G20 Riots In Germany, Starvation Riots In Venezuela: Leftists Destroy Everything

G20 protests erupt in Hamburg ahead of summit – YouTube


This video of the demonstrations at the G20 meeting in dying Germany are most interesting to me for I once lived in Germany and gave speeches in Germany and France and thanks to my crazy child speeches, was deported after I said I would go into Leipzig, East Germany and give a speech…it is easy to be a nutty kid in Europe!  Very easy.  Well, since the 1968 student riots in Europe, young people feel they have to do one better every year so it is now a rite of passage for young people only now, they never grow up and build families and pay taxes and learn that conservative is survival.  They want to be Peter Pan forever.


So, in Germany there are these far leftist ANTIFA marches alongside goofy marches like global warming march with everyone wearing very warm clothing in July because it is so cold, it is certainly cold here where I live and I fear the coming winter.


The people scared of being warm don’t understand, their wish has come true.  Instead, I suppose they are demonstrating for another Ice Age.  They had colorful inflated crocodiles in their marches which is hilarious.

Children tear gassed as tense Venezuela protest boils over – YouTube


In the leftist paradise of Venezuela, there are daily riots as the starving people freak out because all the freebies they voted for turn to dust as hyperinflation and collapse of capitalism continues to destroy the country.


This is exactly what the crazy young people in Germany are fighting to recreate: Venezuela.  All the Germans who remember the terrible hyperinflation years are dead or near death while their grandchildren and great grandchildren get mad that they can’t do the magic carpet ride of just printing money to get rich quick while doing nothing productive.

100,000 PROTESTERS VS 20,000 RIOT POLICE ~ G20 Summit Protest – YouTube


Germany, France, Sweden, Japan and many other first world countries are literally dying.  The desire to build families is collapsing due to various factors.  One is, the demand that all females go to university and delay having children and then working full time, the collapse in wages at universities as women flood the workforce there and end up part time or temporary labor.  Then there is the issue of the men: they are told to go to the back of the bus if they are European stock and end up with the worst jobs and are harried and harassed unless they surrender mentally and fight for their own extinction.


Aping third world populations by going on riots, city burning surges, destruction of businesses…note that Apple and Starbucks stores in particular are hit by these raging mobs of unemployable youth?


The police fighting these young people many of whom still live at home due to being unemployable, are the children of the former working class.  Eventually, the police who are pretty young themselves, will push for a strong leader who will take the shackles off of them so they can openly kill the crazy leftists who riot all the time and have nothing better to do than to riot.

Massive Protests at G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany – YouTube


Meanwhile, in France, Macon has the same approval rating as Trump, that is slightly more than half the country, and he is declaring himself a New Napoleon.

THE DEBATE – The ‘Sun President’: Macron sets out five-year plan at Versailles Palace – YouTube


France is literally dying.  It is also being invaded by very violent and dangerous illegal aliens mainly from Africa.  It is falling rapidly to pieces, much of Paris is barely inhabitable.  Macron ran on the platform of pandering to the entitled people who get government money, open border fanatics and so forth, the usual clap trap.


Then, coming into power, he lifted the ‘state of emergency’ which was imposed when Muslim terrorists attacked over and over again.  He wants the EU stronger so long as France is running it.


He didn’t talk about deporting millions of illegal aliens.  All the first world countries except for Japan who lets no one in unless they have total control and are regularly evicted and not allowed to have children, all the other nations are being colonized by foreigners who basically devour the major cities as manufacturing departs to mainly China.


France is in a very deep hole.  Macron isn’t digging it out, he is digging it deeper.  It will take a while for the French to figure this out but then, it always takes a long time for people to figure out they can’t dig all the way to China.

Trump has been boxed in by the Bilderberg gang into doing confrontations with China and Russia.  The US cannot stop China from expanding its military reach for the simple reason, we are going bankrupt and China has taken much of our industrial base.


End of the story.  No empire runs long on debt and fumes.  The US leaders think if we have millions of aliens come in, they can be put to work keeping the empire alive.  This is exactly how Rome fell, it, too, thought a huge number of fighting tribes could do all the fighting while the Romans lay about at home, goofing off.


This ended very badly for the Roman Empire. Virtually all the Romans were killed by the barbarians.  The Romans who lived far from Rome in lower Italy survived which is why this genotype still exists.  All Romans, without exception, in Britain were either eliminated or fled with zero survivors there.


I will note that many history videos of this change in Britain from the Roman years never, ever mentions the fate of the Romanized population.  They were all killed or forced to flee entirely.  All over Britain, people can find Roman coins using metal detectors because the ‘money’ was deemed worthless by the Angle and Saxon invaders who threw it all away.


Gold, they kept and they wanted more gold.  Fake money they tossed.  Palaces were pulled down or burned and everyone got to live in little huts again.  This cycle of empire building ending in everyone living in small round huts has been done over and over again for the last 5,000 years+.


The childish vandals rioting in Hamburg this week are like the ancient Romans who rioted for bread and circuses and had various pet beliefs only to be annihilated by real Vandals.




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19 responses to “G20 Riots In Germany, Starvation Riots In Venezuela: Leftists Destroy Everything

  1. Ken

    I asked this question before, but never got a reply.

    Granted, western civilization is on the ropes due to declining birth rates, and the declining birth rates can be directly tied to cultural changes like changing roles for women, birth control and social policies destroying the nuclear family. However, I do not see any support for returning to traditional roles for men and women.

    So my question for Elaine is: Do you have a solution for this that you would like to propose? The people who follow your site value your opinion, and would like to know. Simply lamenting the sorry state of affairs is fine, but what do you propose that society do to fix things?

  2. Melponeme_k


    Elaine can only awaken people and give them the play by play from year 1 until now.

    Change will only happen when whole populations realize they are players on the Grand Chessboard. You see, that is the reason why the elites keep us inundated with easy sex, easy money etc. via socialism and mass entertainment. It keeps us all quiet and willing pawns.

    What we can do, is start telling people what we know. The most important change is the change within.

  3. Ken

    Mel @ 2

    Someone is offering me easy sex and easy money! How could I have missed this! Damn.

    As for alerting us to the problems, Elaine on occasion has emphasized her past successes at debate. Anyone who has studied debate knows that the initial premise is always that the status quo is acceptable. After all, the status quo is obviously functioning at some minimal level. The person arguing that the status quo is unacceptable has the burden of putting forth some alternative, and then arguing why the proposed alternative is better than the status quo.

    All I am asking of Elaine is to put forth some alternative to the status quo, and then tell us why her proposal is preferable.

    I would do it myself, except I am having trouble coming up with a feasible alternative. In order to address the problems that we all acknowledge, women would have to assume a more traditional role in society, with a focus on the nuclear family (not going to happen), birth control and abortion would have to be restricted (not going to happen), the welfare state would have to be scaled way, way back (not going to happen) and religion or some other moral compass would have to reassert itself for the benefit of people who do not have a moral compass of their own (also not going to happen).

    So I am at a loss for ideas. I was hoping that Elaine would have given this some thought and could suggest a way out of our mess.

  4. John F


    I don’t find Elaine’s “analysis” particularly insightful here. She’s firing off in all directions on account of her animus for leftists.

    Only the left have a halfway coherent resistance to elite agendas. So called libertarians generally turn out to be wealthy, hypocritical rentiers whose only genuine beef is having to pay taxes.

    Change within, why not – but this takes an individualistic, consumerist lifestyle type direction. Solidarity is the most important factor. Isn’t it time the people of the US set about creating an opposition party?

  5. Changing direction is always seemingly impossible at first. Then, slowly at first and then faster and faster, change happens.

    I focus a lot on the black community disintegration that has approached near totality as a WARNING to everyone what awaits us down the road of Life.

    The collapse of the family is very important and all measures being taken for years and years were to make this worse. I simply point out the way to a new life.

    For example: PUBLIC HOUSING IS A TRAP! Yes, a trap. You leave nothing, you have no ‘value added’ if you are energetic and careful. You live and then die and your children get nothing.

    There are many traps out there. All my neighbors who lived in government housing when I was very poor and my degree rendered worthless and my home in Tucson destroyed then blown up, I lived in one small room with a baby and husband. Within a mere 3 years, I was a landlady with a building that shot up in value and so forth…onwards and outwards.

    My neighbors living off the government teat ended up in violent, dirty, vile government housing which only got worse each year and were dangerous to live in.

    I can only point out TRAPS. If people don’t want to escape, that is their problem, not mine.

    I wish everyone wanted to work hard, make sacrifices and move forwards but many people fall into traps because they think life is easier this way when it is not, it is often far worse including being killed by thugs.

  6. Ken

    This discussion reminds me of the last presidential election. The politicians who actually advocated some particular and positive action always did better. It was never enough to simply be opposed to something. That is what caused people to watch the debates. They wanted to see who had a plan, not just a gripe.

    Even Bernie Sanders did well because he stood for something. Often it was crazy stuff, but he stood for something.

  7. Lou

    The Left opened the border, fed the Blacks, finance BLM –etc etc etc

    Check out the Marxist Indoctrination Camps, higher education.

  8. Christian W

    In the leftist paradise of Venezuela, there are daily riots as the starving people freak out because all the freebies they voted for turn to dust as hyperinflation and collapse of capitalism continues to destroy the country.

    Actually, it is the US supported far right that are rioting. What is going on in Venezuela is another Ukraine type of overthrow.

    The anti-government “rioters” have been caught burning food meant for children in schools. It is simply more of the same old same old US death squad activites in Latin America for the behalf of the US supported elites.

    ISIS is a new version of this in the ME, Afghanistan and South East Asia including the Phillipines.

  9. floridasandy

    Christian, don’t you ever get tired of blaming the US for all the world’s problems?

    Do you get this from your newspapers?

  10. Petruchio

    I can’t help but notice how completely oblivious the illegals are to things like Abortion. They never get abortions. The illegals go merrily along making as many babies as they feel like. It is only the white people that MUST not breed! The Immigrant Invasion is fueled, motivated by a very deep, bitter hatred of “lower class” white people. The Nazis loved Jews in comparison to these Bilderberger a##holes and their hatred of the “peasant class” white Europeans.

  11. Jim R

    florida, you might as well know — Christian is simply telling you how it is. You won’t see it in the newspapers. Remember what Udo Ulfkotte said in one of his last interviews: the seeeyeaye gives them their stories, and all of the major news media print them, without fact checking. The newspapers are so accustomed to lying that they no longer have any idea what is real.

    Yes, they are spreading chaos in Venezuela. Wherever there’s a country that has some perceived strategic value, they look for weaknesses and try to overthrow the government. It worked in the Ukraine and Venezuela because their governments were weak and corrupt.

    It isn’t working so well in Syria right now, but it was the same plan — they publicly smear the political leader and try to start riots and whatnot. But Syria now has a big powerful friend that is not weak or corrupt.

  12. Christian W

    No Sandy, I saw a video on twitter a few days ago. I would have linked it but couldn’t find it thanks to the stupid US censorship of Google and Twitter.

    I am, contrary to most here, including Elaine lately, actually going on facts.

    Sandy, how many wars and operations are the US engaged in globally this very minute? Can you name the nations? The VAST MAJORITY of nations on this planet are either under the US military boot or direct US bombardment. And you say the US is not involved?

    You also need to read up on color revolutions. Color revolutions are a regime change template used by the US government. This is a US State Department speciality. Venezuela is but one example.

    And that is without mentioning the CIA and it’s well documented support of global terrorism.

    Stop this stupid denial of US culpability.

  13. Christian W

    Thanks Jim @ #11, you put it much better than I did. And sorry Sandy if I offended, I am just a wee bit frustrated atm.

  14. Lou

    #11– Did Chavez and Oil prices have some of the blame?

    All Regions
    Safe Search: Strict
    Any Time
    Chavez’s Socialist Daughter Is Worth $4.2 Bil | The Daily Caller
    … Chavez’s favourite daughter, is reported to be worth a … Benefited Hugo Chavez’s Daughter To The … be worth a staggering $4.2 billion.
    [Search domain dailycaller.com] dailycaller.com/2015/08/10/iron-fisted-socialism-benefite…
    Hugo Chávez daughter is the richest individual in Venezuela …
    Hugo Chávez daughter is the richest individual in Venezuela, report claims. … (worth $3.6 billion, …
    [Search domain http://www.foxnews.com] foxnews.com/world/2015/08/10/hugo-chavez-daughter-is-…
    Hugo Chavez’s ambassador daughter is Venezuela’s richest …
    … Hugo Chavez’s ambassador daughter is … holds assets in American and Andorran banks totaling almost $4.2 billion. … Brazilian drug lord worth £76million …
    [Search domain http://www.dailymail.co.uk] dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3192933/Hugo-Chavez-s-ambass…
    Report: Hugo Chavez’s Daughter Is Richest Person in Venezuela
    … Hugo Chavez’s Favorite Daughter Is Richest Person in Venezuela. … Mendoza-net worth $2.7 billion-the head of Polar food and … hugo chavez , Jorge …
    [Search domain http://www.breitbart.com] breitbart.com/national-security/2015/08/11/report-hugo-…
    Hugo Chavez’s Daughter of Argentina worth $4.2 Billion with a …
    Hugo Chavez’s Daughter of Argentina worth $4.2 Billion with a “B” She … but the daughter of dead socialist President Hugo Chavez, … InvestmentWatch …
    [Search domain investmentwatchblog.com] investmentwatchblog.com/hugo-chavezs-daughter-of-argent

    I am tired of Christians riffs, Florida Sandy.

  15. Keeping up with ‘reality’ is HARD WORK. What is reality, anyways? Everyone thinks what they think is ‘reality’ but it is not, it never is. We have natural assumptions of ‘reality’. Why is fooling ourselves so important for survival?

    Ah, yes…if we view reality with cold hardness, we realize we are all going to die and that most deaths are miserable affairs, nasty, often painful. Who doesn’t quail at this reality?

    We all do. There are many realities we deny ourselves and this is part of our ability to survive. Claiming that one’s reality is more real than another’s reality is…delusional thinking.

    See where I am going with this? Ahem. We are all crazy.

  16. Jim R

    Lou, oil frequently has a lot to do with geopolitical strategery. Right now, I think the grand plan is to limit supplies to drive the price up. That’s because all those expensive fracked oil and tar sand projects are losing huge amounts of money..

    Libya was just a little too successful, and Gadaffi had plenty of money to throw around for his socialist ideals. So NATO had to bomb the place back to the stone age. Afghanistan was a little different story. It was probably more about annoying Russia than anything else there. And yeah, they’ve got the poppies. But it was already in the stone age.

    And Hugo Chavez is dead now, so you can quit worrying about him. It isn’t surprising to hear that his family members made off with some of the loot.

    In the case of Venezuela, it has the less-desirable heavy crude oil. Chavez would have made more money on it, but between the sanctions and his poor leadership, it didn’t happen, so it’s a poor country now. But the color revolution artists are still interested in overthrowing it. The oil can be back under control of the multinational ‘major’ oil companies. They just hate it when a country takes control of its own resources.

  17. Jim R

    And, Elaine, the realities might be equal, but some of them are more equal than the others 😉

  18. Kenogami

    “Hugo Chavez’s Daughter of Argentina worth $4.2 Billion with a …”

    Is this by the same fake news pathological liars who claimed some times ago that Putin was worth 40 billions $ and had palaces and mansions hidden all over the world?

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