The Professional Leftist Protestors In Europe Are Terminally Confused Now

‘G20 protest wave’: 1,000s rally in Hamburg ahead of summit (VIDEO, PHOTO) — RT News:  I got all this great news from Russia which has a real news system still.  It is hilarious: the anti-G20 ‘protestors’ are falling to pieces as they are demanding stuff the G20 Bilderberg gang wants to impose on all of us such as cutting off all fossil fuel materials from citizens and hogging these only for themselves and telling us we are roasting to death, etc.  Note how the people protesting ‘global warming’ are dressed: is it still winter in Europe?  HAHAHA.


The protesters marched through the city waving flags bearing slogans reading “Democracy now!” and “Make the global trade fair!” as well as “Make the global trade ecologically friendly and fair – stop CETA, stop TTIP!” referring to free trade agreements the EU signed with Canada and are still discussing with the US.


The only way to ‘make global trade fair’ is tariffs and barriers.  Duh.  Of course, they want ‘fantasy free trade’ whereby they get all their stuff via imports and their countries don’t go bankrupt.


Some other banners read “Planet Earth first!” in what appears to be a reference to US President Donald Trump’s political slogan “America First!” The demonstrators also urged the G20 leaders to “fight poverty” and “put an end to the coal industry.”


Freezing the elderly, the poor, the Muslim gangs who moved to very cold climates to death is an interesting proposition of you believe there are too many humans.  Most of these demonstrators want the earth depopulated while at the same time, they want millions of Muslim males to invade, too.


This is utterly insane but then, they protest rape and then import a few million rapists so insanity is their calling card.


The march ended with another rally outside city hall. The protests were “very peaceful,” the German NDR broadcaster reports, citing police officials.


They are losing steam. It is hard to scream about roasting to death while wearing heavy coats in summer.

The organizers called on world leaders to focus on inequality, climate change, and forced displacement, as well as to stop wars and combat global hunger. “Close the gap between the rich and poor!” a speaker at the rally said, adding that inequality “is not only immoral, but also detrimental to the economy.”


In other words, these are all communists who think communism isn’t all about killing, starving and working to death millions and millions and millions of innocent people.


We are not against the G20; we believe that the world needs more international cooperation, and not less,” one of the rally’s organizers said outside city hall.


So, they support the G20!  ‘Go, go, go G20,’ should be their battle chant.  Wait!  That is cheering on the Bilderberg gang only asking they hand out more goodies.  So…’Give us more goodies but don’t give us any energy, we want to freeze to death’ should be their chant.


On another note, ‘What are they trying to hide?’: Trump questions states refusing to show voter data » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Yes, states run mainly by the DNC Bilderberg gang are refusing to let anyone see if illegal aliens voted.  Now the mainstream fake news has raged on and on that no illegal aliens voted which is a blatant, obvious lie.  We know know that at least 29 states had high enough levels of illegal voting that they won’t let anyone see the books or do anything about these 29 crimes.


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6 responses to “The Professional Leftist Protestors In Europe Are Terminally Confused Now

  1. Jim R

    Haha, Lou, that was priceless!

  2. Ring*ring: IRS scam hotline.

    Hello, I wish to report the Federal Reserve which has scammed the United States for 100 years. They have debased the currency by over 98% and are destroying it faster and faster the last 30 years.

    Oh, and the Bilderberg gang runs it and should be arrested, they are an international conspiracy to loot American citizens.

  3. Christian W

    “Professional” leftists. Indeed, these “professionals” get their money from the elites. Most of what goes for the “left” has been captured for dozens of years.

  4. Lou

    They have debased the currency by over 98% But we have more goodies now. I dont buy the debasement because of this.
    In 1900, no cars, phones, etc.

  5. Ken

    Lou @ #5,

    Elaine is right. If you look at just items which are the same from 1913 and 2017, such as food, housing, clothing, then you can do an apples-to-apples comparison. Under this comparison, the dollar is only worth 2% today of what it was worth in 1913.

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