Assange Wikileaks: CNN Can Get Life In Prison Or Death Penalty For Spying On And Threatening Reddit Joker

Wikileaks Assange has released this posting today explaining that CNN has broken a number of laws especially 18 US Code @ 241: Conspiracy against civil rights.  The penalty for this is life in prison or DEATH.  What CNN did was totally illegal.  It is now just beginning to dawn on them that this is no joke, they broke some very serious laws this week and their license to broadcast should be terminated by the FCC.  The president of CNN should stand trial and the victim should sue all of them for a billion dollars.

#CNNBlackmail CNN Threatens To Dox Trump Meme Poster So 4Chan Declares War – YouTube

They even wrote down their conspiracy to destroy a person who posted a funny joke video!  It is all there, in hard copy.  They can’t merely delete this like Hillary and her gang worked hard to eliminate their criminal actions by destroying computers, etc.

‘Unethical’ isn’t the right word  here.  ‘Illegal’ is the right word.  I have had to threaten to sue media giants in the past which is why their response has been to pretend I don’t exist.  I have changed my name three times and each time it takes the media about 5 years to figure out who I really am.


The media has tormented people in the past but left no paper trail but today, we have screen shots, all sorts of memory systems not run by the attackers and we can trace their activities and counterpunch which is driving the rulers nuts.


They hate the internet with a passion and this is one reason why they shifted control of the internet to ‘international groups’ who are all Bilderberg gangsters or dictators and these will now strangle the internet, step by evil step.

They are even forcing the victim of this doxing event to pretend he wasn’t threatened when it is totally obvious, they threatened to make his life hell if he didn’t withdraw it and ‘apologize’ and crawl under a rock.  This was broadcast as a WARNING to all citizens that they would be destroyed by CNN via publishing private details so they can be attacked by crazed leftist terrorists who already shot members of Congress.



He should have the Attorney General look into this crime.  This isn’t ‘fake news’, this is ‘attack dog news’ that is attacking innocent citizens practicing freedom of speech online.  Arrest all CNN staff, eliminate it as a vile organization that terrorizes Americans.


Memelander: The CNN Chronicles – YouTube


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8 responses to “Assange Wikileaks: CNN Can Get Life In Prison Or Death Penalty For Spying On And Threatening Reddit Joker

  1. Christian W

    Come on. CNN is and has been a war criminal outfit for decades. This is nothing new. All US MSM editors should face the death penalty for war crimes.

  2. Jim R

    Lock them all up. Kazynski can get a cell next to his cousin, that other Kazynski that’s in prison forever.. (yeah, I know, different spelling. Pollocks, go figure..)

  3. Jim R

    Hmm, it seems they are spelled the same now. Back when the news about the “Unabomber” was new, I could swear they were spelling it “Kacszynski”, with that extra ‘s’ in the confluence of slavic consonants there in the middle.

  4. ziff

    Trump , the first time in my life i can listen to a US pres with some pleasure. !
    as they say ”REAL people , not ACTORS ! ” lol

  5. floridasandy

    The Unabomber went to Harvard, where he was subjected to unwitting participation by a Harvard prof:

    1947, he returned to Harvard as a chief researcher, lectured and established with others the Psychological Clinic Annex.
    From late 1959 to early 1962, Murray was responsible for what have become ethically indefensible experiments, in which he used twenty-two undergraduates as research subjects.[4] Among other purposes, experiments focused on measuring people’s reactions under extreme stress. The unwitting undergraduates were submitted to what Murray called “vehement, sweeping and personally abusive” attacks. Assaults to their egos, cherished ideas and beliefs were used to cause high levels of stress and distress.
    Among them was 17-year-old Ted Kaczynski, a mathematician who went on to become the Unabomber, a domestic terrorist targeting academics and technologists for 18 years.[5] Alston Chase’s book Harvard and the Unabomber: The Education of an American Terrorist connects Kaczynski’s abusive experiences under Murray to his later criminal career

    it’s all good stuff there.

  6. floridasandy

    the power of suggestion-saw this article on a guy in the NFL who killed his mom and it shows a picture of a white guy’s hand holding a football. I looked him up to be sure and he definitely isn’t white. The media is getting out of control with their BS.

    just the facts please, losers.

  7. floridasandy

    this is how the public is responding to CNN;

    gotta love that.

    Back to Harvard news, female students kicked out of club. This would have to happen with all their politically correct Bs and confusion.

    They will soon probably have people going to the bathroom outside the restrooms because it is all so confusing to them.

  8. floridasandy

    Primer on Seth Rich death, explaining why democrats hated Comey. He wanted to investigate, and they declined. (he accepted that, though):

    If this was investigated, people would be in jail for murder.

    It’s sad when Canada’s newspapers give us more honest news than our own. I can’t imagine AT&T even wants to do the merger anymore. CNN is mud.

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