North Korea Keeps Wild War Rocket Launches While Japan & US Media Ignore This

Videos » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!  For the last year, Baby Dragon (North Korea) has been making lots and lots of noise and shooting rockets here, there and everywhere while screaming, WWIII is about to happen.  Japan studiously ignores this and South Korea shrugs it off until recently when both did some population nuke practices to the delight of the North Korean dictator.  No one can stop NK except China with some help from Russia but our rulers hate this idea and won’t do it and indeed, are egging China and Russia into starting WWIII which may be successful.  Why?  It is a great way to eliminate most criminal populations in the NATO countries!  Only the Chinese and Russians aren’t stupid about this matter.


Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis – The Washington Post

North Korea did make it finally to the front page.  Of course, most of the front page is anti-Trump.  The assassination of a black female cop in DeBlasio’s new, violent NYC rule, made the front page, too.  She was shot by a black terrorist.


What are ‘world leaders (sic)’ talking about?  FREE TRADE!!! HAHAHA.  WWIII and Free Trade, a two for one deal.  Trump won’t join this wonderful plan to rule the world via WWIII and free trade.  So they have to kill him, somehow.  Let’s look at how nearby Japan to crazy North Korea is doing news today:  HAHAHAHA.

Japan Today reports evacuations not because of Baby Dragon lobbying missiles all over the place…nope.  It is a storm doing this.  Oh, and Japan’s population is collapsing.  There are very few children in the pipeline and the government makes it as hard as possible to have children.  So few young people can afford to marry and make families, no good jobs or the jobs eat up all their spare time and schools cost a lot of money, and homes are tiny hovels.  Japan is dying and not due to any nuclear bombs.  Japan is doomed.


The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia  has some front page NK war news for once. 90% of the top headlines for half a year were attacks on Trump.  One of the funniest front page stories is, nuclear war with North Korea will destroy South Korea.  Duh.  Of course.  And our Real Rulers have moved heaven and earth to prevent ANY diplomacy by Trump ESPECIALLY with Russia.


If Trump was allowed to hang out with Putin and make deals, we would not be in this fix today!  Our fake news giants and both political party leaders have moved heaven and earth to prevent Trump for having even one conversation with Putin.  Not allowed!


Of course, this week they are blaming Trump for not doing ‘diplomacy’ forgetting how they prevented this from day one.  They are irresponsible, violent, criminal operations which want to destroy this planet because they hate all humans.  Seriously, they are black magic cannibals, after all.  All of them are.  They are merciless and rape children like what happened to me, the Skull and Bones/Bilderberg bastards are dangerous and evil people.


And they still sort of rule us.  But they are also very exposed now and forget that Muslim terrorists hate them in the end but work for them now in the hopes of ruling everyone and enslaving billions of people.  And these US/EU gangsters think they can control all this which is nuts.  Very nuts.

Image result for culture of life news cartoons

Related image

Image result for culture of life news cartoons

These cartoons are OLD, years old!  And still totally up to date, made back when Bush Jr. was ‘President’.


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10 responses to “North Korea Keeps Wild War Rocket Launches While Japan & US Media Ignore This

  1. Ken

    BBC had a special regarding the declining Japanese birth rate. They interviewed a lot of young people. All of them seemed to think that it was too much trouble or too intimidating for the men to pursue the women. None of the young people wanted to settle down and raise families. The guys were content to spend their time looking at porn instead. This is not an encouraging sign for Japan’s future.

  2. Jim R

    I love that last one with the Persian cat and the tiny baby dragon!

    ( and hoping you get your picture-wrangling issues sorted out .. )

  3. floridasandy

    japan seems to have babyfied their country with hello kitty and video games. All countries have a problem with pornography.

    OT, Bill Gates wants an end to immigrant generosity:

    Moving people around just creates chaos and enriches lleaders who accept payments for refugees. It doesn’t fix anything, and just drags first world countries down trying to control it. He is 100% right that any aid should go to the people in their own country to start building the world back up again. Trump got it right first.

  4. floridasandy

    Just as an observation, at the airports, I always noticed the Japanese tourists buying candy at the airport. 🙂

  5. Japan is the canary in the mine.

    Young Japanese men have nothing to look forward to, they are locked out of the system by the leaders who want to hog all resources. Wages for male workers has collapsed for 20 years and the ones with jobs are worked literally to death. It is an insane system running on vapors and will collapse in the next 30 years. Japan is literally dying.

  6. Lou

    #5, in 1990s, J Rifkin wrote a book that mentioned Robotics in Japan.
    Automated car plant, assembly line 100% automated.
    20-27 YEARS AGO.


  7. floridasandy

    the one thing those idiots never learned, because they are too impressed with their own “brilliance”, is that you have to make money to spend money in a capitalistic society.

    Henry Ford got that, although the company has lost its way and sold out to foreign interests.

    These geniuses are only outsmarting themselves in the end, and a bitter end it would be if it happens. I still believe that the robotics people are people who don’t understand human nature at all. Smarter people will just break the robots and that would be a new job industry!

  8. E

    Brilliant drawings, when will Elaine draw again?

  9. E

    Brilliant drawings, will Elaine draw again?

  10. Petruchio

    Elaine has talent as a cartoonist.

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