McCain Operated On, Doctors Find Aggressive Brain Tumor

Looks like McCain is probably going to die soon.  I know about this sort of tumor.  I lost a dear friend to this tragic disease.  There is no cure but medical intervention can somewhat lengthen the life.  It is very sad diagnosis.  This will change the dynamics of the Senate for McCain is a top Bilderberg buddy and has been attacking Trump nonstop.  I prefer people win political battles via dispute and reason but often the Fates have more power than mere humans.


There is going to be quite a fight over all this, Arizona is a ‘tip from one side to the other’ state, big time.  I have personally known previous Arizona Senators due to my father’s activities, knew them very well, that is, Barry Goldwater and Mo Udall.


Goldwater returned to the Senate in 1969, and specialized in defense policy, bringing to the table his experience as a senior officer in the Air Force Reserve. In 1974, as an elder statesman of the party, Goldwater successfully urged President Richard Nixon to resign when evidence of a cover-up in the Watergate scandal became overwhelming and impeachment was imminent. By the 1980s, the increasing influence of the Christian right on the Republican Party so conflicted with Goldwater’s views that he became a vocal opponent of the religious right on issues such as abortion, gay rights, and the role of religion in public life. After narrowly winning re-election to the Senate in 1980, he chose not to run for a sixth term in 1986, and was succeeded by fellow Republican John McCain.


Barry was better than McCain, in my eyes.  He was also a very good friend of my father.  I believe Trump wishes to be more like Barry Goldwater, not Barry Obama.  But the media will hound him mercilessly no matter who he copies.  He isn’t a Bilderberg co-conspirator, after all.


I always found it rather amusing how Arizona’s Senators make big waves in DC.  For example, Carl Hayden knew my grandfather back in the early days before Arizona became a state…and he was still Senator which I was a child.  He was in DC since 1912 when Arizona became a state and stopped when he died in 1972, age 94.  A tough old bird, that man.  And a Democrat of the Old School before the 1964 switcheroo.


Odd point here, during the frontier days, Hayden went to my elementary school in Tempe…his old vulture visage was prominently displayed in our schools back then…hehehe.


Well, McCain did many things, I disagree with some, especially his recent attempts at starting WWIII which I cannot bear, it pisses me off to even think about it…that erases much possible good thinking about him, I greatly resent him trying to get us all KILLED for STUPID REASONS.  Gah.  Oh, to hell with him.  How dare he do this?  It would be the crime of the eons, forget ‘century’.



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17 responses to “McCain Operated On, Doctors Find Aggressive Brain Tumor

  1. Ken

    I doubt that McCain will voluntarily step down until the very end. People who have spent a lifetime tryingto pursue power are reluctant to give it up easily.

    He may well last until the 2018 mid-term elections. Another hurdle for Trump.

  2. Tacitus

    Quem deus vult perdere, prius dementat.

  3. Mewswithaview

    Well there is the McCain institute for international “bribery”.

    Former Clinton Foundation Donors Flocking To The McCain Institute

  4. Petruchio

    Elaine: I’ll take a win any way I can get it, whether Fate does it or humans. ‘doesn’t matter to me. McCain’s warmongering has caused a lot of death and suffering. I will save my compassion for the innocent victims of McCain and his kind.

  5. Floridasandy

    It’s interesting to see all the rats come out of the woodwork for McCain., including his pretend rival Obama. Like Petruchio,, my sympathy is reserved for all our people who died with all this weapon double dealing for profit.

    Good post mews, for all the people who didn’t know about mccains little foundation , tax f—–g free. You have to wonder how much money is enough for all these corrupt bastards. Oh, and if McCain says he is not connected to it he should sue to have his name taken off- but that won’t happen 😀

    We can only hope he steps down since it is an actual brain tumor, and his behavior has been more erratic lately.

  6. Melponeme_k

    The elite will not let McCain step down. Not anymore than they let Hillary pull back when she was having seizures on the campaign trail.

    No doubt they will make him push extra policies to hurt the US while he can still crawl into his office.

  7. An army of doddering old corrupt regime people will lead the revolution! 🙂

  8. Lou

    JMC didnt know how many mansions he and wife owned [6? 7?] and wanted endless war for the NeoCohens [we can stay at war in middle east for 100 yearts].

  9. floridasandy

    here’s an old NY TImes interview with Obama bitching about Mccain:

    Here’s what Mr. Obama said next:
    “This puzzled me. I was confused as to what he meant. Then there was another interview, where somebody asked John McCain, ‘How many houses do you have?’ He said, ‘I’m not sure I’ll have to check with my staff.’ True quote! ‘I’m not sure, I’ll have to check with my staff.’ So they asked his staff and he said, ‘at least four.’ ‘At least four.’

    They ALL do what is politically expedient-except Trump, and that is why Trump is taking so much crap from the liberal Zionist media. (and by Zionist I don’t mean looking out for USA Jewish people, but for the state of Israel. Move all the Muslim nuts out of the Mideast and you have a safer Israel, doncha know?)

  10. Lou

    9– I believe, at that point the 2 of them had 6 or 7–All Regions
    Safe Search: Strict
    Any Time
    McCain family owns 8 properties – POLITICO
    John McCain’s family … may have some wiggle room in explaining why he couldn’t immediately provide an answer when asked by Politico how many houses …
    [Search domain]…
    How many houses does John McCain have? | Yahoo Answers
    Is he just a regular “joe” just like you and me? or did he really forget that he has several homes and is a multimillionaire? http://thecaucus.blogs
    [Search domain]
    McCain unsure how many houses he owns – POLITICO
    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview Wednesday that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife, Cindy, own. “I think — I’ll have my …
    [Search domain]…
    McCain not sure how many houses he and wife own – politics …
    Sen. John McCain speaks during a town … “I guess if you think bein

  11. The Clintons own bolt holes. 🙂

  12. ziff

    they should turn his remains into animated robot , the anti -trumpers wouldn’t know the difference.

  13. Petruchio

    @#7 Elaine: To that I say: let’s ban Prunes! That oughtta make all those “doddering old corrupt regime people” Very uncomfortable! Ban prune juice, I say.

  14. Floridasandy

    Ken, McCain just said he couldn’t wait to get back to “work” in Washington.

  15. Lou

    Had to go back and look it up!!
    McCain has more confirmed kills of us soldiers than any one person to date. Look it up! Bombed his own shipmates on the deck of the aircraft carrier acting like a child playing with his fighter plane.

    He’s a joke!!!!! Utter failure!!!! And traitor to we the people!!!!

    he fired a rocket on deck into other planes that were carrying 1000 lb bombs ignighted those bombs killed 134 sailors severley injured 164( lost arms , legs, eyesight, ect….) nearly sank the aircraft carrier and was captured and this piece of trash was made a senator????? WTF????.
    All of the people that are in high and important positions are there because they are hand picked by the top richest —-s that control everything, and they pick the type of people that are willing to go along and do what these richest people want… and this is how/why the government works for the richest and not for the people of their nation.

  16. Yeah, he beat Bush Jr in that. Both were stupid pilots. Note where we are flying now.

  17. Lou

    Tokyo Rose McCain has a particularly aggressive form of cancer…..less than a 4% chance of being alive carrying out jooie policy 5 years from now.

    His best recordings from Hanoi are still available on line.

    Sedition runs in the family…..his equally vile admiral father covered up the attack on the USS Liberty by the vile treacherous Izzies.

    Rose is the only american flier to almost sink a US carrier, the USS Forrestal. Pranking the plane behind with an afterburner pop started the Forrestal fire that killed 134 sailors….again covered up by his vile admiral father.

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