Bilderberg Gang Freak Out: Trump Stopping Funds To Fake ‘Moderate’ Terrorists In Syria

RT News is the ‘go to’ source for international information because of the now total collapse in news reporting in Europe and the US.


Today, even the Bilderberg media is reporting this story, of course, attacking Trump for not wanting WWIII.  These war criminals have been pushing for WWIII even before the election and Hillary made it clear in the last debate that she would do a sneak attack on Russia in order to win WWIII.  Well, Trump, I am assuming, has decided to stop trying to be nice to the media and is going ahead with real diplomacy.  You don’t need to do diplomacy with friends, you do it with rivals.  Duh.  But then, our ‘friends’ are actually exploiting the US making us all much weaker thanks to our eternal trade deficits with all our ‘allies’.

The Russians continue to hammer away at the Bilderberg anonymous story that Trump and Putin met ‘secretly’.  Also, the decay in NATO power is accelerating and this is due to many, many diplomatic and military mistakes and defeats.  So, the new rulers of Iraq, now that they took back Mosul, are going to Russia to buy equipment, not the much more expensive and often not very operationally useful US equipment.


Our ‘allies’ are buying a handful of F35 turkeys due to keeping the trade surplus flowing.  They really don’t want these planes.  But it keeps Congress happy so they pretend interest while holding their noses.  On the other hand, the Russian jets are the stars at airshows.  Over the last two years, I have noticed this and remarked on it.  How long will this go?  The US can’t pretend all is well forever.  Europe can’t paper over this while pushing for WWIII while at the same time, allowing a gigantic invasion of angry Muslim males who intend to destroy NATO….ahem.  This is insane.

And…HAHAHA…looks like the Germans want to punish the Poles again.  Ahem.  This is a diplomatic disaster for NATO and for the European Union.  Poland is terrified of the looming Muslim invasion as is most of Eastern Europe and even Austria and Switzerland have both decided they don’t want any more Muslim invaders.  But the Bilderberg gang is bent on doing this so…there it all goes, off the cliff.


The EU is certainly doomed now.  Putin knows this.  I know this.  And the people of Europe have a very short time left to figure this out, if they fail, they will be destroyed from within.  Are they at suicidal?  I suppose many are at this point.  Many just want their government check and they move out of cities as angry Muslim males force them out, just so long as that government money pours in, they will vote for their own destruction.

The London Daily Mail continues to assault Trump.  This mindless reportage is all over the place.  It has been reporting in less hysteria than US media giants who are going insane with rage as they play whack-a-mole with Trump.  Katie Couric: Fake news is ‘tearing’ America ‘apart at the seams’ – NY Daily News reveals the lunacy at the core of our mass media, pretending that ‘fake news’ is on the internet and they are ‘real news’.


Yes, all those NYC young people lying around on the ground are going to change things!    And Katie and her Bilderberg buddies will talk to them about how to rule the world via having a vast dictatorship which will force everyone to have no borders and then impose energy use restrictions that will kill vast numbers of first world citizens.  Thus, they will ‘save the planet’.


But as long as fake news continues to proliferate freely, Couric says, it’s difficult to dive deeper on important issues.


HAHAHAHA.  Fake news is proliferating thanks to mainstream media lying nearly nonstop now.  Just stop doing this, you lunatics!  But no, they are convinced they are ‘real news’ and everyone going after their lies are ‘fake news’.


“We’re not doing enough of a good job of breaking down complicated issues and helping people really understand them,” Couric admits.


They could hire me.  I find it very easy to explain real news.  This means going to other sources for news. Mainstream US media goes only to itself for ‘news’ and are utterly incapable of reporting it because they all have this huge agenda which is the rule the US and have open borders, restrict our energy use so we all die off rapidly while they use nuclear bombs to rule the rest of the planet.  Got that?  Good.


They won’t tell us about these wonderful plans, of course.  This is why they scream about us using energy while living in huge multiple palaces, flying private jets and tooling around in gigantic yachts.


And until Americans can agree upon some shared sense of reality, they will continue to be manipulated by distributors of fake news.


Our future ‘shared sense of reality’ will never exist.  It didn’t exist in the past, there are always factions fighting for power in any society.  Except North Korea which is their model for how to rule the world.


While Couric avoids assigning much blame to mainstream media — she’d rather focus on the technology that makes it easier to produce and distribute convincing misinformation — she does acknowledge that the “lines have been blurred considerably” between straight reporting and opinion.


HAHAHA.  Go look in that magic mirror, you silly goose.  Couric is a tool. She has also attended at least two dozen secret Bilderberg meetings in the past.  She is the last human on earth to give ‘just the facts’ because she is a conspirator who is under orders to lie to everyone about important things like the Bilderberg gang’s many activities.


She concedes that her best plan for taking on fake news and ideological polarization is a little “kumbaya” and “cheesy.”


“We need to be less judgmental and we need to listen,” Couric says. “It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adhere to principles or fight for what you believe in. But you also need to acknowledge that people have different experiences and are coming from a different place.”


OK, little Bilderberg bitch, listen to me carefully: you are a conspirator who wants to destroy us so you and your buddies can have infinite wealth and infinite power and you don’t care if you have to start WWIII to gain your goals which you lie about and conceal from everyone else, putting on a pretty face and sneering at us about ‘fake news’ when you are a total fraud, yourself.


In short: ‘Go to hell, bitch, begone, foul creature of the crawling Darkness.’  There, we are done.  Enjoy your trip downstairs.



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7 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Freak Out: Trump Stopping Funds To Fake ‘Moderate’ Terrorists In Syria

  1. Melponeme_k

    I never trusted Couric even back when I was young and still a feminist. Something about her was just off. The smiles she flashed never reached her eyes. Evil woman.

    The elite are convinced they are going to live forever in Windows computers and turn the rest of us into A.I. robots ala Rosie from the Jetsons.

    They seriously believe this. Really.

  2. Petruchio

    Katie Couric is a good little presstitute media WH#re. What Couric is doing now is called media spin. I think the Elites who own/run the media realize that their credibility is at a dangerously low low. The kind of low that a “news” organization can’t recover from. And since lying and misinformation is what the MSM/Fake News Media does, their shattered credibility is a problem. Katie Couric is just a water carrier for the Media Elites; Couric would dress up in a Clown suit if her masters told her to.

  3. Jim R

    Remember that failed coup attempt last year in Turkey? I think this might be a way Erdogan is saying “thank you” for that..

    “The U.S. takes force protection seriously, obviously,” Stein said by email on Wednesday. “The Turkish government knows this, and still decided to leak the locations of U.S. bases in Syria. Hard not to see this as a F-you.”

  4. floridasandy

    Couric is funded, because she couldn’t have made that much from hooking or reporting.

    From Gatestone:
    One of the reasons is the open-door policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who allowed over a million mostly Muslim migrants to enter Germany, not only without extreme vetting, but with no vetting at all.
    There is, however, another, more structural cause for the current situation. In 2012, the ECHR enacted the so-called “HIRSI” ruling, named after the court case of Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy, which states that the European states have the legal obligation to rescue migrants wherever they find them in the Mediterranean Sea — even just 200 meters away from the Libyan coast — and ferry them to the European shores, so that these people can claim the status of refugee.
    When the Italian Navy intercepted illegal migrants in the Mediterranean Sea and sent them back to their point of origin, Libya, not only did the ECHR condemn Italy for this “obvious” breach of human rights; the Italians had to pay 15,000 euros ($17,000 USD) to each of these illegal migrants in the name of “moral damage”. This kind of money is equivalent to more than 10 years of income in Somalia and Eritrea (the countries of origin of Mr. Hirsi Jamaa and his companions). In 2016, Somalia’s GDP per capita was an estimated $400 USD; Eritrea’s $1,300.


    The European courts are stealing from the Europeans outright now-not to mention how many more will that encourage. I think even Bill Gates, an extreme American liberal, gets it now.

  5. ziff

    Have u seen this , Paris already gone , the cities will look like Lagos

  6. Live forever in a Windows computer?Sounds like hell to me(Mac user).
    It would probably be Windows 8 too.

  7. Remember computer cards? A nightmare!

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