Friday Funnies and Frauds and Opportunities Galore!

“You Spent 353 Minutes Attacking Trump” Sarah Sanders Slams Reporter – YouTube:

Finally, someone with brains is representing Trump: Sarah Sanders.  While the fake news clown circus show focused on TWEETS and all sorts of idiot stuff, she explained exactly how many minutes of her time, answering questions, were devoted to top issues today: virtually none.  The vast majority were about Trump being a Russian agent and tweets!  This childish fixation on trivial matters characterizes the mainstream media.


Now that the Russian hoax is completely wiped out by the Project Veritas videos about CNN lying, we can begin at last, concentrating on real business.  No. No, they all will not do this.  Watching the fakers being scolded by a young lady is way too amusing.  These sour pusses are freaking out now that their game is up.


​Ben Garrison Cartoons – HOME from Alex Jones.

The above amusing cartoon is hilarious.  Soros is with the ANTIFA flag and communist icon, the DNC ship of fools has Hillary as a statue , Michael Moore is a fat merman.  Mueller of the FBI special prob is looking the wrong way, a Russia parrot, a stupid Hollywood Disney fake pirate actor in the rig, Pelosi and her sidekick in Congress wailing away, Biden molesting a little girl…ahem…Clinton the male is in the donkey’s lap and Wikileaks is a bunch of holes punched in the ship’s bottom, and the fake news cannon lit by CNN.


Yes, a very good cartoon.  Love it.  Do visit his web page to see many equally funny cartoons.  I go there every few days, he has a new one at least once a week.  He sells prints of his cartoons and some of them are quite elaborate and epic and he does anti-Bilderberg cartoons!  What a glory that is!  I am copying his cartoon only to urge everyone to support this talented man.


He is not syndicated but is freelance.  I am so grateful for the internet opening up so many opportunities for artists like him.


Now, on to a warning:  Scam Calls and Emails Using IRS as Bait Persist, I got one yesterday and reported it to the IRS.

I got this phone call out of the blue with a recording demanding I call another number because the IRS was going after me.  I knew immediately it was a scam operation.  I sent a message to the IRS instead, giving them the phone number of the scam artists which my phone records.  I hope they are tracked down and arrested:

Scam Calls and Emails Using IRS as Bait Persist

Scams using the IRS as a lure continue. They take many different forms. The most common scams are phone calls and emails from thieves who pretend to be from the IRS. They use the IRS name, logo or a fake website to try to steal your money. They may try to steal your identity too.
Be wary if you get an out-of-the-blue phone call or automated message from someone who claims to be from the IRS. Sometimes they say you owe money and must pay right away. Other times they say you are owed a refund and ask for your bank account information over the phone. Don’t fall for it. Here are several tips that will help you avoid becoming a scam victim.

The real IRS will NOT:

Call you to demand immediate payment. The IRS will not call you if you owe taxes without first sending you a bill in the mail.

Demand tax payment and not allow you to question or appeal the amount you owe.
Require that you pay your taxes a certain way. For example, demand that you pay with a prepaid debit card.

Ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
Threaten to bring in local police or other agencies to arrest you without paying.
Threaten you with a lawsuit.

If you don’t owe taxes or have no reason to think that you do:
Contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Use TIGTA’s “IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting” web page to report the incident.

You should also report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Use the “FTC Complaint Assistant” on Please add “IRS Telephone Scam” to the comments of your report.

So take care: there are dangerous people out there and outwitting them requires care and if they can be arrested, all the better though I bet the people doing this are overseas.  This is how they usually operate, offshore.


I got this funny email today, I am invited to this conference in England!  HAHAHA:


If you received this mail by mistake, please unsubscribe me from this list
Dear colleagues,
I am honored to  invite you to attend the world conference on Movement sponsored, in part, by the Harvard University School of Medicine’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, the M.I.N.D. Institute at M.I.T., the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Wingate Institute for Sports and Exercise Science, the National Institute for Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences, Nazareth, Israel, the Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Havana, the University of the Medical Sciences Facultad ‘Manuel Fajardo’ Havana, the School of Public Health of the University of Havana, and Bielefeld University in Germany.
The purpose of the conference is to share knowledge of all those whose interests lie in the nature of human movement. The conference will address issues related to gait, motion, kinesiology, disorders of movement, movement rehabilitation, motion and balance, movement and cognition, human factors and ergonomics, as well as optimized movement in elite athletes, developmental issues of movement and coordination. Workshops on physiotherapy of movement impairment will also be provided.
You are hereby invited to join us  and participate in this unique conference.
We welcome your participation in this event that addresses the relationship between movement and cognition and I personally welcome your enquiries and suggestions. In the meantime, please check out our website at:
(Our office mail:
I hope to meet each of you at Oxford University in July 2017
Wish very best wishes,
Gerry Leisman
Chair Scientific Committee, MOVEMENT 2017

Director, The National Institute for Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences, Nazareth, Israel
Professor, Human Factors and Rehabilitation Sciences
O.R.T.-Braude College of Engineering, Karmiel, Israel
Profesor de Neurología restaurativa
Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de la Habana
Facultad Manuel Fajardo, Havana, Cuba


Israeli Jews and Cuban Commies!  What a duo!  I can’t wait!  It will cost a few thousand to go to England and participate so I won’t go there.  Oh well.  One more lost opportunity to be a pest.


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16 responses to “Friday Funnies and Frauds and Opportunities Galore!

  1. Moe

    The pirate probably represents Johnny Depp, he of the Trump assassination ‘joke’.

  2. Moe

    Also note the displaced rudder (i.e., a rudderless ship). What is the triangle at upper rear of vessel? Is that an eye in apex?

  3. Lou

    Meanwhile, sssshh, he is black,

    A black doctor ex employee went on a shooting spree at the Bronx-Lebanon hospital. There were 6 injured and 1 killed. Apparently, both the local and the national news is not only avoiding their usual hysterical coverage but they are refusing to cover it at all.

    Apparently they are covering it up because the shooter was black.
    When I first came across the news flashes, I noticed not a SINGLE PICTURE of him. Hmmm. Now I know why:

    This pseudo Negro Doctor, who just shot 5-6 people in New York, has 3 previous arrests, and there is no record of him having any license in New York State. Imagine that.

    “According to Pix11, Dr. Bello had three prior arrests, including one for sexual abuse.”

    So, here is what really is important: This typical A.A. negro gets into med school. There he has private tutors and special tests….he graduates with a C- average, even after 4 years of special treatment….and he can’t pass any State licensing board exams…..but that is not important.

    You see, he still has the M.D. after his name, so technically, he is a “Doctor”, but can’t practice. But, who cares !!! A Hospital hires him at $250,000 a year, gives him a nice corner office and a nice cute 21 year old blonde secretary, and he is the Official Director of Out-Reach….make up job….but the Hospital has met their “minority” quota.

    “Looks we done have a negro doctor!! We be White and sheeeet!!!!!”

    So, he harasses all the women, get’s arrested, but being a BLACK DOCTOR, is released, but it gets so bad that the Hospital tells him he can resign, (give up the corner office and cute white chick), given the rest of his contract money, probably a few million…or be fired.

  4. Tom W Harris

    Maybe if he didn’t tweet his tweets wouldn’t get so much coverage. Duh!.

  5. Yes, there is no wall to wall coverage of the mass murder in NY. But then, this was true 40 years ago. This has been true all my long life. Since 90% of my arrests were blacks, none of these ever made the news, even slightly. Zero mention.

  6. floridasandy


    He was Nigerian, not American

    and had no medical license.

    Chalk another one to our lax immigration policy.

  7. Yes, and another reason to wipe this out of the news stream. It is making some news in conservative news media but the liberal news media which is the majority of mainstream news, is keeping it out.

    I will be frank: I have been seriously seething with rage since looking up the NYT story about my activities the day I helped the police in NYC go after the assassins of a cop who was shot right in front of my own eyes.

    The entire story is riddled with false information!!! Nothing in the story is actually ‘true’, it is all made up by the reporter who got all the details wrong.

    Worse, this is TYPICAL. Now, they are going for ‘no news is no news’ and faking outright what little is left including hiding vital life and death information from citizens. To hell with them all. I can’t tell you how much I hate the NYT today. And I never liked them.

  8. Thinking about it further: the reason the NYT even mentioned me and put it at the very bottom of the page was, the reporter probably complained bitterly when they cut out that part of the story entirely so they compromised and included it but excluded mentioning who that mystery woman was. I am certain the cops told the reporter about my contribution that day for they were very pleased with me and were quite loud about who helped them considerably.

    And they were all very pissed I wasn’t mentioned in the stories by the media giants. But then, they were very pissed the media giants screwed up the entire business by faking facts about the shooting in the first place.

    Police now are very bitter about media giants and are a huge part of the Trump Revolution.

  9. Petruchio

    @#3 Lou and #^ floridasandy: Yeah, not mentioning the “Doctor”shooter is black is on a par with headlines such as, “Teens cause violence in Malls” headlines. Of course the writers fail to mention that these trouble making teens in the malls are all Black.

  10. Petruchio

    @#6, correction…..

  11. floridasandy

    evidently, he was hoping to scam the system:

    A native of Nigeria, Bello earned a medical degree from Ross University on the Caribbean island nation of Dominica and later worked briefly as a pharmacy technician for Metropolitan Hospital Center in Manhattan in 2012, according to David Wims, a lawyer who represented Bello in an unemployment insurance claim against that hospital.
    In a telephone interview, Wims told Reuters Bello was injured on the job at Metropolitan a few months after being hired, then went on leave and never returned. In a decision upheld by the state’s appellate court division, Bello ultimately was denied unemployment benefits on grounds he quit without good cause.

    who knows if this is even the real story? So he was a pharmacy tech masquerading as a licensed doctor, and harassing women the whole time he was here?

    if our congress won’t build the fence, we should have a national fence lottery to pay for it, and /or advertising, and solar panels. It needs to be built, and we need stricter immigration policies, or this will keep happening.

    OT, at least 17 shot in Arkansas:

  12. Jim R

    About that wall:
    We don’t really need a wall. We already control the Mexican border.

    But we need to enforce that control. Remember Fast And Furious? Not only was Obama not enforcing border controls, he was handing out rifles like candy to Mexican terrorists! He was hoping to shred the second amendment and help implement the police-state.

    Well, Trump (in theory) should be able to change that with a few executive orders. The guys who do border control already have unmanned aircraft, night vision, and the Texas National Guard at their disposal.

    Nothing crosses the border unless they allow it to cross the border. And I know for a fact that under the previous regime, orders were in place from above, for the border agents to allow illicit border crossings. It has been an ongoing phenomenon, and not a one-off event.

    Whether Trump actually manages to change that is yet to be seen.

  13. Readers here are really on the ball! Even as I am looking up and writing a story, people post the news here and I love it. Thanks. We all think alike, no?

    Yes, NYC is falling back into utter chaos and I find this very annoying, all that hard work for nothing but evidently enough voters, if you let illegal aliens vote, want this so bon apetit!

    The liberals want these allies in destruction little understanding that these allies are highly dangerous and many of them hate liberals.

  14. Petruchio

    Just remember one thing about these current crop of liberals. They remain “liberal” until they discover that their daughter(s) are having sex with illegal, non-English speaking immigrants. Then it’s a different story. All of a sudden there’s a problem.

  15. Moe

    The Chris Christie Photoshop Challeng

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