‘Clock Bomb’ Boy And Father Lose Lawsuit Against Fox TV and Shapiro

“Clock Boy” Gets Cleaned By Ben Shapiro, Loses Thousands $$$ – YouTube

Remember ‘clock boy’ who made this ‘science project’ that was a mockup of a terrorist briefcase bomb?  And he made the news because he was accused of making this ‘bomb’ while scamming the school, trying to convince them it was not a ‘bomb’?  Well, he and his father sued Ben Shapiro and Fox News for correctly reporting the story especially the interesting part that the sister of Mohamed did the exact same scam earlier than he but it didn’t make the news.


Naturally, Obama embraced these budding terrorist kids from Pakistan and held them up as fine immigrants who should be citizens.  But news reporters looked into the family history and discovered the father was a Muslim radical fundamentalist who wants to destroy America so this story was buried by mainstream fake news and they pretended there was no ‘Clock bomb boy’ at all and the news that Shapiro and Fox TV just won their case when the terrorist family sued them…is barely in the news.


I picked it up quite randomly while tooling around You Tube.  It was not a headline story at all.  90% of the news is hidden from view and the only news we get, in general, is items of interest of our Real Rulers who conspire to mislead us.


Clock boy loses case ben shapiro fox news – Google Search shows clearly that mainstream liberal news clowns avoided this story like the plague.

Only conservative news feeds carried the story.  We often see stories splashed all over the news when it is all about mean white people doing something bad to ‘minorities’ but when these are shown to be hoaxes, there is no retraction except in conservative media.


I have gotten to the point, I cannot stand reading any ‘liberal’ news because it is so often total lies, deceptions or exaggerations not to mention, not carrying news at all, that it is rendered totally useless.  I still link to these wretched attempts at ‘news’ only to illustrate their failures and deceptions but it is rapidly boring me to death.


Arrrgh.  It is so bad now, they roll out the same stupid scandals over and over again and each time, these are shot down by salient facts and obvious videos showing clearly the mainstream media is manufacturing lies like the recent lie about Trump talking to Putin…only we find out it was at a heavily attended State Dinner in Germany with lots and lots of people moving about, chatting with each other!


Utter  lies are tiresome.  I will assume at this point, the mainstream media can’t tell any truths, ever.  Ratings of various TV news shows are dropping, today, I saw in the news the story about the Emmy Awards which are going this year to the most noxious, stupid, annoying TV junk and it will be one long, ugly, sustained attack on Trump and…in the last several years, ratings for that wretched show which I have never, ever watched in my long life, has been dropping and is expected to fall flat this time around.

Democrats Claim We Are Already At War With Russia – YouTube

MSNBC declares war on Fox TV and Trump.  This is hilarious in a horrible way.  MSNBC claims that Russia and Fox TV news are ‘propaganda’ not the DNC/RNC/ABC/NBC/MSNBC/CNN/NYT/WP fake news machine which according to them all, is real news…in a rat’s ass, of course.


They cannot see how we see them.  They don’t understand how the internet works or how we can gather information or heaven forfend, read Russian news sources, for example.  Oh my.

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  1. Lou

    And Elaine liked barry Obama, for awhile.

    I still insist Mitt would have been better. Obama is [by his own admission] mu slime and the kids were nt his and Michelles, to begin with.
    Obama is homo.

    http://imgur.com/wHu03Ip obamas children and the real parents

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