Minneapolis Somali Cop: Liberals Don’t Want Him Arrested For Murder White Woman

Washington Post Says “Criticism Of Islam” Worst Thing About Minneapolis Cop Shooting – YouTube


Liberal cities and states are literally dying.  Chaos, crime, riots, murders, bankruptcy is rapidly destroying whole sections of America.  Free trade killing jobs by moving production overseas while at the same time opening the doors to illegal aliens who poured into the dying former manufacturing cities is rapidly coming to a crisis point whereby all will collapse totally.  The Somali cop, reaching over his partner to shoot in the face a scared woman who was talking to the driver, still  hasn’t been arrested for murder and won’t talk to the cops so the top cop in Minneapolis had to resign yesterday.


Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns Following Shooting Of Unarmed Australian Woman.  The person who should resign is the mayor.  The kind people of Minnesota invited in and protected, fed and gave homes to aliens from all over the place and some of these have now set up alternative political systems based on Islamic rule and now are terrorizing the city’s non-Muslim population.


Instead of fighting this invasion, the people of Minneapolis are either fleeing the city or weeping and wondering why they are being attacked by people they ‘saved’.  Too bewildered and frankly, weak to fight back, they are passively letting things run riot and I have lived in cities like this in the past and fought the Democratic political machine with great ferocity and…had to give up since I couldn’t fix everything, in particular, the schools.


Mayor Betsy Hodges on Twitter: “My statement on @MinneapolisPD Chief Janeé Harteau: https://t.co/osH07kXc4i”

I am publishing this astonishing letter to show how clearly insane the DNC has become.  This is ridiculous.  Chief Harteau and the mayor, both females, have nearly destroyed the city.  The family of the dead woman are definitely going to sue.


These two lunatic females certainly did ‘transform policing’ in a very negative way!  And the mayor openly says she will continue this process of destruction with even more fervor!  ‘Justice and dignity’ with every arrest translates into ‘let the criminals run riot and don’t bother them.’  I know from first hand experience what this means.


California Judge Refuses To Bring Back Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Ban and Californian liberals think they will win a great prize doing this stuff!  Yes, California is even more ‘liberal’ than NY and Minnesota!  They are going to do everything in their power to destroy themselves and I won’t lift a finger to stop them.  I was driven out of California way back at the end of the 1960’s.


The bold move to not reinstate President Donald Trump’s executive order — which sought to slash funding to cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities — comes amid a battle between the State Department and local governments across the country over the edict from Washington.


Trump can’t change the direction our ship is sailing singlehandedly.  The Bilderberg gang runs our mainstream fake news systems and Congress.  I have harped on this repeatedly and now we see what happens when someone steps forth and tries to stop the globalization/invasion process set up by our Real Rulers: chaos and fury and frustrations as nothing is allowed to change at all.


The U.S. Department of Justice had asked U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick to reverse his own injunction in April against Trump’s executive order. The injunction was issued in response to lawsuits by San Francisco and Santa Clara County in California.


Suicidal California is pushing hard to keep going off the cliff.  They insist on this.  They really do think this is a great idea, destroying everything is so much fun, isn’t it?


Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote a memo in May saying the executive order should be applied narrowly to a small number of grants and to very specific violations of immigration law. The memo said cities that “willfully refuse to comply” with federal law could lose grants from the Justice and Homeland Security departments, but not other federal funding.


Well, everything is all about ‘don’t touch the systems lest things change!’  This is why revolutions happen: the only way to get some change is to destroy all systems!  Now on to California news with them all whining about problems liberals have created and made worse due to stupid policies:  While homelessness surges in Disneyland’s shadow, Anaheim removes bus benches: eventually, California will go bankrupt due to these policies.


Anaheim is Orange County’s largest city and home to Disneyland, one of the region’s biggest draws and tax generators. The city has spent more than two decades trying to clean up the area around the park _ once noted for run-down motels and prostitution _ into a family-friendly, tourist-oriented “resort district.”


My family came to California over 150 years ago and then left because the place is a mess.  Air pollution, for example, was terrible by the time I was born.  It sucks up water from all the other dry Western states to sustain a population level way above what is reasonable.


Bums always came to the Sunshine State.  My grandparents told stories about this, from the Great Depression years, how armies of beggars came in.  Many of these were farmers displaced by the Great Drought.  They all integrated nicely especially when WWII jobs appeared.


But there is this army of outright bums who are attracted to the place and they have to be pushed around or they take over everything.  Most if not all, are drug addicts or drunks.  This has been true since the pioneer days.


“It breaks our heart to have to remove those benches,” said Mike Lyster, a city spokesman. “But their purpose is to provide seating for someone waiting for a bus.”


So, instead of removing the drunks and drug addicts, they removed the benches!  HAHAHA.  Hate to sound cruel here but, letting these sorts of people to hang out is not recommended for obvious, to me, reasons.


He stressed that the bench removal was not tied to concerns about Disneyland visitors. “We’re not taking this action because of tourism. We never had a request from Disney,” Lyster said. “But we did hear from small shop owners and motel owners about the safety issues, so we stepped up.”


Ahem: the drug dealers and drunks are DANGEROUS.  They are not good citizens, they destroy neighborhoods.  It is like inviting the Vandals into Rome.


Homeless advocates say Anaheim is just one of multiple cities along Beach Boulevard, one of the county’s busiest thoroughfares, to cut down on bus benches.


HAHAHA…all the major cities in liberal territory are making life more and more miserable for taxpayers while not cracking down on people who are destroying these same cities.  This is lunacy, it has a very bad end.  The end is obvious to any outsiders not blind to reality.


You cannot save everyone who is determined to destroy themselves and everything around themselves.  Somalia is a ‘failed state’ and we moved people who lived in this failure to the US where they are reproducing this failure here.  This is not smart.  It is fatal.  Rome invited the Vandals in, too.  The results from that are obvious, history is clear about it.  Good grief, it is so painfully obvious!



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23 responses to “Minneapolis Somali Cop: Liberals Don’t Want Him Arrested For Murder White Woman

  1. Nani

    The liberals in America seems just as hell bent on self destruction as their European counterparts. These dangerous fascists will not stop until they have brought complete destruction upon society. They have gained too much power in society, and the only way to stop them will be through a revolution.

  2. floridasandy

    luckily for the US, we have an anti war president. He opposed the Iraq War when Bush declared it.

    A woman calls to help someone she thinks is getting hurt and gets shot in the face–just wow. The mayor should be fired too. She replaced the resigning (under pressure) cop with a cop who sued the city and won a judgement. He, and other black officers, cost taxpayers there some serious money. Blame the immigrant hiring quota for this unnecessary death.

    The good news is illegal immigration is allegedly down almost 70%, and I might believe that as we have many more job openings down here in central Florida. We might actually even see overtime in America again, once they get the workers.

    Mainstream media objects of course, with all their sad little “opinion” pieces:
    http://www.pennlive.com/opinion/2017/07/cracking_down_on_illegal_immig.html These boohoo stories might touch the little snowflakes, but they have zero impact on workers and retirees.

  3. Nani

    luckily for the US, we have an anti war president. He opposed the Iraq War when Bush declared it

    The problem though is that he is surrounded by the deep state who demand confrontation with Russia and China, which in essence means WW3.

  4. Ken

    If Elaine’s prediction comes true and California finally fails completely, all that will happen is that the prople who caused this collapse will leave the state. Someone else will have to clean up the mess. In the meantime, the ones who caused the problems will start causing these same problems all over again whereever they move to. The contagion will spread.

  5. Petruchio

    @#5 Ken: You are spot on, 100% correct, Ken! Well said. I live in the twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and see how this works up close. A number of decades ago, my home State of MN was politically “invaded” by outstate New Yorkers. Numerous members–current and former–of the MN legislature have New York roots. Arne Carlson, governor of the State of MN is a native New Yorker. The local radio stations have had political commentators with New York, politically radical ‘roots’. Absolutely correct, Ken!! These New Yorkers who “migrated” to MN are proof for sure that these anarchist/liberals spread their disease wherever they go.

  6. Petruchio

    “Instead of fighting this invasion, the people of Minneapolis are either fleeing the city or weeping and wondering why they are being attacked by people they ‘saved’. ” I will repeat the quote here: “A liberal is a liberal until they find out their daughter(s) are having sex with illegal immigrants who do not speak English as a First language.” Personally, I wish the daighters of these liberals to have multiple immigrant, non-English speaking “boyfriends. Their is absolutely NOTHING quite as effective as getting a taste of your own medicine to cure one’s foolish, misguided politicial/dogma views.

  7. floridasandy

    I agree, Nani. although many Americans are wide awake as to what is going on!

    It appears that the only thing our useless Congress could agree on was sanctions against Russia, which is always a possible prelude to war. They couldn’t agree on taxes, affordable healthcare for the citizens, a border wall (too expensive! while they vote themselves raises and pension increases), and our city mayors openly defy Trump. Both sides blame each other-same as it ever was.

    We seem to be lucky here in Florida (keep fingers crossed). We are getting people tired of the northern high tax and regulation states, and realize they can live better and cheaper somewhere else. (anywhere really). They seem to be more conservative by the time they finally roll in here, and we are grateful for that. We don’t want car inspections, overregulation, and high taxes—so far, so good on that front.

    good piece on why Californians are tapping out their equity and moving-they can’t because they are getting older and their kids have moved back in ( with their own families). They are effectively stuck there, and their taxes are about to get a lot higher.

    I like this blog, and the comments are interesting also, many from disgusted Californians.

  8. Harvey Hornblower

    oh, sure, America is the most powerful country in history but is going to be destroyed by a few Somali immigrants.


  9. floridasandy

    as you know, Harvey Hornblower (if that is your name , haha, all countries are facing an unwanted immigration problem. Funny you post that, just as a liberal Obama PPT adviser Pippa, an Obama PPT advisor posted at Zero Hedge’

    I think there is a much bigger problem in immigration coming. To be clear, I am actually in favor of the freest possible movement of people, which means human capital and goods, and capital across borders. But there are always limits. Here’s the problem. We are not just talking about the magnitude of refugees we have already seen. We are talking about what’s coming. And so this is where the Italian threat is very important. They basically said, look, nobody is helping us and we get all of them because of our geographical location. So unless you guys give us a hand here, then we are just going to issue them papers and then let them loose. They can go anywhere they want in Western Europe. That is of course a bit scary for the rest of Western Europe, which would prefer to have the problem contained, but they are not prepared to help Italy in the containment process, just as they weren’t particularly prepared to give Greece any extra money to deal with their refugee problem, which happens for the same reason. But this is the beginning.

    so Mr. Hornblower you say a few, but it is never a few.

  10. Claudeeyah

    @#10 (and indirectly to hornblower. It basically comes down to this: NWN. aka, nobody wants negroes.

    True then, true now, true in the future.

    genetics = destiny.

  11. Jim R

    One of the more interesting things we learned from our tourist visits to New Orleans:
    In 1700 there were black people (of both genders) who owned slaves. It wasn’t a racist dividing line based on skin color, it was based on money. And on political connections. People who you would judge to be negroes were running businesses and plantations.

    That racial divide was invented by the English. Elaine’s ancestors, the bastards!

    As for this Somali nigger in the Minneapolis police department, that’s just pure PC insanity gone beyond all bounds… That imbecile didn’t even have American roots. To put a gun in his hands with a license to kill was the pinnacle of insanity.

    Whoever agreed to that decision should be fired. Some of them should be prosecuted.

  12. MY ancestors always lived on the frontier. We married into the native population, one of my sisters played ‘indians’ on famous TV shows years ago due to being very ‘Indian’ in appearance.

    No, the problem was the later immigrants after 1650. They wanted slaves, we were always ‘for freedom’ which is why we fought hard for ‘freedom’ and which is why I get very pissed off as our freedoms vanish. I was raised in a fairly ‘frontier’ place, namely, next to a reservation in Arizona and my playmates were ‘Indians’. Love them greatly, they taught me survival skills!

  13. floridasandy

    There are a lot of nuts in charge in Minnesota. Remember, the white governor said that the Castile shooting wouldn’t have happened if he was a white victim. Quote:Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said at a press conference there is “every indication” excessive force was used in the shooting and said he does not think Castile would have been shot dead if he was white.
    “Would this have happened if those passengers, the driver were white?” he asked. “I don’t think it would have.”

    Cue huge settlement.

    This is a JACKASS white mayor, playing the “whites are baddies” race card. Tell me, Mr. jackass mayor would it have happened if the policeman wasn’t Mexican? Jeronimo Yanez? What a master race baiter

    How do these “masterbaiters” get elected in the first place? Do they just work real hard to make sure people are hired that will result in many lawsuits to the state and many settlements? You know one is coming on the woman calling for help and going out in her pajamas to talk to the cops. The driver cop said that he was “surprised” that the Somali cop shot across him to shoot her in the stomach several times .(evidently not the face)

  14. Nani

    I agree, Nani. although many Americans are wide awake as to what is going on!

    I’m so glad to hear that Floridasandy. Some of the nicest people i know are Americans, but US foreign policy can be really nasty. I would like to see America take better care of its own affairs instead of acting as a “world policeman” all the time. I believe many Americans feel the same way 🙂

  15. Citizens have zero say in foreign policies. Since they get most of their information from the Bilderberg gang media fake news, they get yanked around mercilessly. Periodically, they revolt only to be hammered by terrorists, etc. and brought back into line.

    Some are figuring out that the ‘allies’ who are fighting with us are the same terrorists who keep attacking us, this is why Trump was elected. He has an uphill battle to bring sanity, I figure he will fail, being outnumbered in DC.

  16. floridasandy

    Sadly, our leaders have armed both sides in the Mideast at different times. There is much money to be made in arms dealing and war appropriations. Our soldiers have paid the price, and we need to do a better job to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. Our media actually endangers our citizens everywhere-I don’t know if that is intentional or not.

    I don’t think Trump will fail. I think he will get it done a little at a time, and I think the great majority want it done. I think we will start throwing out the congressmen and women who obstruct any progress in the primaries. Then we can vote for people who are different (without charging parties) than what we have now-because what we have now sucks.

    To think the only thing both parties have been in agreement on is Russian sanctions (a hopeful prelude to war money for them) is really and truly sad.

  17. He has done us all a HUGE favor: he has successfully revealed the DNC/RNC fake competition. Everyone now knows that there are no political parties anymore.

    This is immense. The fake system is now tottering on the edge of destruction for millions and millions of citizens are now hyper aware of who the real enemies are.

  18. Petruchio

    And in Baltimore, TWO Baltimore cops have been arrested for doing a string of Armed Robberies: http://www.blacklistednews.com/Two_Baltimore_Detectives_Plead_Guilty_to_Armed_Robberies_and_Fraud/59877/0/38/38/Y/M.html#disqus_thread @@@Yes, they are both Black.

  19. Petruchio

    @#!^ Elaine: “Some are figuring out that the ‘allies’ who are fighting with us are the same terrorists who keep attacking us, this is why Trump was elected. He has an uphill battle to bring sanity, I figure he will fail, being outnumbered in DC.” Yes, maybe Trump will fail. But the odds are good that another will come along. The people and Interest Groups that own the Political Whore Class in Washington D.C. are deeply entrenched; it’s one reason they call it The Deep State. The Deep State must be shattered. It will take more than one battle, but at least the Enemy has been identified.

  20. Yes, record number of people are now aware of how the international gangs operate inside our government.

  21. Petruchio

    Speaking of Cops who commit Armed Robberies, I recall the story of the Minneapolis cop who got arrested and convicted of 2 armed robberies. But they pretty well had him nailed for 8 robberies. Likely a “cop friendly” Prosecutors office.

  22. Lou

    Los Angeles, Ramparts scandal.
    What happens when unqualified peeps are hired due to gender and race.

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