New Fake News Scandal: Trump Talked With Putin At G20 State Dinner!

The latest fake news attack on Trump was launched yesterday.  All previous ‘Trump is a Russian agent’ stories proved to be fake or blown totally out of proportion so they all dug back to the state dinner in Germany last month!!! to falsely claim that Trump had a ‘secret meeting’ with Putin when all he did was circulate around the room, chatting with other leaders.  This latest insane broadside shows desperation.  For the last half a year, the Bilderberg members of the media have been trying as hard as possible to start WWIII.  Too stupid to figure out they will be killed, they think the US will do a ‘first strike’ and destroy the ‘enemy’ which is a false hope.  What if the ‘enemy’ strikes first?


This is why the White House has that direct line to the Kremlin.  This way, our leader can prevent WWIII, not start it.  Saner people recognized that WWIII would not be a good thing.  The US will not join after Russia fights for over a year, no, the US will be instantly hit in WWIII and probably destroyed.  So we must use as much diplomacy as possible to prevent such a war.


Fighting capitalist Russia is pure insanity.  Europe is more communist than Russia!  China is still a semi-communist country.  Russia isn’t one at all.  Yet our rulers pull out every stupid ‘commies are evil’ scam to poke at Russia.

Both the New York Times and Washington Post have the same article at the same time about an event that was some time ago.  Note the NYT clever use of ‘flaunting his rapport with a Russian leader’ which is straight out of the McCarthy Red Scare playbook!  These ‘newspapers’ pretend they stopped McCarthy.  This is false.  They created him and enabled him and only after doing grave damage to people’s lives including the Chinese scientist who my father protected and who was allowed to flee the country.  The NYT and WP are both hard at work doing the same dirty stuff yet again.


Trump had undisclosed hour-long meeting with Putin at G-20 summit – The Washington Post


After his much-publicized two-and-a-quarter-hour meeting early this month with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin at the Group of 20 summit in Germany, President Trump chatted informally with the Russian leader for up to an additional hour later the same day.


The stupid headline is fake, of course.  Trump circulated at a dinner where there were all the other ‘leaders’ in Europe and Asia and he talked to a number of them!  He spent some extra time chatting with Putin because he wants to stop WWIII.  Talking to other leaders can enable us to avoid WWIII.


The second meeting, undisclosed at the time, took place at a dinner for G-20 leaders, a senior administration official said. At some point during the meal, Trump left his own seat to occupy a chair next to Putin. Trump approached alone, and Putin was attended only by his official interpreter.


Well DUH!  Did the WP and NYT expect Trump and Putin to have an army of aides in order to chat at a DINNER PARTY???  And why was this leaked by yet another anonymous source.  Who are these mysterious ‘senior administration officials’?  Why can’t this dude show us who he or she is?


Fake news is created by ‘anonymous sources’.  If there is something real then someone has to be brave and go forth openly so they can be cross-examined.  Liars hide behind anonymous.  And this is no news in the first place.  All ‘world leaders’ do this at all ‘official dinners’.  This is normal, not abnormal.


In a statement issued Tuesday night after published reports of the conversation, the White House said that “there was no ‘second meeting’ between President Trump and President Putin, just a brief conversation at the end of a dinner. The insinuation that the White House has tried to ‘hide’ a second meeting,” it said, “is false, malicious and absurd.”


“All the leaders” circulated around the room throughout the dinner, and “President Trump spoke with many leaders,” the statement said. “As the dinner was concluding,” it said, Trump spoke “briefly” with Putin, who was seated next to first lady Melania Trump.


Trump just had another meeting with Macron this last week.  In return, Macron decided to have even smaller troops in NATO than before, not more like Trump requested.  Macron plans to have us do all the protection racket junk.

And the warmongers in the GOP who are also Bilderberg gangsters want to spread nuclear missiles everywhere on earth, forgetting that today’s allies can quickly switch to joining Russia and China as we see in the Philippines, for example.

Back to the Trump chat, I don’t care if he spent one minute or one hour.  This is no news.  He did this ‘conversation’ while in the open company of 20 world leaders!  It wasn’t secret at all.  It was ‘establishing contact’ not making a secret deal.  The Washington Post is utterly unhinged these days.   Below is a story about a Somali cop who deliberately and without any warning, suddenly shot a woman dead as she was talking to the other cop, describing someone who was lurking around her home.

Washington Post Says “Criticism Of Islam” Worst Thing About Minneapolis Cop Shooting – YouTube


Yes, the WP is upset that people are freaking out that police are hiring immigrants who are from Muslim nations and these are doing horrible things to US citizens.  How dare we worry about this!  The Muslim saw this lady in her nightgown because she ran out of her house, crying for help.  So he murdered her in cold blood!  Good lord, this is so insane.


Instead of discussing the problems of hiring people from backward African Muslim nations to patrol our streets, we are supposed to worry about being ‘racist’.  What if the police hire jihadists who plan to terrorize us?  Wouldn’t that be a major security issue?  Instead, everything is pitched as ‘racism’ and ‘evil’ whenever we worry about the increasingly dangerous threat of religious warfare from people coming out of countries that think religious warfare is a good thing and who want to do it here, too.


The PC Police are attacking US citizens.  They are openly plotting with Muslims who want to destroy us, to attack us over and over and over again.  The DNC is now run by these people and protects the terrorists while attacking citizens.  Already, these Bilderberg gangsters have nearly destroyed Europe.  Now, they are gunning for us here, too.


This is connected to the ‘Indians and blacks should hate America due to past history’ efforts by the left.  That is, the road to success for both is to hate Americans, hate the concept of this country and to blame all social problems on racism.  So generations are growing up being told to hate fellow Americans and Muslim children are being raised this way, too.


I lived on a reservation in Arizona.  Way back in my childhood, the wonderful people there lived their lives with considerable love of their culture and their one worry was mainly booze: it was illegal on the reservation but people could buy it in Sells, near Tucson.  Natives can’t cope with booze.


Europeans grew up with it over many generations and early forms of booze were not concentrated like booze after 1400 which was increasingly made much, much more alcoholic.  Booze utterly destroys families, it is very addictive and powerful when natives drink fire water.  Now, the Tribe of my youth makes lots of money via gambling and selling booze.


It is destroying them, culturally and mentally.  Instead of rising higher and higher, they are struggling with ferocious social problems.  Easy money, easy drink leads to hell.  Muslims have an interesting social problem: their ideal world is one where they can goof off all day long, do many prayers and have many slaves to do the actual work.  This is, in a nutshell, how Saudi Arabia is run.


One last Russia is evil story:  Bill Clinton Made $500,000 For Speech in Russia; Russians Want It Back! 


All our rulers make these ‘speeches’ for loot starting with Reagan.  He opened the door to this corruption.  He spectacular and very silly 10 minute speech by an Alzheimer’s President fetched him $2 million bucks in Japan.  Since then, they all do this except for Jimmy Carter who is nearly totally ignored by the media and all our rulers who hate him with a terrible passion.


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12 responses to “New Fake News Scandal: Trump Talked With Putin At G20 State Dinner!

  1. Tim Erickson

    Can you enlighten me on why they hate Jimmy Carter. I was only 10 when he left office and really don’t really remember much of what happened then.

  2. Jim R

    Trump probably just wanted 20 minutes of privacy and sanity away from the gibbering paparazzi of the WaPo and NYT.

  3. Ken

    I also thought that the whole fuss about Trump talking to Putin at a state dinner was totally fake news. He was doing his job, in public, with the press and 18 other world leaders in attendence, and the press is busting his chops. Elaine’s blog is the only place I have seen where this matter is discussed in these terms. Everyone else is debating the degree to which Trump was wrong to talk to Putin.

    Tim@1. Carter became a non-person when he pointed out that the Israeli policies toward Palistinians were identical to those employed by South Africa under Apartheid. The Arabs were removed from the land occupied by Israel and pushed into “homelands”, required to have visas to travel or obtain employment within Israel, are militarily suppressed, etc. Although Apartheid was condemned worldwide when white Sourth Africans practiced it, Israel cannot be criticized for doing the same thing. Carter made the mistake of publically recognizing the similarities, and he has paid the price ever since.

  4. nclaughlin

    Curious, I googled “US-Russian Missile Treaty” and found it was Sen Cotton R-AR. Sen Cotton is a well known nut case.

  5. Melponeme_k

    Trump can’t win no matter what he does. What was he supposed to do? I mean this was a dinner event. It’s main purpose was for political people to relax and socialize.

    The elites are ridiculous. They just want Trump to stand in a corner wearing a dunce cap and a red letter A across his chest.

  6. floridasandy

    i would say most people dislike Carter if they lived through every other day gas lines, experienced a “high misery index” economically, know that he gave away the Panama Canal, and especially that he badmouthed the country when they chose not to reelect him. I am not surprised he is building houses now in Canada instead of the US-haha.

    so if Macron wants to cut troops and bring in more illegal immigrants that becomes France’s problem, not the US. I don’t think Trump will get sucked into anything, because he is spending much time trying to get these people to understand the consequences. If they choose to ignore that, it’s on them.

    We get blamed for being peacekeepers, so maybe it is time to let them keep their own peace and see how that goes-both in the Mideast and now Europe. The media went nuts when Trump dropped out of the Paris Accord, and they will continue to go nuts. We can just ignore them in their continued meltdown state. It’s like a giant hissy fit in print

  7. We should pull out of Japan and Europe. Now. It is many, many years overdue.

  8. Tim Erickson

    Thank you Ken for that info on Carter. Now I respect him even more then any other living president.

    Yes the gas lines were bad then also, but those comments on Israel were good.

    BTW is Carter a Bilderberger also?

  9. NO he is NOT. He is the last of the ‘real citizens’ who ran that office.

  10. billibaldi

    President James Earl Carter, short-listed to be one of the first Captains of the US nuclear-powered submarines. Under him policies were put in place to end white rule in Rhodesia and start the relatively peaceful end of Apartheid. Full disclosure – the smooth end of white rule in Zimbabwe means that I still alive today. He was the last President when the USA national debt was under a trillion dollars.

    Carter’s biggest failure, Colonel Tim Osman aka Osama bin Ladin.

  11. The Saudi/CIA business was quite old, by the way. Saudi Arabia is the only country my mother stormed out of because she was so very pissed at the Saudi Royals. Before that, we even hosted that weird family at our home in Tucson and my mother wouldn’t let me go near them at all.

    The Saudi royals/US elites/CIA have a long, long, long history. Once the Saudis figured the British Empire was dead and the US was the new empire, they cozied up rapidly.

    THEY HATE OUR GUTS. They really, really hate us. They always hated us. Penetrating the veil to see how they really feel is key here. Being pesky, I did this years ago.

    Jimmy Carter had to play friendly with the Saudis. All our presidents since Eisenhower, has had to do this. It is at the core of our government which is why the only people allowed to fly in and out of the US after 9/11 when all air traffic was halted, were the Saudis whose people attacked us on 9/11.

  12. Lou

    10–Amy Carter was in the streets to end White rule in SA..

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