Trump Is Barry Goldwater: Political Outsider Won Election, My Memories Of Goldwater

Most people see reality of the Greater World via the news.  I lived in the ‘news’ and the ‘news media’ which has been all about lying about reality, has gone out of its way to erase me from the ‘news’.  I am not the only one this is done to, it happens to MANY people who go against the ‘news’ favorite storylines.  Here is one person I knew since childhood that the ‘news’ faked or attacked nonstop: Barry Goldwater who ran for President against LBJ and lost.


His family and my ancestors knew each other way back in the Arizona Territory days.  My family came first, before the Civil War, his came soon afterwards.  Barry’s family founder came, like my father’s family, from Germany and like my father’s family, is half-Jewish.  My father and Barry were close friends when I was a child.  Really long ties with each other…the Wild West was very sparsely occupied in the Arizona territories, after all.


I got to watch, close up, Barry being savaged by the media giants when I was only 13 years old and onwards.  Here is the really powerful part of the story: Senator Barry Goldwater on the Trilateral Commission in 1964 – YouTube

What is provoking today’s trot down memory lane is the Alex Jones video from today. They mention Barry’s book which was written in 1964 after he was smashed in the election thanks to extremely vile coverage by the media.


Like with Barry Obama, LBJ ran on the ‘peace party’ platform and the media pretended Barry Goldwater was a warmonger (who wanted to pull out of the international operations set up by the birth of the Bilderberg gang conspirators).


I will now show some cartoons like the one at the top where the media pretended that going back to Arizona circa 1890 is ‘evil’ and note these all show people in the background dressed very nicely and being POLITE!  HAHAHA.

Oh, how evil is this!

Here is the election map for 1964:

With near-zero support form the media, Barry didn’t get as defeated as they final results showed.  LBJ carried mainly the Northeast which had a bigger population than the West back then.


One thing is certain: Jewsish media giants attacked Goldwater nonstop.  Here is a very revealing cartoon from back then:

All the characters in this cartoon are real people and guess what?  They are all Jews.  Goldwater’s family married into non-Jewish women beginning with Barry’s mom.  He was raised to be a Christian but knew his roots very well, his grandfather’s store in Phoenix was famous in Arizona, he came to the territories in the Wild West days with a wagon load of goodies and sold these to say, my great grandmother who loved having stuff from the East Coast and San Francisco, thinks like her umbrellas which she used as a weapon.


Word here: ‘umbrella’ means ‘in the SHADE’ and were used mainly, eons ago, to shade people from the hot sun.

Think: many cartoonists made a big deal about Barry’s Jewish nose.  Ahem.  Note the above cartoon about starting WWIII.  And how LBJ was the PEACE CANDIDATE.  HAHAHA.  God help us.  I keep saying, we are always stuck in the past.  Nothing really changes.  The one change this time around is, Trump won!  Not the Bilderberg gangster candidate!

Many cartoons show Barry without his glasses.  Note this cartoon shows one of the top world Bilderberg/Trilateral Commissioners: Rockefeller.  And then there is old west coast old family Wild West Nixon.  They make fun of his nose, too.


Barry was one of the very few humans who knew something about my father’s work in bringing in the Nazi rocket scientists.  They lived amongst us all, too.  And lived in Texas under LBJ’s umbrella.  Texas, Arizona and California, to be exact.  The elections in the 1960s were concentrated in these three states!  Isn’t that astonishing…except for Rockefeller who was Old Money New York.


Note the cartoon making fun of Stalin for bringing in Nazi rocket scientists!  HAHAHA.  Here lies the roots of my very conflicted childhood.


Something gigantic happened this last election: thanks to the internet and busy, hard working citizens making and covering news and talking politics online, we  had overthrown a significant part of the Bilderberg/Trilateral gang.


Note the cartoons about Barry!  THEY HATE BEING EXPOSED.  Goldwater tore asunder their dark veil.  Council on Foreign Relations:


“The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which was organized in England…(and)…believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established.” (With No Apologies by Senator Barry Goldwater, Berkley Books, New York, Page 126)


The Trilateral Commission is international …(and)…is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.” (With No Apologies by Senator Goldwater, Berkley Books, New York, Page 293)


The Bilderberg is a quasi-secret consortium of international elite who meet annually to plan world economic and political policies. The Bilderberg has no membership per se. Those identified with “B” in this chart have attended past Bilderberg meetings.


In the chart below, C is CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, B is the Bilderberg gang and T is Trilateral Commission.

Click on the link to see all the long, long, long list of Congress critters and other government positions that all are part of this huge web of conspirators that Barry attacked openly, with great bravery.


This is an old list, it doesn’t have all the Obama members and co-conspirators on it but he, too, was 100% co-conspirator which is why the Bush family loves him so much and money rained down on his head and why some people are wondering, why is Barry Obama overseas ALL the time now?  Is he worried he might get pulled into the collapsing mess in DC?

Will he be questioned about the last election and his many attempts at rigging the voting and conspiring with media giants to make fake news, and spying on Trump during the entire election as well as conspiring against Sanders???  Not to mention meetings with Mr. Clinton and Barry’s staff to pull various illegal stunts?


Not to mention setting up spy devices in the White House before Trump entered and conspiring to undermine Trump using former staff who were still in the government?  Doing tons and tons of illegal stuff?


Imagine if Barry Goldwater entered the White House?  Look at Kennedy.  All the mainstream media/Hollywood/NYC/California leftist ‘kill Trump’ porn and efforts and open calls to assassinate the President and heads of Congress?  Which is happening already with the assassination attempt against GOP Congress people in DC this last month…the war is on.


The international conspirators who have run the US since my birth are at war with the Citizens and it is a war to the death, literally.  This is why they are very anxious to import millions of angry Muslim males.  The want civil war since they can’t control us via ‘elections’ anymore.


Voters voted for Obama because they thought he was an outsider.  But he was a product of the Chicago gang who are systematically destroying that once-great city.  The entire DNC base, as election maps show, is strictly limited to dying former industrial cities now filled with angry poor people and illegal aliens who seethe with rage.


The entire countryside outside of dying cities and the few mega-port to import cities on the East and West coasts, is against the DNC now which is why the DNC lost Congress and the Presidency both.  But the voters are not free of the Bilderberg gang stuff: half of the GOP is total Bilderberg gang!


And we see them at work, desperate to destroy Trump even if it means ‘losing elections’ because their power to avoid being kicked out is great and voters vote for them because they fear the DNC so they get to stay in power even as the voters hate their GOP ‘leaders’ more and more and side with Trump in all major confrontations which irritates the Bilderberg conspirators running much of the GOP no end.


They really hate Trump.  They want Rockefeller type guys running the party, they wanted another Bush clown, not Trump.




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5 responses to “Trump Is Barry Goldwater: Political Outsider Won Election, My Memories Of Goldwater

  1. Jim R

    For a long time growing up, I had a souvenir can of “Goldwater” soda. I think it was just re-labeled Mountain Dew. It was a leftover from us kids of Republican families who put up posters and passed out campaign literature for Goldwater. When he visited Indiana, I was there at his campaign stop, but never saw him because of the crowd. I wasn’t tall enough and there were so many people there. We thought Johnson was a country hick from Texas.

    It has all been pretty much downhill from there..

  2. ziff

    Innocent times , i remember being anti Goldwater [war ],. LBJ , though ,pathological see Robert Caro ] , oppose him and you ended up dead [ jfk ].

    what a difference the internet has made and how we forget and the young will never know.

  3. melponeme_k

    Goldwater was before my time. But I’m one of the generation that started to experience the mass media mind control programs that were kicked into high gear during the 70s/80s and poured onto the public.

    I was a good little bot and voted for Clinton in the 90s (first election in which I could vote), voted for Gore. It was that election that got me thinking especially when Gore didn’t push for recounts or question voting systems. I voted for Obama, thinking he was going to clean up the system. Of all the candidates ever, he was the most disappointing. Because he had REAL power in his hands, had the public, he had everything and could have blasted the Bilderbergs out of the water in one shot. Man, they must have had real dirty goods on him in order to make him stay their lapdog. They still do otherwise he wouldn’t be carrier pidgeoning around the world for them now.

    What really woke me up was the murder trial I sat for 10 years ago, it scrambled my brains and when I picked up the pieces…the world was different. I realized the whole structure of our lives was a lie.

    I did vote for Trump and I’m hoping even if he just makes a little dent against the power bloc, he will have earned success.

    The next fight is the NY Mayoral race which the Bilderberg mass media is very,very, very quiet about of late. Which I’m not surprised, it is the very point of the spearhead for the UN program called Global Compact of Mayors. They can’t lose NYC. It will stop the next alternate shadow government phase.

  4. I have stories about that right up on my desk for processing!


  5. Jim R

    Interesting to hear that, Mel. I voted for Jill Stein, but was sorely disappointed when she went around raising money for the Clintons after she lost.

    By last November, Trump was actually my second choice after Stein, but here in Texas the election outcome was not in question.

    I wasn’t old enough to vote when Goldwater came to town, but later on Nixon wanted to send my sorry ass to Vietnam. I was never in the army. I dodged the draft, but people I knew went, and came back different. Worse not better.

    Yeah, I hope Trump can make some little dent in the power bloc, and will consider that a success. As a longtime follower of writers like Orlov, I think the whole system is not only unsustainable, but on the verge of collapse.

    And it’s obvious (to me) that Russia is poised to take over the reins of world hegemony (give or take some input from China), but they have to wait a little bit longer. The winning strategy is to do nothing and try to avoid getting drawn into a big war before it all falls apart..

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