Fox News and Infowars: Two Videos Analyzing Latest Fake Trump Scandal

(18) Total Proof Donald Trump Jr. Was Set Up By Democrats – YouTube


This video is a good summary of the reality about the latest ‘Trump family is evil’ scandal. The neglect of investigation of Hillary and Obama conspiring to commit grave crimes is just astonishing to me. Trump’s family is being persecuted now, everything so far is a ‘nothing burger’ yet mere days after the truth about the media faking news was broadcast, they are doing exactly the same things today, the same lies, the same hysteria.


The ‘Russian lawyer’ isn’t connected with the Russian government, she is connected to the DNC.  She was invited to sit in Congressional hearings right behind each DNC witness, for example.  Obama let her into the country illegally and when it was revealed she was here illegally, nothing happened for it appears she was brought over to frame Trump Jr.


She has no real business in Russia, no email site there, nothing.  Natalia Veselnitskaya is what we call ‘a trojan horse.’  Trump Jr. wanted stuff about Hillary and Hillary has lots and lots of ‘stuff’ in her dossier, and this woman contacted him to ‘leak’ such materials only he discovered that she was a nothing burger and dismissed her.


It is NOT ILLEGAL for opponents to do searches for dirt during elections.  They ALL do this!  Certainly, the DNC does this and they get to do this via the media giants who are all Bilderberg members who protect each other and attack all outsiders.


The fact that she didn’t give any information to Trump Jr., instead she was a typical DIRTY TRICK, herself!  She worked for Hillary and Obama and even hung out with McCain, too.  Loretta Lynch personally let her into the US with no passport checks or registration.


She is involved in ‘Pissgate’, the fake story about Trump hiring prostitutes to piss on an Obama bed in a hotel.  ‘Inside Edition’ ran that fake story cheerfully and then eliminated it when caught redhanded.  As her many connections to the DNC appear thanks to online sleuths combing the internet to seek out information, the latest ‘scandal’ will die off like the previous ones only to be replaced with yet another fake scandal.


The hits that mainstream media are taking due to this insanity are building up rapidly.  They think, ‘All we have to do is please Democrats’ is leading them down a most dangerous path.  The DNC exists nearly entirely in cities and many of these have been stripped of their industries by the DNC/RNC conspirators who attend Bilderberg meetings, etc.   They are dying.

(18) Hannity: Real collusion is between Democrats and the media – YouTube

This video is from yesterday, and it shows that Fox TV is carrying this story.  The dying DNC is babbling about impeaching Trump based yet again due to this latest fake news.  Hannity talks in this video about Alexandra Chalupa who is a Ukraininan operative who worked to engineer anti-Trump fake conspiracy with Putin ‘facts’.


She once was employed by Obama.  This is why we are stuck on the losing side in the confrontation of Russian Ukraininan citizens and Ukrainians who did the coup two years ago.  Congress should hold hearings about the Obama/Clinton/Ukraine connections and how they operated outside of the law.


Now on to the New York Times which has no real reporters at all.  The headlines are insanely stupid, not to mention, stupidly insane:

They mention the startling news that Trump wants to be nice to these lying snake bastards.

(18) Snake on a Plane Causes Emergency Landing – YouTube

They are still analyzing Trump’s handshakes.  Every other day, they talk about his handshakes.  I wonder why sort of psychosis this is.

It is not my imagination, the media is focused like a laser on this pressing issue!  They can’t stand it, they have to talk about it at least once a week or their fingers itch, their ears grow hot and their sex organs get wet.  So they mastrubate over and over again.  HAHAHA.  Better than using Playboy as inspiration.  What sad sex lives they all have.


The latest evidence of Trump’s unfitness may be the most revolting – The Washington Post  editorial is hilarious.  Every single fake story is swallowed by this shallow female, Ruth Marcus.  She finds this story ‘revolting’ as I do, only for the opposite reasons: she falls for fake news, herself and clings to it like it is a life raft.  She hates Trump and needs some excuse for this irrational hatred.


On the other hand, today’s WP front page has little about the latest fake scandal, nothing much at all, and is focused more on some real news which is still anti-Trump/anti-change/anti-MAGA news but at least it is sort of real, not totally fake.  It feels very odd, reading real news at the WP.  Perhaps there is someone sane working there?



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27 responses to “Fox News and Infowars: Two Videos Analyzing Latest Fake Trump Scandal

  1. floridasandy

    by the way, good summary on the Russian lawyer “spying for Putin” That’s a laugh!. Of course, it won’t stop them or slow the nuts down in any way.

    boycott Washington Post and Amazon. (you can price match at Target or Walmart)

  2. KHS71

    This whole Russian collusion story has been fake since day one to cover for the terrible performance of the Dems in the election. The Dems have nothing else. The real story here is the media which is lock step with the Dems and is no longer independent which I doubt they have been for years. I really wish the USA had a real media that could be objective. Notice I do not call them “news” media, they’re not.

  3. Lou

    Blame Thatcher and the rest,

  4. You are beyond stupid, Lou and you are in deep trouble now.

  5. People who fear vaccinations are even dumber than Lou. Look, millions dying or disfigured or handicapped due to various diseases is HORRIBLE and now most children live unlike say, 100 years ago.

    I remember the early 1950s when children died or were terribly crippled by common diseases like polio. I thank god that the creation of the polio vaccine came in time to protect me.

    I nearly died due to a FLU, the Hong Kong flu. Now I get flu shots and no flu diseases. on the other hand, I got the norovirus and…it is a nightmare for my health and I wish to god there was a vaccination for that.

  6. Ken

    Since we’re talking about vaccines I want to put out an idea for everyone to consider. Sone of Elaine’s readers pointed out that mercury was present in vaccines years before the autism epidemic. His point was that something else is happening recently besides mercury.

    What if it is the way the vaccines are being administered? When I was young the children received a couple of vaccines and they received them when they were older. Now, many more vaccines exist and they are given in bulk to children when they are very young. The answer to the autism-vaccine connection may be as simple as spreading out the vaccinations over time, and also giving them to the children when they are toddlers and not new borns.

    I tried that approach with my own children and there were no problems. Nobody got sick, and their immune systems were able to tolerate the vaccines just fine. The only reason to front load a bunch of vaccines with new borns is convenience. If everyone else in the population is already vaccinated then the risks to the new borns is minimal.

  7. Lou

    #9-10. Are you referring to me or to Jim?
    He referred to vaccines, in this thread, not me.

    I would like an answer on this. You post “I am in trouble and beyond stupid’–what the f—?

  8. Lou

    If you were not meaning me, please edit your insults to remove my name.


    ELAINE: I deleted your comment which irritated me in a totally different way and you are on probation now and your response to this is to be obnoxious. If you don’t like it here, you can exit through the door over there…

  9. Crazy people who obsess about vaccinations being evil should be forced to live in say, Africa where they can enjoy pure nature and the germ community with zero protections.

    This insanity, elevating unproven fears of vaccinations, is rapidly causing a larger and larger population that harbors dangerous diseases , to form. And this menaces all of us.

    Historical facts about mass deaths of babies and children in particular, don’t move or motivate the anti-vaccination lunatics. They want that 40% death rate again. It baffles me why. Suicidal, I suppose.

    Actually, it is pure arrogance. Because they are not being attacked by germs thanks to neighbors being vaccinated, they think this situation of ‘no diseases’ is going to last forever as more and more are told, ‘YOU don’t need vaccinations, your neighbor will do it!’

    This is Culture of LIFE News. Not ‘Bubonic Plague Is Good News’.

  10. The elimination of many diseases thanks to vaccinations coincides with a world population boom due to the lack of dead children. So birth control became a necessity due to this change. When vaccinations were taken to Africa and Asia, the populations there have grown rapidly and this is alongside, outside of China, lack of birth control systems.

    So now India and Muslim countries and Africa have way too many children and this is overwhelming all systems. This is why ‘civilization’ requires several interlocking systems to operate. Keeping an even keel is hard when religion and belief systems prevents unified actions of various sorts.

  11. I decided it is time to have a rule here. I let people say nearly anything here but the insulting behavior of some posters here really annoys me right now so: anyone who talks about the joys of having epidemics again will see their postings removed. If you all want a crummy world, talk about it at the many ‘vaccinations are evil’ web sites. There are lots of these destructive sites online where you all can plot to destroy humanity.

  12. CK

    Jr. took that meeting with two other men. Had Jr. taken that meeting alone …
    I am again reminded of the wisdom espoused by the Vice President in regards to a married man taking meeting(s) with or dining with women who are not your wife.
    The Trump family, as are most rich families, are aware that they are targets collectively and individually.

  13. Ken

    This is obviously a very sensitive topic for Elaine. However, I have a legitimate question that is not pro- or anti-vaccination.

    Realistically, how much of a danger are the unvaccinated to society as a whole? If they choose not to get vaccinated they put themselves at risk. But for those people who chose to get vaccinated, they will not catch whatever the un-vaccinated are dying from. It is not like the old days where infected people had to be forceably quarantined. Is it possible that the unvaccinated are only a danger to other unvaccinated people?

    If so, then this becomes a civil liberties issue. How much government interference is allowed into the lives of its citizens. And what about the children? Some parents refuse life-saving medical treatment for their children on religious grounds. In those cases the government often forces the children to be treated. But where the parents choose to refuse life-saving treatment for themselves, the government allows them to die. Should a similar standard be used with vaccinations?

    This is an old thread and probably no one will ever read my comments. This time. However, I am sure the topic will come up again.

  14. Jim R

    Ken, that’s a complicated question.

    If only a few individuals are unvaccinated, they benefit from ‘herd immunity’. That is, because no one around them has the disease, they won’t catch it.

    The problems start when some percentage of the population remains unvaccinated, enough to spread an outbreak from one of them to another. At that point, they no longer benefit from the herd immunity.

    Another problem happens over time, when there is a remnant population of carriers of a disease germ. If there’s this sort of balance or tension for a long time, the germs evolve. And then the entire population is at risk of the newer version of the germ. This is a bigger problem with antibiotics than it is with vaccines (because if you’re vaccinated your immune system has no mercy for the germs).

    So there’s a tradeoff between individual liberty, and public health. If the anti-vaxxers pass this disease along to you, are you really free? On the other hand, if some asshole bureaucrat wants to put you in quarantine or march you down to the nurse’s office for a shot, should he be able to do that? . . .

  15. Yes, diseases evolve. I remember before mass vaccinations: if it turned out someone had a contagious disease, the entire family was put under quarantine! I actually saw this when very young. We would visit the kids under quarantine via waving and shouting at the bedroom windows.

    The husbands would stay with friends or a hotel and go to work, while the mothers were stuck with the kids at home. Measles, for example, would be treated this way.

  16. Romeo’s letter to Juliet is not delivered because Friar John was boarded up in a house due to officials shutting up anyone near a plague victim.

    This leads to Romeo’s letter to fail to arrive and leads to both Romeo and Juliet to commit suicide.

  17. Logic

    So Elaine doesn’t like it when her broken logic is pointed out and started deleting comments.

    Elaine seems to think just because she was vaccinated, all vaccines are safe. And it is impossible for a small group of evil men using poisonous vaccine to do various test on the public.

    But the US gov do evil tests on people all the time.

    And the former director of CDC is now working for a vaccine corp.

    Sounds like Elaine have skin in the game, why else would she defend something so obviously evil.

  18. Logic

    Good god.

    Pointing out someone is using vaccines to poison people, is not anti vaccine.

    Pointing out someone is buying knives to kill people, is not anti knives.

  19. No, it is simply VERY STUPID. Just remember: stupid people fall into pits or off cliffs, the Tarot card for the Fool shows someone doing this. It is endlessly amusing except for all the dead bodies.

  20. And I really don’t mind people putting themselves into obvious danger. Part of me is rather cruel, when I was young and did Search And Rescue in the desert, more than one adult would tell me to take a hike and not rescue them. Sheriff Burr found this all immensely funny.

  21. Lou

    So Elaine doesn’t like it when her broken logic is pointed out and started deleting comments.

    / Yes, I offended her.
    I enjoy reading this blog.
    Not sure if I should post comments anymore.

  22. Petruchio

    “She is involved in ‘Pissgate’, the fake story about Trump hiring prostitutes to piss on an Obama bed in a hotel. ‘Inside Edition’ ran that fake story cheerfully and then eliminated it when caught redhanded.” That’s an important distinction to make and take note of: the Fake News Media KNEW they were lying, knew the story was false when they ran with it! This wasn’t a case of sloppy journalism or relying on news sources that are not reliable. This was a deliberate lie.

  23. Lou

    25–That is why the fake news outlets use the term, ‘fake news’—orwellian, eh?

  24. Lou, you are rewarded when you post good comments and punished when posting junk. If you hate this, fine.

    It is all in your hands alone.

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