CNN Terrorized Kid Who Posted Trump Beating Up CNN, Forced Him Off Internet Is BACKFIRING

I knew Ted Turner.  He fled the country after selling CNN to make money for his favorite charities.  CNN used to be wonderful!  When he was kicked out, it became immediately a hell hole for Bilderberg propaganda.  I hope CNN fake news dies.  People laughed at the Trump beating up CNN video and so CNN used all its power to seek out and then THREATEN the person who posted the video.  This is ILLEGAL.  They told the citizen, if he didn’t retract it and apologize, they would torture him by giving his home address to an army of ANTIFA terrorists!

Funniest video of the year:  The Great CNN Meme War Has Begun! Best Of CNN Dank Memes Vol 1 – YouTube

BIG NEWS: CNN should  have their license pulled after threatening a citizen because he posted a very funny video mocking CNN.  They blackmailed this person.  They threatened his LIFE.  Trump is now aware of this and I think the GOP will open hearings about this and they should do this.  We have to punish mainstream Bilderberg news when they threaten to use their resources and power to terrorize citizens openly.

CNN’s Blackmail Scandal Is A New Low For Journalism – YouTube

What happened to the citizen for creating a funny video is scary as all hell.  These same cruel clowns laugh at an enactment of Trump being beheaded and Trump being assassinated in NYC, all the flood of ‘kill Trump’ stuff is OK with CNN and other mainstream fake news operations but if someone posts a funny video of CNN being beaten up by Trump is evil and should be terminated, according to CNN.

CNN’s president should be arrested for THREATENING and BLACKMAILING a citizen who posted a funny video.  The fact that a major news operation would terrorize citizens openly is a sign they are desperate and dying.


With me, they simply pretend I don’t exist.  They never threatened my life.  On the other hand, if anyone was stupid enough to come to my mountain to attack me and people have done this, I can then have the fun of terrorizing them for I am armed and have doggies, etc.  We don’t like ill tempered ‘visitors’.

CNN Threatens Reddit User For Exercising Free Speech | #CNNBlackmail – YouTube


Now on to a major Bilderberg fake news operation:  The Network Against the Leader of the Free World – The New York Times.  The NYT believes that CNN has a right to blackmail and silence and terrorize citizens who make funny videos of them.


Mr. Zucker, the president of CNN, said on Wednesday in his fifth-floor office, just off the network’s glassy Midtown Manhattan newsroom.


A television executive with a reputation for pugilism — a plaque above his desk reads “Punch Today in the Face” — Mr. Zucker, 52, has weathered decades of battles in his industry. But he and CNN are in the middle of their most intense bout yet: an unlikely public fight with the leader of the free world.


OMG, OMG, the NYT has gone ripping insane!  HAHAHA.  Evil, pure evil, and they all are furious anyone is mocking them!!!  The NYT even launches this latest attack on citizens who like joke videos by saying that this Zionist Bilderberg gangster, Mr. Zuckerberg, likes to fight.


Amazing.  He punches people in the face!  So, why is this childish, baby spoiled brat whining and crying because a citizen made a video of Trump punching CNN?  Zuckerberg fights all the time, according to the NYT, after all.  Why is Zuckerberg whining about Trump fighting him?


But the president’s denunciations — in stinging tweets and slashing speeches, in phrases like “fraud news” and “garbage journalism” — have far outstripped his criticisms of other prominent news outlets, like The New York Times or The Washington Post. And his attacks have spawned a cottage industry of Trump supporters who have declared a digital war of sorts against CNN, including gotcha videos of network employees and threatening messages sent to anchors’ cellphones.


The cartoon video didn’t hurt CNN.  It  made fun of CNN.  It didn’t threaten CNN unlike all the movie star/tv star/Congress/media giants who have made outright assassination threats and enacted these visually.  The NYT can’t see why we are all very pissed off at all the assassination porn of the fake liberals.  Fake news supports threatening Trump with enactments of assassination!


But showing a video of CNN being punched in the snout by Trump is getting the media giants pissed off, big time.  It is their nose that is being punched!  So they will pour out more Trump assassination plays, videos, pictures and demands.


They cannot see we know we are all at war with them.  Since the Bilderberg gang lost the election, they have unleashed violent, insane people on the rest of us.  Police are ordered, in DNC run cities, to stand down while partisan Democrats join with far left wing Maoists, to attack everyone violently and openly, beating up, killing and terrorizing citizens.


The onslaught has contributed to a foxhole-like mentality inside CNN’s offices, where security measures have been tightened and some hosts have considered abandoning their social media accounts because of abuse. Other employees, like Chris Cuomo, co-anchor of the morning show “New Day,” insist that the scrutiny has only galvanized them further.


“I’m comfortable going to work in Thunderdome every day,” Mr. Cuomo said in an interview, referring to the steel-cage fighting venue of the “Mad Max” movies.


How far has the liberals fallen?  I knew Chris Cuomo’s dad.  He backed me up when I was confronting Bush Sr. years ago.  His son has become a violent, vile fool who thinks lying is OK.


Grrrr….CNN claims they are scared of citizens physically attacking them.  Well, who unleashed an army of leftist terrorists on the rest of the country which includes CNN egging on, via FAKE NEWS which they now retracted, that Trump was a ‘commie’ who was working secretly with Russia?  This propaganda which was 100% fake news has led to GOP leaders being gunned down.


CNN should be shut down.  It is a dangerous, treasonous operation.

CNN Messed With The Wrong Part of The Internet- #CNNBlackMail – YouTube


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7 responses to “CNN Terrorized Kid Who Posted Trump Beating Up CNN, Forced Him Off Internet Is BACKFIRING

  1. Melponeme_k

    This loss of power for all the Bilderbergs and their lackeys must feel like suffocation to them. The worst is that they were so close to their goal last November but had it snatched away in front of their eyes.


    Have you seen the movie “The Box”? The film practically stole your life story. I froze when a character, who worked for the NSA, stated that he was struck by lightening and could speak to other beings.

  2. Lou

    Elaine, if you have time, listen to all of this;

  3. I don’t do movies.

    Yes, the entire reason the Skull and Bones and the other devil operations like the one in Pasadena were interested in me when I was a child was, a lightning bolt hit me and didn’t harm me. None of them hurt me at all. I can even deflect them to the floor, for example, using my hands.

  4. Lou

    None of them hurt me at all–How many times were you hit? Did the jolts increase yr psychic abilities?

  5. FNN

    CNN’s Ratings Collapse As Primetime Shows Draw Less Viewers Than Re-Runs Of “Yogi Bear”

  6. Moe

    Jews at CNN

    Correlation is not causation, but…

  7. Moe

    From Fort Russ:

    Excerpt: Who would have guessed watching the self-immolation of CNN and the NYT would be so fun?

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