Roger Stone And Trump Are Being Sued By Obama (More Russia Is Evil Junk)

(18) FEC Inquisition: Who Is Ellen Weintraub Working For – YouTube

(18) Exclusive: Roger Stone Responds To Obama’s Lawsuit Against Him And President Trump – YouTube


The McCarthy Witch Hunt II continues as Obama is suing Infowars and Trump over everything and I hope this goes to trail because now Trump and Stone and Infowars can dig out all the filth in the DNC Stygian Dark and haul it into the light of day but of course, mainstream news will lie about everything.  This is an open battle now with the Constitution as the main thing we have to protect here. Just like in the McCarthy era, everyone in this massive conspiracy which I use the name ‘Bilderberg’ to tag them but they belong in many interlocking conspiracy groups to rule the world for their own looting…they are now fighting back, totally and this is war.  And we can’t lose this war!  Our lives literally depend on us stopping these elites from destroying our society, our country, our own lives are at stake here!


The attacks on Trump are coming fast and furious now.  And the latest dud is ‘his son met with a Russian female!’  Oh no!  Obama and his gang (actually, Obama is a puppet and note how he is now flitting around the planet being petted) are now openly fighting, this lawsuit is yet another attempt.


Stone looks very pissed off that he is being sued.  He should be laughing.  I am right now suing a corporation that nearly destroyed my car when they tried to fix the air conditioning systems.  I have a 100% chance of winning thanks to witnesses.


Trump has to wake up to the fact he is living in this fish bowl.  The spy agencies are spying on him nonstop, everyone he meets in DC is often laced with spy devices, some wittingly others unwittingly.  Yes, spy devices can be slipped into a coat or something that a victim doesn’t know about, this is child’s play for the CIA.


I used to spy on the CIA and the CIA spied on me.  I was very young but being born inside and not outside, I had basic skills in this game which, being a child, I thought was funny even when I was in mortal danger in Europe or assassins shooting at me in the US.  It was all funny until I finally figured, I better have better allies which is why I befriended the 78th Precinct cops when I lived in NYC.  They protected me!


Alex Jones doesn’t fear assassination all that much but the slime they throw at him right now is a WARNING. He and Stone can be easily killed.  And so far, what has saved both is, the mainstream media mocks them and tells lies, etc.  But that is now officially failing, their numbers of people following Trump and Stone and Infowars is growing, not shrinking.


So they are put on the ‘kill list’.  I said before the election, Trump would be assassinated.  But then, they thought better of this and did the ‘character/fake assassinations’.  These are now failing, big time.  So they have to return to the core issue: how to kill Trump.


I propose here that the reason the media stays silent about Trump’s wife, never praising her while drooling over the Mrs. Obama’s supposed ‘beauty’ is in preparation for killing Trump’s wife along with him, and now that they are attacking his children and grandchildren makes me suspect the entire family will be killed.


What amazes me is, the things they accuse Trump and Stone and others of doing, is what the DNC does nonstop and Hillary did 100X over during the election and no news about that!  They are hiding this reality because they must bury the true corruption.  Neither Sanders nor Trump got a penny from overseas or Wall Street or other operations interested in a corrupt government.


This is the top issue today: how the DNC and RNC go nakedly overseas for money to run for office.  And the other issue is foreign billionaires owning US media systems like the NY Times which is owned, outright, by a very rich Mexican monopolist!


Stone is being attacked today because he is supposed to be going before Congress which is investigating Trump’s family for existing.  They will attack him when he appears in Congress to talk about the Obama lawsuit which is illegal, of course, not that it stops our crooks running the US off the fiscal cliff.


Ads heading for Facebook Messenger home screens globally | Daily Mail Online  HAHAHA.  It’s a trap!  Ads will be plastered all over the place. I have no ads because readers donate generously here and I am always amazed and happy when people do this for me.  Thanks, again and again!  Love you all.


The attacks on Europe and the US continues unabated.  These liberals are suicidal, I wish they would just do it now and stop pestering us.


BART won’t release crime video to ‘avoid race stereotypes’ | Daily Mail Online reports in London where the same thing is going on, that is, lying about crime.  You can’t pay me enough to go to California and my family came there in 1848.  Good lord, they are insane there.


Shia Labeouf apologizes for racially abusing cops | Daily Mail Online:  another Hollywood star going nuts and committing crimes.  4Chan had fun tormenting him, the kids online have hunted him down to mock him and he is very violent and his wife left him, his Disney career is now pure poison and unfortunately, his movies still exist.  Too bad, that.  He is the DNC on steroids and is making the same mistakes: obscene, vicious, violent and ugly.  To hell with him and them.


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20 responses to “Roger Stone And Trump Are Being Sued By Obama (More Russia Is Evil Junk)

  1. Tim Erickson

    It is like them wanting WWIII, if they knock of Trump and others won’t that just make getting what they want even harder in the end?

    In my mind if Rome can fall so can the Bilderbergs.

  2. Melponeme_k

    I’ve just been wondering why they leave AJ, Breitbart and the others alone. But yes, I fear that may soon change.

    I think the only thing holding them back is the very fact that most Americans are watching/reading them.

    Pulling off an “accident” would have to be air tight. Otherwise they would set off a powder keg. And we have already seen, their little babies hiding behind black scarves can not stand against real patriots. None of these yellow bellies (of any race) have never seen Americans angry and on the move. They better hope they never do.

  3. Claudeeyah

    Regarding Melania Trump, I also find it really amusing that we have a beautiful, stylish First Lady who is completely ignored by the media. You would think that fashion designers and clothing manufacturers would be hyping what she wears and creating inexpensive knockoffs. Clearly a fortune could be made as there are plenty of professional women in their late forties to late fifties who would love to look glamorous and fashionable. But, no. One of the most stunning First Ladies in the past sixty years and it is almost like she does not exist.

    A large portion of your readers may remember Jackie Kennedy, who threw the fashion world on its ear when she adopted the “pill box hat”. Suddenly every woman in America had to have one, set atop her bouffant hairdo. Like her look or not, Jackie Kennedy’s every move was copiously studied, reported on, and copied. Christian Dior and Oleg Cassini had more work than they could handle in the early ’60’s. Seems that politics “trumps” making money these days. (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  4. Petruchio

    “Alex Jones doesn’t fear assassination all that much but the slime they throw at him right now is a WARNING. He and Stone can be easily killed.’ Two things that can help neuter the ‘Bilderbergs’ to great extent. One, these guys rely heavily on feeding at the Public, taxpayer funded trough. Solution? Cut them off!! Second, there is just NO way around it as I see it: these Elites are going to have to start getting shot at. In other words they have to be reminded that they are not immune; they can die too. The elites’ biggest weakness is being exposed to the light of day. Anonymity is what the elites need. Take it away from them. These guys are psychopaths; haven’t they murdered enough people. And: you can start throwing the Elites in prison. That will help too.

  5. Lou

    Mc Carthy?
    Who is Philip Klutznik?
    One, he was a mob affiliate his whole life, two, he was an agitator that sparked untrest between Blacks and WHites as early as the 1930s when Jewish Communists became involved in ‘Civil Rights’.
    Three, he was a appointee to the United Nations at the same time as Adlai Stevenson and both were good friends.

    Four, Philip Klutznik is the father of Betty Lou Saltzman the power and money behind Obama man David Axelrod.

    Betty Lou is mentioned in Podesta’s email at Wikileaks she found Podesta handkerchief leftover after one of those weirdo parties, and she was trying to give it back to him.
    the Communist Mobsters out of Chicago like the Crown family were also involved with the Warren Commission for WC lawyer ALbert Jenner was married into the Crown family at the time!

    How convenient, like the FBI ddnt know that? SO see, the FBI and this Communist Deep STATE, has been working against SOvereign USA LAW for a long time now.

    All USA INTEL should be gutted and reduced to nothing until there is a massive audit on behalf of the AMerican People who gave their lives for this land. Im explaining to you a NETWORK of COMMUNISTS that have grown within the USA over time and are very close to acheiving their goal. President Trump is the only man in their way with any power to stop them. He also knows who they are. Its going to take time to root them all out for they have had 100 years in our country to establish their rat lines.
    FDR’s League of Nations, which became the UN is just one of their goals to have the USA capitulate to UN Law, and not a Representative Government.

  6. Lou

    The last image of this is of a Black, happy, man w one child BUT the truth
    is that afro-blacks are breeding like rats.

  7. Lou

    Regarding Melania Trump, I also find it really amusing that we have a beautiful, stylish First Lady who is completely ignored by the media.–No, she is not ignored but insulted. she IS in the news.

  8. This is the crazy house of mirrors our media lives in right now. Up is down, in is out and this is all about Widdershins magic.

  9. Jim

    jimstone .is

    Anything to stall the truth about autism just one day longer:

    So a team of Koreans have said it is environmental mercury, all the while they ignore vaccines. FACT: Mercury DOES NOT cause autism. The use of fetal tissue cells for viral cultures in vaccines, and GMO yeast with human genes in vaccines, and intentionally destructive adjuvants are what causes autism.

    This is super easy to prove: Autism took off in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Before that time, autism rates were 1:20, 000. In the late 80’s and early 90’s it suddenly jumped by 100X to 1:200. And it has only gotten worse since then. Since thimerosal was a vaccine ingredient for decades prior to the explosion in autism rates, it cannot be what triggered the sudden increase. It was probably not a good thing to put in vaccines, but it is also impossible for it to be what is causing autism when it’s use remained constant while autism rates exploded.

    I am getting sick and tired of all the elitist trolls spawning fake story after fake story to divert people away from the truth about what is causing autism. They have gone bonkers lately, so let me line item a couple things:

    1. If parents are noticing their kids going permanently bonky after vaccines, IT IS NOT GLYPHOSATE DOING IT.

    2. If vaccines have had thimerosal for decades before autism became an issue, IT IS NOT THIMEROSAL DOING IT.

    3. If people in the past filled their mouths up with mercury fillings and virtually no one had autism, IT IS NOT ENVIRONMENTAL MERCURY DOING IT.

    4. If the human genome self corrects when races get mixed (it does, that is a fact) IT IS NOT GENETIC DEGRADATION DOING IT because race mixing has become common, while autism exploded.

    5. If the ONE THING that changed, that is universal to practically everyone is the sudden production of vaccines grown in tissues derived from aborted babies, and that coincides with an explosion in autism rates, THAT IS PROBABLY IT. Anyone with a lick of sense in medicine knows that you can’t inject human tissue into someone while that tissue is in the presense of a pathogen, because the immune system will often be tricked into thinking that human tissue itself is the enemy, and it will then attack the body. This is why there has been such a sudden explosion in auto immune disorders, with autism being at the forefront.

    Autism is an auto immune disorder that has been triggered against the brain. It can also be caused by triggering auto immune disorders against the oils and proteins the brain needs to function, so it becomes starved. This would fully explain why coconut oil can alleviate symptoms of autism, and would fully explain why the elite have once again turned against coconut oil – autism is a weapon, and they don’t want people donning bullet proof vests. They’ll have to produce an entirely new line of vaccines designed to wipe out coconut oil if it is indeed a substitute for other oils the brain needs to function, that the current vaccines are designed to wipe out.

    Anyway, I was not prepared to go into detail on the topic right now, but those are the basics that everyone should know. Indeed, the elite are doing everything they can to point the finger away from how their vaccines are really accomplishing the job of destroying the children. All they need to do is buy a little more time afforded by deception induced ignorance in the masses – keep people digging the wrong corner of the yard a day longer, – and they will win because they have done so much damage already it won’t take much more to cause an unrecoverable situation.

    Autism is in fact caused by 1. Human tissue in the vaccines, and 2. intentionally sabotaged vaccine adjuvants. No one with three functioning brain cells can possibly deny it is the vaccines doing it, so the real place to look is what is it with the vaccines that changed? That is the ONLY place anyone is going to find an answer.

  10. No vaccines=millions and millions and millions of deaths, disfigurement, paralysis and other horrors.

    I grew up at the dawn of vaccinations and know the horrors of that life back then. I was in the very first group of University of Chicago children to get the vaccination against polio.

    Lunatics who fear vaccinations do so because they have no idea of what it was like to have a millions people a year die of terrible diseases and how scary it was. I remember when families were locked in their homes to prevent something from spreading, I would visit friends via a window and yell stuff while they yelled back. Some of my playmates didn’t come back to school ever again. Some died outright. This tore at my very core. I still remember them.

  11. floridasandy

    I am sick of your Trump getting killed BS.

    You obviously think that you can’t lose– nobody will call you out if he doesn’t, and you can say I told you so if he does. It is irresponsible really. You never know what nuts read, and what they might perceive as a “sign”. Please stop and stick to issues.

    I did read that everything Melania wears sells out almost instantly, from her inauguration outfit on. The media won’t be reporting that, but it is true. I hope that Joan Walsh broad doesn’t say her outfits are “too girly” to be First Lady, haha.

    4chan seems to have a lot of clever people on it, and tolerance for various opinions. I saw a good burn on there directed at someone bitching about the US. Keep it up!

  12. Christian W

    Dear Sandy,

    I don’t have a problem with your opinion about the US. What I do have a problem with is when you, or others, don’t take cause and effect into account or accept facts that challenge your opinion. That makes it impossible to have a discussion to solve problems and adjust our opinions based on reality as it is.

  13. Christian W

    European freedom is under sustained US attack on multiple fronts, this is but one:

    Lobbying by American Corporate Interests

    American corporations, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter, use the Privacy Shield framework as the legal basis to transfer personal data from the European Union to the United States. Civil society groups [1, 2, 3, 4] have criticized the Privacy Shield’s many flaws and lack of basic protection for personal data. Even the EU’s own parliament has been critical of the agreement. The Article 29 Working Party, the group of EU data protection authorities, has also expressed serious concern and doubt about Privacy Shield. Perhaps the most glaring inadequacy of the Privacy Shield agreement is that it allows for NSA mass surveillance, in violation of EU law.

    I don’t care if your spy agencies spy on Americans but fuck off infringing on my freedoms.

  14. Yes, on the heels of top GOP Congressmen being shot and one of them still is in the hospital in bad shape, we should ignore the dangers to Trump as the media giants and DNC and half of the GOP pump hysterical attacks on Trump and his entire family all the way down to the children.

    I am a realist. The dangers are very, very high now. Extremely high. This reminds me more and more of the 1960s. More than one person was shot and killed, two Kennedys, for example.

  15. Lou

    Simon Brown‎
    Modern Day Macrobiotics
    Here is a comment I made in the Guardian that attracted a lot of aggressive responses –

    History indicates that when it comes to vaccines, we simply do not know. As science evolves and new research techniques develop it is possible that vaccines could be linked to the rise in auto-immune disease and allergies…

    It is important to appreciate that in many people’s minds science has been discredited many times in the past. In my lifetime we have had scientific assurances made about safe levels of nuclear radiation that were false, claims that meat, dairy and sugar made no difference to health, thalidomide babies, anti-biotics damaging the gut and leading to resistant bacterias, medication not being effective, addictive and having harmful long term side effects… scientists even testified that smoking had no effect on lung cancer in the 50s. So I think there is a lot of scepticism out there.

    The pharmaceutical industry does not have particularly clean hands and there is still a long way to go before some people will trust profit making companies with their babies life. Rather than be abusive and bully people who do not trust vaccines, why not create a more trustworthy environment first? Clearly there is a profit motive in finding new vaccines to sell to the public and whilst some seem sensible do the French really need to be forced into having 18?

  16. Lou

    11– Another guy high up on the power chain, suicided? After testifying.

  17. Lou

    Smith also apologized to the authorities for his death and attributed his final decision to a “recent bad turn in health,” according to the records cited by the Tribune, which reported that he also said his $5 million life insurance policy was close to expiring.

    The Mayo Clinic located near the hotel in Rochester, Minnesota, declined to confirm whether Smith was a patient, the Tribune said. Smith’s former associates reportedly said he was suffering from health issues and frequently complained of heart problems.

    Smith gave his interview to The Journal 10 days before his death. He said he had assembled a group seeking to obtain emails Clinton deleted from the private server she used during her tenure as secretary of state. Smith implied that, when reaching out to several hacking groups, he was working with Flynn. Details on whether Flynn was involved in Smith’s mission are not known. Smith told The Journal he knew Flynn but did not say whether Flynn was involved.

    Smith’s account is consistent with the findings from US investigators examining Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US presidential election, according to sources cited by The Journal. Reports compiled by intelligence agencies say Russian hackers discussed ways to acquire emails from Clinton’s server and give them to Flynn through an intermediary.

    Clinton’s emails were a major talking point for Trump and his surrogates during the 2016 presidential campaign, one that only escalated after the FBI recommended that prosecutors not bring charges against Clinton.

  18. Everything in the vicinity of Deep State/CIA illegal junk trails with suicides, murders, ‘accidents’ and fires, car crashes. If you want to live a long life, avoiding this sort of business is recommended.

  19. floridasandy

    smith wasn’t the only person murdered by the Clintons this week. They are on a roll. Klaus Eberwein was AFRAID, was going to testiy, and his death was ruled a suicide.

    Where is a real investigative reporter when you need them???

  20. There are no ‘reporters’. There never was any ‘reporters’. All news from the last 60 years has been cooked by crooks.

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