Killer Winter Means Global Warming…Hawkings Hawks Outright Lies

Harsh winter took heavy toll on wildlife across western US | Daily Mail Online


I am going out this morning to photograph my itty bitty, hammered by global world trade deals, town of Berlin, NY.  Slowly our town which voted for Trump this last year, is coming out of the depression imposed on it under Clinton’s NAFTA deals.  We have a vigorous parade that is very patriotic each year and I am very proud of my neighbors who do this.  Above it a headline about last winter which was very long and hard.  Today, it will be only 75F here where I live and all week it will be below that in temperature and it will rain a lot which it has been doing for all spring and so far, summer.  No ‘global’ warming locally.


Yes he actually says this every day, Stephen Hawking: President Trump’s Paris Agreement Decision Might Destroy the World.  He isn’t a climate expert.  He isn’t even an expert in Venus climate conditions…we know a bit about Venus but not everything about Venus.  For example, Venus is much nearer that thing we call ‘the sun’ which astronomers (I grew up at observatories) call ‘the local star.’


I am not a climatologist but at least I can read thermometers and the planet isn’t heating up compared to any warm cycle in history.  It is at best, at a neutral state that helps humans quite a bit compared to say, the Little Ice Age or god help us all, the multiple and very dangerous Ice Ages.


Mars is colder than the earth due to the same obvious reason Venus is warmer: it is further from the local star than the Earth.  No one talking about global warming mentions Mercury which is the hottest planet surface entity.  Why is that?


It is so ravaged by the star, it has no atmosphere!  Even Mars has an atmosphere.  Jupiter and beyond are all giant planets which are mostly atmosphere.  What saves life on our small planet is the fact that we have oceans.


This is the birthplace of all living things here.  Oxygen: this comes from plants eating CO2.  Plants love CO2.  Hawkings, I am now assuming, hates plants.  He probably doesn’t even know how digesting CO2 is why we have oxygen.  The plants take the carbon out and leave oxygen behind.  How simple is this!


As viperous religious/political fanatics take over university due to low wages and the elimination of tenure, we see students entering school and being turned into violent, raging maniacs who can’t figure out the obvious:  University professors afraid to teach controversial subjects for fear of being sacked, conference hears


Students are now so powerful that university professors are afraid to teach controversial subjects for fear of being sacked, an academic conference was told on Thursday.


This entire Brit article is full of insanity.  The students aren’t sacking teachers, the new upper class of the schools, ‘administrators’ who have grown greatly in power over the last 60 years, are eliminating any professor who irritates CLIENTS.  That is, students paying very high fees to ‘go to school’ and the administrators have only one goal: to keep them as long as possible until their student loans max out.


Professor Dennis Hayes, a co-founder of “Academics for Academic Freedom” said that universities were now ruled by a “culture of censorious quietude” where academics were not able to discuss “anything difficult.”


And pray tell, who is imposing this?  I would suggest the ‘administrators’ who delight in scaring the professors.  ‘Difficult’ stuff means students give up and leave taking student loan money with them.  Keeping them as long as possible is the main goal of ‘teaching’.


Speaking at the University of Buckingham yesterday, Prof Hayes added: “There’s an interesting turn today, it’s not that people are abusive, it’s just that they don’t say anything at all in universities.


In the US, there are huge hunks of staff who are very, very loud.  They teach what I call ‘the garbage courses.’  These fake teachers spend a lot of time radicalizing students and encouraging them to be violent.  These teachers are very poorly paid and have great hostility towards the schools.


Also, the teachers of courses that are hard sciences cost a lot more to hire and get tenure frequently or if they teach part time after retirement from industry, for example, they are rewarded heavily to keep them coming back.  Not so for the Marxist/anarchist teachers.  They get starvation wages.  And the degrees they grant are worthless.


“There’s so many things that could be discussed that you dare not say. And the consequences of arguing anything difficult is potentially that you could be sacked.


Teaching students to be smart is dangerous.  Once upon a time, I used to excel in debates.  The entire point of a debate is one person has an opposing position to the proposition, whatever it may be.  Just devising a proposition to debate requires debate and I loved doing that part of the process greatly for how you lob a question around depends on whether it is a ball properly inflated or a flat tire.


Debate is not a one way street.  Any censorship is fatal to debate.  Anything can be a debate.  Once, the ‘debate question’ for a debate I joyfully did, was ‘How long will it take for everyone to yell at Elaine?’  The professor said it wouldn’t ever happen.  Within ten minutes, even he was yelling at me.  The challenge was not to say nasty things to them all but to simply challenge their ideas and do this with a calm, level voice.


Debates are raging on campus but not as words but as thug actions.  That is, people bearing signs and shouting slogans are screaming at everyone else and threatening them physically and the administrators allow this and never arrest them all and kick them all out of the school.


Why?  The money!  These insane, manipulated students are money in the bank so long as they hang out at the school and go deep into debt.  Too stupid to riot over this, they continue to self destruct.  It is amusing to watch, when the university system began to degrade back in the 1970’s, they eliminated my major so I didn’t change my degree program, I told them to go to hell and left.


“These are mainstream views, of the state, institutions and particularly universities. Gay rights, feminism, gender fluidity, fear of Islamaphobia‎, the belief that we are all unwell, identity-based politics, are not views that challenge conventional thinking in the way that every university has in its charter.


‘These are conventional thinking. You dare not say you’re against gay marriage. Just discussing any of these things can get you in serious trouble if not the sack. What exists in universities is a culture of censorious quietude.


It is not quiet.  It is extremely noisy.  The leftists are so loud, they bust ear drums.  They are ‘in your face’ big time.  Campuses are becoming traps!  Like quicksand.  Students get sucked in and die.


“Things are simply not discussed. Academics and student… they go silent. They may even take delight in people who stand up and get beaten for their views.”


What planet is this professor on?  ‘Students go silent’?  Eh?  I see them screaming mad.  The ‘silent students’ are the conservative kids who are mainly in the STEM courses and thus, seldom see the screamers in class.


The Maoist students in the sixties hated my guts and would threaten me physically and I still debated them and pushed back and they hated this greatly.  They now rule the roost because the only people who went all the way to get degrees in the Humanities for the last 40 years are people who don’t want to make money, have children, own homes and so forth.


They have been replaced with bitter childless, spinsters (of all sexes, of course) who hate civilization and humanity and want to destroy both.  They, not the students, are the cause of this problem and this problem has grown thanks to university administrators turning liberal arts professors into cheap, part time labor.


And the universities are collapsing due to never flunking students.  When I went to school, you had to fight tooth and nail to continue classes.  Now, if a professor flunks anyone, he or she or it is punished.


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32 responses to “Killer Winter Means Global Warming…Hawkings Hawks Outright Lies

  1. Lou

    With massive immigration [much of it illegals], de industrialization and now
    Robotics, the economy is not coming back.

    Meanwhile, no 4th of July parade here;

  2. Ken

    History is full of examples of well regarded scientists who espouse ridiculous ideas outside of their areas of expertise. Hawking is nothing new.

    Although I do agree with his thoughts that space aliens are unlikely to be all sweetness and light. Evolutionary pressures needed to develop high intelligence would mean that any planet that intelligent aliens would come from would likely be a violent place. They would have to be violent just to survive there. For us to presume that any advanced aliens from another planet would be peaceful is naive.

  3. Jim R

    Elaine I’m hoping for some nice pics of today’s festivities in Berlin, either later tonight, or tomorrow. 🙂

  4. melponeme_k


    Obviously you haven’t been visiting the conspiracy sites. The alien angle is called the Alien seeding theory.

    There are a lot of variations but this is the gist.

    Earth was invaded long, long ago by aliens who just happened to be criminals condemned by other aliens. They escaped death of their world by traveling the furthest they could go. That would be our little neck of the woods. They pretended to set up shop on a planet next to ours that was like “Water World”. But really that was a ruse, they were here. The alien law enforcement destroyed that other planet which became the astroid belt near our planet. They also put two containment fields in place, one around the earth/moon and the other at the edge of our solar system. The reason why probes are allowed out of this field is because they contain no living human organisms.

    Getting back to the crazy. The interstellar criminals being criminals saw no reason why they couldn’t genetically tamper with the natural habitants of earth (apparently any interfering with a developing world is a big galaxy crime).

    The result was human beings (half alien reptilian and half earth mammal). We were created to be slaves. The first batch of us were way too smart. They were larger and stronger than us. They escaped the criminals and set up shop in the Pacific (Lemuria). The criminal aliens (living in Atlantis) decided to make another batch that weren’t as smart…that was modern humans. Long story short the first batch of humans thought it was their god given duty to save us and caused a rebellion. This led to nuclear war with both cities being blow to smithereens. Even worse, earth passed through the debris field of the destroyed planet. Much of the debris was water that liquified when it entered our atmosphere. Hence the whole Noah myth.

    The surviving criminal aliens built themselves a base underground and are now working to reclaim their lost technology as well as find a way out of the containment fields surrounding earth.

    The latest story is that the development of CERN has most of the galaxy worried because not only is folding alternate universes affecting our planet but the rest of the galaxy. According to some crazy sites, the other aliens are fighting about whether or not to destroy our whole planetary system just to stop the criminals hiding among us.

    This is some crazy stuff. But yeah, the reason why the elite are so full of themselves, according to the alien story, is that they are more alien than the rest of us.

  5. melponeme_k

    Addendum to the crazy alien stuff.

    Some say that CERN wasn’t the idea of the criminal aliens. That is only us humans deciding to smash particles. Apparently we have evolved faster in ways that was never intended. That our elites have decided they not only want to rule earth but the whole universe. The ones who notified the rest of the galaxy aliens was the criminal aliens hiding on earth. Because they are afraid of their creation.

    Nice usage of the Frankenstein story in there.

  6. I have parade pictures but my new computer can’t process these, I need to deal with this tomorrow. This is so annoying!

  7. Lou

    Elaine, has your area had 5 successive bad winters?

  8. ziff

    Mel , sounds like some out of work script writers , or they should make a movie of that stuff.

  9. ziff

    Mel , and why waste time with crap when you can have the great pleasure of watching this man ; explain the really weird stuff.

  10. melponeme_k


    Our science fiction from HG Wells have been pushing that very same story from the beginning.

    The other story is that our elites have had advanced technology long before we knew about it. Popular theories state that the vision of Fatima was an early experiment in holographic technology for the purposes of mass mind control.

    I’ve been following Quantum theory for a long time. That is where CERN comes into the story. CERN is an attempt to open portals to alternate universes. The elites are attempting to collapse alternative universes where they fail in their takeover. That is what people state that this “Mandela Effect” is a byproduct of a collapsed alternate universe.

    I only have one Mandela effect story, I remember the Lindbergh baby was never found. They only found bloody clothing. They suspected one man but had nothing to prove their case. There were numerous people over the years who came forward claiming to be the lost Lindbergh baby in order to claim inheritance.

    Apparently now, in this reality, the body of the baby was found. The man I remember never being charged was ultimately arrested.

    Could be I was wrong about the history and only remember it that way because I was a child when I learned about it and it scared me? I would say that is likely. But my family remembers the same thing, the baby was still missing.

    Truthfully a CERN isn’t needed for this effect. The elites can just play with our memories through their favorite method of control, the TV.

  11. Tacitus

    Mel is outlining some good stuff.

    It links up with “The Cosmic Serpent” by Jeremy Narby, great book if you haven’t read it. (Also, the whole Sumerian thing, including the mining of gold as an important resource in dealing with cosmic radiation.)

    If you accept the Cosmic Serpent premise, then maybe humans have to be exposed to radiation (nuclear war) in order to evolve in a way that allows us to travel the universe.

  12. ziff

    @ mel

    ”I’ve been following Quantum theory for a long time. That is where CERN comes into the story. CERN is an attempt to open portals to alternate universes. The elites are attempting to collapse alternative universes where they fail in their takeover. ”’

    i’m having trouble distinguishing what you believe from what you say others believe. The thread always lurches to the absurd , when reality is interesting enough.

  13. Reality is a snake eating its own tail. This is why we repeat every historical mistake over and over again.

  14. melponeme_k


    Do you understand alternate universes?

    They branch off due to every decision we and other living beings make (a timeworn idea from the annals of magic that science now supports). That idea is part and parcel of the Quantum theory since it took off in popularity.

    All of these universes exist in the same space at the same time. That is the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment. Which hinges on the decision to open the box or not to check on the cat.

    What theorists think the elite are doing is punching holes to different realities. Which is the CERN project. They are shooting particles thru the accelerator and discovering portals.

    These portals are collapsing the different universes. Except they aren’t firing up this accelerator so much because they get all kinds of problems with it. However whatever they did do has set some kind of chain reaction because people are noticing weird things. Check on the freaky youtube videos, people think they are shifting. There are some weird, freaky things they think they are seeing.

  15. Ziff

    Do you understand that at present there are no ” alternate ” universes.?

    @ Elaine , no , human behavior is a constant and history may move in cycles , at least that is the predictive view of Martin Armstrong

  16. DM

    Sounds like Stephen Hawking has been replaced by an IPCC bot.

  17. Lou

    HAWKING is the new Nye.
    Bill Nye just holds a BS in mechanical engineering from back in the 70s when anyone could obtain this degree.
    Then he went into comedy and acting.

    His globalist so called “elite” handlers need someone to push fake science to the slaves and Nye was born. NWO Netflix is just funding and supporting the hoaxing. Just like PBS, Disney and the rest of them do to fool Mom and Dad and your poor kids

  18. Hawking’s brain is very damaged now. Has been for quite a while. His physical condition affects his brain. His ‘genius’ is long gone.

    Look, when I was young, I was a ‘genius’ who took her first GRADUATE course at the University at age 16 years.

    Then I got a terrible fever for three days at 106 degrees and nearly died and didn’t even know my own name at the end and had to learn how to read and write all over again.

    And my brain never returned to ‘normal’. And I was not unhappy about this, I was going insane with the excess intelligence. It was literally driving me nuts.

    Einstein, for example, went nuts when still rather young. He then hung out at his US University and simply wanted to hob nob with a very few people (my grandpa, for example).

    He had no more ideas. No more brain storms which saved his life, I might suggest.

    Hawking is dragged out regularly to put his stamp of approval on whatever ideology the rulers need support. He does this because he needs their support of him to stay alive.

  19. Lou

    Hawking is dragged out regularly to put his stamp of approval on whatever ideology the rulers need support. [same with Nye].

  20. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Happy Fourth of July to a Great Patriotic American Woman . . . and many more.

    Your comments herein about the ‘cool summer’ in upstate New York got the memory tapes turning and I remembered the Spring of 1981 when Mt. Saint Helens blew her top off and 6″ of fine powdery volcanic-ash landed on my front lawn 400 miles east in Spokane, Washington.

    Took a few weeks to sweep-up, but nothing overly unpleasant and the famous Washington ‘white winter wheat’ crop doubled in yield the next year and was up over 30% in yield each year for a decade thereafter!

    Another result of Mt. Saint Helens blast was the cool-rainy summers in Northern Europe for the 2-3 years thereafter due to volcanic ash in the stratosphere.

    So, I wonder, has the increase in volcanic activity in the Kamchatka Peninsula and Alaska in the past decade caused a similar result?

    Also, a new techie-blogger named ‘Dutchsince’ seems to be turning earthquake/volcanic science on its head. Have you had a chance to study his work?

    I’d love to read an article by you regarding these disparate events.


  21. The maps used by Dutchsince exaggerates quakes. They are not so big, during the last several days. The map makes 3.5 quakes look like 8.0 quakes.

  22. Lou

    Hawking dead.

  23. Yup, he finally died. He is viewed as some sort of hero. He is human like most of us (Hillary, naw). The media latched onto him and because he is ‘smart’ they waved him like a flag but he was just another tool of the State.

    He lived in a very warm place in California so he spouted off all the time about how I am going to roast to death in upstate NY where it will drop to only 5 degrees about 0F this next week, deep into spring!

    Yup. We are roasting to death and today there is now over four to five FEET of snow here and it is still snowing!!! Gack.

  24. Lou

    Erie, Pennsylvania, has already shattered its seasonal snow record of 152.1 inches by more than 3 feet, and now it’s threatening the all-time snowiest winter ever recorded by its snowy neighbor, Buffalo, New York, some 80 miles to the northeast.

    (MORE: Erie Breaks All-Time Snow Season Record)

    Through Wednesday, Erie had recorded 191.5 inches of snow this winter season. Buffalo’s snowiest winter on record occurred 41 years ago, when 199.4 inches piled up during the winter of 1976-77.

  25. We took out the tractor today to lift the heavy snow six feet in the air to dump it over the edge so we can use the road again. It is now piled much higher than my head! This is incredible and it is going to snow again on Tuesday and Wednsday yet again! This is driving me nuts, I am running out of places to dump the snow.

    The snow piles are as high as the eaves of the house!!!

  26. Lou

    31–Wednesday is the first day of Spring.

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