NYC Mayor DeBlasio Goes To Germany To Attack Trump

De Blasio ripped for Germany trip to address protest event | Daily Mail Online: 

This isn’t the only evil thing this mayor of NYC is doing this week.

NYPD Mourns Officer Miosotis Familia, ASSASSINATED In UNPROVOKED ATTACK In The BRONX!  The mayor De Blasio ran off the Germany to protest against Trump there.  He wasn’t invited to the police woman’s funeral nor previous funerals of officers and staff killed by criminals ever since DeBlasio unleashed these assassins when he was elected (with illegal aliens voting, of course).



De Blasio, a longtime critic of Trump, headed to Hamburg to protest the G20 Summit that the president and other world leaders attended.

Obama Pops Up In Germany For G20 Acting Like The President With What He Just Did To Screw Trump – just like DeBlasio.  Back to the Daily Mail story:


‘The Mayor will depart this evening for Berlin & Hamburg, Germany. He will attend several events surrounding the G20. +details to follow,’ de Blasio’s spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted.


He is due to address ‘Hamburg Zeigt Haltung’, which translates into ‘Hamburg Shows Attitude,’ which has been dubbed a ‘tolerant, diverse, and nonviolent’ protest event.


Not content with destroying New York City, DeBlasio wants to torch Hamburg, too.


On its Facebook page, ‘Hamburg Zeigt Haltung’ writes: ‘We are a broad alliance of culture, society, churches, sports and politics and want to show an attitude on the 8th of the G20 summit in Hamburg. Attitude for respect, diversity, freedom of expression, tolerance and freedom of the press.’


HAHAHA.  They want none of these things.  They want a fake news media system, they want to terrorize citizens and take over all systems and then create their nightmare world.  No one is allowed to even make jokes about these clowns, they will become homicidal if you mock them like CNN just did when a young man made fun of them.

From three years ago:  Police Outside Cop Funeral Turn Backs on NY Mayor – YouTube

They did this to Mayor Koch, too. I was there when it happened. This was connected to the assassination of a police officer right in front of me and I assisted in the capture. The police saluted me and turned their backs on Koch who hated me greatly for this but I didn’t care, he was a total jerk.


This is also happening as DeBlasio protests against America in Germany:

NYC subway accident results in three subway heroes – YouTube

Last January, New York train crash injures more than 100 commuters | Reuters

19 injured in NYC subway derailment last May

Just two weeks ago, New York City subway riders evacuated from 4 trains after emergency brake incident – YouTube


Every month now, there is some disaster on the subway system.  Back in the 1970’s, we had a similar situation and every time the trains failed, I would give a loud speech about ‘deferred maintenance’ being the only government program to be ahead of schedule, that is, breaking down a lot faster than anticipated.


It was pure chaos back then.  Well, after the draconian rule of some smart mayors and such, things got fixed again and so voters chose to return to the past and repeat every single stupid mistake made in the 1970’s and the city nearly went bankrupt and was being put to the torch by people on welfare at the same time.


The fact that DeBlasio and Obama are both in Germany in order to attack Trump there is nasty, stupid and short sighted and will backfire on them all badly especially the mainstream media which is actively hiding this information which I got by trolling the web for outside news, not a peep at the New York Times or Washington Post, it certainly was not front page news at the evil NYT in Manhattan and DeBlasio lives there!  Duh!  They didn’t know his travel plans?  But then, they didn’t mention the female dead cop funeral on the front page, either.  Ho, hum!


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11 responses to “NYC Mayor DeBlasio Goes To Germany To Attack Trump

  1. Claudeeyah

    No mention of the race of the guy who ventilated the black female cop. Wonder why?

  2. John F

    Confused as to what these characters addressing anti G20 groups are actually opposed to. Same for the protest groups themselves for that matter.

    There are media described “anti-capitalist” groups. I am assuming (maybe wrongly) that the broad label is broadly correct and it’s basically black block anarchists opposing The Power.

    There are anti-globalisation protestors. I get that. The substance of G20 meetings on increased co-operation might well be increasing the pointless shunting of goods around the world and facilitating financial imperialism – but it’s a bit non-specific from where I am.

    Then there’s the group that His Worship will be talking to. Who and how is described, but what exactly is their beef?

    And what on earth can any prominent US politician have to say to pretty well any European protest crowd. Nothing whatsoever I would imagine – we see things very differently in Europe.

  3. Europe is literally dying. Japan is dying, rapidly now (fewer Japanese every year with a steepening curve downwards in 20 years to near-annihilation).

    Seeing all these European youth worried about Trump is astonishing since the EU has been pushing for nuclear WWIII for the last six months. Duh.

    Worse, these protesting youths are very unhinged when it comes to producing future families and working hard. They spent the last week goofing around, destroying a city! Duh. This has no good end to it.

  4. Ken

    John @2,

    I also am at a loss as to what the G20 protesters are so unhappy about. They don’ t have signs and banners espousing some political demands. They don’t give rousing speeches railing against a real or imagined injustice. They don’t”t seem to give interviews. They just riot.

    Very strange.

  5. They want sexual freedom, free schools, free dope and sharia law all at the same time. I call this ‘insanity’ and yes, they really really do believe that Muslims love them and want to be friends and not enslave or destroy them.

  6. Jim R

    Yeah, me too. I have no idea what the rioters want, except mayhem.

    It’s like they just watched the 1975 movie Network and are taking to the streets in a fit of inchoate rage.

  7. CK

    Mayor DeBlasio is running for president.

  8. The GOP would celebrate that.

  9. floridasandy

    DiBlasio thinks that people in Europe care what he thinks.

    Yeah, we would celebrate his running because he skipped out on an slain American policewoman’s vigil IN HIS OWN CITY to run to Europe and praise them.

    He is so out of touch, I bet he only wins fixed elections.

    the protestors are the low hanging fruit, who aren’t informed on politics but want to still be relevant-sort of like how Berkeley allowed “honorary” arrests of students so they wouldn’t get down and dirty, but symbolically pretend that they did. It doesn’t get lazier than that, I don’t think.

  10. Lou

    #9—–The slain woman was a ‘Two Fer’-Black and Female–2 minorities fer the price of one.
    She was AA [affirmative action hire]. Sad but she was unqualified fer the job.

    check ‘ambrose kane blog’ for horror tales of unqualified female cops, dog owners, etc.

  11. She was shot in an AMBUSH. No male cop has much luck in surviving this sort of ambush, either. I have been ambushed like this in the past, in LA way back in 1969 and the guy had poor aim and peppered the door but missed me totally. Thank god.

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