New York Times Hysterical About Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission!

President Donald Trump Voter Fraud Speech Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity – YouTube.


July 19th, Trump announced the Voter Fraud Commission and this has sent the Bilderberg gang right off the cliff.  The mainstream fake news are screaming their heads off about this and demand it be stopped and how dare anyone look into how the elections are run…off the cliff, too!  HAHAHA.  Go for the throat, Trump, like a pit bull.  This is way, way overdue.  Our major cities have been taken over by illegal alien voters who cause crime to increase as they drive out citizens.


PANIC at the New York Times Bilderberg gang!  The Bogus Voter-Fraud Commission is their latest hysterical editorial screaming ‘Do NOT count the votes!’


The truth can’t be repeated often enough: The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which held its first meeting last week, is a sham and a scam.


Yes, the Commission is going to look into how many illegal aliens (around 5 million +) voted illegally.  The NYT is terrified about this information and wants it dead and buried.


It was born out of a marriage of convenience between conservative anti-voter-fraud crusaders, who refuse to accept actual data, and a president who refuses to accept that he lost the popular vote fair and square.


This entire paragraph is a total lie.  And worse, they know this.  They know perfectly well, they don’t want any news about illegal voting to appear for it means we have political parties openly cheating in elections.  Since the 2000 election failure, we have had very screwed up elections and all ‘reforms’ were mainly to make things WORSE.  Not better.


It is run by some of the nation’s most determined vote suppressors, the kind who try to throw out voter registrations for being printed on insufficiently thick paper or who release reports on noncitizen voting that are titled “Alien Invasion” and illustrated with images of U.F.O.s.


Oh, so thes millions of illegal aliens are from outer space?  OK.  Noncitizens are not allowed to vote.  DUH.  This has been true since the very first election.  The thickness of paper isn’t the issue, the ability to control voting (no electronic votes!) is key.  Having an uniform system is key here but no one wants to do something that is sane.


Its purpose is not to restore integrity to elections but to undermine the public’s confidence enough to push through policies and practices that make registration and voting harder, if not impossible, for certain groups of people who tend to vote Democratic.


HAHAHA…they openly admit that the rigged voting set up in DNC-run cities is breaking the election laws.  And that the people who are being dragooned into voting are illegal aliens.  At the same time, they pretend there are no illegal aliens which is stupid but then, the NYT staff and owners are very stupid and work for a Mexican billionaire anyways so they are foreign agents and should be arrested for lying about how our democracy works.  Arrest them all.  Ship them to Mexico.


Thanks in advance.

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One response to “New York Times Hysterical About Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission!

  1. melponeme_k

    The UN plan for Mayors is the Bilderberg ace in the hole with NY as their base. That is how they plan to spearhead the coup. If Trump really ramps up the voting inspections, that puts De Blasio in serious danger. The only reason NYC went for Clinton was because of illegal alien voting. The only way De Blasio could hope to stay in office is via illegal votes.

    If Trump puts enough eyes and heat on the NYC mayor election and throws it to someone who is more populist (Malliotakis?), then he will have seriously injured the elites. If he does this, I will tip my hat to him even more. That will be a play for the century.

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