Liberals Want Infinite Money For ‘Curing’ Drug Addicts: Total Waste Of Taxpayer Funds

Berkeley Free Clinic – YouTube

Way, way back in Berkeley, CA in the late 1960s, I was a volunteer at the Free Clinic.  I ended up dealing with drug addict OD cases.  I had a simple tactic: I would slap them around, force them to walk up and down, drill sergeant them brutally and never lost a customer.  Modern ‘addiction therapy’ is like today’s liberal schools: everyone running these are super nice and worry about the feelings of the clients or students and let them do as they please so they never improve but instead, get worse and worse.  And both addiction programs and our public schools are now very useless and very expensive and both want infinite funds to keep on doing nothing useful at all.


The video above is the Free Clinic complaining about government money being cut.  When I was there in 1968, we got zero government funds.  We just did what we did our own way.  We were a wonderful team, they kept me alive when I got the Hong Kong flu and they decided to not send me to a hospital and thus, I got excellent care from loving friends who pulled me back from the Gates of Death.  This ended my involvement because I was very fragile afterwards for several years.


Back then, no one had any ‘cure’ for addicts so I got to do what I thought was best and using my knowledge of how humans work based on training animals, I used the good old carrot and stick method which worked great.  At my desk I made a poster that said ‘Speed Kills’ and clients would come in and I would point to it and ask them, ‘Do you want to die?’


The next question was, ‘Are you smart or stupid?’  Followed by, ‘Only you can stop yourself, no one on earth can do a better job of stopping you.’  This raw reality was important because people lie to themselves about nearly everything especially addicts.  You can’t sugar coat anything because they are experts at lying to everyone including, themselves.


One of the stupider things liberals have done was build up a system of ‘addiction cures’ which are actually vacations for addicts whose drug addiction is now too expensive, so they taper it down while living on various fun ranches, riding horses, living in dorms and hob nobbing with other addicts and then, when they get out, they often have to be hospitalized or die because they continue with doses that are for saturated bodies, not fresh, and thus put themselves into danger.


I don’t feel the slightest sorry for drug addicts who die.  They spread diseases, abuse children, terrorize family members, steal from everyone especially family members, they are self-centered creeps who feel sorry only for themselves and only if they are caught or need help.


They are experts at playing the ‘poor little me’ game.  This is why an iron will is needed when dealing with them all.  ‘Face reality or reality will destroy you,’ was another line I used on every one who came to the clinic.


Our country wastes $45 Billion to Fight Opioid Abuse and this is ridiculous. That’s Much Too Little, Experts Say because they want infinite funds so they can make money for themselves- The New York Times reports this, I changed the headline to reveal the truth, the NYT simply is whining that we need $100 billion or $1 trillion to save drug addicts who are all self-destructive, self-centered creeps.


 WASHINGTON — The Senate leadership’s efforts to salvage the Republican health care bill have focused in part on adding $45 billion for states to spend on opioid addiction treatment.


It should be ZERO.  It is worthless, useless, futile and stupid all at the same time.  If it worked, the number of addicts would drop, instead, during Obama’s reign, the number of addicts shot through the roof.  Every day, more people say, ‘Hey, I want to have FUN!’ and becomes an addict.


That is a big pot of money. But addiction specialists said it was drastically short of what would be needed to make up for the legislation’s deep cuts to Medicaid, which has provided treatment for hundreds of thousands of people caught up in a national epidemic of opioid abuse.


These addicts are criminals.  Once addicted, they joyfully commit many other crimes to feed their addiction.  They love doing this, it is FUN, it is the centerpiece of their lives, they want infinite fun with infinite money and infinite crimes.  They will murder granny, steal the children’s food and clothing, beat up strangers, whatever…they will do this.


They are what we call ‘evil people’.  You do not want to live with, encounter or love a drug addict.  These monsters love only themselves.  Utterly and totally.  Shaking them out of this adoration of themselves is very hard work and requires a hard hand.


All want us to feel sorry for themselves.  They want us to view them as ‘victims’ and not as agents of destruction who will cheerfully kill you if you stand in their way.


The new money would most likely flow to states in the form of grants over 10 years, averaging out to $4.5 billion per year. With hundreds of people dying every week from overdoses of heroin, fentanyl and opioid painkillers, some specialists say a fixed amount of grant money is simply inadequate compared with the open-ended funding stream that Medicaid provides to treat all who qualify for the coverage.


Yes, the ‘experts’ who make money off of these creeps are also creeps who want us to spend to infinity on this insanity.  Fun for them and loads of fun for addicts. Both are in this alliance to force the rest of us to spend all our resources on their gaping maws.


“When it comes to other illnesses like breast cancer or heart disease, we’d never rely solely on grants for treatment — because we know that grants are not substitutes for health coverage,” said Linda Rosenberg.


We have to set limits on spending.  Obama ran up the bills to infinity because liberals believe there is no limit to spending on favored projects.  The military is like this, too.  Infinity is perfection for both.  This is the true left/right alliance that is bankrupting America.


“As far as the absolute dollars go it’s woefully, woefully short,” said Gary Mendell, the founder and chief executive of Shatterproof, an anti-addiction advocacy group. “What you need is funding flowing into the health care system, so that patients are treated by primary care doctors, by behavioral therapists, get medication-assisted treatment.”


Hell’s bells!  The main desire of addicts is to ‘clean out the body’ so they can resume at a cheaper level only many of them can’t resist doing it ‘big shot time’ and thus, die of an overdose.  Nearly all overdose cases are from people restarting their addiction.


It gets worse:  Last month, Drug addiction counselors overdose at treatment facility | New York Post


WEST CHESTER, Pa. — Two addiction counselors at a suburban Philadelphia halfway house died of opioid overdoses inside the facility on the same day, authorities said Wednesday.


HAHAHA.  See, these ‘addiction services’ are actually addicts helping each other con the system.


“If anybody is wondering how bad the opioid epidemic has become, this case is a frightening example,” said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan. “Opioids are a monster that is slowly consuming our population.”


No, this is a stupid example showing how worthless these programs are, how they are a con job.


Emergency responders were called to Freedom Ridge Recovery Lodge on Sunday afternoon after residents found the counselors unresponsive in separate bedrooms.


They saved the lives of these con artists.  I want them put in prison.  Not for drug abuse but for fraud. Drug Rehabilitation or Revolving Door? – The New York Times


ROSEBURG, Ore. — Their first love might be the rum or vodka or gin and juice that is going around the bonfire. Or maybe the smoke, the potent marijuana that grows in the misted hills here like moss on a wet stone.


Yesterday, the NYT decided to do a sob story about drug addicts.  They also wanted to wonder about how systems are working or not working.  They have no sane suggestions about doing the right thing (hint: only drug addicts can save themselves).


But it hardly matters. Here as elsewhere in the country, some users start early, fall fast and in their reckless prime can swallow, snort, inject or smoke anything available, from crystal meth to prescription pills to heroin and ecstasy. And treatment, if they get it at all, can seem like a joke.


Because it IS a ‘joke’.  The system I use is the one Alcohol Anonymous uses: people who stopped being addicts tell addicts to be honest and that they alone are responsible for what they ingest or do and no one can save them but themselves.  I love that organization, highly recommend it and it costs nothing.


“After the first couple of times I went through, they basically told me that there was nothing they could do,” said Angella, a 17-year-old from the central Oregon city of Bend, who by freshman year in high school was drinking hard liquor every day, smoking pot and sampling a variety of harder drugs. “They were like, ‘Uh, I don’t think so.’ ”


Every teen I have known over the years who succeeded in cleaning themselves all did it via AA.  All of them changed, personally, and took responsibility for themselves and all became excellent adults.


This little monster is entitled, self-centered and vain.  She is proud that no one can save her.  She is so very clever, she will kill herself unless a sane person takes her in hand and slaps her around.  You have to start off with, ‘I really don’t care if you die.’  Seriously.  They love playing the ‘Oh, I am a lost lamb and only you can save me,’ game.


She tried residential programs twice, living away from home for three months each time. In those, she learned how dangerous her habit was, how much pain it was causing others in her life. She worked on strengthening her relationship with her grandparents, with whom she lived. For two months or so afterward she stayed clean.


HAHAHA.  Everyone petted her.  She was showered with love when she pretended to be clean.  Drug addicts are also drama queens.  Everything revolves around them.  Everyone is anxious that the addict might hurt themselves.  The addict doesn’t give a damn if they hurt themselves and they certainly do not care if they hurt everyone around them, au contraire, they LOVE hurting everyone around them!  Trust me on this assessment.


Many clinics across the county have waiting lists, and researchers estimate that some 20 million Americans who could benefit from treatment do not get it.


The number of addicts has only gone up and up and up as programs that give a drug vacation and then gets them ‘reset’ to continue onwards, proliferate.  These expensive programs are a total failure.


Yet very few rehabilitation programs have the evidence to show that they are effective. The resort-and-spa private clinics generally do not allow outside researchers to verify their published success rates. The publicly supported programs spend their scarce resources on patient care, not costly studies.


You don’t need any ‘studies’.  Liberals make these ‘studies’ and the last thing they want is to learn that my system I set up in California at age 17 is the only one that works so long as it is alongside the much older system set up for drunks that was started long before I was born: AA is a fine program, it is wonderful, I highly recommend it but it doesn’t work unless counselors tell addicts it is the ONLY system that really works.


I know of many drug/drink abusers who did wonderfully after using AA to save themselves and the ones that crossed my path and who did the AA meetings and support are to this day, doing fine.


Pampering, petting, cossetting and loving addicts makes things infinitely worse and should stop.  But many TV gurus like ‘Doctor’ Phil promote these stupid ‘cure resorts’ and so they have proliferated and have lots of political power so they can get funding from taxpayers and now these frauds are demanding infinite money.



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13 responses to “Liberals Want Infinite Money For ‘Curing’ Drug Addicts: Total Waste Of Taxpayer Funds

  1. Case

    12step doesn’t work, it has a huge failure rate. Anyone who successfully overcomes addiction does so due to internal factors, rather than any method. Personally I would have compounds for addicts and supply the drugs for free and let them get on with it away from society.

  2. ALL things are ‘failures’ when coming to addicts because…addicts have to hate being addicts before they win against addiction!

    There is no other road than the road of pain. ‘New drugs’ that supposedly undo the addiction simply leads to a new addiction, there are many ‘addictive’ things.

    Pain killers: I have been operated on several times in my life. I had to have huge pain killers. I HATE PAIN KILLERS. As soon as I could stop, I happily stopped, even with pills left over, etc.

    I have zero desire to be numbed all the time, frankly, I hate it. I have zero chance of becoming a pain killer addict.

    People become addicts because they want to be addicts.

  3. melponeme_k

    When I was young I had horrific migraines. I was given prescription for a heavy duty painkiller. What was awful was that I had to hit the migraine just right when taking the painkillers. If I was too late, the drug would do nothing.

    One time I took it too early and experienced such dislocation, weird euphoria but STILL had the headache.

    After that I refused to take the pills and suffered through headaches with only over the counter Excedrin. I didn’t want to be on anything that would pose a danger to me and I never had a problem with giving up the pills.

  4. Petruchio

    “Modern ‘addiction therapy’ is like today’s liberal schools:…” The Public schools were doomed when they a.) stopped holding failing students back in grade school and b.) stopped kicking out of school the serious troublemaking students. They decided to let the inmates run the asylum!! And the resulting disaster was predictable.

  5. Ken


    You have had much more experience with addicts than anyone I personally know. Also, being a “liberal” during the 60s and 70s would have exposed you to a lot of people taking recreational drugs. You probably even did some yourself.

    So, my question is this: How much worse are the street drugs than alcohol? Is it easier for an alcoholic to quit than a drug addict? If not, then why are the drug addicts getting so much attention?

    Also, anyone, do any of Elaine’s readers live in one of the states which have legalized recreational use of marijuana? If so, how is this working out? I haven’t seen anything negative in the press – only glowing reports. However, I spoke with a neighbor last night who recently got back from Colorado and he said it was a disaster. Lines at addiction clinics are out the door. Literally.

  6. Peter

    Florida man who shot his own penis faces jail time, $10k fine

    This is the world we’re living in

  7. I have used pot…as food. That is, I cooked with it in very small amounts to kill pain (my reproductive systems has caused terrible problems since childhood and multiple surgeries). This didn’t make me ‘high’ it just made me able to eat and sleep normally instead of throwing up, for example.

    Now, I am ‘sterile’ and need nothing. Good pot use is like any medicine: one has to use it so it isn’t noticeable, it should not be used to have ‘fun’.

    I did have one real LDS trip thanks to Timothy Leary. I did it alone with my cats, rabbits and chickens. It was great fun but mainly, I did it to probe myself successfully.

    Once, someone slipped me a dangerous drug at the Rolling Stones concert when I was doing medical stuff, in a drink. It was horrible. That is the extent of my drug history.

  8. Ken


    So in your opinion, being a counselor at a rehab center, are street drugs a lot harder to kick than legal drugs like alcohol and prescription medicines?

  9. Moe

    The single word that describes drug addicts is narcissism. I became aware of this over 30 years ago when I had the opportunity to watch a number of recovering heroin addicts in forced rehabilitation. They were narcissists to a man.

    There is though the school of thought that some drug addicts may be using drugs as self-medication to address psychic pain resulting from traumatic events.

  10. Ken

    I’ve known people who suffer from depression and they smoke tobacco as a way of self medicating.

    Supposedly tobacco is hard to quit too.

  11. Many drugs are ‘hard to quit.’ This is why one must use caution. The druggies using the Free Clinic WANTED to be ‘wasted’. They were unhappy if they were not staggering about, dysfunctional.

    It was also done to numb feelings. They become non-humans more like robots or something, invulnerable to pain and of course, couldn’t care less if they destroyed everyone and everything around themselves.

    Thus, they were, in my mind, very dangerous as well as stupid. And one cannot mince words: if you are deliberately stupid and dangerous, you have to be told, in the face, full force. No mincing the words.

    Fun stuff! Look, they want us to think they are VICTIMS rather than the engineers of the horrors surrounding themselves. They are not ‘victims’ at all. They love doing what they are doing to everyone and everything. It is a victory, a joy.

    Taking the joy and victory out of it forces them to see what they really are and should motivate them to stop. Usually, they have to hit rock bottom, first. This is the true tragedy. It is so stupid and pointless.

    Certainly not worth spending $100 billion dollars. Not even 100 billion pennies.

  12. Nope. Anyone can become an addict by…CHOOSING to be one. This is the only key to stopping. If they blame any other cause, they die. This is insane.

    I see this everywhere: excuses for personal choices. People with jobs become addicts. Doctors become addicts! Nurses! Politicians!!! Preachers and teachers all can become addicts.

    Addiction is all about personal choice. I had to be on Oxycotin for many months three times in my life due to injuries/difficult births.

    Each time, I would reduce the dose as I healed until it was zero and I was so happy to NOT be on the drug, I hated being on it. It interfered with my activities in many ways so I was overjoyed to stop it.

    Enduring pain: things hurt. Life hurts. Learning a philosophy about enduring pain is how one succeeds. My shoes hurt: so what! My back aches. Oh well!

    I have this lifelong motto: ‘Life hurts but death kills.’ Seriously! When I was a child, due to being raped, I had surgeries and severe pain for YEARS and…didn’t take pain killers. I endured it and it made it possible for me to be a fighter.

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