Now Delta Airlines Has Decided To Abuse Ann Coulter, Steal Her Seat


Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) | Twitter  versus Mainstream Media Fake News reporters and Delta (we can kill you so shut up) Airlines is a very amusing story.  The ‘liberals’ are making fun of her being a victim of airline theft of services and think she is stupid to argue about this.  I suppose, since she wasn’t beaten senseless, she is stupid according to the Washington Post gang.  Thug airlines are huge news and her treatment was classic thugs beating her up, so to speak.  She will win in court.


OK, I have most of the facts of this saga.  Ann Coulter researched her trip and pre-purchased a ticket for a seat with extra legroom due to her height.  When she arrived at the airport, the attendant took her ticket and tore it up and gave her a new one for a cheaper, worse seat.


She was told, her own seat was already occupied.  But when she got on the flight, no one was sitting on her row at all.  Then this happened:

A flight attendant went over to her and told her to move or else.  While the airline was abusing her, she began tweeting about it:

I have been abused this way in the past and I make a lot of noise when it happens.  Usually, corporations fold especially when served with papers.  I am right now suing a company which caused me $1300 worth of damage.  So far, they haven’t settled.


I hope to cause them real pain in the future.  Anne posted this while it was happening:


She is understandably furious with the airline.  The woman who took her seat didn’t hand it back to her, either.  She wanted it and got it.  Why?  Neither Ann nor I know why.

Someone watching her feed sent her the above tweet.

Ann then decided to dig at the bosses of Delta Airlines.  When the new boss took over after so many scandals there, I joked about him looking like he has no idea what to do.

All the good news has Delta stock tanking today.

Yes, Delta decided to attack Ann Coulter.  HAHAHA.  This is hilarious.  Of course, fake liberals will pile on and make fun of her but Delta is 100% in the wrong here.  Customers have a right to complain when corporations abuse them.


Remember: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT…especially when they really are ‘right’.  When the corporation is totally in the wrong, they should be punished.  Delta was punished over and over for several months now but being gluttons for torture, have decided to continue this destructive behavior.

She still hasn’t decided to go to court for damages.  But as the liberal media attacks her, she can claim Delta is damaging her in public and should pay a few million bucks.  Already, lawyers are contacting her, offering to represent her.


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10 responses to “Now Delta Airlines Has Decided To Abuse Ann Coulter, Steal Her Seat

  1. melponeme_k

    Extra Legroom seats are not a joke. With how crammed in seats nowadays, even a 5’1″ midget like myself needs extra legroom. I feel really bad for people who are very tall.

    Why Delta feels it can behave this way is because of monopoly. If you want the fastest non-stop route with the most choices in departure/arrival time, you are stuck with the big 3; Delta, United and American Airlines. That is it. Those are your only choices. And since their prices are on par with one another, I would say there was some collusion going behind the scenes.

    So you see, even suing them does not hurt them. Especially when there are no choices for alternative airlines.

  2. floridasandy

    I probably shouldn’t get sucked into first world problem stories. 🙂

    But delta’s stock is down in after hours trading.

    when will these dumbass employees learn to be nice to the customers? It didn’t used to be so hard. They need to realize that there are always other options . I see Delta eleted their smartass tweet—too little, too late.

    United and American should be really nice for a while and they will profit from it. Maybe they could have a sale 🙂

  3. Claudeeyah

    As Mel says, (so says William Jefferson Clinton):

    So you see, even suing them does not hurt them. Especially when there are no choices for alternative airlines.

    aka: Where else they gonna go? (Billly bob Clinton, circa 1996)

  4. You are right. The flying experience is more like being in a cattle car. I first flew in 1955. Back then, it was rare to fly somewhere. My father was flying all over the world and so did I, at age 16, I was already flying overseas by myself, for example.

    Flying back then: one dressed up as if going to church or a job interview. The service was marvelous, they actually cooked meals on board in a galley kitchen!

  5. Lou

    5. My, how the world has changed.

  6. Moe

    Though I certainly sympathize with Coulter in all respects, I am pissing myself laughing that Delta could be so stupid to antagonize this woman. She’s smart as a whip and tough as hell: she’ll make mincemeat out of Delta. And she has a ‘Yuge’ support base, who will pay attention to the proceedings of this fiasco.

    I do feel better though each time these debacles occur: gives me faith in the ultimate cupidity of our ruling classes and their affiliates.

  7. rolf

    More conservative snowflake-ism. You worship at the altar of the unfettered, unregulated ‘market’, and yet you’re offended when the resulting corporate mistreatment affects you. The gutting of regulatory and anti-trust function by ‘conservative’ ‘pro-business’ forces yields results just like this – but now that it has affected one of your icons, you view it as a personal attack. Sorry, it’s the result of policies you basically endorse.

  8. The Democrats and Republicans colluded in the ‘free trade’ and other actions leading to this mess.

    Airlines got in trouble years ago during the oil crisis years. They are very sensitive to energy cost issues. The present system is due to wanting to make a profit no matter what.

    The communist system produces transportation that utterly stinks. The capitalists do have ‘competition’ which forced them to not cattle car us when traveling. The reason we are becoming a ‘cattle car’ situation with ‘capitalism’ is due to low profit margins for travel due to lots of competition so…travelers can challenge this via using other systems, like trains. I much prefer trains to flying, myself.

  9. Jim R

    The communist system produces transportation that utterly stinks.


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