California Voted Big For Clinton And Is Being Systematically Destroyed By DNC Populations

California Assembly speaker gets death threats – YouTube Mob of union state workers and leftist activists demand full healthcare in California that will cost more than entire present budget.  And full healthcare for illegal aliens who are over several million now.  The state of Illinois is going rapidly bankrupt with rich California right down the same street to hell.  On top of this, both states have huge crime problems which are systematically destroying even rich parts of the state as we shall see in this story.


California single-payer health care bill would cost more than the state’s entire budget – TheBlaze


SB562, the Healthy California Act, would replace California’s health insurance marketplace with a publicly funded system, the Bee’s reported Monday. The new system would provide health care coverage with no out-of-pocket expenses for all California residents. The California Senate Appropriations Committee found that the bill would cost $400 billion per year.


The final free for all that will incinerate the state.  Why are liberals so insane?  I really wonder, I guess they don’t do ‘numbers’.


The Bee reported that the committee’s estimate “assumes the state would retain the existing $200 billion in local, state and federal funding it currently receives to offset the total $400 billion price tag.”


The Senate analysis also said that the $100 billion to $150 billion employers spend on health care per year could be used to help offset the costs, but that would still leave taxpayers on the hook for an additional $50 billion to $100 billion per year.


A couple of extra hundred billion dollars here and there, no problem!  Of course, this is on top of the disintegrating situation when it comes to crime and violent minority populations who hate Western Civilization and we have this news:

Pro Baseball Stadium in California On Lockdown After THOUSANDS Of Screaming Muslims Swarm The Field… – YouTube


American’s favorite past time in one U.S. state turned into horror as upwards of 15,000 Muslims in the stands swarmed the field. The entire stadium had to go on lockdown to keep people safe and now the sick reason for the fury has been revealed after law enforcement in the area was had to work overtime to control the situation on one of the final days of Ramadan.


Mob violence happens where people feel entitled.


The liberal state of California which boasts “Little Arabia” near the stadium, which is actually an official tourist attraction like Disneyland is in the same town, allowed the multitude of Muslims to use the baseball stadium to celebrate the end of their month of domination and jihad – also known as Ramadan. The venue was not only desirable to these people because of the size needed to accommodate their massive crowd, but the Muslims also wanted an open-air place with large walls to “protect” them, which is quite ironic.



This enclave is very close to Disneyland.  What a marvelous coincidence.  I don’t like Disney resorts so I don’t care if they become hell holes but I am certain the Disney gang would be rather unhappy.


Across California are these upmarket malls called ‘Westfield Malls’.  And black mobs have been systematically attacking these all year long with the pace of mob violence growing worse and worse over time and this week, has been quite violent.

Argy Bargy at the Westfield Mall in Culver City LA — teens at it again. – YouTube

mob at westfield mall San Francisco- YouTube

From the SF Westfield Mall yesterday– too good to ignore – YouTube

There are these same ‘upscale’ malls now in England which has the same problems with terror and raging people going nuts:  Westfield shopping centre in London: attack plotter has ‘terror documents in his jail cell’ | Daily Mail Online


The allegations came just months after he was jailed at the Old Bailey for 27 years for an Islamic State-inspired plot to attack Westfield shopping centre or the London Underground to mark the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 attacks.


The hand-written recipe found in his prison cell would have produced a device capable of ‘causing life threatening injuries and damage to property’ within several metres of an explosion, it was claimed.


From last Christmas, came this news about Westfield Malls in California:  Sacramento mall bans minors, teens and the ACLU cry foul but Westfield Malls said kids were no problem.


Amid growing concern over teenage mayhem at shopping centers, a Sacramento mall barred unaccompanied minors from its property the day after Christmas — and touched off a wide-ranging debate about whether such bans are discriminatory.


The Arden Fair mall’s decision to crack down on teens Dec. 26 is not unprecedented — malls across the country have taken similar action in the past. But it provoked strong criticism from civil libertarians, who say the move violates California law, and frustration from Bay Area teens.


“It’s illegal,” said Michael Risher, a senior staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union in San Francisco. “The law says you must treat people as individuals, not as a class.”


Caran Fisher, spokeswoman for Westfield Valley Fair and Westfield Oakridge, in San Jose, said neither property has enacted such a policy or experienced problems with youth violence.


“The holidays are a high-traffic time for families and teens, and I can tell you that we did increase our security and traffic control this year to ensure the safety of everyone,” she said. “Teens are a big part of our customer base, and we want to make sure everyone is safe and happy.”


Well, just six months ago, Westfield Mall executives said they have no problem.  HAHAHA.  Now they certainly do have this ‘problem’ and it is growing worse, not better.  They want to be victims?  Be my guest.


I am still a bit freaked out after reading the 1981 New York Times story about how I jumped out of nowhere to assist a cop who was shot and assisted in the arrest…the NYT deliberately hid the fact that I was the ‘mysterious woman’ who did this lunatic thing in the teeth of armed killers!  Sheesh.  I am so happy I am now retired on my very well armed mountain.


California’s liberals have gone out of their way to intimidate and disarm citizens and bring in legal and illegal aliens and assist them in running riot so I suppose we can call this ‘sleeping in the bed you made’ or ‘sleeping with the fishes after mobsters kill you.’  Either way, I am very happy I left way back in 1970. Nothing could cause me to wish to ever go there again.  And my family lived there since the Gold Rush.


Ditto, Tucson and Brooklyn, to hell with both.  The people don’t know their knees from their elbows and let things collapse or go riot.  Why?  How stupid is all this?  Have they no brains?  Nope.


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10 responses to “California Voted Big For Clinton And Is Being Systematically Destroyed By DNC Populations

  1. Lou

    off topic–Darwin Award. But he leaves behind 2. She is 19, expecting and single. These latinos,

    Chicago (AFP) – A 19-year-old US woman faces a manslaughter charge after fatally shooting her boyfriend in a YouTube stunt gone wrong, with the sheriff on Thursday dismissing claims that it was an accident.

    Monalisa Perez shot 22-year-old aspiring YouTube star Pedro Ruiz on Monday after he convinced her to fire at him with a powerful handgun from about a foot (30 centimeters) away, while he held an encyclopedia in front of his chest, authorities in the state of Minnesota said in court documents.

    Ruiz had presented another book, with a bullet hole on one side and no exit hole, as evidence that the encyclopedia would stop the bullet, police said.

    “Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever,” Perez wrote Monday on Twitter. “HIS idea not MINE.

  2. Jim R

    If you can’t use the word ‘chimpout’, then we don’t really have free speech..

  3. Moe

    California supports diversity? Here’s it’s next dance craze. (Actually, I think it looks like fun!)

  4. Petruchio

    “Mob violence happens where people feel entitled.” It doesn’t take much exposure to these illegals to discover they have–most of them–a deep rooted sense of entitlement. One of the first goals they have is to gain employment and therefore control of the Social services they most desire. Such as Food Programs and Housing Assistance. Then they build from there. I happen to like to go fishing. It really irritates me to see these illegals going fishing more often than I can. You see, I am a white male; I have to pay my own way. Two sets of Rules here.

  5. Lou

    American’s favorite past time in one U.S. state turned into horror as upwards of 15,000 Muslims in the stands swarmed the field.

    THANKS. I am nearby and now I know.

  6. Petruchio

    The thing that has always been curious to me is how the folks who constantly braq about how wonderful “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are never, ever point to any evidence, any proof for what they are saying is true. Did they really think that bringing in a bunch of poor, uneducated people who can’t–and in some cases won’t–speak English would somehow be a blessing to a Society? Is anybody really that stupid? Sometimes I think yes, sometimes I think No. But this is what you have in California today. A bunch of foreign borrns who don’t speak English who feel entitled to be catered to by the Whote Race. Good luck woth that one…

  7. floridasandy

    that’s not true for the white male politicians-they don’t pay their way either, and they have the same sense of entitlement. That goes for ALL politicians by the way. The black congressional congress could all be indicted if there was actually any will to do so. Morning Joe and Hillary would both be in jail for murder, as well.

    Cute video, Moe We all need a little entertainment and less media ugliness. It’s a nonstop downer fest anymore. I tune a lot out, just for sanity.

    Maybe somebody could teach those kids that dance, and they could run through the mall and do something positive. They have a lot of undirected energy.

  8. Over 78% of all black children have no birth father at home. This lack of adult supervision is coupled with black males living with either momma or some female with multiple children from multiple men looking for a temporary bed mate. It is a total social disaster.

  9. Petruchio

    “that’s not true for the white male politicians-they don’t pay their way either, and they have the same sense of entitlement. That goes for ALL politicians by the way.” Flo, you got this one wrong. The white male politicians are political whores. Available to the highest bidder–or whomever is black mailing them. It isn’t a sense of entitlement that drives the Political Whore Class of D.C.. It’s simple greed and lust for Power. And If you look at the racial makeup of Congress, you will see white millionaires or soon-to-be millionaires. Only token minority presence. Like Elaine says, arrest them all.

  10. Petruchio

    Ever watch those “Visit California” commercials on TV? Everybody in it is white! I’d love to see a honest look at the racial makeup of CA right now in 2017. I watch those “Visit CA” ads and think, “They forgot to mention La Raza! Why? lol…

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