Russia/China/Iran/Syria/Turkey/Philippine Alliance Grows Stronger Every Day

The disgusting New York Times continues the propaganda regime to demonize Russia and force Trump into international confrontations that gives US citizens nothing except the possibility of WWIII.  Europe is literally dying of old age while the Bilderberg gang which runs the EU forces member nations to take in millions of illegal alien invaders.  This two pronged activity: destroying borders and enabling invasions coupled with confronting nuclear armed Russia and Russian allies like Iran, China and other nations will cause WWIII.  I worry about WWIII all my long life.  We narrowly escaped this several times like during the Vietnam War, for example.  Now, our real rulers are desperate and suicidal.

This headline like the Russian embassy main story, is all about forcing Trump into a course of action totally at odds with his own desires and promises to voters who wisely chose the ‘Say no to nuclear war’ candidate.  Just this last week, France’s new leader, Macron, suddenly invited Trump to France and fawned all over him to the horror of Merkel and her fellow gangsters.


This is very significant so of course, the mainstream media played this down as no big deal.  Trump has to win over people one at a time.  In England, the real rulers are demanding that Trump not visit and so no invitation has really been agreed upon and this is foolish and stupid but then, the Real Rulers are very stupid and filled with contempt due to too much power so far, and don’t see how their power is actually disintegrating.

The New York Times continues to attack Trump on all fronts focusing their main attacks now on him doing basic diplomacy with a fellow nuclear power.  The gangsters who run DC are running in circles like chickens with heads cut off and I assure everyone, if you don’t tie the legs of chickens when beheading them, they not only run with no head, they try to fly.

Democrats Claim We Are Already At War With Russia – YouTube


Increasingly, the best way to get some real news is via RT News from Russia:

Turkey has now made crystal clear their new relationship with NATO, with the Bilderberg gang, with the status quo: it is now all totally dead!  This amazing shift is historical.  It is gigantic.  It totally changes all international relationships.  It is a gigantic coup for Putin.  It is nowhere in the mainstream news.  This epic, historical shift was predicted by myself some time back, namely, days after Putin rescued Erdogan, I sat up and said, ‘OMG, this is a total reversal for NATO!’

The Russia/China alliance continues to strengthen.  The US depends on China for much of our cheap labor manufacturing.  We have a historic trade deficit with China.  The Chinese planned to do this.  They hatched this plan, the 50 year plan, way back in the mid-1980’s.  I watched them do this after they were convinced they could exploit capitalism for Chinese purposes.


None of the people creating the epic changes in China had forgotten the European invasion and destruction of China.  Japan is very nervous now, China is right next door and the US has encouraged Japan and the Philippines to confront China over who runs the China Seas region.  US public is nearly totally unaware of what is brewing there.


Another coup for China was the attempted coup/Muslim uprising in the Philippine Islands.  The President of that country is more and more allied with China and Russia, not the US and Japan!  This is another huge historic shift.  One can see how this is playing out over time: the old US provinces and territories are all running one by one to Russia and China for help as the US collapses internally and our Real Rulers openly fight with citizens here, terrorizing us using Maoist leftist radicals and race baiting blacks to burn down what remains of our former manufacturing cities.

The EU is unravelling.  The invasion that the Bilderberg gang created is driving desperate people to reassert autonomy.  Eastern Europe will be, in the next five years, totally reverting to Russia to protect their borders.  Amazingly, Germany will split up too, and member states will join Russia for protection!

Italy is in chaos.  Austria has closed their borders to Italy and posted military and tanks there as they desperately fix up fences like much of Eastern Europe to prevent the tsunami of illegal aliens from entering.  Soon, France will, too.  Switzerland has also closed their borders and will shoot anyone trying to cross illegally.


I played with crossing borders totally illegally in 1968.  I swam the Rhine river when France closed its borders, I gave a speech in Strasbourg.  I went into Austria via the mountains as practice for entering East Germany via the Czech border.  This is where I was finally arrested.  I was going to climb through the Harz mountains into Leipzig.


The Italians are helpless.  The nation is dying in the southern half, literally being evacuated as young people flock to the northern cities or rest of Europe looking for either work or welfare systems.  Instead of reforming the country, the EU has utterly destroyed Italy as a ‘state’ and it is now a non-state in full anarchy.

The dying EU is focusing mainly on rejecting Trump, rejecting his warnings about immigration, rejecting everything…except for the places in Europe that are getting plenty scared of what looms in the future which is Allah this and jihad that.  This is what is stripping the Bilderberg gang of their mask and secret power.  Time is running out rapidly now.  If the people of Europe don’t wake up and eject this gang and prosecute them for crimes, all will be literally destroyed.


Half of England is our enemy now.  Nearly all of Germany and Sweden are, too.  The EU is a gigantic burden for US taxpayers.  Our soldiers are expected to die for dying Europe who doesn’t give a damn about dying on our dime.  They bellyflopped onto us and are snotty about how we better protect them or else.  To hell with them all.  The people there have to rise up in rage.  It is their responsibility…oh!


I forgot!  Most Europeans love socialist stuff so they want the State to be powerful and get handouts from the government.  So they passively roll along, hoping the government will baby them all from cradle to grave.  Well, the grave yawns wide open!  The cradle is increasingly empty.  Their new masters are breeding like crazy using the State welfare money to do this and intend to take over via population replacement/terror attacks/ theft.


This is way too easy to see coming along the road: in the US the major dead cities vote uniformly for Democrats due to this desire to have welfare money and to breed enough to take over all systems and loot what remains.  This lunacy is deadly, it is how empires die, the Romans did this, every bit of it.  Note that the countryside in Europe is dying literally and everyone is moving to the main cities not to work but to get welfare money.





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13 responses to “Russia/China/Iran/Syria/Turkey/Philippine Alliance Grows Stronger Every Day

  1. floridasandy

    We need to let the European Union fend for itself-since they alone are making the poor migration choices, not to mention that the Pope is bitching about the US, and the head of the/European Union is saying that the English language is losing clout and relevance.. No doubt he would like to see the decline of our currency as well.

    We would be stupid to fund that kind of ideology. Liberals never think ahead-they want what they want when they want it. Look at London’s Khan-he wants to ban Trump. Trump, on the other hand, will meet and engage with any world leader. Which leader is more the fascist?. Khan wanted Trump banned from London, like he owns it.

    I see British liberals are trying to have a Brexit re-vote to drag Britain back into their dues- paying globalism. I remember when they were yelling how happy the EU said they were that Britain was leaving-good riddance-obviously, that wasn’t the truth.

    I still don’t trust Erdogan, but he is sending mixed signals.

    As Patrick Buchanan wrote, what good could come of a divided West– with a very good history lesson here.

  2. floridasandy

    OT, maybe the chickens will come home to roost: (zero hedge)
    Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice abruptly canceled a Tuesday appearance in front of the House Intelligence Committee to discuss allegations that she requested the ‘unmasking’ of various members of the Trump campaign on behalf of the Obama administration

    Rice’s cancellation comes on the heels of another nix’d testimony from Glenn Simpson – the former Wall St. Journal reporter who co-founded opposition research firm Fusion GPS – which was responsible for an embarrassingly amateur and largely debunked 35-page Trump-Russia ‘dossier’ used as evidence to request a FOIA surveillance warrant on a Trump associate.

  3. Tim Erickson

    Replying to floridasandy

    I am starting to think that Susan Rice, Glenn Simpson and other high up democrats received pre-written suicide notes in the mail and that shut them up really fast.

  4. Lou

    I was online y’day and someone stated that ‘Rice is worth 50 million dollars.’

  5. Jim R

    Well good luck then, Franz-Ferdinand — it could be a sweet deal for you, if the same thing doesn’t happen as happened 100 years ago.

  6. Melponeme_k

    The elite are between a rock and a hard place. They were counting on skirmishes to break out already in the EU containment states and then send all of us in the US to dig everyone in Europe out of the crap.

    But the bravado has all but gone out of the US military, the fighting troops have been thrown into the fires too much, they are breaking apart. The upper leadership are making promises they know they can’t keep and spending money that isn’t real. The majority of the public do not believe in their leadership abilities.

    What they are now planning to do is use Chinese muscle. And they have so many, many sticks to throw onto the fires. But now the Chinese will protect Russia instead.

    I hope we let all of them sink under their own stupidity. It is time the people in Europe stand up for themselves. They are another example of Welfare Queens expecting someone else to do for them and pay for them.

  7. Yes, they expect the US to bail them all out. This is ridiculous. Lazy and expensive, they are all Welfare Queens including Elizabeth II.

  8. Petruchio

    “Their new masters are breeding like crazy using the State welfare money to do this and intend to take over via population replacement/terror attacks/ theft.” IMHO, this is the biggest Sad but True Fact of the whole immigration issue. And I can’t help but notice that all these immigrants–almost without exception–do not for even a millisecond buy in to this “Multiculturalism” or “Diversity”. Why? They know better than that. I went to a Hmong funeral this past few months. Interesting. These folks are VERY loyal to each other. There must have been 500 people at this funeral. This is a VERY tight knit group of people and seriously, I was the only White person there. I felt like a Black News reporter at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

  9. Petruchio

    Elaine: this was on the History Channel, maybe you recall it. During the 1980’s a (then) Soviet radar operator mistook a US/NATO training exercise as a REAL nuke attack on the Soviet Union! Obviously disaster was avoided, but it was a close call. This sounds like a Tom Clancy book storyline. Clancy, by the way was one of the sleaziest neo con warmonger/propagandists to walk the Earth.

  10. I just leafed through a 3000 page ‘history’ of the early New World colonization/wars. I just looked up the names of my various ancestors. None appeared.

    What amused me in particular is how the author talked about my pirate ancestors who named all their towns either ‘Lima’ or ‘Peru’ in memory of pieces of 8 and bars of gold stamped with an L or P.

    The author periodically writes, ‘Some French pirate ships…’ did this or that. Over and over again, the same lines. Never, ‘The HUGUENOT French pirates’ who became such when the St. Bartholomew massacre sent my ancestor into attacking shipping instead of import/export work.

    The point here is, REAL HISTORY is nearly totally hidden. We have various versions based on biases. The real real is often deliberately buried.

    The number of times we nearly had WWIII is many and way, way too often. Virtually none of these events will see the light of day, it is the dark side of history that really writes in blood. Look at ourselves: hidden, totally hidden, worse, DELIBERATELY hidden.

  11. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Somewhere tonight in Europe sleeps the Great Catholic Monarch – spoken of in over 300 prophecies since 200 AD. He will allegedly clean out all of the false republics and restore the monarchies.

    His greatest battle will occur in the Wurppettal region of Germany where he and his French army defeat a German/Russian army in what has been called the ‘great battle of the birch trees.’

    Sounds like you understand more prophecy than politics.


  12. Funny, I was watching a history show about Napoleon just last night and was thinking of writing about him and the French Revolution and how he was destroyed by Old Russia and Merry England. The new US sided more with Napoleon than not and had to fight naval battle with England in 1812 which is where we get our national anthem poem, ‘Oh, say can you see…’

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