Pope Francis Demands Both WWIII And Muslim Invasion

Francis is out to destroy Europe, destroy the Catholic Church and destroy the US.  Last January, Pope Francis said: There is ‘no point’ going to church if you don’t really believe in it.  Socialism killed the Church.  Charity comes via the State seizing property and labor and handing it over to illegal aliens and welfare mothers.  Well, this was true in the Middle Ages, too.  The Church tithed people to ‘help the poor’ which translated into building palaces and temples for themselves while looting the very poor which led to the Reformation.  Now, we are back to the Church demanding we be tithed to do what the Church claims it wants to do but doesn’t do at all, the Pope takes in virtually no aliens or refugees at all.


Pope warns of ‘dangerous alliances’ against migrants | Daily Mail Online reports:


 Francis said, ‘I worry about very dangerous alliances among powers that have a distorted vision of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Putin and Assad in the war in Syria’ in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.


The countries like all of Europe that seems to be hysterically worried that we are all going to roast to death unless we stop consuming energy and return to the CO2 starvation levels of the previous Ice Ages, are all dying.  That is, fewer and fewer citizens bother with having children.


The connection with the ‘we are going to roast to death’ believers and ‘why bother having any children unless they get welfare money’ people is very strong.  That is, the mass mainstream Bilderberg media giants are feeding entire populations with news that leads them to be suicidal and filled with foreboding and despair.


So they have literally given up and think we are all going to die in the next 20 years.  And we might, if these fools start WWIII.  Note the list of names of countries the Pope is attacking: all have nuclear weapons except Assad and Trump making peace with these is what stops WWIII and the Pope and his gang want WWIII, it appears.


He added that the summit in Hamburg, Germany worried him, and advised Europe not to close its borders off to migrants.


He is a main sponsor of this invasion, he provides ships to pick up illegal aliens and haul them into Italy which is rapidly falling apart due to this as is France, etc.


He also called Europe the ‘richest continent in the whole world’ and urged it not to close off its borders.


Europe is in decline.  The EU is breaking up.  This invasion is destroying it thoroughly.  It won’t exist in 20 years even if it gets colder and colder, Europe is now doomed.  The only thing that can save Europe is for the young people to wake up and realize their dreams of End of Times is false and their refusal to honor marriage and protect children is fatal and the schools who taught them all those insane global warming lessons were lying to them and time is running out for them to save themselves from the fate of Japan: the annihilation of the people via inability to have and shelter their own children.


Europe’s Liberal Elite Outraged After Renzi Says Italy Has “No Moral Duty To Take In Migrants” | Zero Hedge reports.


Yes, some are waking up, mostly countries like Italy that are going bankrupt.  France, on the other hand, wants bankruptcy, I am assuming.

Now, away from British news and back home to my state of New York: This story at the Times has a prominent position on the front page of the online edition of the NYT.  But the above gif appears when clicking on this story on their main page that has a very different headline:

But when I go to the real front page, it is nowhere to be seen at all:

The front page features more attacks on Trump for doing basic, simple diplomacy and it demands that he be confrontational with nuclear powers so we can have WWIII.  One of the top NYT stories on the front page is one about how illegal aliens from India were in a bar brawl and were killed.


The story is about how evil citizens are and how wonderful illegal aliens are.  This is pure propaganda, of course, because the fake reporters don’t examine how many crimes are done by both legal and illegal aliens especially how many terrorist attacks came from these groups including the infamous 9/11 mass murder.


Concealing information is the most important part of all propaganda regimes.  If no one knows the news, no one can talk about the news and make up their own minds.  Tons of real news are hidden from view deliberately.  People who consume mainstream news imagines that all important stories are covered.


This is totally false.  The mainstream news even can claim, falsely, that they miss news accidentally and that is a total lie.  They deliberately refuse to cover many important news stories.  It is constant.  This quiet censorship is their main tool of controlling humans and preventing them from seeing reality.


Lucian Wintrich critiqued for anti-CNN meme | Daily Mail Online: the meme of Trump destroying CNN continues and as day one, it continues to infuriate leftists and the media fake news crews who think it is mean to make fun of them this way:


A journalist has been widely condemned for tweeting a controversial image of ‘CNN’ Twin Towers being destroyed by a Trump plane.


Lucian Wintrich, 29, posted a meme showing President Trump’s head superimposed at the tip of one of the hijacked airplanes flying into the Twin Towers, labelled with a CNN logo.


He immediately deleted the tweet after critics pounced on him.


‘[It was] sent to me by my friend in the Marines – and I stand by it being funny. It was taken down due to requests.


‘I didn’t create it – which was my point. And I could care less if folks didn’t like it.’

Yes, it was in very bad taste but then many of the anti-Trump tropes put out by celebrities and media giants and the DNC were equally or worse in bad taste and violence and they thought they were being funny and were enraged when people got mad at them.


Everyone is acting out right now because the anger about losing the election continues to eat away at the very core of the DNC and its machinery run by the Bilderberg gang and Trump’s recent triumphs in Europe have made them even more unhinged and I have said repeatedly, the more Trump triumphs, the greater the fury and the more they desire to kill him and his entire family as well as the GOP leadership in Congress and perhaps half of the Supreme Court.


Far from being out of danger, danger grows greater. More news from England, not the US:

this blonde bimbo claimed the black dude was too sexy to her.  He was immediately punished while she gloated.  Then it turns out, she initiated the sex.  Ooops.  Warning to all men: keep records of all calls and correspondence with sex partners, they might do something nasty later even if you break up nicely.  Beware!  These females have gone mad with power and think they can cry wolf forever.


And this enrages me, I have been really really raped!


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23 responses to “Pope Francis Demands Both WWIII And Muslim Invasion

  1. Jim R

    That Trump-flying-into-the-towers image is poor, because in the real event, the planes did not survive that encounter. The ones showing Trump as a player in some sporting event are more appropriate. CNN is going down for the count, and Trump is still standing.

    And all those idiots in the “news” media have been publishing the official lies for so long, they no longer have much of a grip on reality. The NYT has been going for a really long time, and may last the longest, but I expect them to start blinking off, one by one, like streetlights at dawn.

  2. ziff

    Elaine, dare say you have seen this ,

    i’m wondering now if some populations [Hamburg] have a developed a genetic predisposition to fascism.

    Hamburgers are nasty it seems

  3. A tourist from Washington state stopped me for directions and we had a nice talk
    He did get a bit preachy towards the end,being a born again,I told him I was a lapsed Catholic, hahah.
    He said we are a lot friendlier than your typical Seattle native.
    I guess us Canadians are nice!

  4. Could the pope not house his “migrants”in the Arch bishop’s apartments that just got raided for gay drug orgy parties?

  5. Petruchio

    @#4 Peter C. I believe he is a Cardinal, btw. In any event when I read that the good Cardinal had his drug and sex orgy party raided, I immediately asked myself, Why?. I mean, if he is a typical Cardinal in the Vatican this was probably his 200th drug and sex orgy the Good Cardinal has “hosted”. Why raid this one? The pedophile scandal in the Roman Catholic Church makes me very cynical about the people who run that Church.

  6. Nani

    This marxist pope must have some kind of deep rooted hatred for Europe since he so obviously wants to see it destroyed.

  7. Claudeeyah


    It’s more sinister than that, Nani. It’s white people the marxist pope hates. Any free thinking, freedom loving, questioning people are anathema to the Jew World Order. And yes, the Church has been in bed with the Marxists for a very, very, very long time. This pope just likes to shoot off his mouth (and stupidly reveal their plans) than his predecessors.

  8. Lou

    The Cardinal is Australian. Same as Nicole Kidmans dad. The presumed Mason who ‘died’ when accused of murder.

  9. Lou

    #7–Elaine and others know a great deal about Masons, Kabbalists, satanists and their pedo rings and human sacrifices.

  10. First hand experience in my own case. Skull and Bones, too. Yuck.

  11. Claudeeyah

    People have been looking the other way from the pedophilia of the Catholic church since time began. And it’s so “in your face”. A bunch of old guys, dressed in drag, drinking wine, and hanging out with young boys. And that is during MASS. Lord knows what they are up to when the doors to the Rectum-ry (sic) are closed. lol!

  12. Sort of like Blackadder in the nunnery…!

  13. melponeme_k

    According to stories, the Catholic Church was always part of the Elite global plan but not totally within it’s control.

    The control came in with a plant to infiltrate and co-opt the aims of the Church. This was Loyola and his Jesuits. They called him the Black Pope from the get go and all leaders of the Jesuits inherited the same title.

    I thought this was ridiculous. But what do you know? A Black Pope is now the White Pope. Hmmmmmm. And Francis was part of the Junta/Communism/Socialism problems that the Jesuits fomented in South America. Hmmmmm.

    I have a copy of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. Reading it, my hair stood up on end when I realized it was a hermetic, alchemical magical book masquerading as Christianity.

    The books to get closer to the truth are Malachi Martin’s “The Jesuits” and “Keys of this Blood”. He left the Jesuits. Some think he was murdered for writing “Keys of this Blood”.

  14. DM

    There used to be a saying, “Is the pope catholic?” Well, maybe that’s no longer a self-evident truth.

  15. The ‘is the Pope evil?’ question has been asked for centuries.

  16. PFO

    Jesus, Mary & Joseph – ELAINE!

    I have lived to ‘read’ the day that you and Dr. E. Michael Jones agree 101% albeit from different perspectives:


    My experience with the ‘Roman Catholic Church’ vis-a-vis the “Satanic-Pedophile-Capitalist-Uncatholic Gulag is centered on an obscure group founded by a true Saint named Ignatius.

    These modern ‘irreligious’ malevolent-manipulative-murderers and their ‘vomiting vultures’ in the palaces of power are the core of our present woes. They must repent, convert, do penance and live the rest of their lives in prayer and obscurity or be exterminated from the face of this earth!


  17. HAHAHA. Yup.

    Christians would be the first people to attack and crucify Jesus if he ever showed up again.

  18. floridasandy

    The pope is trying to sense which way the wind is blowing, and being very self serving, just as the Catholic church was during the rise of the Nazis.

    Following the Reichskonkordat.

    I don’t find God or religion disappointing, but some of the “representatives” sure are.

  19. The problem with all religions is, they pretend humans can be or control ‘gods’. All the ‘gods’ are like lightning bolts: they happen. They are Time, Nature, History, Black Holes, stars, planets and single celled creatures.

    Pasting a label on something and calling it a ‘god’ is a human trick so we can think we can control them. It is very touching, seeing all the variety of attempts at doing this throughout the last 10,000+ years.

  20. Nani

    “It’s more sinister than that, Nani. It’s white people the marxist pope hates.”

    Yes, that would make sence. The catholic church has always been a fierce and vocal opponent of birth controls in the third world. Do we see a connection here? The excess population from the third world are now migrating to the West.

  21. Jim R

  22. Lou

    The Pope calls opposing globalism [anger to] a sin….thats what my link is.

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