Merkel Declares War On Turkey: Erdogan Refuses German Visits To NATO Bases

Turkey’s NATO Exit & the New Turkey-Russia Alliance: A Turning Point in the Global Power Structure – YouTube from 2016.


Ever since the failed coup in Turkey which was cooked up at CIA headquarters, a massive shift in political and economic relations in the Black Sea sector has been increasingly favoring Putin’s diplomacy.  Since the EU and US consider ‘diplomacy’ to consist of bribery and very nasty threats rather than protecting everyone, the entire structure which rests on letting everyone run trade surpluses with the US, is now collapsing rapidly.  This is being nearly totally concealed from the US public for hiding the news is the most important part of propaganda systems.


Readers here know I have been harping on this from day one of the attempted coup.  I predicted things that are now happening more and more.  That is, knowing how the Bilderberg gang thinks collectively, it is really easy to predict their mistakes and stupidities.  They got so powerful, they became stupid.  This is called ‘hubris’.


In the news is this story: House Seeks Prosecution of Erdogan Security as Condition for Arms Sales as NATO Bilderberg rulers freak out over their failed coup in Turkey.  So, we are now, as of today, officially at war with Turkey, a NATO partner.  This is obvious to me but I suspect the gang who rules us imagine Erdogan is scared now.  He is not.  Far from it.

Turkey is a very important keystone state on the map of the world, it is obvious.  Note that Israel and NATO and Saudi Arabia conspired to attack Syria illegally.  Now, Turkey, Syria and Russia are unified along with IRAQ as of this week to fight ISIS and other CIA-sponsored terrorist groups.  On top of all this, Iran’s borders on the Russian protectorate states, Iraq and Turkey are now in discussions of future cooperation in fighting the CIA.


Yes, the stupid morons running the CIA who are now at war with the President of the USA.  They are running around in circles there, screaming and tearing their hair out as all the ‘scandals’ they cook up end up burned in the oven.


The icing on the Russian cake here is all of Eastern Europe being threatened by the Bilderberg gang to take in millions of illegal alien Muslims.  Yesterday, Italy told all the Muslims they can cross over into Austria, France, Switzerland and former Yugoslavian countries and thus, invade the rest of Europe that is, Germany.


Merkel is furious about this but she created this problem and NATO leaders allowed ‘humanitarian’ groups to ferry Africans to Europe nonstop.  They can stop these insane leftists.  I will note here the queer alliance between very conservative Muslims and the left.  The foolish young leftists really do believe that Muslims who hate gays and women’s rights, will be generous and kind once they seize power.  This is lunacy, high level lunacy.


Obviously, no one is taught history anymore.  The suicidal policies of our Real Rulers is hidden from view and points of view of the public are artificially created by media giants so the passive population of NATO nations are walking into a trap they will never ever escape again.


‘Flat rejection’: Merkel rules out pre-conditions for German MPs to visit troops in Turkey — RT News: Merkel really wants WWIII.


 Berlin’s right to visit German troops at a NATO Konya airbase in Turkey is non-negotiable, says Chancellor Angela Merkel, adding she will “flatly” deny any pre-conditions.


HAHAHA.  I would love to see that bat out of hell fly into Turkey on her broomstick.  They will shoot her down.  Anyone she sends into Turkey will be attacked because what this diplomatic leader of NATO has said is, she is going to INVADE Turkey!


Merkel was commenting on a recent Turkish decision to bar German MPs from inspecting its soldiers at the NATO airbase in Konya when speaking to ARD broadcaster in a comprehensive interview on Sunday.


So, Turkey said no Germans can come in except when specifically invited.  Merkel said she will come in even if it means force which is the definition of ‘invading’ a country.  That’s it!  This is an open declaration of war.  It ends all attempts at diplomacy.


She called Ankara’s move “awkward” and insisted the lawmakers should be allowed to visit the base, stressing that Berlin will not discuss any preconditions.


The same sort of ‘awkwardness’ that started WWI and WWII.  Germany only wants to roll over someone’s front yard with a tank and bomb the cities, but if a country surrenders, then no one will be hurt.  This time around, it won’t work.  Germans have lost nearly all ability to fight anyone even local invaders!


Merkel has been attacking patriotic Germans in order to jail or silence them.  There is zero free speech in Germany.  She can blunder mindlessly from one diplomatic disaster to the next and no one can say a thing about it.  Our own rulers would dearly love to rip up our Constitution so they can do this here, too.


“If there will be any, we would flatly reject them,” she stressed, as cited by Die Zeit.


So, are Germans alarmed that Merkel is declaring war on Turkey?  Does Trump understand what this means?  Does anyone running Europe and America have the slightest idea what this all means?  I would say, ‘Nope’.  They are utterly, totally and stupidly clueless.


All of Trump’s attempts at diplomacy with Russia were crushed by an army of screaming lunatics.  They still are attacking him every day for even having the slightest contacts with Russia.  Putin waited patiently to see if Trump could overcome this but has now given up because Trump has no support in Congress over this issue.  Congress and the media both want WWIII.


Why is this?  Why didn’t everyone panic when Hillary gloated during the third debate, about a sneak attack on Russia using nukes?  I was freaked out by this statement.  I waited for the media to flip out.  The media giants nearly totally ignored this.  But I wasn’t the only citizen to note this.  Many were quite alarmed with her desire to start WWIII.


Russia-China trade surges 26% in first half of 2017 thanks to Bilderberg gang strangling Russian trade in EU.  Yes, far from collapsing, Russia is simply shifting policies and moving in a new direction. The US cannot have WWIII if Russia and China are both on the same side.  Europe is very weak.  The males there have been beaten into the ground and have lost all desire to be ‘real men’.  They cannot fight their way out of a paper bag and the ones who can fight are either Muslims who support Turkey or men on the right who admire Putin.


How can anyone not know this information?  Why isn’t it being discussed in DC?  HAHAHA.  We learned absolutely nothing from the Vietnam War messes.  We learned nothing from the Afghanistan disasters.  Multiple disasters…including now the two invasions of Iraq.  Every violent policy has been an utter failure mainly due to diplomacy not being even tried, we just see our rulers using brute force which fails over and over again.


Quick military victories are followed by long, grinding, ugly defeats.  After NATO loses, there is a long period whereby the victim states rebuild and then ask to do business again but under their own terms which freaks out the Bilderberg gang no end.


Trade between Moscow and Beijing has increased significantly in the first six months of the year, according to the Chinese customs administration.


As I predicted.  Russia is the beneficiary here, they run a trade surplus with China.  China doesn’t mind this since they more than make up for this with their trade surplus with the US and Europe.


Through June, trade between Russia and China was worth $39.78 billion. Russian exports increased 29.3 percent to $20.34 billion, while Chinese exports to Russia were up 22.2 percent to $19.44 billion.


In 2016, trade between Moscow and Beijing grew only 2.2 percent to $69.52 billion. The countries have set a goal to boost trade to $200 billion by 2020.


And this will happen.  As I predicted nearly a year ago, all that lovely gas and oil from Russia is no longer going to Germany to fuel their industries (and I mocked Germany’s global warming hysteria back then telling them, I hoped they would have no more energy from Russia, just use windmills!).  Russia will thrive and Germany will go bankrupt if they continue on the road to ruin.


Serves them right, too.  We rebuilt Germany and Japan after WWII and both paid us back by running continuous trade surpluses with the US since then.


China Small Caps Crash To Lowest Since 2015 Amid Deleveraging “Selling Panic” as China begins to regulate that stock market.  Yes, the Chinese government is cracking down on the markets. They figure this is better than having bubbles blow up in everyone’s faces.  They have been cracking down on all sorts of schemes for the last year and I suspect, this is under Putin’s diplomatic influence.  They see him successfully running things in the teeth of nonstop NATO/Bilderberg attacks and is doing amazing things while the rivals who are attacking him are going under.


China wants to imitate winners, not losers.  I know the Chinese leadership from the inside, some of them lived with me in the past and we debated history, capitalism and how to do diplomacy, some of these debates being rather vicious like when I forced China to stand down in their demands during the Tiananmen Square suppression.


Diplomacy is a tricky business.  When ideological fanatics take over, it leads to wars.  History is pretty clear about this.  This is what bankrupted Spain in the 1550-1750 cycle of history.  Spain was literally the richest country on earth, richer than China during the looting of the New World gold and silver.  And was bankrupt in no time flat, limped along for a while and then became a third rate power which has not changed one iota since then.


Their empire collapsed totally and internally simultaneously.  Spain literally went bankrupt after wasting much of the loot on attempts at fighting England and the Netherlands over religious ideology issues.


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11 responses to “Merkel Declares War On Turkey: Erdogan Refuses German Visits To NATO Bases

  1. Jim R

    Good article.

    The place we now know as Turkey has been a keystone for millenia. Eastern capital of the Roman Empire. Plain to see on any map that it controls the entrance to the Black Sea.

    And this is why Russia has practiced diplomacy with Erdogan, and did not start WWII that time when Erdogan shot down one of the Russian war planes. And granted the courtesy of a phone call to Erdogan when he was in the air during that coup attempt, telling him at which airport it was safe to land.

  2. Ken

    I have never seen any evidence that the CIA was behind the coup attempt in Turkey. Frankly, I think that the CIA gets too much credit. Any time anything happens anywhere in the world it is automatically presumed that the CIA is behind it, and that they somehow blew it. If the CIA was as ubiquitous as everyone thinks, then I do not see how they can be so inept.

    That being said, whether or not the CIA was behind the coup, the important thing is that the Turks think that they were.

  3. Nearly all MILITARY COUPS are arranged by the CIA. We know for absolute certain that were the coup work, Obama and his gang would have recognized it immediately. This is doubly true with NATO allies, happened more than once in the past such as GREECE.

    The Turkish ‘coup’ was not a popular uprising. Many of the soldiers in the coup were surprised because they thought they were in a military drill, not a coup. They all surrendered basically without a fight to unarmed civilians.

  4. Jim R

    What was interesting about this one was that the Russian spooks were on top of it so quickly, they were able to call up Erdogan while it was happening and prevent him falling into the hands of those who organized it.

    Now it wouldn’t be possible to close the NATO base immediately without a major war, but he is doing it piece-by-piece. The Germans are invited to stay away, contracts aren’t renewed, etc.

    I expect Tukey may be the first one to leave NATO. … NEXIT.

  5. ziff

    all the complaining here about Bilderburgers, the more common view is , our wonderfull leaders give us, GPS , Iphones , poverty is declining world wide, stuff works , they have a point .

  6. HAHAHA. They gave nothing, people prospered DESPITE them. We are always one hour away from annihilation. And right now, these gangsters are pushing very hard for WWIII. To hell with them all.

  7. Nani

    Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects refugee limit for Germany in TV interview

    “As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it,” Merkel said.

    Meanwhile in the US:

  8. ziff

    re HAHAHA [lol] , well the bilderburgers are ,, captains of industry, they must be doing something constructive, nothing is perfect.

  9. hans

    @Nani she will definitely be reelected by a huge majority. The Germans are brainwashed, the Zionists have succeeded in their goal of finally destroying Germany only Russia stands to their salvation.

  10. The Germans want their socialistic system which still works there due to Germans of the old type being workaholics but the latest generation isn’t, they want to goof off and collect government pensions after ‘school’. Germany is literally dying as the older generation goes to the grave.

    I know Germany very, very well and can see from afar how it is dying ever since it reunited. The Eastern half took over the government systems and now are driving it into the ground.

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