US Mainstream Fake News Continues Constant Lying: G20 Meeting Is Trump Triumph, Not Failure

The front page of  RT News from Russia is…the far leftist riots which the Bilderberg gang unleashed on Hamburg, Germany.


The police herded the rioters around but didn’t really suppress them as in all ‘liberal’ countries that allow leftist thugs to terrorize citizens…this operation to scare people into supporting the Bilderberg gang is pushed hard by the fake news media systems that never, ever mentions the magic word, ‘Bilderberg’.  They are cloaked in secrecy even though the internet chats about them a great deal now including people like my own self.  This is the key to everything.  Trump isn’t a Bilderberg gangster and neither is Putin and the gang has pushed very, very hard to force Trump into attacking Putin instead of cooperating with Putin.  And this is beginning to fall apart.

Putin did a lot of diplomacy at the G20.  Sane leaders joined in with him or maybe they would all prefer to deal with North Korea on their own?  The mainstream fake news criminals (they are war crime criminals) pretend  no one wants to talk to Trump or Putin and are snubbing both but that is an outright lie.  How unusual, snark.  Here are two main US propaganda outfits with an odious criminal past, the New York Times and Washington Post’s front page from today:

The New York Times is comical in its stupidity.  Trump knows perfectly well, Putin didn’t ‘interfere’ with our ‘election’.  The rigged game the elites were playing had imagined that Hillary had a 98.5% chance of winning only to lose very badly, Trump walloped here in the electoral college numbers.  It wasn’t even close.  The only areas to support her were big cities that allowed illegal aliens to vote.


Even today, they continue to lie about this crime.  It is illegal to assist illegal aliens in voting during our elections!  The mainstream fake news claims no illegal aliens voted which is insane.  It is an outright lie.  I, personally, want them arrested for this along with the entire DNC which banks on illegals voting for invading our government and keeping our borders open.  This is pure treason.


The fake news today is, of course, that the ‘world’ is ‘rejecting Trump’.  HAHAHAHA.  In a rat’s ass!  True, the childless leftist EU leaders are throwing a snit which is popular with young radicals who want free goodies and no labor required.  But Europe is very divided, note how the NYT (and WP) both don’t mention Trump’s triumph in Poland, for example.


Washington Post: it, too, is peddling the Russia runs our elections fake story.


HAHAHA.  So, we have such as stupid, feeble and troublesome riddled election system and…foreign governments now run it! HAHAHAHA.  Where are the election reforms????  I don’t see any!!!!  Why isn’t our stupid Bilderberg rattled Congress discussing how to set up better systems?????  Why isn’t my ‘Uniform Voting Act’ not being enacted?


Piffle.  Any US citizens falling for this insane storyline should have their heads examined.  If we have such a crappy system, it should be the #1 issue before Congress and they aren’t even talking about reforming a tittle or a jot.  Trump’s attempt at getting into raw data to see if any cheating by aliens and others is going on, has been defeated by political powers refusing to cooperate at all.  They don’t intend to change anything, this is how they keep power: via cheating.


CNN’s Acosta Attacks Trump For Holding A ‘Fake News Conference,’ Gets His Facts Wrong because he is brain damaged.  HAHAHA.


During a short press conference earlier in the day, Trump correctly pointed out that “it wasn’t 17” intelligence agencies who claimed Russia carried out hacking attacks during the election, but it “turned out to be three or four.” He was citing the widely reported fact the New York Times and the Associated Press just “corrected” a host of stories claiming 17 intelligence agencies agreed on the Russia hacking report, when in fact it was only 3 or 4.


It was actually none.  It was a gang of 4 guys who wanted to destroy Trump so they conspired together to cook up this false narrative.

They blasted that fake news story for nearly half a year.  Now, they apologize on the back pages, as usual.  There were no front page headlines explaining that they all lied nonstop.  So, by correcting this on the back pages, this continues the lies for they didn’t do a PROPER apology.


When I was raising children and forcing them to apologize for something to someone, they always first try a fake apology, say, by not looking into the eyes of the person they were naughty to, but looking away, or saying it in a sarcastic voice, etc.  One has to be vigilant and force them to really consider what is wrong.


The mainstream news has NOT properly apologized to Trump.  They are still making up lies and snapping at him and launching false charges against him.  This is an epic battle.  Lying about how he is dealing with the G20 is riddled with lies easy to see, all one has to do is go to press in various countries (NOT the BBC and other government agents in the dying EU!) and it is obvious, he is commanding the stage there.


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8 responses to “US Mainstream Fake News Continues Constant Lying: G20 Meeting Is Trump Triumph, Not Failure

  1. Jim R

    Was listening to Rush the other day on the car radio. He said Acosta is like a cat responding to Trump’s laser pointer. Make a red dot on the floor and he scratches around on the floor. A red dot on the wall and he runs into the wall.

  2. Jim R

    Another crude attempt at censorship, aimed at Information Clearing House:

    Last week our office network was hacked and all of our equipment, server, laptops, routers and software was disabled and in spite of our best efforts we were unable to restore the system and were forced to replace all damaged equipment with new hardware.

    Today is our first day in the last week that we have been able to publish the website and newsletter. We ask for your patience while we catch up with our workload and iron out any problems that may arise from our new equipment.

  3. Petruchio

    I am enjoying the yelps and the cries of pain coming from the media lately. The line the media are pushing now is, “Isn’t Trump childish to criticize the media? Doesn’t a US President have better things to do? Why is Trump so hostile to the media, who are merely doing their jobs of reporting the news?” My goodness! How sensitive these media types are! So, is the media supposed to be off-limits to criticism? You can’t have mush of a debate if there is a “no criticizing the media allowed” Rule. The media clowns can dish it out but can’t take it. BTW it’s also fun to watch the White House Press Corps bellyache about the way Trump treats them! Keep it up Trump!!

  4. His tweeking their collective tails is most amusing. It is the only entertainment on mainstream tv this year.

  5. ziff

    The stupid are easily distracted.

  6. Petruchio

    There is a local radio show that brings politics into their show. One minute they have someone come on the show and insinuate that Trump “might” be open to an Obstruction of Justice charge over firing FBI Director James Comey. A few days later, the show has a guy commenting on how evil Trump is for criticizing the media. Only one problem here: this is a SPORTS TALK SHOW!! I’m listening to this show and thinking, Why? This obviously has nothing to do with the MN Twins, Vikings Wild or Timberwolves. I guess anytime the host fells like it, he’ll just drop the Sports Talk and jump on his soap box and preach his Political biases.

  7. Oh, all over the mainstream systems they are preaching ‘hate Trump’ and ‘males are evil’ and so forth and the ratings of even football games are falling rapidly. Everything from comic books to TV shows to sports is being hammered by angry men who are walking away from all this, very, very pissed off.

  8. floridasandy

    OT, just for your edification:

    During the month of Ramadan alone, the world witnessed 160 Islamic attacks in 29 countries, in which 1627 people were murdered and 1824 injured

    You won’t see that in sports media, mika/joe media, or CNN.

    but it happened.

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