Black New York Times Reporters Suffer From Irrational Race Rage

NY Times Hires Reporter Who cheated with Clinton during the election.


The NYT has a long history of playing dirty politics, using their platform to lie, cheat and steal.  They continue this fine tradition with today’s story about ‘How to start a race riot for stupid reasons.’  I found this today at a British newspaper:  New York Times reporter accuses white women of racism | Daily Mail Online.  Curious about what the NYT is doing to itself, I read the entire story at the NYT.  But first, we will go to the London Daily Mail (I get most of my real news from overseas) to see what the NYT is trying to do:


Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the Media Research Center, said Howard (the reporter writing an editorial attacking white women for not stepping out of HIS way!) was indicating a clear bias.


Yes, this dude is not only racist, he is a sexist pig, too.  HAHAHA.  The NYT screams they hate men who are sexist and then hire some more to write editorials about white women!


‘Can you imagine The New York Times running an essay where a white woman complains about how African-American men are rude and then blames it on race?’ he told Fox News.


I bet Fox News was laughing at this point.


‘The paper and the author would be skewered. The left’s new default is that white people are doing wrong at every turn – even walking down the street.’


Yes, all black people are victims all the time even when they murder innocent people, they are still victims.  This rant about being victims is nonstop now.  Obama opened the flood gates for this and we are all drowning in fake tears as blacks demand we all pretend 50% of crimes are not committed by blacks who are less than 13% of the population, for example.


This mess is very serious and has many social causes with the #1 problem is, over 70% of black children have no biological or often any father at home.  Socially, black communities are rapidly collapsing even as racial quota rules lifts a minority of blacks to high positions everywhere.


Here is the crazy editorial written by three black ‘reporters’ who got their jobs thanks to skin color:  Was That Racist? –


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First, the announcement that the NYT was going to have a segregated newsletter run by black staff.  All over the place, black intellectuals are demanding segregation. They go to universities and demand they have their own organizations and spaces strictly based on race, and this re-segregation is going to destroy them in the end since they also demand we all integrate while they don’t do this.


A double standard that will not stand.  They have taken the bull by the horns and can’t let go.  Now, on to the hysteria hatred of whites and the black NYT reporters who have gone insane due to this:


A barista had just finished preparing an order and then called out “tall, black Marques; tall, black Marques.” Marques, a 6-foot-2 African-American man who works for a demolition company based in Colorado, stood bewildered by what seemed to be a racially charged incident inside a Starbucks.


After realizing the misunderstanding — “tall, black” was referring to the coffee, not the person ordering it — he laughed and defused the situation with a joke: “That’s me, tall black Marques!”


He did not ‘defuse’ the situation.  He was the entity that was going to blow up.  Then he thought long enough to become rational and figured out what was really going on. People who are always looking to blame strangers and others of being racist end up usually in legal trouble if they become violent.


One reason police carry cameras now is to protect themselves from false racism charges.  More often than not, the cameras show that a number of black people make up stories about cops being racist.  I think all teachers should wear cameras, too.


Now on to another story about how black educated people like the NYT reporters are actually insane.  This male reporter is very pissed off that women don’t step aside for him!  My jaw drops.  What a gentleman he is…not.


In New York, so much of my life consists of walking in and through crowds. I am, I think, a good walker. I don’t dawdle, and even when walking at high speeds, I’m courteous — always willing to sway to one side, change speed in traffic or even take wide berths around large, lost, child-toting or otherwise compromised gaggles of pedestrians.


I walked all over NYT for years and years.  Does this clown plow into people?  According to him, no.  But then he begins to whine about white women ‘not seeing him’ which is insane. White women do see black men.  In a crowd, they are not scared, alone at night on a street, they are terrified.


There are many times in a day when a person is walking toward me and in my path. In these situations, we both generally make minor adjustments upon our approach. Sometimes, and especially with pedestrians who are black, as I am, there’s eye contact or even a nod.


The list of black males fighting and even KILLING each other for bumping into each other in the streets of NYC is awfully long.  I have actually heard them say, ‘I’ll kill you’ when doing this!


Almost always, we shift our bodyweight or otherwise detour to make the pass easier for the other. Walking courteously doesn’t take much, just soupçons of spatial awareness, foresight and empathy.


This black dude is insane.  Blacks do not ‘walk courteous’ at all.  They demand everyone make way for them because…they can become irrationally violent if you don’t.

Fight Breaks Out in NYC Subway Train Over a Seat – YouTube: riders tell big black dude to stop hitting woman who complained about him taking a seat.


In seven years of living and walking here, I’ve found that most people walk courteously — but that white women, at least when I’m in their path, do not.


I would suggest the NYT have this guy see a psychologist and maybe ahem…fire him. He is dangerous.  He is ready to explode in rage because white women won’t step aside for him in the street!  Amazing.


As a NYC walker, some people pass in a friendly way and others are oblivious.  It is like avoiding fire hydrants, etc.  You just walk where it works!  But this guy only notices people who are white women, when he is walking and doesn’t notice when black men do the same thing because…when two black men get mad at each other, one of them often is badly damaged or killed.


So far, not one white woman has killed or beaten up a black man because they collide on the sidewalk.


Sometimes they’re buried in their phones. Other times, they’re in pairs and groups, and in conversation. But often, they’re looking ahead, through me, if not quite at me. When white women are in my path, they almost always continue straight, forcing me to one side without changing their course. This happens several times a day; and a couple of times a week, white women force me off the sidewalk completely. In these instances, when I’m standing in the street or in the dirt as a white woman strides past, broad-shouldered and blissful, I turn furious.


He is insane.  The NYT should be alarmed by this editorial from one of their own staff.  He sounds scary.  His imaginings don’t stop with ‘broad shoulder blissful white women’ I bet he has ugly rape fantasies.


After these encounters, I’m always left with questions. Why only and specifically white women? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because they’ve been taught that they should fear black men, and that any acknowledgment of black men can invite danger? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because to alter their route would be to show their fear? Do they not see me? Can they not see me?


You do this, dude, because you are a violent racist with a huge chip on your shoulder and you are going to end up in prison if you kill a white woman because you imagine she ‘dissed’ you.


I wonder, too, why I always get out of the way. Why haven’t I ever just walked headlong into a rude white woman? What lessons tug at me, force me off the sidewalk, tell me that my personal space is not necessarily mine? Because explicit in every white woman’s decision not to get out of my way is the expectation that I’ll get out of theirs.


I wish I was still pacing around  Manhattan.  I would love to bump into him.  The Housewife from Hell really likes to fight which shocked people I took down, they never expected it.


There have always been white women in my life, and I’ve counted them as friends and sisters, mothers and lovers. Whenever I ask white women I know why they don’t reroute for black men, they invariably express ignorance. Whenever that happens, another question always arises: Wait, am I crazy? But then I ask black men. Invariably, they know what I’m talking about.


Yes, you are crazy.  And yes, they were probably puzzled and even alarmed at your feelings of rage.  And I would suggest they give you a very wide berth when working around you.


A couple of weeks ago, I asked an Asian friend if he had the same experience of white women not getting out of his way. He said no. For whatever reason, white women see him just fine. The people who don’t, he said, are white men.


The NYT reporters who are black have chips on the shoulder. One story was about how they were denied chips in a restaurant and how angry they were, they assumed this was due to racism even though the black reporter had a white wife which means it was racism against whites and blacks? Assuming motive is easy when one sees everything through the lens of racism.


The NYT has this handy tool: call anyone you want destroyed, a ‘racist’ and then crimes are OK.  The black population has been egged into becoming increasingly dysfunctional.  The more civil rights advantages turns into more disintegration internally.


Desperate to fix this, blacks are embracing segregation.  What sad end to the liberal push for integration.  And it is only going to get much worse, we get religious wars on top of all this, too.


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11 responses to “Black New York Times Reporters Suffer From Irrational Race Rage

  1. Ken

    As a small silver lining, at least the article by the black, racist reporter employed good grammar. So often in today’s society the ability to write well is a lost art.

  2. Lou

    Ken #1–Ever hear the term Ghost Writer?

    Title notes, ‘angry Black’–well COLOR me surprised.

    What do you expect from Blacks?

  3. melponeme_k

    I can’t believe that the NYT pays this man a good salary for crazy, imaginary ranting.

    White women, Asian Women or any other woman is not his problem.

    His real problem is that the elites are planning to inundate the world with fundamentalist Islam. Islam HATES black people. They think they are only fit to be slaves. In fact Islamists were the very backbone of slavery and STILL ARE involved in slavery of all forms!

    The South Americans are no better when it comes to racism against white and black.

    This insane writer better prey the rest of us can hold off these illegal invaders. Because the first people to go down in a collapsed society will be black people. They believe they can make a stand but they are fooled that they have numbers because they don’t travel outside the city areas.

    I have traveled outside the city areas. No too many minorities of any type.

  4. Lou

    Elaine, I think this deserves an article, in your usual insightful prose,

  5. floridasandy

    that was a sad train video-this makes many of us glad we don’t have to ride them or live in the city. It was sad seeing the little kids just trying to act casual as this was all gong on.


    I think ALL races are having a harder time getting along with the opposite sex. The younger women seem more angry and the younger boys seem more disinterested in relationships than before. I think that is the bigger issue

    . Of course, a huge issue is the pedophilia accepted in Muslim cultures. (google it on you tube for an eye opening experience). Our media doesn’t cover that. Here’s one:

    coming to a country near you.

  6. Living in NYC is very rough. It is emotionally draining unless one is very thick skinned. I lived there for years and years and know this first hand. The news business is particularly dangerous for the emotions of young, idealistic people who go to school to learn the art of the craft while not understanding that the crafty are the ones who survive since much of what is ‘news’ is not exactly aligned with reality.

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  8. That pingback is to the New York Times! Oh my. HAHAHA. Maybe they will talk to me…naw. The NYT knew me as Elaine Levy, the Housewife From Hell. Maybe they will figure this out. That will be too funny.

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