German Courts Collapsing Under Heavy Load of Refugee Cases


As the Bilderberg gang gangs up on Trump destroying everyone around him and forcing him to slowly bend to their mighty will, countries that obey the Bilderberg gang are DYING rapidly.  Germany, the most powerful and successful EU nation, is self-destructing.  There is no Trump there to try to stop this.  Merkel put the country on course to be utterly wrecked and it will be destroyed, completely.  Bonjour, Berlin.  ‘Everything will collapse’: German courts ‘overwhelmed’ by asylum seeker claims — RT News reports from Russia.


 Seegmuller had been complaining since spring about the number of lawsuits being filed against the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). Thousands of applicants have challenged the decisions delivered on their cases by the BAMF, including deportation orders back to potentially unsafe countries such as Afghanistan.


A system has been set up by the Real Rulers so that citizens can’t control who is a citizen or anything.  Then they opened the floodgates to hostile people who have a burning desire to overrun and rule the EU and US and other associated places.


Why is this?  I can only guess.  Perhaps many of our ruler want Israel to be preserved by destroying all the countries bordering Israel.  Makes perfect sense.  Sending these people to nuclear armed allied nations and then letting them take over there is…obvious the result!  Israel will be annihilated eventually.


Based on RND’s estimations, there are approximately 250,000 asylum-related cases waiting to be brought before the courts.


“The administrative court system cannot endure such a figure in the long run. At some point, everything will collapse,” Seegmüller warned. “Things may go well for a while, but not permanently.”


Seegmuller said in addition to the volume of work, the courts have to deal with poor decision-making by immigration authorities. He would not elaborate further.


Germany deported me!  What is all this whining about being unable to deport people?  Did I go to trial?  NO.  They just removed me.  Duh.  What ails them today?  HAHAHA.  This is ridiculous.  Meanwhile, the ‘rescuers’ are roaming the coast of Libya bringing in 20,000 a week or more.  No one is stopping them, either!


I crossed borders illegally in Europe in 1968 and back then it was very tricky but my mountain climbing and swimming skills were honed in the high mountains of the Southwest and I could climb barefoot in the desert by age 16.  Rope repelling, making temporary bridges and shelters, etc. were all very high levels of skill and I ran all over Europe but where I was caught was in a city.  Duh.


Where do these ‘refugees’ go?  To the cities!  To the train stations!  Right down town in the city centers!!!  Easy to find and evict them, no?  Of course they can.

Turkey minister accuses Berlin of harboring terrorists, as disagreement heats up.  Yes, Berlin is harboring terrorists. Evidently, German voters want terrorists right next door.  Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants.

From two weeks ago:  Italy threatens to shut ports amid escalating migrant crisis.


Israeli General: We Won’t Let Iran Win the Syrian War and Israel wants Assad dead.  No shock.  Israel’s top general openly says he will commit war crimes to do this:


Israeli Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror is the latest to step up the ever-growing series of threats against Iran over the matter, attending a briefing with foreign correspondents today and warning that if the US and Russia don’t resolve Israel’s complaints, the Israeli military will “intervene and destroy every attempt to build infrastructure in Syria.”


US ‘Furious’ Over Turkey Publishing US Troop Locations in Syria as Russia and Turkey grow closer together.  Seems a number of secret bases used for war crimes is now ‘visible’ to Russia and Syria.  This was all due to leaks to the Turkish media.


The #1 tool of our Rulers here is to ‘leak’ all the crummy stuff against Trump in an unending river of filth that is mainly lies or exaggerations.  Unfortunately, half of the voters want this false information.  So we go collectively off the cliff.  Ho hum.  A typical day in a dying empire, I often mused about how ancient Romans digested incoming information usually in the form of invading barbarians.


A series of earthquakes on the island of Kos in the Mediterranean has shaken Europe a bit.  The Mediterranean Sea isn’t as geologically wild as say, Japan, but when it blows up, it can change the global climate like in 1250BC when a nearby island volcano blew up and sent giant tsunamis crashing across the Mediterranean bathtub, destroying the civilization of Knossos.


All this is due to the subduction zone between Africa and Europe.  Turkey is surrounded by geological forces which press hard on Greece and the associated islands.  This is a key political nexus and has been the host of the rise and fall of many civilizations which are hammered by geological forces.


The above map could be illustrating Trump’s balls being crushed by mighty forces that hate most of us and which hopes to destroy us and rule the planet somehow, some way in the future after WWIII which they seem to want way to excessively.



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6 responses to “German Courts Collapsing Under Heavy Load of Refugee Cases

  1. ziff

    Merkels excuse is she has to follow the Geneva convention.

  2. Mewswithaview

    The real agenda is the ageing population in Europe and the need for cheap labour to keep the system going. The German industrialists and not saying no to this . ..

  3. Inviting in people who intend to be on welfare isn’t working. 🙂

  4. Lou

    ‘Be on welfare’? More like bring down Western Civilization.

    Meanwhile, in Chi Congo,

    Between 2009-2016, Taxpayers Shelled Out $447 million to Pay Medical Bills for Almost Entirely Nonwhite Victims of Nonwhite Gun crime in Chicago
    The 2nd Amendment was never intended to protect the right of nonwhites to “keep and bear arms.”

    A simple consultation of the Naturalization Act of 1790 will make quite clear who the founding fathers intended to be citizens of the United States and just whom the Bill of Rights protected.

    Which brings us to the dystopia of 2017 Chicago. Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicago tells the story of the black contribution to Chicago, but a shocking new study of the cost of almost exclusively black (and brown) gun violence in the city shows just why we need to revert back to the founding fathers original intentions of both citizenships and who was covered by the Bill of Rights.

  5. Lou

    Elaine, is this the future, for your rural area?

    Somalis are in Lewiston, Maine, an old New England mill town that was %100 white and working class. Most of the population there were of course not wealthy or well educated therefore they had no political power. The white people were and are law abiding, non-violent, socially conservative, patriotic and Catholic/Protestant. They are despised by the ruling class of this country and are the epitome of what needs to be destroyed i.e. “deplorables” according to our betters.

    The geniuses in the ruling class used the useful idiots of Catholic/Lutheran and other “charities” to bring these animals to Lewiston where they promptly went on welfare, roamed around all day in colorful bed sheets, popped out niglets and complained about discrimination. Their patrons hundreds of miles away kept the courts busy with profitable lawsuits while heaping abuse on the “racist” white people of Lewiston.

    The Somalis are %100 dependent upon the government’s welfare system for their daily bread. They are not even remotely self sufficient, thrifty, industrious, modest or otherwise virtuous. They are also not very good in winter where the temperature can be 10 deg. F. for days in a row and there can be a foot of snow or more on the ground. They tend to hibernate during the winter at least more than the warmer months.

    Compare and contrast with typical real Americans in Maine.
    Most people hunt and fish, camping/hiking is huge (the Appalachian Mountain Trail terminates in Maine), there is a big sailing/outdoors aspect to life as well as being prepared for bad contingencies. In Maine as in the rest of rural New England everyone owns firearms.

    When the wheels come off BRA which they surely will the arrogant, demanding, viscous, filthy Moslem Somalis will be on their own, the government will surely fail them. They will then need the constant assistance of the white people of Maine just to survive, the same people they openly despise now. The heavily armed white people in Maine, normally reserved but actually very helpful and generous will defend themselves against the absent government’s pets if necessary and the Somalis know this.

    The Somalis are in for a rude awakening when BRA fails, they have made enemies of the very people they will need whom they have also badly underestimated. Their sponsors will be nowhere to be found, the Somalis will be on their own without any useful skills or preps, just anger and attitude. Those aren’t very useful when there is a foot of snow on the ground. the electricity has failed and the temperature is 10 deg. F. outside and falling fast inside.

    They should have stayed in the shithole of Somalia.

  6. What we are seeing is the exact same actions of the Roman Empire: they scattered far and wide, all ethnic groups hoping to keep all the provinces divided and under central control.

    When this collapsed, all the ‘outsider’ populations in various regions were utterly annihilated. This is disguised by historians who simply don’t talk about what happened when all those many scattered populations moved around by the Romans faced invading barbarians who had no use for them.

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