Japan: Worked To Death/No More Children

Japan’s ‘Premium Friday’ Attempts to Stop Death by Overwork: VICE News Tonight on HBO – YouTube


Japan is a competitor with the US which ruthlessly works its own people to death.  The ‘depression’ in Japan that came with the stock market crash decades ago…continues!  50% of all young people in Japan under the age of 35 are not having children or getting married!  The place is rapidly literally dying and no one is lifting a finger to stop this except with silly slogans and useless actions deliberately set up to fail because working people to death and paying nearly nothing makes the very rich even richer and more powerful.  Duh.


Olympic stadium worker’s suicide was ‘death by overwork,’ say parents – Japan Today: Japan is hosting the Olympics and is working citizens to death doing this stupid stunt and the entire enterprise is increasingly pointless…

The Olympics are now officially dead to me.  Now that women have to compete with men who still have their balls and adrenaline, there is nothing left for women today.  Give it all up!  Men are bigger and stronger so the strongest men taking a few female pills will annihilate all possible real women.


I have a child who is a gender-changed woman today.  We both note how her muscle and strength is falling and her balding head is now increasingly full of hair and she gets to complain about periods now which amuses me.  The main thing is, even a ‘man’ who is now a full woman, no longer has much of an advantage but the Olympics didn’t do this, they did the ‘sort of female but mostly male can compete with women’ route which is insane.


All systems are being systematically destroyed now.  This must be due to the concept of ‘if your empire is going bankrupt, destroy all society’ beliefs?  Humans have to do this?  Seems like it.


The parents of a worker on Japan’s Olympic stadium who committed suicide have petitioned the government to recognise it as “death by overwork”, an official said, with media saying he worked 200 hours of overtime a month before his death.


That is insane hours.  That is slavery.  This is an extra 7 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Each day was a double work day!  There are no laws protecting workers in Japan and if there are any laws, they are not enforced.


Construction work on Tokyo’s new National Stadium, the centerpiece of the 2020 Summer Olympics, began in December 2016 after a delay of nearly a year over the rejection of the original design in a cost-cutting move.


They mainly cut costs by working people double hours.  The employees are cut down by 50% this way.


Delays fuelled the pressure to meet construction deadlines, Kawahito added. “I’m taking today off,” the man said, before he disappeared in March, a month before the discovery of his body and a suicide note.


In a country that sets few curbs on employers regarding overtime and pay, staff at more than a fifth of companies exceeded a government threshold of 80 hours of monthly overtime, a white paper showed in 2016.


Worker abuse is rampant in Japan.  The social cost of this is huge.  Workers live in miserable conditions.  They are so overworked, they can’t create families anymore.  Many who try to make a family do this via parking the children with grandparents in distant villages.  This is working very poorly for all.


Better here is some of the reader’s comments at Japan Today:


gogogoToday 04:21 pm JST
This is the problem in Japan, I’ve seen projects seven layers deep into sub-contractors, everyone is taking off the top and the end guy is getting paid peanuts and working the job of 3-4 people so that the companies above him can get their cut.

10( +10 / -0 )

DisillusionedToday 08:01 pm JST
But, working your employees to death is Japanese business culture. The Japanese government just set a limit of 100 hours per month on overtime, which is still absolutely absurd! Is there any wonder Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world? Is there any wonder child abuse and domestic violence are also among the highest in the world. Japanese people don’t need to worry about work/life balance because they have no life, only work!


CrickyToday 05:08 pm JST
200hrs a month, that’s an EXTRA 8hrs a day 6 days a week! But Not Illegal as the Government made construction excempt from the new 100hr limit. Never enforced anyway. Quitting is not so easy. Group pressure has power in the workplace. Too young for such desperate measures.

Japan Is Dying: All Work, No Sex Means No Future – YouTube

Japan is dying.  Graphs show that in 100 years, Japan will be utterly finished.  When a society collapses with the speed as Japan is collapsing, the only survivors are the very elderly, not children and young adults.  This is different from plagues and wars: both of these kill off many elderly and young women always respond by having more babies.


These women won’t know how to make or raise babies if they are raised as single children and parked with elderly adults.  And if young males are turned into robots and slaves, they won’t attract young girls and the elderly men only want sex, not raising children.  So we get a culture set for suicide.


I don’t see Japan escaping this trap.  Their entertainment is all about school girls being ‘sexy’ while still underage, not adult females who have babies, etc.

What Japanese Think of Low Birth Rate in Japan (Interview) – YouTube

There is near zero out of wedlock children in Japan. The ‘no marriage’ young adults means ‘no sex’.  In very little time, 50% of Japanese will be over the age of 60 years which is impossible to maintain.



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7 responses to “Japan: Worked To Death/No More Children

  1. Claudeeyah

    Well, here we have the opposite problem in a way. The productive young people in their 20’s and 30’s are debt slaves due to their college tuition payments. The unproductive class, negroes, are paid to procreate. More and more welfare payments going to people who have no earthly intention of working for a living. The shrinking middle class is stretched thinner and thinner each year, paying for the MIC, Social Security for the (increasingly aged) population, and new immigrants, illegal and legal, who have no intention of ever working for a paycheck. But hey, when Uncle Sugar pays you to squirt out babies year after year, free medical, dental, housing, and some walking around money, why not?

  2. Ken

    Similar worker abuse in the west gave rise to unions and the labor movement. Where are the Japanese unions?

  3. All NATO nations are funding illegal aliens and attackers who hate western civilization and all will be destroyed by this. Why haven’t the people risen up against this?

    Well, so far, they, too, get government money! So they want that to continue! This renders them helpless as History barrels down the road aimed straight at them, determined to destroy them all utterly just like when the Roman Empire failed and barbarians invaded and destroyed everything pretty thoroughly.

  4. Blissex

    Excessive work happened during the 60s-70s boom too, but there were families as support and a more callous attitude at the time. As to old people in Japan there are reports that since they are no longer part of extended families many now have resorted to stealing to feed themselves, and also in the hope of being awarded a long prison sentence in one of the prisons for elderly people, which apparently are nicer than care homes.

    But the Japanese elites may have a long term plan: they are also reforesting Japan.
    My impression is that they are deliberately shrinking the non-elite population to prepare for a large post-industrial reduction in carrying capacity, while maintaining individual standards of living.
    Which is in part I suspect the real reason behind talk of “climate change” (climate always changes…) and “carbon footprint” (proxy for oil consumption) in the “anglo-american” world, where the aim is not to shrink the total number of the servant classes, but their individual consumption.

  5. Frankly, I think the elites worldwide, have gone insane. They can’t possibly sanely expect African/Muslim/South American/Central American birth rates shooting onwards while all others decline will end with the elites with greater powers. That is ridiculous.

    But they are insane. I know this first hand. Their insanity is considered ‘normal’ because they control all systems including psychiatric care so they ipso facto declare their madness is normal.

    This always ends badly, note how the Roman Empire collapsed internally before it was invaded by my barbarian ancestors.

  6. Shawntoh


    Per our conversation, this is the documentation of the decline of Japan as of 1976–

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