Media Continues To Lie About Hamburg Riots, GOP Senators Continue To Attack Trump

The secret assassination attempt against Alex Jones continues as CNN tries harder and harder to make him laugh to death.  This doesn’t work on me, I would have died years ago from that, I’m immune as are my readers here, I am presuming, I certainly would hate to lose you all to ‘death by a thousand laughs’.  CNN Caught In Massive New Lie! Claims Violent Rioting At G20 Was Peaceful – YouTube.  

Water cannon & burned out cars: Violent riots continue in Hamburg after G20 summit — RT News: Russian news is real news most of the time in stark contrast with EU/US news which is mostly fake news.  Hamburg has been ravaged by howling  armies of lunatic youth who believe in a New World Order in which they have no responsibilities and can mooch off of the State for their entire lives.


The ‘art’ and ‘culture’ of young people continues its relentless deterioration over time.  For example, nearly all pop music is in just two keys, they are nearly all the same and even the words have grown fewer during the years with cussing replacing much of the vocabulary of pop songs from 50 years ago.


Mindless screaming and making loud threats is the main music.  This deranged culture is driving our children insane.  Instead of building things, they are destroying entire cities and are proud of it, too.  Our universities turn young people into toddlers.  Temper tantrums is their main tool now.

Germany: Calm after the storm – Hamburg’s streets cleared following 3 days of clashes – YouTube

G20 body language: Reading between the lines – YouTube

The people being interviewed here are all very London/snarky making fun of Trump as Europe’s leaders are the real comedy show, not him.  They really, really think they are very smart…and act as if there were no terror attacks in London as well as massive fires, etc. to be embarrassed about.


This is what happens to people living in a media bubble created by the Bilderberg gang.  Individuals suddenly see ‘reality’ when terrorists attack suddenly only to drift back into the dream world afterwards as their ‘leaders’ assure them that Muslims want to integrate, not rule them.


They think they are so very funny.  None of them are scared of WWIII even as Russia holds WWIII nuke strike drills.  London has none, of course.  They are so dimwitted, they don’t realize that terrorists are watching them, infiltrating London and hope to destroy it, too.


I watched NYC be systematically destroyed by liberals who unleashed mass mobs of screaming terrorists on us all.  Fighting them off was hard, forcing changes was Herculean and it is all sliding back into the abyss yet again with the mayor of NYC egging on the rioters in Hamburg to do more riots.


The Republican Party is infiltrated with many Bilderberg/secret society members like the Bush clan and Cheney clan and many others.  Here is one of them openly attacking Trump for trying to fix our elections which, according to MSNBC and CNN and Congress, is CORRUPT AND EASILY HACKED!

“I’m DUMBFOUNDED” Sen. Lindsey Graham ANGRY Reaction To Trump’s Putin TWEET – YouTube


He is laughing at Trump for even talking about changing even one ratty thing!  All of them are doing this.  They hated the ‘Uniform Voting Act’ way back in December, 2000.  Not one useful reform of voting systems was attempted in all these years and I was told that we would never have a close election again (because the gang running our nation won’t let it happen) and then out of the blue, not one but two outsiders entered and one of them won.


Europe’s Liberal Elite Outraged After Renzi Says Italy Has “No Moral Duty To Take In Migrants”:Yes, the EU continues to collapse internally as well as being devastated by riots and mass murders and various catastrophes caused by bad leadership and methods.

The invasion of Europe is slowing down thanks to citizens resisting their own leaders but these leaders continue onwards as they win elections via promising everyone endless goodies and no sacrifices.  The voters want this easy answer to how to live.


Indeed, after the prime minister wrote that the invasion has to end, his party overlords (Bilderberg rich dudes) forced him to retract this.  So Italy continues to die.


This invasion is very popular for leftists, that is, being dependent on the State and living like college students with no responsibilities for anything except one thing: crying about the planet earth being uninhabitable.  One would think, they would all work hard at making this a better place, not trashing it. But no, they are children who are ill behaved and throwing temper tantrums, not careful wardens of this planet.


All of these clowns whine about ‘global warming’ while traveling all over the earth, mostly by jet, they want to ‘live in nature’ and thus, destroy it instead of leaving it alone.  They want to be in paradise while acting like demons from hell.  When they have open air parties, they kill the plants, destroy the homes of countless animals and insects, they leave mountains of trash behind.  Their howling ‘music’ torments all other living things who think some sort of invasion of demons from hell have come to torment them all.


These insane hellions are destructive.  They remind me of toddlers who cover themselves with pain or other junk and then run around, naked, while shrieking.
Toddlers Cover Themselves In Butter To Make Pancakes – YouTube


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13 responses to “Media Continues To Lie About Hamburg Riots, GOP Senators Continue To Attack Trump

  1. Melponeme_k

    “For example, nearly all pop music is in just two keys, they are nearly all the same and even the words have grown fewer during the years with cussing replacing much of the vocabulary of pop songs from 50 years ago.”

    This is yet another tactic by the Frankfurt School that destroyed Art. This music was designed to infuriate the listener. The frequency interferes with brain waves. When you listen to this junk on a daily basis it will degrade the brain.

    You know what other music sounds like that? The music from Mexico, the pop music. The folk music is still melodic and has a lot of theme content via lyrics. The popular music however seems set to Looney Tunes speed with the singer screeching not more than 5 words at most, maybe creating a sentence. We used to laugh about it here in the US. But now when I hear the radio here, the popular stations, I hear that same Looney Tunes beat with the “singer” just shouting a few words here and there.

    Is it any wonder our culture is devolving?

  2. Jim R

    Lindsey is dumbfounded … well that’s a pretty low bar. I imagine he can be dumbfounded watching cat videos.

  3. Melponeme_k

    A little something to dumbfound Lindsey

  4. Petruchio

    “The Republican Party is infiltrated with many Bilderberg/secret society members…” Both Parties are. And let’s not forget the US Supreme Court while we are at it. That’s the Court that told us that Corporations are people and so they can donate unlimited funds into Political Campaigns. And then there is The Justice Department and the FBI. The only question I have is, “How much service to the Bilderberger agenda do you have to perform BEFORE they make you a full fledged member?”

  5. It is like an onion. Anyone can join so long as you never talk about the fight club 🙂

    You do have to be aware enough to not piss off any of the fight club members which leads to suicide or bankruptcy.

    The power I have is, like a number of people, I can see them, they can see me but they can’t stop me because I have no ‘hook’ they can grab. Grabbing at me leads to nasty stuff happening because I fight back.

    They love toying with people who are naive, though. Pesky reporters end up dead.

    Nasty people, all around, willing to destroy entire countries to ‘teach a lesson.’ This includes the US voting public who have revolted recently.

  6. floridasandy

    That Lindsey video is blocked by NBC Universal now.

    There finally might be some traction on the DNC hacking story, I always wondered why they were so quick to point the finger elsewhere, and so disinterested in seeing if it was an inside job.

    and it looks like it was.

  7. So, they blocked the stupid video!!! HAHAHAHA. NBC is now not just fake news but VERY fake news…snark.

  8. Duski

    Music has gone downhill for a while now, for me at least. Loudness wars etc have been destroying dynamics in most of music now and it’s only natural everything gets more simple with less dynamics … since you simply can’t have much elements with limited dynamics. Final blow seems to be to simplify melodies etc.

    Of course there are some exceptions but not much of them will ever be heard in mainstream, like this one:

  9. Lou

    what is or was the talk—FloridasAndy?

  10. Moe

    Completely Off Topic: My wife and I used to joke about her and her sisters’ attitudes. She was The Bitch, one sister we labeled Super Bitch, another Mega Bitch and the worst Ultra Bitch.

    Below find a YouTube video of the Ultra Snowflake.

  11. Moe

    You just knew the above video had to be a parody: there’s more at:

  12. Yes, it is a parody. And quite funny, too. 🙂

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