Russia And Turkey Form Strong Alliance At G20 Meeting, NATO Dead

Russia: Erdogan arrives in Sochi for Putin meeting – YouTube


The US elites are so arrogant, they have no idea how to do real diplomacy and I have complained about this for years, nearly all my long life.  The coup against Erdogan that failed was created by the CIA.  It was a gigantic diplomatic disaster which still is not discussed by the elites because it is a total embarrassment.  Right now, Putin has scored another diplomatic coup: Trump, when alone with Putin, has succeeded and doing real diplomacy and Putin was patient enough or maybe reads my blog, to get a deal out of him that is sane.  Good for that!


The fools running our government off the cliff want war with China, North Korea, Russia and Iran all at once.  This would be WWIII and few of us will survive it.  Why?  Why are they bent on this lunacy?  I suppose they want to get rid of all the pesky citizens who annoy them every day.  That is, you and me and everyone.


Putin doesn’t want this so I am thrilled that he could play this diplomacy game like he plays chess: a champion.  US and Russia agree new Syria ceasefire deal | Syria News | Al Jazeera:


The deal was reached during the two leaders’ meeting in Hamburg on Friday on the sidelines of the G20 summit of industrialised and developing nations.


Yes, Turkey and Russia are  now in an alliance and NATO is dead.  How on earth can the insane rulers of the EU start WWIII with Russia if Turkey is on Russia’s side?  And many of the EU nukes are in Turkey?  And Turkey hates the EU?  Eh?


“Russian, American and Jordanian experts … agreed on a memorandum of understanding to create a de-escalation zone” in the regions of Deraa, Quneitra and Suweida, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.


“There will be a ceasefire in this zone from midday Damascus time [9:00 GMT] on July 9,” he added.


The warmongers, the Israelis, the Saudi terrorists all hate this news.  But I love it.  Of course, a host of dangerous war criminals will try to prevent this from working, you know, the usual sneak attacks/fake attacks/ terror tactics will be used to restart the fighting.  But Putin knows this and I am betting, Trump has finally figured this out, too.

A look at the recent past—Russia: Putin and Erdogan hail bilateral relations in Sochi meeting –

This meeting was highly important at the time.  I knew it meant a full alliance was being forged.  And so it is.  Erdogan has even gone so far as to threaten the EU if they annoy hm too much, that is, unleash an army of angry Muslim males on the continent.


Well, Europe is continuing to get a million and more Muslim men this very same year,  nothing has been fixed at all, Merkel is strong arming Poland and Hungary (neither nation has forgotten that Germany invaded them in the past!) to take in these new millions of angry Muslim males.  So the EU teeters on the edge of destruction.


Not only did Trump do real diplomacy that is sane with Putin, also Erdoğan, Putin meet on the sidelines of the G20 Hamburg summit – Daily Sabah reports:


Speaking to reporters before the meeting, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he believes the economic relations between the two countries, the developments at tourism and defense industry will bring bilateral relations to a much more strong position.


“Above all, the expectations at the region regarding Syria and Iraq are very high. I place importance to our meeting also from that point,” Erdoğan emphasized.


Putin said at the start of their meeting that Erdoğan’s stance “has made it possible to improve the situation in Syria.”


Erdogan similarly praised Putin’s role and noted that efforts by Russia and Turkey “set a clear example for the international community.”


This meeting was a 100% diplomatic coup for Putin.  He has real muscle.  He won the diplomatic  battles.  The mainstream US media and the Bilderberg gang threw everything they could at him and nothing moved him even one inch, he knew if he kept his cool and continued forwards, he would win.


I also explained nearly a year ago, how he would do this based on what I know about Russia and diplomacy, and I was correct in my assessment of the situation and why doesn’t the State Department hire me instead of deporting me years ago?  HAHAHA.


They hate my guts.  Big time.  Welcome to failure, you fools.  They have nearly all things ass backwards.  It is amazing we can stumble along and stay alive with these lunatics who are utter failures, running our diplomacy into one ditch after another.  I still remember the Vietnam War!  Not to mention a lot of other disasters, Afghanistan, anyone?


For weeks and weeks, the mainstream fake news had story after story that Trump wanted to send more troops into the Afghanistan hell hole.  Well, today we learn that contrary to all the earlier stories that Trump handed it all to Mattis to decide,  Trump apparently didn’t give Mattis control of Afghan troop levels – Business Insider reports!


They still claim ‘troops will stay as long as possible’ which means ‘until we go bankrupt’. Well, the entire plan of Bin Laden was this: to piss off the US so badly, via 9/11 attacks, we would go into Afghanistan and be trapped there and bleed slowly to death there and thus, go bankrupt.


Boy, it was a great plan and still running along effortlessly.  Bin Laden may be dead but his plan isn’t.


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8 responses to “Russia And Turkey Form Strong Alliance At G20 Meeting, NATO Dead

  1. Jim R

    I think it’s probably going too far to say “strong alliance”. I expect Russia to keep Turkey more or less at arm’s length.

    But I also think Turkey would like to exit NATO. I don’t know if the US spooks were responsible for that failed coup attempt a while back, but Erdogan probably thinks they were (his enemy Gulen is still living here in exile). And Turkey is going to need a really big powerful friend to uproot those NATO bases…

  2. Claudeeyah

    The general theme is that the pieces on the chessboard are being rearranged for the first time in about 60 years. Nobody in power today (our elite) is willing to accept that or mentally capable of understanding it. Every time I see a picture of this transnational group of “leaders”, I have to laugh. They look like characters from the old “Archie” comic books, only not near as bright or attractive.

    Merkel reminds me of a drunken old aunt I had who, after getting good and loaded, had a habit of losing her shoes just before it was time to go home.

  3. Jim R

    Elaine, I agree about Afghanistan. How stupid can they be? We’ve been there for what, 15 years now? And there are still places where Americans can’t go? Bin Laden’s plan is working perfectly!

    As an afterthought, I would say that when you see a picture of Erdogan and Assad shaking hands, you’ll know it’s almost over. Russia will be building pipelines and shutting NATO bases all over the place after that.

  4. Pete

    Bin Laden worked for the deep state. We used him as a poster boy
    to get us into central asia. That’s all over now. SCO fixed that.

    Putin saved Erdogan’s life, he is deeply grateful to Putin for that.
    Erdogan knows NATO is not his friend lol After the coup failed
    not one EU leader called him to wish him well.

    In my opinion Erdogan will stay in NATO to get certain benefits.
    There is a 2 year process if a member wants to leave NATO but
    I think there is no provision in the treaty to kick a member out.

    Incirlik base will probably move to Cyprus.
    Germany has already been kicked out of Incirlik

    Erdogan and Putin have NATO by the balls.

  5. Correct and worse: power either grows or shrinks. Smart rulers deliberately shrink power obligations to avoid bankruptcy and Trump originally said he would do this and so far, he has been unable to do this due to the Bilderberg gang still having significant powers.

    But the power is now definitely in decline and the US began the decline when it deindustrialized itself.

  6. floridasandy

    Putin did not save Erdogan’s life. What’s with the love fest here with Erdogan? the only good thing he has done so far is tolerance for the Kurds. The man Erdogan wants to kill, Gulen, was for a more tolerant Islamic religion-although they were friends at one time. Erdogan is a wild card in the Mideast, and perhaps he may shift to more tolerance (it is said that he wants tourism and growth for his country, which would be a good thing).

    They all have to be watched because they have generations of crazy on their side, and it’s not over yet. .

    I expect CNN reporting to be the usual– pretending for the next 4 years that the election did not happen. They can’t let go of the Russian election story because THEY HAVE NOTHING. I expect ATT stock to go down pretty regularly now. (although allegedly on 20% of the valuation)

  7. Jim R

    Sandy, there’s a story floating around that the Russian spook agency called Erdogan as he was in his plane, in midflight, in the middle of that coup attempt and advised him on where to land. Thereby saving his life — not because the Russians love Erdogan, but because stability in the region favors the Russian position. As far as I know, nobody loves Erdogan. I don’t know if the story is true, but it makes sense.

    As for AT&T, you can’t reliably short a big company like that. They’ll manipulate their stock price almost to the point of bankruptcy. But it’s certainly turning out that buying all these crap media companies has not been a good choice — you may hear news soon that its CEO has decided to spend more time with his family and kids, and a new CEO shows up…

  8. floridasandy

    I am not recommending shorting anybody-just an opinion. 🙂 I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a new CEO step up due to all the negative publicity CNN has garnered for itself. When websites are devoted to destroying your” brand”(albeit in a humorous way) it might be time to head in a new direction. As far as I can see, 4chan isn’t that biased on news, but reactionary. I read Snowden’s blog and he is going after Maddow today. She has to stop reporting fake news for ratings.

    more nutty pope stories:

    I wish religious leaders would just stick to religion instead of politics. It always gets dicey when they do that. If you are the pope, shouldn’t you be talking about Christianity instead of global warming/Trump anyway?????

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