Bastille Day Riots In France Makes No News Or Fake News In US Mainstream Media

Google, run by super duper liberals, is falling to pieces.  Its worth as a search engine is collapsing due to the decision to have ‘mainstream’ fake news as the main source for inquiries.  This degrading of the search systems is painfully obvious and today’s example is telling: Bastille Day happened in France and as previous several years, there were massive riots by people who are invading the country, hundreds of cars were burned.  The fake news in the US, for example, claims that ‘Muslims fear violence, too.’  This is pure unadulterated propaganda.  Then look at the European news: ‘Anti-Trump protests erupt’ versus ‘Trump visit without large demonstrations’.


My search words didn’t mention Trump or Paris at all, I mentioned only the Bastille Day riots.  I got, as usual these days, real news from Evil Russians who seem to be the only people on this planet able to carry news lately.  From Russia Today News:  Nearly 900 cars burnt, 370 people arrested as France celebrates Bastille Day.

In the course of the two-day Bastille Day festivities, 368 people had been arrested, French officials said, adding that the number indicates a decrease compared to last year’s detentions. However, the number of burnt vehicles has spiked.

I think the ruling elites of Europe are going insane.  This is what happens when one lives in a bubble and ‘let them eat riots’ is on the menu.  So, more cars were burned, ergo, more people were doing arson but fewer were arrested so this means that things are decreasing?  Or perhaps this means the cops were even more ineffective than usual?

The data released by the French Interior Ministry Saturday shows that 897 vehicles were destroyed by arson. Of those, 631 had been set on fire, while 266 were damaged by the spreading flames. The total number of burnt vehicles this year is slightly higher than last year, when 858 cars were burned. In 2015, 951 cars were torched. The number of people arrested during the days of festivities is sharply down, though, the ministry said, praising law enforcement efforts for limiting the number of offenses.

What?  They arrested far fewer?  And more cars were torched?  This is insanity.

In 2016, 577 people were taken into custody. “A mobilization of police forces… has significantly reduced the number of incidents and especially brawls on the streets committed at the time of July 14 festivities,” the interior ministry spokesman, Pierre-Henry Brandet said.

I have a good idea what really happens in the world due to a very harsh life filled with many adventures. One was being utterly terrified that my nutty neighbors in NYC were going to burn down the entire neighborhood during the 1977 riots.  This was in the news this week as it is the anniversary of that unpleasant event.

What was most infuriating back then was the mayor, the governor and the New York Times celebrating this massive burning and looting as ‘no problem!’  They pretended nothing happened.  People were killed!  My neighborhood looked like Dresden after WWII.  Or Hiroshima.  I was utterly enraged and went on the warpath while the elites looked at me like I was crazy.

Pretending things aren’t happening is stupid and fatal.  NYC began a very steep decline after the riots.  Things became worse and worse!  It required people organizing and fighting for law and order and I assure everyone, it was highly dangerous to even ask for law and order.

Back to dying Google which is increasingly worthless due to censorship systems they set up: look at these screen shots.  I tried various combinations of ‘France/Bastille Day/riots’  and not one of them showed news about the riots this year.

No US papers showed up at all in any of the searches.  I was darkly amused that news about earlier riots in this last year showed up which shows that France is definitely dying rapidly.  I will note here that Trump came back in Triumph in Paris this week after the French rulers begged him to come.  The US media was very pissed this happened so they assiduously avoided talking about it as a triumph, focusing on Trump’s son being lured into a honey trap by the DNC deep state operatives instead.

Ah, more news from England for us stuck here in the US: so, a nationalist wanted to kill Macron.  No surprise.  Still, these screen shots have everything BUT the actual news about the cars being torched by rioters this year.

More ‘cars torched’ search results.  Another one from January, this made no news in the US, the New Year’s Eve riots but then riots in the US are no longer news, unless it can be blamed on Trump.  Then there is the story about news about Muslims torching cars in Paris is evil because it scares people and causes them to fear Muslim terrorists.  Yes, there is this huge push on the left to pretend Muslims love liberalism and want freedom, not conquest and rule over infidels.

More news from Europe that doesn’t show up in the US.  Italy didn’t arrest the ‘human rescue groups’ who go to Africa to pick up illegal aliens who are slightly offshore and cart them all the way over to Italy and dump them there.  A thousand people a day are ‘rescued’ this way and Italy can’t cope.  Instead of using a navy to intercept the ‘rescue ships’ and arrest the crews, passive acceptance of this is rapidly destroying Italy.

Poland’s Most Powerful Politician Says No More Migrants:  yes, Eastern Europe is digging in and fighting back and at the same time, we are supposed to fear Russia, not the EU Bilderberg gang.  The lines are being drawn, Poland will be punished for this.

The solution: send them all to France and Germany or say, Sweden!  This is utterly insane but liberals think it is wonderful and a liberal judge in Hawaii demanded that Trump’s restrictions on immigration be cancelled yet again and Hawaii doesn’t worry because these people are not coming over to there, it is too expensive to live there.  They go to say, Detroit instead, taking over the joint after the US elites abandoned the city.

Why Your Nation’s IQ Matters | Garett Jones and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube:

I think our ruling elite’s IQ is dropping like a rock.  They are literally going senile.  Some of them like Pelosi think that Bush Jr. is still President!  Our collective memory is going senile thanks to media refusing to cover real news anymore.  It is pathetic, watching this year-long meltdown of the elites.  And it is also dangerous, for they still have great power.


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12 responses to “Bastille Day Riots In France Makes No News Or Fake News In US Mainstream Media

  1. Petruchio

    During the French Revolution it is reported that over 40,000 “liberals” visited Monsieur le Guillotine–before, as Shakespeare would say, “throwing off this Mortal coil”.@@@I don’t think the General IQ of the Elites was ever high to begin with. They are just a bunch overinsulated, overindulged ultra, ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who can recruit low IQ White Trash like the Clintons. No big achievement., really.

  2. Ken

    I don’t think anyone believes that the Clintons are “low IQ.” Just because someone has a different political opinion, or different world outlook, than yours doesn’t mean automatically that they are stupid.

  3. melponeme_k

    The elites are high IQ but they are stuck in a world of mirrors that they have built around themselves. All their wishes and belief systems are being reflected back at them. They have neglected to learn or forgotten the fact that whatever “beings” they feed during their rituals are ALSO feeding off of them as well.

    They are allowed to rampage because collectively we let them.

    Europe is being destroyed because collectively Europeans know in their hearts that the EU is a sham. So all of this is allowed to happen. It is also a sign of not wanting to take action. It is much easier to let someone else do it rather than rearm and take back what is theirs.

    The reason why the Elites hate the US so much and inculcate hate towards it, is because it was a misstep in their plan. They thought they were creating a place to make their Valhalla and lead in one world government. But the magic they used to make this place, also attracted people just as obstinate as they are with a potentiality for power.

    When even a bit of that power of the US people is unified, we see the results quick. That is how we elected President Trump. This is what is driving them insane.

  4. floridasandy

    Hillary is low IQ and plodding, bill not so much. They are both EVIL.

    they killed another person about to testify against their corruption:

  5. floridasandy

    hey hey ho ho the Clinton have to go.

  6. melponeme_k


    The Clintons were high IQ as were all the puppets like them that serve the elite.

    But they are being fed to the dark gods that the real elite believe in just as much as the ones who are being murdered. This takes a toll.

    Just look how prematurely aged both of them look.

    Ask yourself why does Hilary look like 3000 miles of bad road while her contemporary Marina Abramovic still looks like a woman in her early 50s.

    The physical appearance of the two should show you who really is part of the power.

  7. floridasandy

    she only looked smart because she was fed the debate questions ahead of time, IN EVERY DEBATE. She was probably fed the answers too:

    She failed the DC Bar exam:
    On November 3, the District of Columbia Bar Association notified Hillary that she had failed the bar exam. For the first time in her life, she had flamed out — spectacularly, given the expectations of others for her, and even more so on her own. Of 817 applicants, 551 of her peers had passed, most from law schools less prestigious than Yale. She kept this news hidden for the next thirty years

    She looked smart and fooled me and many others, but it is not hard to appear smart when you have a CHEAT SHEET. She was dumb enough to be used by Bill for many years. I think that explains her rage at losing the election and not thanking her supporters-she thought she DESERVED that for all the crap she took all those years. It didn’t happen.

    Though they are a good killing machine. What’s the body count now? We just lost 2 more in the last week to “suicide by Arkansas Clinton mob”.

  8. melponeme_k


    Don’t address anything else in my posts just focus in on IQ of Clinton.

    She has IQ enough to use it for pillaging. Meanwhile we diddle our thumbs over it.

    It is these little arguments that keep everyone balkanized. Because believe me they elites are now moving everyone into position for the next atrocity.

    They don’t want to lose their fancy cities anymore than anyone else. They want genocide. But according to natural law they can’t do it themselves or they will bear the consequences. So they will position us until the pressure is so vast, mass citizenry will explode in rage and riot. In those riots, minorities (any minority) will perish. Then the elites can declare martial law, in with one world government.

    This is why the election of any leader who is outside the power structure is good. The US dodged a bullet temporarily. Europe did not.

  9. Petruchio

    @#2 Ken: I didn’t say the Clintons had low IQs, I said the elites were low IQ. Exhibit A is George W. Bush. Georgie Boy was AWOL fir the Texas Air National Guard. After being handed a Harvard MBA degree “Dubaya” went on 53 job interviews and not ONE job offer!. I wouldn’t call what the Clintons do as politicians “political opinions”. The Clintons epitomize the Political Whore Class in D.C.. Morally and ethically bankrupt sociopaths. The Ckinton Worldview? If you put it in a motto, it would be, :How much can I steal by selling out the taxpayer?”.

  10. Ricky Right

    Ricky Right

    Word Press seems to be selling out American and supporting Czar Putin and the Buzwah Russian Billionaires funding the fake news of Fox and hundreds of other Word Presses across the country. Is it that Word Press is one of those being funded by Czar Putin?

  11. Joe

    Next gen Americans are fuked.
    About That ‘Common Core’ Math Problem Making the Rounds on Facebook…
    Jane Robbins sent me some Common Core Math problems that she had obtained from an elementary school in the Metro Atlanta area. We’ll let these speak for themselves.
    Bizarro Common Core kindergarten math homework stumps DAD WITH Ph.D.
    “I have a Ph.D., and I have no idea what is supposed to be done with this homework assignment,” the flummoxed father told The Daily Caller.
    Is this Common Core math question the worst math question in human history?

  12. If we want to know about how to teach math, we should ask Putin to send over some people from Russia to instruct our schools in the art of teaching science and math.

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