California And New York Refuse To Allow Examination For Illegal Alien Voters

Obama Tells Illegals to Vote – YouTube

(My traditional 4th of July parade photos will probably appear tomorrow due to not having the program on my new computer to process the pictures)


The DNC has moved heaven and earth to allow illegal aliens to vote and have crippled all systems set up to insure only citizens vote.  This gigantic scandal is buried by most of the mainstream media.  The entire DNC lies about voting.  Now, there is a commission to look into how states allow illegal aliens to vote and half of the nation’s political leaders are moving heaven and earth to hide this information and prevent it from going forwards.


This is, of course, a coup.  They use the fake news media to scream daily that Trump ‘lost the election’ and their only tool for this is the vote in California and NY which allowed rampant illegal alien criminal votes.


Election Watchdog Group Slams California for Denying Voter Data to Commission » Alex Jones’ Infowars: 


California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, along 25+ other Secretaries of State (SOS) has refused to cooperate with the bipartisan President’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. He was asked to simply supply the state’s voter list to the Commission so it can investigate practices that could lead to improper or fraudulent registrations and voting. The requested information is, for the most part, public information, and no more than any candidate, education organization, research organization, among others, are privy to.


Secretary Padilla states that he does not want to “legitimize already debunked claims of massive voter fraud.” California’s Election Integrity Project (EIP) asks not only when, where and how did the “debunking” take place, but more importantly, why protest an opportunity to conclusively prove through third party investigation his assertion that there is no election fraud in California? What does the Secretary have to hide?


They know perfectly well that illegal aliens voted in NY and NJ and California and a lot of DNC-run states.  Michigan, for example, is rife with illegal alien voting, too.  This is why those DNC hell holes don’t bother with voters showing any ID, either.  We badly need not only voting registration reforms, we need voting reforms across the board, namely, uniform voting systems that prevent any form of electronic or print fraud.


Trump’s Voter Suppression Efforts Have Begun – The New York Times complains which is laughable:


What could possibly go wrong?


There are obvious data privacy concerns. Digital security experts have called the plan a gold mine for hackers. Mr. Kobach’s letter says the data will be held on a “secure FTP site,” but offers no details. Mr. Kobach himself appears to be backtracking, recently saying that, notwithstanding his request to other states, he will not be giving Kansas voters’ Social Security information to his own commission.


Good lord, one of the howls of rage from the leftists and fake news media after the election was, RUSSIAN HACKERS!!!  So, they, themselves, openly and repeatedly claimed Russkies screwed up the election therefore we need…to change nothing!  HAHAHA.


That fake news story, by the way, is rapidly dying especially after the Veritas videos showed news media guys at CNN making fun of producing fake news about Russia and Trump.


More important, it’s obvious that the commission collecting this information is intended to sell President Trump’s lie that he “won” the popular vote (once you deduct the millions of supposedly illegal votes, of course).


I am amazed at the chutzpah of the NYT Jewish crew.  HAHAHA.  They all live in NYC!  If these clowns can’t see the army of illegal aliens here especially since they, themselves, employ a number of these…no, they are liars.  All the media giants indulge in lying but the NYT has done this all my long life and they lied about me repeatedly so I am not surprised they still lie about everything.

HIDDEN CAM: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, “They Bus People Around to Vote” – YouTube

The NYT and other liberal operations openly lie about Obama openly encouraging illegal aliens to vote.  He and the others are careful to not say it totally openly but they say it in code which the illegals know very well. The illegal aliens know perfectly well, they must vote illegally so they can keep borders open and do nasty stuff to citizens who are rendered helpless.


Now on to whale watching news from my former state I lived in, New Jersey, home of the hopeless politicians.

Gov. Christie burned for spending time at the beach – YouTube


Families near Christie’s private beach had to leave homes | Daily Mail Online


Howard and Betty Height were among the families told by police officers on Friday night that they had to leave their Island Beach State Park beach cottage or they’d be arrested.


‘They’re good guys,’ Howard told ‘They were just doing their job. But they said if we weren’t gone by midnight, we’d be arrested.’


The Heights along with the five other families, received calls saying the park might close but lease holders could come in, on Friday.


However, they were still forced to leave. So the families packed their bags and left their properties.


Christie closed down all non-essential state functions – including Island Beach State Park – while the Senate struggled through the $34.7 billion budget standoff.


But that didn’t stop him from brazenly using the empty sands of the park, which houses the governor’s summer mansion – or flying there in a taxpayer-funded helicopter.


Yes, they were removed then Christie came over to party exclusively and that was a political suicide move.  He is now a political beached whale and will deserve all the hassles that will come out of this.  Now for real news from Russia:

So much for ‘Muslims are liberal’.  As for the EU, it is rapidly dying.  Borders are returning because of the Muslim invasion.  Italy can’t stop the EU Bilderberg gang from moving Muslims from Africa to Europe so now anyone who wants to survive this invasion has to secure their borders.  France voted for suicide last month and England is a heartbeat away from being turned into a hell hole.



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12 responses to “California And New York Refuse To Allow Examination For Illegal Alien Voters

  1. Petruchio

    My home State, MN has also refused to give out State voting records/information. Gee wonder why. I DO know we have “Sanctuary Cities”. Isn’t that wonderful? Not!!!

  2. This has spread to nearly all states as the Bilderberg gang who runs our ‘elections’ refuse any examinations at all about illegal aliens. At the same time, they CONTINUE whining that the last election was bad! The dissonance is deafening at this point.

  3. Tom W Harris

    Drumpf strikes out again,haw haw haw.

  4. Petruchio

    “Now on to whale watching news…” Lol! Good one, Elaine, if I do say so myself–and I do.

  5. floridasandy

    I never understood why we didn’t use fingerprints to vote. They can be matched with a voter database, and you couldn’t vote twice, or under another name.

    It would definitely slow the fraud down. I see Apple is veering away from fingerprints and going to a facial recognition scanner.

  6. Moe

    More OT:

    Ten Rules of Survival As A Blogger (from IKN)

    1. The blogger is always right. Always. 🙂

    2. Remember at all times that nobody is forced to read your blog or your content.

    3. There is no substitute for content. High fashion presentation, cool address, posting frequency or all the SEO tricks in the book don’t matter a jot if you can’t offer up some decent and original content.

    4. Do not have a comments section. (Ed: oh my!)

    5. From life experience I estimate that around 99.9% of people in the world are good, fair and kind. However, 98% of those won’t ever contact you. This leaves a ratio of people who will contact you the blogger at around 20 nice people to 1 non-nice.

    6. If your blog works out well you’ll make a lot of virtual and real-world friends, it’s the single best benefit of the activity. However, if you don’t make enemies or annoy some people, you’re not doing it right.

    7. Immediately remove from your life anyone who tries to exert editorial control over your blog, criticizes your opinions without offering constructive alternatives (see rules 1 and 2), uses overt or implied insults against you. Life is too short.

    8. When haters turn up in your mailbox/facebook/twitterstream/anywhere else, it’s best not to answer them. If you are in the position where you must, state your opinion but don’t swear at them. Then let them have the last mail, it makes them feel better and they’ll leave you alone afterward.

    9. WordPress is a fine platform, so is Google Blogger/Blogspot. You may think you’re getting to be more independent by choosing WordPress but you’re not. I strongly recommend Google Blogger, it’s reliable, easy to use, flexible and easy to customize, has a ton of features and is virtually unhackable.

    10. Seriously, the blogger is always right.

  7. Jim R

    Haha, whale-watching news! They had to kick his neighbors out so they wouldn’t try to push him back in the water!

  8. I spend money on WordPress and this means they respond to me which they always have and so I have no worries thanks to their careful service.

  9. Lou

    Christie feeds at the government trough, obviously.

  10. Petruchio

    @#8 Jim R: Yep. And the residents were told they would be arrested if they didn’t leave their homes. “But what about the Constitution?”, you ask? Good question. I guess there are two sets of Rules here in the US o A.

  11. Lou


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