Merkel Insults US Officials And Trump: Dump NATO Now!

President Trump Gives Nasty Surprise To Obama and Merkel After They Tried to Embarrass Him In German – YouTube: this happened during the Trump trip overseas a month ago.


Obama went to Merkel to undermine Trump when he was doing his first international tour.  Merkel conspired to be as insulting as possible and I wrote about this before but look at it now: Merkel is going down due to her adherence to the notion that all nations should be invaded by millions of illegal aliens who should be allowed to destroy society.  The Germans voted for this being suicidal and yes, Germans are very suicidal and like the Japanese, just can’t design a society that functions in a healthy way.  Both will cease to exist in 30 years and both seem bent on starting WWIII.


Here is today’s example of Merkel and her childless gang of neo-Maoists bent on destroying America:  American Commerce Chief Cut Off Mid-Speech in Berlin by Merkel turning off the mike.


Attendees at the Christian Democratic Union’s business conference in Berlin laughed and clapped when organizers faded out Wilbur Ross after about 20 minutes for overstepping his time limit. Merkel, who had been craning her neck on the podium to watch Ross speak on a screen behind her, then took the floor to close out the evening.


She is a communist agent who learned how to run things in East Germany.  Now, all of Germany is becoming East Germany.  There is zero ‘free speech’ there.  She has unleashed a massive army of young, angry Muslim males on Germany to loot, rape and kill.


Anyone complaining about this or suggesting solutions is arrested.  I can write about this because this monster has no power over me.  The leftists in the US want to stop me and anyone else like me because they are insane and evil.


They really want us to be overrun by angry Muslims.  They are against stopping terror attacks!  This is insane.  I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to support enabling terror attacks and at the same insane time, liberals want wars against liberal Muslim governments and the attackers are radicals like Saudi Arabia which believes in zero human rights!  Good grief, what sort of germ has infected ‘liberalism’ today?  I don’t recognize it at all.


“That was the U.S. secretary of commerce, who had promised us a 10-minute statement,” Werner M. Bahlsen, head of the CDU Economic Council, told the audience Tuesday evening. “As you saw, he spoke a bit slowly, so it took a bit longer. Now we look forward to the chancellor’s speech.”


Straight out of the USSR play book.  Or Nazi Germany, for that matter.  Sieg Merkel!


This just astonishes me.  Germany doesn’t pay anywhere near for its own protection. It wants us to fight WWIII with Russia, not themselves.  I am totally against NATO now and want it shut down.  Let the rich EU Bilderberg gang protect themselves and the citizens in Europe vote for this garbage so make them fight for themselves.


I am amazed that US citizens aren’t marching in the streets demanding Europe and Japan protect themselves.  This pisses me off no end.  This is bankrupting our nation, patrolling the entire planet while our ‘allies’ attack us in the rear and then bring in terrorists and unleash them on us all.

Merkel insults Trump openly insulting the push to build a wall to stop invaders, so Trump strikes back at Germany, overrun by millions of illegal alien Muslim men who are destroying the place.


Our media giants are attacking Trump even more today.  Yesterday, Playboy magazine which is now all about strong women intimidating beta males like Hefner (he is a joke and I thought he was flaccid and stupid way back when I was a stripper teenager of the sort he lusted after).  Ecch.  Well, Playboy attacked the woman representing Trump’s Presidency in the White House press room and he whined and whined about how Trump’s people were ‘rude’ because they answered questions from…OMG…from…alternative news instead of pandering to fake news!


HAHAHAHA.  Meanwhile, CNN is circling the drain thanks to Project Veritas and other brave people who are pulling back the curtain on the Wizards of Obnoxious.

CNN’s Death Spiral – YouTube

A quick visit to England as the English elites who flooded Britain with an army of angry Muslim males who go about various British cities intimidating and beating up citizens who dare look at them.  Tommy Robinson has been openly fighting these thugs with the media giants attacking him in the rear while screaming about how evil terrorists are and we should fake news about Muslims like the CNN set up of a fake Muslim peace rally that was engineered by the media to fool citizens into thinking Muslim women didn’t want terror attacks.

Tommy Robinson: What really happened at Ascot – YouTube

Tommy Robinson VS Piers Morgan FULL Interview | HEATED DEBATE – YouTube


Note the sheltered beta male Big Shot TV personality, Morgan, was totally hostile to any idea of a real man protecting his neighborhood and stopping terrorists.  I was treated EXACTLY the same way.  But unlike Tommy, I was not allowed on TV at all to debate ANYONE ANY TIME.  They locked me out because they knew from interacting with the Housewife From Hell that I love debates, was trained to debate when I was a student and I won every debate I was in…HAHAHA.


Nope, no TV time for me.  But Tommy is fantastic.  He never loses his temper!  He leans forwards and uses his eyes and hands to show force and note in this ‘debate’ of two on one, Tommy leans FORWARDS while Piers leans way backwards.  HAHAHA.  Tommy, I love ya, kid!  Keep up the good fight.  Don’t retreat.


I mentioned last night how flaccid people are and how governments work hard to stop people from fighting back against invaders and criminals.  This is ridiculous.  If the government is failing, the right to fight back, the right to patrol one’s community to stop illegal aliens and criminals is 100% legal based on our Declaration of Independence and I used to hand that document out to media whenever they wanted to talk to me and…they would run away.  HAHAHA.


They hate this information.  They go to great lengths to assure citizens that there is no reason for form street patrols or to enforce legal laws using legal force. They tell everyone to call the cops and wait at home or at work.  They then tell people, if less than $5,000 is stolen, there is no need to even have a report.


This way,there are no crime statistics.  When I was younger, I found via my activities that 90% of crimes were never reported because people gave up doing this due to the cops telling them it was pointless and the mayor ordering everyone to stop worrying about ‘petty crimes’.


Well…I finally wrote our Declaration of Independence 40 years ago saying, ‘Petty crimes end up major crimes like murder’ and so ‘enforcing petty crime laws leads to no murders’ because criminals hate being pestered by petty crime issues because they are all 100% antisocial and break countless laws, daily.


So, to get rid of them, enforce the little laws and they vanish!  Seriously!  I proved this over and over again. But are we being told this?  NO!  The exact opposite.  The simple solution to major crime is to go after petty crimes.  Who would have thought of that?


Well, I did!  It was easy to prove, too.  Are studies being made to back my proofs?  Nope.  No university will fund this, no liberal would allow this.  It is a deep, dark secret.  How insane is this?  Tommy agrees with me on this issue, bless his heart.  I am just gob smacked that a man in England has figured out every one of my rules and positions and is gallantly doing his best to be the House Husband From Hell in England.  Hooray!  May the goddess of Victory hold his torch high.


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18 responses to “Merkel Insults US Officials And Trump: Dump NATO Now!

  1. Nani

    “Good grief, what sort of germ has infected ‘liberalism’ today? I don’t recognize it at all.”

    As a good friend of mine said recently: Todays liberalism is like a cancer upon society. I agree with him, this “liberalism” is slowly killing us.

    Just a while ago a group of women in Germany wrote a letter to chancellor Merkel, pleading with her to do something about the surge in rapes and crimes commited by the migrants she invited in. Mrs Merkel never replied.

    From Gatestone:
    An annual report — Criminality in the Context of Migration (Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung) — published by the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) on April 27 revealed an increase of nearly 500% in migrant sex crimes (defined as sexual assaults, rapes and sexual abuse of children) during the past four years.

    The report showed that migrants (Zuwanderer, defined as asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants) committed 3,404 sex crimes in 2016 — around nine per day. This was a 102% increase over 2015, when migrants committed 1,683 sex crimes — around five per day. By comparison, migrants committed 949 sex crimes in 2014, around three per day; and 599 sex crimes in 2013, around two per day.

  2. Claudeeyah

    Any rational person should ask himself, “Why?”. Why would a government (take your pick, Britain, Germany, Sweden, U.S., France, etc.) allow a huge population of military age men from countries hostile to Western civilization, to continue to pour in, unvetted? The constant wars the west has waged against these Middle East countries for our (((friends))) in that region has caused death, devastation and destruction. Now ask yourself, “Why?” Why would a government unleash a hostile, never ending barrage of young men seething with anger onto their tax paying, law abiding, citizens. And where, as Elaine and others have pointed out, is the outrage?

    The liberal meme and thunderous song that “we are all one peoples” and “walls divide” drowns out any rational discussion of the matter. Clearly, the only adults in the room at this time are the conservatives who question why the continual destruction of our countries and our citizens is allowed to continue.

    Ask yourself, “What is (((their))) agenda?”

  3. Nani

    Claudeeyah, i believe many people are having the exact same thoughts as you, but they are too afraid to speak out. It seems like virtue signaling triumphs everything these days, including the safety of our children. People fear they will be labeled as ‘racists’ or ‘nazis’ if they have the wrong opinions. Worse, they can be fined or put in jail for “hate speech” over here.

    In America you have first amendment which guarantees your right to free speech. We don’t have that in Europe. It really is a hopeless situation 😦

  4. Claudeeyah


    Never give up hope. In Britain, they have men like Tommy Robinson daring to call out the establishment for allowing this violence to continue. I liked the clip where that effeminate Pierce Morgan raises his voice and says, “Don’t you play the class card with me!” when Tommy inquires, “Where were you raised? Where’d you go to school?”

    Pierce knows he and the rest of the media class live sheltered existences behind gated communities, and have no concern what it is like for those of us who on a regular basis, actively gauge which side of the street to avoid when you see “diversity” coming straight toward you. The first stage of resistance is to recognize there is a problem. The next stage is getting a group of like-minded individuals who will band together and discuss, rationally, their platform and ideas. There’s power in numbers. Get enough people who actively engage in civil disobedience together and watch the outcome. It can be something as simple as a massive strike among the public works department. If buses and subways cannot run due to a majority of the workforce striking, no commerce gets done. I’d like to see Frau Merkel deal with that.

    But no, the citizenry there as well as in this country, doesn’t have the balls to do it. We continue to let the elite run riot over us and we accept it without even a whimper.

    Where are the women folk around Tommy Robinson? I thought since we are all equal and all, that they’d be standing shoulder to shoulder with their men, taking back their country. But no, the women folk still flit around in their bitch heels, carrying signs “No Walls!” and “Refugees Welcome!” So I see guys like Tommy as lone wolfs who get little if any support from their countrymen.

    As far as free speech goes, I have been ostracized for supporting Trump. I don’t stand on a platform and give speeches, but when someone ridicules the idea of building a wall, protecting borders, vetting immigrants, and the like, I don’t stand by silently. I’ve been called “racist” and “intolerant”. Okay, so be it. I don’t want groups of unskilled, uneducated migrants pouring into my country, collecting welfare, and causing violence and mayhem.

    We have truly come upon a time when insanity rules

  5. When I was called by others, ‘The Housewife from Hell’ they intended it to be an insult. I adopted it immediately as a badge of honor. This flustered the ruling elites of NY.

    Mainstream media went nuts trying then to avoid calling me ‘Housewife from Hell’ which was what they pretended was this ‘unknown lady’ and not a kid from the CIA back rooms who was deliberately pushing things in NYC forcing changes.

    They did not want me in the news except as this name and when the cops began honoring me for being this hellion, the media went nuts trying to clip that, too. Being erased was their only tool!

    They hoped that would stop me and it failed. What stopped me was the crummy school system run by liberals. That forced me to flee.

  6. Christian W

    Tommy Robinson is a Zionist shill.

  7. He is an ordinary citizen.

  8. Christian W

    He is a Zionist shill.

    Tough goy on an Israeli tank close in the Israeli occupied Golan area.

    Tough goy on an Israeli tank close in the Israeli occupied Golan area.

  9. He and many others. The Jews like to have people pose like this and yes, the government of Israel is right wing.

    Almost all the DNC and RNC leaders and others do the same as does Trump. Then all of them go to SAUDI ARABIA and do the same! Imagine that.

  10. DM

    @Christian W

    First time I’ve seen or heard of Tommy Robinson, but he doesn’t come over as a Zionist shill, Though he may be tackling the problem rather than the cause.

  11. Jim R

    Except in Saudi Arabia they dance around with those old curved swords.

  12. Moe

    Now here’s a government edict yah gotta love:

    ‘Deputies in the Czech Republic voted overwhelmingly in favor of a constitutional amendment allowing ordinary citizens to carry arms and use them in case of a public emergency such as terrorism.’

  13. Jim R

    First time I’ve heard of Tommy Robinson, too. Here’s a tweet from someone who claims to speak for “The Jews”, although I suspect that the Jewish faith is not exactly a monolithic bloc:

  14. ziff

    the more tommy spoke the better it got !!

  15. There are right wing and left wing Jews, big time. Religious fanatics and anti-theoists who hate each other greatly. I used to be married into a Jewish family. Joke: two Jews in a room, they make a deal, three and they fight each other. As told by Mr. Levy, my father-in-law.

  16. Lou


  17. Moe

    A War On Globalism: Snyder

    Excerpt: Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump is so deeply hated by the elite? … the reason the elite have such deep animosity toward Trump is because he is fighting their globalist agenda.

  18. Moe

    Merkel is nothing but a communist stooge. These people must have skins like alligators: how does one explain their chutzpah, smugness and insolence?

    Gaaaah! like Elaine I want to see Justice applied to these apparatchiks. Except my concept of justice is the guillotine.

    “We’ll have a fair trial, then a hanging in the morning”. 🙂 (Paraphrased Judge Roy Bean’s comment).

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