if you can’t make it work in your own country go invade a country where it was working -!with was being the key word.

    We should send the politicians and the judges to the migrant countries, and get some new ones. I fear Germany is doomed because they have an East German communist and a pn even more pro migration candidate to choose from.

    They need to have some business person step up to sVe their country.

    For us here in the US the partial travel ban starts tonight.

  9. Floridasandy

    Petruchio and yet Chicago elected Rahm?

    Bad choices, or crooked elections?

    I live the website hey for Chicago statistics.

  10. Floridasandy

    OT ( as usual)

    I was looking at videos of squatters in Amsterdam, and found we have the same problem in our cities :


  11. When I had to fight tenants in NYC, I had to be very mean but all us landlords who were successful were very mean, I even decided back then to form a landlord’s association and it was wildly popular with fellow landlords. We pressured politicians.

    Seriously, it baffles me why people don’t figure out how to organize. It is really easy and I think I will write a manual here ‘How to Organize’. First step: find a leader.

    Tool: the MIRROR. Then you go forth and do the actions necessary. Whining is no good. Boy, once you locate how power really works, all hell breaks out as I found when my opponents were sent to jail or straight to hell. The rulers are all crooks so snagging them isn’t all that hard!

  12. Lou

    Elaine, I just learn ofthe facts in this. Maybe do a story,

    Somali police officer kills White woman who called 911 when she heard a disturbance near her home.

    No explanation yet from Minneapolis mayor Hodges seen in this photo (green headscarf, but she is not Muslim herself).…/minneapol…/

  13. Yes, I saw it in the news. And of course, there will be no demands the cop stand trial for this.

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