Bush/Clinton Bilderberg Gang Up To Attack Trump For Being Outsider

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton hit out at Trump in Dallas—Bush and Clinton lecture Trump: Ex-presidents hit out at Donald with veiled jabs about ‘humility’ and ‘arrogance’ before gushing about their friendship that’s like having a ‘brother with a different mother’ | Daily Mail Online reports.  


HAHAHA. These two arrogant bastards lecture Trump on ‘humility’?  Good lord.  And yes, they have different mothers and one father: Satan.  They sold their souls to the devil to gain power.  This is no joke.  The Bilderberg gang very much love satanic rituals and do these all over the planet and in private as well as openly in public.  At least they no longer bother to hide the truth about our fictitious election system which has been rigged for many years now by this gang.


Although neither mentioned Trump directly, many in the crowd of about 300 people at the George W. Bush Presidential Library took to be references to the current president.


Thank you, Mr. Bush, former head of the GOP for your work in destroying that party.  And look at how ‘liberal’ the Clintons are as they, too, systematically destroy the liberals.  Too freaked out to notice that they are being betrayed, liberals have gone way out of legal dissent trying desperately to put a best buddy of the Bushes into the White House.  How stupid is this?


Very stupid but thanks to the US media, most people are blissfully unaware of who the Clintons and Bushes really are because the media giants conspire with them to hide the truth.  Never, ever, ever does any mainstream media mention the Bilderberg gang or any other Trilateral Tricksters or Skull and Bones magicians, etc.


And the two also discussed their longstanding friendship. W Bush said of Clinton at one point ‘He’s my brother from another mother’ to laughter from the crowd.


HAHAHA.  I am happy they confirm they have the same father and his name is Satan.


The two did not mention Trump once during a nearly hour-long discussion where they traded quips and insights.


The audience, blissfully unaware of the real history of power in the US, thought this was all very funny.  Too ignorant to understand that these people were ALWAYS conspiring together very secretly, they think this happened suddenly when both were out of power and a new star was rising, a star that came out of nowhere, a non-Bilderberg gangster.


‘He (Clinton) was humble in victory, which is very important in dealing with other people,’ Bush said at the event to mark a graduation at the Presidential Leadership Scholars program, a partnership among the Bush, Clinton, Lyndon Johnson and George H.W. Bush presidential centers.


Excuse me as I throw up.  Barf.  HAHAHA.  Oh, the LBJ school of Presidential Leadership!  I remember fighting LBJ.  In Europe, no less.  I will note that no one mentions here the Nixon Presidency.  I fought Nixon ferociously.


Current President Trump has come under criticism from Democrats who have said he fires off excessive and unwarranted criticism against his predecessor, Democratic President Barack Obama and the person he beat in the election, Democrat Hillary Clinton.


HAHAHA…how dare he say squat diddly about a Bilderberg gangster!  He should shut up and not attack Obama and Hillary as both attack him nonstop since he won.  Note how these two creeps attack Trump yet again while claiming, they are doing this because he attacks them.


Well, you dudes threw the first punches!  Trump tried to reach out to you all after winning and you all in turn, attacked him relentlessly and Obama even announced he would dedicate himself to attacking Trump and set up his camp very near the White House to do this.  So why the belly aching about Trump slapping you creeps across the snout?  Begone, foul creatures from the Outerdarkness.


Readers of the Daily Mail story are pissed off:

The NYT doesn’t do the fawning thing, they just continue the endless attacks in moronic fashion, dropping without explanation previous charges of treason and evil and rolling on to the next false story, it never ends, the corruption of the NYT is now total.  Viva Zapata, dudes.  Go home to Mexico.

Putin is a conservative.  Hillary is the fake commie and Sanders is the real commie.  Yet we see the NYT and all the other mainstream media and both political parties howling about the evil Ruskie commies as if that exists. It is dead, Jim.


Trump triumphs in Paris as the new president there cozies up to Trump.  Normally, this would be front page news with pictures and lots of fawning by the media.  Instead, it is a tiny story at the bottom of attack stories.  Good lord, NYT, how far into the pit of hell you all have fallen!


And the press continues to attack Trump’s wife.  And praise Obama’s wife.  And go insane.  I think we should order glasses for all of them, they have fuzzy vision, double vision due to being drunks, too.  Oh, to hell with them all.  It is growing tiresome, looking at their front pages.  It is almost boring to mock them because it is like shooting down fake stories from Pravda 50 years ago but then, US news has been fake that long, too.


It is just now very boring fake news.  Gah.  HAHAHA.  Eat your porridge, little orphan, or else you will be whipped.


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7 responses to “Bush/Clinton Bilderberg Gang Up To Attack Trump For Being Outsider

  1. Lou

    Nixon warned that USA could not survive with immigration.

  2. Melponeme_k

    In that video, I see nothing but two old hag witches thinking they are still pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

  3. Yes, it is oddly amusing.

  4. Petruchio

    Wouldn’t ya just LOVE to slap that smirk right off of Georgie Boy Bush’s face? I see this ‘lecture’ happened in Dallas, the Town Where They Murder US Presidents. Fitting.

  5. Jim R

    Jimmy Carter was taken briefly to the hospital for dehydration, as he was working on a Habitat house yesterday (it’s hot in Georgia) …

    (I noticed that it was mentioned in the news, but it’s never more than a brief mention)

  6. Petruchio

    “The NYT doesn’t do the fawning thing, they just continue the endless attacks in moronic fashion, …” These guys in the Fake News Media have already passed a critical point in regards to their credibility. The Great Masses have no trust in rags like the NYT or WaPo. Only the Political Whore Class and the people who own them like sleazy agit-prop RAGS like the two just mentioned. Why do ‘fish wrap’ papers like the NYT and WaPo continue to lie? Because propaganda is what they do.

  7. They exist to push the people into illegal wars. Have been doing this all my life…I still remember the Vietnam War and growing up fighting against that illicit war.

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