Both Syria Demands For NATO To Rebuild Nation After Illegal Invasions

 RT Russian news is the only real news left for NATO populations to see what is really going on in war issues.


The New York Times is in New York just like me.  Today, there isn’t a single front page story about Syria going to the UN to demand the NATO nations rebuild Syria since they sided with terrorists to destroy that country.  One would imagine that the NYT would feature this story but no, it is nonstop anti-Trump trash talk, ditto the Washington Post.  Both are desperate to kill diplomacy, to mislead Americans about war crimes and to push for eliminating anyone outside the Bilderberg gang from running DC.  This isn’t the only story neither paper is covering, there are equally important stories being ignored.


I hope Iraq sues NATO, too.  The Iraq invasion by NATO powers was totally illegal and based on totally false charges and we are very much guilty of war crimes for the US public backed this illegal war but they are not to blame because the Bilderberg gang cooked up that war deliberately after 9/11 knowing full well, it was a war crime.


Illegal alien smugglers are becoming very unpopular with the captive populations of the EU. Britain’s vote to leave the EU was mainly due to people wanting to stop legal and illegal aliens.


Here is part of the anti-Trump front page of the war criminal operations front propaganda crew at the New York Mexico Times (owned by a rich Mexican):

EXCUSE ME…hello, the NYT knows perfectly well how diplomacy works.  They are demanding all communications between world leaders first pass through THEIR hands!  This is outrageous as well as insidious.  Why didn’t they also demand this of Bush Jr, Bush Sr, Obama and Clinton?  Eh?  Hello!


They know perfectly well, this is insane, stupid and childish.  They never, ever demanded that Clinton release all her speeches to bankers and foreign entities!  Not once!  Indeed, they huffed and puffed at the rest of the citizens for demanding she release her speeches.


This utterly insane double standard is easy to see and they are utterly blind to it and ‘liberals’ don’t care if it is crazy, they want some club for which they can smash Trump to smithereens, little caring about legality.


The Washington Post is worse: their breaking story is another ‘sources say’ which is daily fare, not one of these ‘sources’ has bothered to show their faces if they exist.  This story is totally illegal.  Leakers of DIPLOMATIC information, being leaked in order to create conditions for a coup, is ILLEGAL.  Extremely illegal.


If this is a real leak, the three ‘reporters’ and their boss should be hauled into Congress and questioned as to who did this ‘leak’.  Then there is the story about the Obama spy buddies talking about how Trump is mean to the DNC spy ‘leakers’.  Eh?  I want them all arrested!


Trump, so far, has been very nice about all this stuff.  He should fire all the Obama appointed spy staff but he can’t do this easily.  On the other hand, the longer they break laws and the leakers know exactly what I am talking about, the more destabilized the government since this is a coup.


A two pronged Washington Post attack on patriots on their editorial page which has been a sewer of anti-patriotic trash for quite a while Washington Post is a very evil operation now.  Note how they attack citizens and pretend we are attacking Muslims when Muslims have been terrorizing Americans for the last 20 years, killing thousands of citizens.


I am pleased to see that Trump voters are not buying the WWIII ‘Russia is evil’ garbage.  Good, we are making progress.  I wonder why the NYT didn’t inquire about how ‘the red states’ think about Muslims and how they are the bad people and we should bring in more Muslim terrorists.  Ahem.  I can guess: they all want the importation of terrorists and people who want to destroy our civilization to stop!  Imagine that.



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4 responses to “Both Syria Demands For NATO To Rebuild Nation After Illegal Invasions

  1. Mewswithaview

    The outlook for Syrians is poor, the war has destroyed infrastructure, trade routes and relationships and they are subject to economic boycott by client states of the USA at the bequest of Israel.

    An article in the financial Times “Syrian rebels alarmed by reports covert CIA aid will end” quotes the insane McCain (may he be tormented in hell)

    “If these reports are true, the administration is playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin,” John McCain, the Republican chairman of the Senate armed services committee, countered. “Making any concession to Russia, absent a broader strategy for Syria, is irresponsible and short-sighted,” he said.

    Rebels contacted by the Financial Times say their CIA interlocutors had not confirmed any change, and political opposition figures who met US officials this week say they, too, were given no hint of any change. The White House has not confirmed that the programme has been cancelled.

    In practice Al Quedas funding was cut in January, this is just an attempt to prevent the Trump administration changing foreign policy. The US and Israel are still involved with the Kurds in Northern Syria and hve a number of bases there. This is a situation I expect will not be allowed to stand by the Turks, Iranians or Iraqis and they will eventually subjugate them and the Kurds will meet the same fate as the Hmong tribe in Laos who were requited by the CIA during the Vietnam war.

  2. Claudeeyah

    This story is totally illegal. Leakers of DIPLOMATIC information, being leaked in order to create conditions for a coup, is ILLEGAL. Extremely illegal.

    This would be important if we were still a country that honored the rule of law.

  3. Jim R

    If they don’t want to report the information, they talk about the leakers.

    * Wikileaks is bad!

    But if they DO want to report the information then:

    * The leaker is anonymous!

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