German Newspaper Die Zeit Directed ANTIFA Rioters To Attack Rebel Media Reporter Lauren Southern

Molotov cocktails & iron bars: G20 protests rage on in Hamburg, 200+ police injured » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


In today’s morning news, I wrote about how the NY Times fakes news by hiding news.  A huge ‘fake news via hiding news’ machine has been the fake coverage of the G20 riots in Hamburg, Germany.  Conservative news is covering it but the government of Germany and liberal news are pretending nothing much happen.  Hamburg was burned and looted and only 14 people were arrested.  This reminds me of the great riots of 1977 in NY City where huge hunks of the city was looted and burned including my own neighborhood.  The mayor announced that the cops didn’t arrest nearly anyone or shoot anyone.  Only one person did this, a good friend of mine who was terrified when an army of looters with torches attacked his store and he shot at them, killing one.


We all had to rally around him and make it crystal clear, if the city were to arrest him, we would go ballistic.  This is when I began my NY city police patrols due to near zero police protection.  When governments decide to allow rioters to rule, cities are destroyed.  Any sane citizens must organize, arm themselves and take over the police systems from within and without and eventually, remove the politicians.


These ANTIFA rioters are not taxpayers of these cities they are looting and burning.  Many of them move from place to place to riot.  This requires the overall governments to control them, instead, liberals think this is happy stuff for these rioters attack alternative media and annoying citizens who complain about crime and other people the left hates.

Germany: Violent clashes between cops and rioters at G20 summit 7-7-2017 – YouTube

G20 protests: Hamburg destroyed – Masked rioters smash all in path | World | News |


An estimated 100,000 people have taken part in a number of protests across the city, many of which have now turned violent as world leaders met.


At least 213 police officers have been injured in the demonstrations and the numbers are expected to rise, a police spokesperson said.


Note the huge number of injured officers, well over 200.  Nearly no arrests:


No official figures on the number of injured protestors have been revealed yet, but 14 people have been arrested and 63 are held in custody.

The End of Germany: G20 Violence | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux –

This woman freelance reporter was also at the Berkeley battles where ANTIFA tried to attack Trump supporters who fought back and drove off the ANTIFA.  This was when the police were secretly ordered to back down and let the ANTIFA thugs attack people who the cops disarmed.

/pol/ News Forever (@polNewsForever) | Twitter tags Die Zeit reporter as a terrorist directing mobs of fascists into attacking another reporter!


In Germany, everyone knows that Merkel is protecting ANTIFA and the mayor of NY City, DeBlasio, was there to egg on the rioters, so the cops finally were forced to stand their ground only to be overwhelmed by armed, violent rioters.

The truly shocking thing here and I do hope Lauren sues the German newspaper, Die Zeit, the reporters for that rag used their cameras to take pictures of Lauren when she tried to put on other clothing so she could ESCAPE the screaming mob of violent rapist attackers.


So that reporter took pictures of her new clothing and then sent it to others in the mob who then ran her down and tried to do horrible things to her.  She barely escaped with her life.


THIS DID NOT MAKE ANY NEWS IN THE US.  Earlier today, I complained about how most real news is no news.  Why bother with fake news when one can have no news at all?  This is the really bad stuff, no one can know about no news!  Only now we have the internet.


I lived most of my life in the ‘No News Zone’ which meant, anything and everything happening around me would vanish from sight.  Well, Lauren is living in my world now only she, like me, has the internet.  This is most precious to us all.  Without it, we are atomized.


Germany like Japan, is literally dying.  Unlike Japan, Germany also has been invaded by  people on welfare who have many babies (like the US).  The destruction of Germany is right now, set in cement.  The only thing that can save Germany from annihilation is to re-assert themselves as people and to grow children and fix marriages.

CNN App Downgraded to ONE STAR in Apple App Store – From Hilarious Negative Reviews 😂😂😂 – YouTube

Online activists drove the ranking of CNN to the cellar.  Then the app was saved by the same elites who lie about everything and want to control the internet.  They are now censoring anyone who criticizes CNN and there were hundreds of well-written statements which were removed by the censors.


In its most recent census, Germany discovered it had lost 1.5 million inhabitants and, by 2060, experts say the population could dwindle by an extra 19 per cent, to about 66 million.


Between 2000 and 2013, Germany’s birth rate dropped by 11 per cent compared to rises in the UK (4.3 per cent), France (3.6 per cent), Spain (12.8 per cent) and Ireland (8.9 per cent).


Now panic is beginning to spread through Europe’s economic powerhouse as the financial crisis continues to stretch its tentacles into all aspects of society, especially the country’s labour market.


Adding to the country’s woes, a recent study by Europe’s Population Policy Acceptance Study found that 23 per cent of German men thought ‘zero’ was the ideal family size.


In Japan, 50% of young Japanese men think they will never marry!  This is insane.  The above article is from before the mass Muslim male invasion.  Now, the most common birth name for boys there is ‘Mohammed’.


 Experts are now claiming Germany needs to find ways of keeping older workers in jobs for longer and make itself more appealing to immigrants, who, they say, tend to find other European nations far more hospitable destinations.


It also needs to feed more women into the workforce while, at the same time, encourage them to have more babies.


Note the schizoid sentences here.  More women must work outside the home and…should have more babies.  The Muslim women don’t work in Germany.  They stay home and have babies.  The key here is, they are willing to live in a fair degree of poverty to do this or have no say in the matter (most likely).


Their own fathers will kill them if they don’t produce children in some cases.  There is a very strong culture for having children whereas in Western culture, there is only punishment if you have children and aren’t a thug or a welfare leech.  In those cases, the mighty power of the state smashes the man flat and forces him to pay up or go to prison.


So it is better to avoid this entirely.  Even being married isn’t safe.  Get divorced and bang: you have to pay for the children who live with other men.  By the way, when I got divorced, I didn’t ask for a penny from the ex.  But that is very highly unusual.


‘Women are perfectly integrated within Germany’s labor market but when it comes to babies, everyone expects a mother to stay at home and take care of the children,’ she told reuters last year. ‘This of course deters women from becoming mothers.’


How crazy is this?  So, evidently, German women want to work and not have children!  It isn’t because she WANTS to do both.  I didn’t want strangers raising my babies, for example. I nursed both for more than a year, each.


Who is raising the children?  In Japan, many women work because work pays the men very poorly so everyone has to work and it is the grandparents who are raising the children and the birthrate is falling like a rock.  This isn’t working.  Neither Japan nor Germany is grappling with this mess.


ANTIFA hates marriage, children and society.  They are nihilists.  They have to be curbed and curbed fast or they will, like termites, continue to organize on campuses and then sally forth like locusts to destroy everything in their paths.  This means kicking them and their professors out of schools.  Why are taxpayers subsidizing schools teaching terror and antisocial destruction?  I asked this way back in 1969.


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26 responses to “German Newspaper Die Zeit Directed ANTIFA Rioters To Attack Rebel Media Reporter Lauren Southern

  1. ziff

    On the other hand , in an effort to understand . This stuff still seems rooted in Painting.

    Modernism was, ‘your painting is another version of xyz’ISM so it stinks ” , postmodernism , ”your painting is a lovely tribute to xyz’ism ” .

    And your attempt a labeling things is a form of oppression so i will kill you ..

    Haven’t we been here before , Remember value judgements ?

  2. Mewswithaview

    This is from 2006

    The rise of the ‘childfree’

    She believes the number without children will double in many countries to around 20% – except Germany, where the figure is already closer to 30%, partly because it is seen as having some of the most family unfriendly policies in Europe.

    Ironically they threw out one of the perks of the GDR which was maternity allowance and crèches for women. The GDR and the Russians had to do this in the aftermath of WW II since so many men were dead that they needed the women in the workforce. It also meant that many women in the east could not find reliable husbands. In Germany today many women dare not get pregnant or else their incomes fall and with a very high divorce rate and need for separate accommodation they can’t afford to not work.

  3. Zombie banking and ZIRP has also disincentivized baby-making. Why would Japanese women want to handover an intergenerational mortgage to their kids?

  4. I worked and had two children and…did NOT ‘work’ 9-5 during my baby’s earliest years. This is where the foundation for learning are laid, language skills honed, good habits are established. I did make money taking care of children of widows who needed help while they were forced to work.

    Those little girls were like my own babies/children and I loved them like my own. All these children went on to successful lives and being MARRIED when grown up.

  5. Ken

    Elaine touches on a topic that I think deserves further discussion. There are significant marriage penalties for men. Society punishes men who get married. Women know this, and in western societies women initiate divorce the great majority of the time. Some statistics I have seen show that 80% of divorces are initiated by the woman.

    Women have no incentive to tough it out in a marriage. Which also means that they have no incentive to choose wisely in selecting a husband. Men are disposable and fungible.

    Unlike many of the problems discussed in this blog, this one has an easy solution. Penalize women in a divorce. Something as simple as passing a law that says whoever has custody of the children must bear 100% of the burden of raising them. After all, the one with custody gets the benefit of being around the children, and so it is only fair that they bear the cost of raising them.

    Similarly, marital assets should go to the person who earned the money that bought these assets (or who brought them into the marriage). A simple examination of tax returns and W-2 statements should suffice to make this determination.

    Overnight women would stop filing for divorce. The nuclear family would be re-established. Women would be more careful in choosing husbands and boyfriends.

    It is worth pointing out that in Muslim societies there is very little divorce, and a high birth rate, since Muslim women fair very badly in divorces. Clearly, there is a correlation. Breaking this correlation can be easily done. (Except women are over 50% of voters, and may not want to vote agains their self interest).

  6. Yes, the system is completely broken. In European/Asian families, there is still majority get married but even this bedrock is disintegrating fast and in minority communities, marriage is nearly totally dead.

    This cannot go on and on forever, each generation with no marriage ends up in worse condition than the previous generation and in the black community which went down this road earliest and hardest, we are now three generations+ of ‘no marriage/no stability’ for nearly 80% of all children growing up.

  7. melponeme_k

    My, all this hatred of women running away from marriage.

    The other side of the story is the pornography that has been altering the psychology of men long before the elites got their hands on women via the Feminist movement.

    Men haven’t known “real” women since the dawn of the film age. What was that? The late 1800s? The first films created were about women in various states of undress. Women chosen for their outlier looks and enhanced more to create dissatisfaction with regular, good looking women. Pornography also retards relationship growth by teaching men that women are whores and for the right man will just go straight to bed with him. Having that wrongful story impounded into the brain makes men resent that they even have to hold discussions with women.

    I’ve seen the results first hand as I was growing up.

    The social engineering began with the men than moved on to the women.

    Ordo ab Chao. The “solution” will be test tube babies a la “Brave New World” (Huxley wasn’t writing fiction).

  8. Whoa…I once worked as a stripper when young and gay. Women, at age 18, have vast powers given by Venus. Today, would men throw hundreds of dollars at me to see me strip naked?

    HAHAHA. The reverse, I fear….

  9. Petruchio

    Now c;mon Elaine. Women have to take some responsibility for their actions. Most women VOLUTARILY gave up the child rearing duties to enter the workforce and invoke their Rights. This was a linchpin of the Women’s Liberation Movement; they didn’t have to count on a husband to provide for them financially. That significantly changes the Marriage Contract. Men start thinking, “If my wife no longer wants to raise my kids, why should I get married in the first place?” Not only did women enter the workforce, they shoved Men OUT of the workforce; “gotta hire more women. Too many males in the Workplace.” The destruction of the Family Unit. That was the goal of our Social Engineers in the first place. This is also what the Maoists wanted to do also, btw.

  10. melponeme_k

    Elaine, we aren’t talking pure animal nature here. We are talking about mind control, social engineering. Which you were a part of, which natural law states you will answer to at some point, is the goddess system the elites created to enslave men. Regular women are part of that to, every time we paint our faces and buy into the monetary reward system of dating/marriage.

    It doesn’t matter that we didn’t know CONSCIOUSLY that we were partaking and enforcing the debauched system. The elites ALWAYS reveal what they have planned. That is how they skate away from consequences.

    Being prisoners to animal nature isn’t going to get the job done and release us from this prison. The Elites see no reason to ever leave this place. Not when they rule as gods. Why would they? But they need slaves. They need us here.

    If it is true that we are as vast as God, in fact one with it, then this life is just some kind of play. It is just one point of attention in a plethora of many places we could focus on. As I’ve said before, ALL of us sing the song of creation. Right now, we are slaves singing for the elites. And they don’t want us to stop.

  11. Ken

    Mel @7,

    I know lots of guys. “Some of my best friends are” guys. None of them have become deranged as a result of pornography. Granted, there are probably some out there, but they were probably mentally fragile to begin with.

    What I see as a major problem with porn was mentioned in passing by a 60 Minutes (I think) segment on the declining birthrate in Japan. A lot of guys would rather look at porn than spend their time chasing women and trying to make babies. I can only imagine that the situation will get worse if the porn industry ever discovers virtual reality headsets.

    On a related note, I once read that Jewish traditions about women being “unclean” for two weeks around the time of their periods had a positive effect on birth rates. Guys would have to abstain from sex for two weeks, and then when they were allowed to finally have it the women would be at their most fertile. If guys had been able to resort to porn back then, I suspect the effect of abstaining for two weeks would have been reduced.

  12. melponeme_k


    You are only thinking of Pornography as sex films. But there are levels. After all those early films of the 1800s didn’t show totally nude women. They merely showed their legs and arms. BUT it had the same effect as more hard core pornography because the culture was more stern back then.

    Think of everything that is overly sexualized, our movies, TV, music, art, etc. All of that is pornography. All of it was used to destroy our natural sexual responses and our ability to create relationships.

    There is a declining birth rate all over the world in first world countries. That is by design. The elites want to destroy us because, again, they want the power of creation. They still need us here. Because they need our creative power. But they want slaves. Slaves without free will.

    There will come a point where, by design, they will say we aren’t procreating enough. That is when they will come in with their already developed answer of non-sexual procreation. Test Tube Babies. Sexless sex (via robots and VR). There will be fertilization without sex, gestation without female bodies, birth from a womb construct (which has already been in the news). Of course all children born in this fashion will be genetically altered. Maybe beyond human form or capability. What Blade Runner called Replicants. The replicants in that movie were human. But they were Monsanto humans. They got away with the robot title because their DNA was all effed up beyond recognition.

  13. Mewswithaview

    This is via google translate:

    “The core problem of the German economy and society is miserable demography. A positive development, namely the increasing longevity of the population, is an extremely negative groundbreaking, namely a small number of children. This is reflected in one of the lowest birth rates in the world – and this has been the case for decades. The record-breaking birth rate is by no means rooted in a biological, but in deeper social causes and inadequate policies at different stages. One consequence is a pension system that is not sustainably financed , because the ratio of contributors and receivers will drastically deteriorate.”

    Importing people en-masse who have no real value beyond cheap labour but heavily draw on welfare and impose the cost of crime does not help the situation either.

    Stepping away from Germany in the UK and Ireland I notice that the nursing homes for the elderly are now mostly staffed by labor from outside the EU.

  14. The concept of marrying to have children who then love the parents is what has died. For example, the new family system of black communities is mother/son rather than husband/wife.

    All daughters start their own households at a young age while the sons never really leave but instead, move around various ‘daughter’ households with mother as home base. This leads to social instability and crime since sons don’t raise any families, the State does this.

    All economic contribution of sons is via crime since they have no reward for working. That is, they don’t have (I hope) sex with mothers, just with random females whenever it happens.

    The other downside is, non-genetic fathers tend to kill children of other missing fathers because very deep in Nature is the concept of killing off rival children to bring mothers to fertility which is why male animals patrol their territories with great ferocity.

  15. Ken

    Tio @14,

    Interesting video. Part of what resonates for me is that I have sons and nephews in their 20s and not one of them is getting married. Neither are any of their male friends. None. Zero. Zip.

    I have been attributing it to skittishness over watching their parents’ generation deal with the frequent divorces and obvious bias of the laws and courts against men. I thought that the current generation of men simply saw how the deck was stacked against them and didn’t want their lives ruined.

    However, the video paints a different picture. Modern feminism has so poisoned relations between the sexes that many men now want nothing to do with women even on a social basis. How sad.

  16. Melponeme_k

    This is a two way street people with everyone holding the blame.

    For Men at the end when standing before judgement, do you think that Ma’at’s feather is going to care that you thought feminist women were all persecuting you? NO, you are going to be asked WHY you swallowed propaganda hook, line and sinker and became a misogynist.

    For Women when standing before the judgement, do you think Ma’at’s feather is going to care that you that men were only out to cheat you or persecute you? NO, you are going to be asked WHY you swallowed propaganda hook, line and sinker and became a misandrist.

    I think it is time for everyone reading this to think about our culture as it is now and HOW WE CONTRIBUTED to it. WE, all of us here, bear the fault and the shame. The elites never tried to hide this social engineering. NEVER. They all wrote about it, cackling with glee. And we still fell for it. And we will be called out on it. Now is the time to think about changing it, in our attitudes, our behavior and our discussions.

  17. Moe


    Watched the video. Interesting aspect presented was the addictive component of excessive porn watching. And reduction of testosterone levels.

    It was also interesting that the female presenter was fully (i.e., IMHO excessively) made up. Seems that she hasn’t been reading your treatises on ‘Goddess Worship’. 🙂

  18. Melponeme_k


    There you go poking at extraneous details except the point of the video.

    I don’t care if this girl makes herself up. That is her choice. She is a lot younger than I am and still hasn’t grasped the full panopticon sham in which we live in. No doubt, she’ll meet up with some winner who will yell at her that she “tricked” him with her paint set. Because that is the other half of the makeup game.

    Everyone has to realize that not only is feminism a sham. So is culturally defined femininity. I didn’t realize that until I visited the Sex museum in NY and watched a video teaching men how to be women. I realized that nothing about makeup, heels, skirts etc was remotely feminine or defined femininity. It was a cultural costume. I spent a few days after that visit wondering what made women, women besides physical markers. And I couldn’t think of one feature aside from that. That meant most of us women didn’t know how to be women.

    I suspect the same problem exists for men.

  19. Moe


    I got the point of the video.

    Your second paragraph in your response though made my point entirely, encapsulated in the insightful phrase: “It was a cultural costume.” Thanks for that.

    When my wife and I starting going together, I told her that wearing makeup was her choice, but I did not expect it. In short time she realized that her femininity was not dependent on appearances and made the decision to cease wearing it.

  20. Cultural definition of ‘sex’ is always shifting. It is what we call ‘sex’. Animal ‘sex’ is laced with ‘fakery’ too. Evolution does this. Why do peacocks have fancy tails? To attract females who are very drab so they can hide in the landscape and protect their eggs and babies.

    Gorilla and chimp males and females look nearly identical. Humans don’t, mainly, men have more body/face hair. The naked apes (all other monkey species are fully furred) kept some hair as a sex definer.

    Grey hair was a sign of POWER. ‘I can survive!’ especially in males. This is true in gorillas and chimps, too.

  21. Melponeme_k

    Read it. Very soon men won’t have to marry feminists in order to be fathers. They can just get a womb transplant.

    OH Brave New World!

  22. Well, some bird species have this thing where the female hatches the eggs but the males raise the babies…Emperor penguins, for example. Crocodiles do this, too. Hmm….yes, child rearing isn’t just a female thing.

  23. Lou

    child rearing isn’t just a female thing–tell that to Black leaders.

  24. Petruchio

    @#14 tio: Young men are giving up on women because there is no incentive for them to get married anymore. Women have been told for a long time that men are UN-necessary. The Social Engineers have made doing this a #1 Priority. today, what happens if a girl/woman gets pregnant and has the kid? The State Welfare Agencies take over the role of Daddy! A lot of single Mommies think they are empowered by this change in Society. Put the two together. You had the Feminist Movement telling women that Men are unnecessary and the State came up with the financial substitute for Men. Then, to put the proverbial “Icing on the cake”, the Government–via The Family Court System–made it a nightmare for men to get divorced. Men make the natural response to this deep, bitter hatred of men by the Court System: they forgo Marriage in the first place!!

  25. In Japan, women seldom divorce men and yet, there the marriage rate has totally collapsed and there are near zero out of wedlock births! This destruction of the family is going on in all first world countries now.

    On top of this, the third world has men fleeing their families and living like unattached hordes in Europe and North America, etc. They also are not building any families. This collapse of the family infrastructure is deadly and no one has the faintest idea how to stop it.

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