Mainstream Fake Media Attacks Trump Jr. And English Language Simultaneously


All these pictures are from the Daily Mail in England and it shows clearly how the mass media giants, after the catastrophe in Hamburg, Germany, are doubling down on the new fake news stories about Trump JUNIOR talking to anyone in Russia.  Hammering away on this silliness is even louder than the previous attempts that totally deflated when Project Veritas did those videos revealing that no reporters really believe all the clap trap.  This will never, ever end except in WWIII.  No one is going to be able to negotiate anything with anyone if the Bilderberg gang forbids this.


I believe this is yet another hysteria leading nowhere.  Right now, all the mainstream TV comedians are crowing about how Trump’s family is again, being charged (with zero evidence) of being ‘Russian sympathizers’ as if this new McCarthyism is something to be proud of, not condemned as pure evil.


I hated the McCarthy era.  My father was filled with fear during that time and was nearly caught in the gears of that mess.  It amazes me to watch ‘liberals’ doing this yet again, gleefully and willfully and with zero proof of any of their ‘allegations’.


This battle needs fake news to run forwards.  So we will be drenched with fake news nonstop until the gang wins full control which is why they are exploring ways of censoring the internet and punish alternative news providers like myself.  Breitbart and Infowars are on the front lines, today, the Real Rulers let everyone know, they intend to cut off the internet feeds of these news services, for example.


How to do this legally is the crux of the problem.  That is, it is unconstitutional.  This won’t stop them, they will use various tricks.  Already, in many public places providing free service to visitors, censors and blocks alternative news online.  I have tested this in various public buildings in NY state and yes, they are actively doing this.  So far, my site isn’t being blocked.


But major providers of information and news are now being blocked as of this last three months.  This is infuriating.  The entire DNC leadership needs illegal aliens to survive.  The GOP needs fake fights with the DNC to survive, meanwhile, they secretly meet to coordinate attacks on citizens.


Europe is being systematically destroyed by our leaders and they have eyes on the prize: destroying US democracy and turn it into Ancient Rome which is why I talk about Rome a great deal here.  It isn’t due to laziness or lack of ideas, it was alarm at seeing the exact same stupid policies of Rome from 150 AD to its collapse in 450 AD.

Europe is finished. Nothing can save it now. – YouTube

This video shows the utopia of neutral sex children being taught in Europe to be confused.  And the majority of upcoming children are Muslims who believe the exact opposite.  Associated Press Lists Words “Terrorist” & “Islamist” as Politically Incorrect as our news media continues to actively debase the language and already, many news services will only describe the clothing of criminals that we supposedly want to track down and arrest, but no description of what they look like aside from clothing.


Already, the mainstream news is less than worthless.  They actively lie and deceive us, too.  The censoring of words is nothing new at all.  Note the disappearance of the words ‘illegal aliens’.  I use this all the time, stubbornly and deliberately.


All sorts of euphemisms are used to disguise the illegal nature of entering countries illegally.  Race names shift all the time like the Sahara dunes.  All changes have one goal: to deceive and mislead.  Our controllers get very angry if we insist on using correct language.  This is why the Spanish word for ‘black’…’Negro’…is forbidden and now, even the word ‘black’ which is the English translation of that word is forbidden!  Now, the clumsy ‘people of color’ which is nearly everyone except albinos, is used and it is rendered meaningless since it refers to everyone!


In an article for the Hill, Alexander explains how when journalists submit an article to a mainstream media outlet, editors will simply change the offending words and replaces them with politically correct alternatives.


“A pro-life author who submits a piece taking a position against abortion will see the words “pro-life” changed to “anti-abortion,” because the AP Stylebook instructs, “Use anti-abortion instead of pro-life and pro-abortion rights instead of pro-abortion or pro-choice,” she writes.


Well, Black Lives Matter was allowed to use ‘black’ but Pro-life groups can’t use their own name, they have to be branded by the media and in this case it is the opposite: the media intends to cause harm and anger and even hurt by using the more direct term.  Whereas, with any ‘liberal’ group on the left, they resort to hiding the true name.


This is called ‘media bias’ and mainstream media is hideously distorted by biases and it warps the very terms of language we must use to talk about issues.


The guide also forbids referring to those who question man-made climate change as “skeptics” or “deniers,” believing this gives them too much credibility and to instead refer to them as “those who reject mainstream climate science”.


All of these examples not only suggest an Orwellian urge to control language and obfuscate objective meaning, but also to inject a brazen leftist bias into every issue.


HAHAHA.  So, we are no longer ‘deniers’ we are now…insert very long sentence here which few people will read or say out loud.  We should have this wonderful meme: ‘Those who reject MAINSTREAM news’.  That simplifies everything.


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24 responses to “Mainstream Fake Media Attacks Trump Jr. And English Language Simultaneously

  1. Jim R

    Not mainstream news any more, b/c no one reads it.

    Change it to read “Regime news”.

  2. Ken

    Under Mao in China various illogical but politicallly correct positions were taken during periods such as the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward. Everyone had to exhibit the proper mindset or suffer severe consequences. The fact that the positions promoted by the government went contrary to logic and human nature was irrelevant.

    It resulted in a “lost generation” of Chinese. However, society recovered once the leaders returned to their senses. Human nature is a stubborn thing. If European culture is left alone, it will overcome the current political correctness and revert to human nature eventually, although there might be a “lost generation.”

    The problem is that all of this is occuring during a time when Europe and its culture are under attack. Europe may not have the luxury of time to recover from this crazy phase it is going through.

  3. Claudeeyah


    The problem is that all of this is ocurring during a time when Europe and its culture are under attack. Europe may not have the luxury of time to recover from this crazy phase it is going through.

    Europe does not have the luxury of time. It’s already doomed. The darker races and yes, the negro, are out breeding the white Europeans 10:1. Genetics are also at work. Blond hair and blue eyes are recessive genes. With more and more white women becoming mud sharks (procreating with negroes), the genetic trait of blond hair/ blue eyes/ fair skin will be lost within two generations.

    It’s what your “leaders” have in mind for you. It’s been going on for over 50 years now. In olden times, they called it “genocide”. It’s now known as “multiculturalism. Fight back or accept your place at the back of the bus.

    As an aside, I met up with an early 20-something nephew a few months ago at a family funeral. He happens to be gay I referred to blacks as “negroes”. He was aghast and thought I was being very racist. I told him, “negro just means black”. He didn’t buy that for one second.

  4. Yes, isn’t it sad? I remember when ‘Negro’ was replaced with ‘black’. I was at ground zero of that change (Berkeley and then NYC).

  5. Jim R

    It is the word for ‘black’ in Portugese.

    The sailors and trading companies of Portugal were among the first and most active in the slave trade, back in the day. Their empire is gone now, and it’s just a little country in Europe.

    With some nice sea coast on the Atlantic.

  6. Dennis Roe

    While we spill warrior blood and spend taxpayer dollars 5 thousand miles away, we’re being invaded and overrun here at home. Rotting from the inside from corruption and decadence. Meet the new Rome, same as the old Rome.

  7. Ken

    At various times throughout history blacks have been referred to as black, colored, negro, people-of-color, African-American or just plain African. In every instance the terms were meant as a positive discription. It was meant to indicate that the person was “one of the good ones.” Years ago “black” was considered to be an insulting term.

    Unfortunately, over time each discription became associated with negative sterotypes, and polite people had to adopt some new word. The same thing is happening now. The politically correct term-de-jour is whatever carries the least negative sterotypes.

    In time, I am sure that African-American and black will become politically incorrect. No other race seems to have this problem.

  8. Claudeeyah

    In time, I am sure that African-American and black will become politically incorrect. No other race seems to have this problem.

    No other race has the low IQ, low tolerance for stress, high testosterone level (for violence), and least amount of ability to conform to yt Western civilization, than blacks (negroes). Those are the cold, hard, brutal, inescapable facts. We keep denying it, to our own (and to the negroes’) detriment.

    Btw, I’m Irish…..genetically, we are among the dumbest IQ members of all Europe. My own experience in school taught me this (and I hold a Masters degree.) 🙂 I was always the dumbest in my class. 😦


    ELAINE: Never underestimate street smarts as ‘smart’. I have a great deal of respect for ‘street smarts’.

  9. Petruchio

    I watched “OJ: Made in America Pt3” last night. Very revealing into the black mindset. The program featured black person after black person giving their opinion on OJ Simpson’s guilt or innocence. A typical response from the Blacks to the question, “Do you think OJ is guilty?(of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman)”: “He’s not guilty. Because I know he is.” Real logical, fact-based answer. Letting OJ Simpson go free of a brutal double murder is REALLY sticking it to Whitey–and the cops. American blacks are hopeless. And I will also say this: why on Earth would ANY white female date a black man??

  10. Lou

    9–My dad was Irish [both parents born there] and he had genius? IQ–
    mine was tested at 125, as a child. some say the smart ones fled Ireland or died in world wars.

  11. Lou

    And I will also say this: why on Earth would ANY white female date a black man??
    Many reasons–brainwashed by jews.
    self hatred.

    there are other reasons.

  12. Lou

    Meanwhile, not that far from upstate NY—–Anonymous said…

    In the glorious people’s republik of New Hampshire, African immigrant released from domestic violence charges filed by a pregnant woman due to “cultural incompetency”:

    tip of the hat to Boon Mattery–

  13. floridasandy

    Freeing an immigrant rapist here is no different than giving probation to a Muslim woman who threw her baby to its death. It is an odd form of racism-“they are too culturally ignorant to know what they are doing, so we will free them” These releases are committed by obnoxious judges who are arrogant and live in gated communities and don’t interact at all with the people they unleash.

    The media reps has always been lazy and Trump gets them ratings without having to actually go investigate a story. Look at the dull MSNBC rise in ratings once they went after Trump. The good news is that these fake journalists can’t shape the news anymore, although they can regularly spew their vitriol, and people have been known to like gossip.

    The Muslim (and other)immigrants sue everybody because it is part of their non-assimilation practice and it costs taxpayers a lot of money-taking away valuable local resources. The Muslims sued Charlie Hebdo and lost several times before killing them. Maybe the judges free illegal immigrants all the time for job security. Why is it that liberals worry all the time about micro aggression and always miss the big picture??? I think that is something Bill Gates finally gets-since he is a capitalist and wants to sell things. He understands that this immigrant destruction of countries is NOT good for business as usual. It might be a lesson learned late.

    I love Trump’s plan to keep deporting illegals, because then they become some other country’s problem. That works for us.

  14. floridasandy

    in another example of MSNBC and/or /”feminist” stupidity, joan walsh said that Ivanka lost her credibility by wearing a girly dress.

    wow, just wow.

    salon must be so proud now.

  15. floridasandy

    If that jackass Tim Kaine thinks Trump should be tried for treason for meeting with the Russian lawyer, should Loretta Lynch also be tried for getting a special visa to get her into the country after it was first denied????

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Loretta Lynch story at zero hedge. Also, Lindsey Graham is a sneaky weasel and he will be outed.

  16. floridasandy

    something you don’t see in our media, because they are also weasels:

    UK acid attacks? Rebel Media’s Coalan Robertson reports on a shocking story that reveals how the UK’s culture has changed. Acid Attacks, a barbaric assault once thought of as something that happens in Muslim areas in the Middle East and South Asia are now occurring at a rate of two a day…in Britain, in London, in 2017:

    we know why.

  17. Correct. We patrol the planet while our leaders don’t patrol our borders and worse, our cities!

  18. floridasandy

    one more:
    The rabbit hole goes deeper, Fusion GPS, the company responsible for the fake Steele dossier, worked for Prevezon Holdings, a Russian owned company which employs Veselnitskaya, the lawyer who met with Trump Jr.

    gotcha, Russian bitch.

  19. Yes, and she got in via a special pass from someone inside the government under Obama and this reeks of CIA dark arts double dealing.

  20. Petruchio

    @#12 Lou: You pretty much nailed it Lou. How obvious does it have to get that black males are BAD NEWS. How many Black males have to have 5-10 kids from 7 different women before women wake up?? I’m surprised these women aren’t smashing themselves in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when they stop.

  21. floridasandy

    that was some slide at the beginning of the video.

    This brainwashing to tell people they are gender neutral is nuts. They are trying to drop the civilized birth rate down even furher I guess. Those parents in the story are twisted!

  22. Lou

    In order to increase its market reach across the lush and prosperous plains and jungles of West and Central Africa, the British Broadcasting Company has launched a website in Pidgin English.

    Pidgin English is said to be spoken by 75 million people in Nigeria alone. According to the unpronounceable Bilkisu Labaran, editorial director of the new site, Pidgin English is “an informal lingua franca. It is a language that really unites people and cuts across all sorts of barriers—ethnic, regional and socio-economic.”

    The new site’s headlines feature Pidgin droppings such as “Indian woman divorce husband because dem get no toilet,” “Why dem dey call Hurricane human being name,” “How Tanzania dey kill mosquito,” and our personal favorite, “Why China dey chop African Donkey.”

    Please share this article by using the link below. When you cut and paste an article, Taki’s Magazine misses out on traffic, and our writers don’t get paid for their work. Email to buy additional rights.

  23. I note here how you repeat news I publish here. I suppose this has a purpose of reminding readers that I have written about this earlier.

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