SJW Takeover Of Schools Is Near Total, ‘Diversity’ And Anti-White Male Propaganda Increases

Campus Reform –EXCLUSIVE: Diversity chiefs drowning in dough:

Yes, tons of student loan money that will bankrupt or torment students for much of their adult life, is being wasted on the jihad against white males whose numbers in colleges and universities are dropping like a rock.  This is a signal that our education systems, once the envy of the planet, is falling off the cliff and will be destroyed eventually.  Teaching students to hate themselves or teaching ‘minorities’ to hate white people is going to backfire badly eventually.  And it will end the US as a nation when desperate people who know how to use guns and fight, decide to fight the government which is doing this to them.


Records show that America’s flagship universities are doling out an average of $175,088 per year for administrators tasked with leading their diversity efforts.  That’s more than three times the average American household’s annual income, and just about enough to cover the sticker price of out-of-state tuition for six students.


These employees hate American citizens who pay taxes and built the nation.  They want the population eliminated or herded into ghettoes and hand over everything to illegal aliens and ‘minorities’ who are not global minorities.  The huge number of Asians, Muslim populations, Hispanic populations, etc. dwarf ethnic white Europeans globally.


But this is ignored by leftist radicals.  Oddly enough, these same radicals put successful Asians like the Chinese into the same category as ‘whites’ and they are punishing Asians, too.  US schools are now totally run by people who hate white males (and by extension, Chinese males) with a passion and these racists are chasing White/Chinese men out of schools except in certain fields: hard science, computers, etc.


The war on white males is in full swing now:  Professors demand social workers need to learn their own privilege.


Ebony L. Hall and Nathalie P Jones, both professors of Social Work at Tarleton State University, make the claim in a July 19 article published in the Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, where they suggest that social workers must explore the implications of their own ethnic identity before they can provide truly “culturally competent” care.


Looking at their names, I am assuming both are black hires.  Why don’t all the privileged black professors look honestly into why they were hired?  Black hiring quotas, anyone?  In all fields especially now in the sciences where most white and Asian male students are clusters, there are open demands that university hires first look at black ‘scientists’ and not the army of others who mastered the materials.


So, increasingly, highly paid black ‘scientists’ are teaching students no matter how incompetent they are and the last bastion of ‘study’ for the groups being hounded by SJW gangs will be destroyed since poor teachers are no good for students.


I may suggest, since my own family founded schools 200 years ago, that white/Asian males should found their own schools.  Have rigorous methods and toss students who don’t do well and you get the schools I went to 50 years ago.  I think this will eventually happen.


“As schools of social work adhere to newer standards of diversity and cultural competency, it will mean more than educating students on terms of white privilege and racial microaggressions,” they write. “Social workers must take the journey of ethnic identity and exploration themselves.”


This is code for ‘flagellate yourself to death and die’.


Further, they argue that “increased awareness and dialogue of the ‘white’ race needs to be intentionally explored and integrated into the conversation,” which “includes delving beneath the surface of the embedded privileges experienced by ‘whites.’”


Let’s list the privileges white males have today: NONE.  There is none.  They can’t even be cops anymore.  Firefighters now have to have many more women hires even though women are physically weaker than men and I say this as a woman who did construction work all her life.  I worked often with men and had to rely on them for the really heavy lifting.  I understood this and they did, too, and forgave me for being weaker.  It was embarrassing but it was quite real.  I do not have the same hormones as men and thus, not the same physical strength.


I did have to use brains instead of brawn and did lots of things this way but still, when push came to shove, it was the men working with me who had to do the really hard stuff.  Firefighting and being a cop has this problem: women just cannot fight like men or climb like men while carrying heavy breathing equipment and hoses, etc.  The more women infiltrate these systems, the greater the weakness and the lower the competence levels.


This is ten times worse in colleges!  Intellectually inferior teachers are a disaster!  It cannot work.  It destroys the system internally.  Why should students pay a fortune to learn from weak or stupid teachers??? This makes zero sense.


What the schools are doing is rewarding ‘activism’ and paying for this:  Students get $11/hr to “advance social justice and diversity”


Washington State University is paying students who know “how power, privilege, oppression operates” $11 per hour to “promote equity and advance social justice.”


This is code for giving money to black students and some females.


The “Social Justice Peer Educators” program was established in August of 2014, and according to the Washington State University Diversity Education page, participants “are tasked with developing and implementing educational programs and trainings for their undergraduate peers, which advance equity, diversity, and social justice.”


And this is why the schools there are collapsing.  It is like paying termites to eat your house.


According to the job description page on the WSU Diversity Education site, a “Basic” qualification for the “Social Justice Peer Educator” job is to have “interest in learning more about diversity and how to advance social justice,” and “familiarity with how power, privilege, oppression operates.”


I will note that the majority of people to gain positions and money doing this crap are white females.  Blacks are becoming rather angry about this.


A “Preferred” candidate, meanwhile, is expected to have “experience building and implementing educational programs, and particularly programs that address structural inequality.”


The Tower of Education is leaning worse than the Tower of Pisa.  I say, let it collapse entirely.  Sell off the campuses to the New Schools which will spring up outside the system.  Now, on to my former school that shafted me years ago: U of Arizona to revise ‘Social Justice Advocates’ position which in the Soviet Union was called ‘commisars’.


The University of Arizona recently announced that it will revise its controversial “Social Justice Advocates” position after facing a week of backlash from conservative media.


The asses running my former school into the ground fired the entire German Language Department including my advisor and left me stranded with a worthless education plan, claiming it wasn’t worth the money and who cares about this, anyways, right in the middle of the Cold War.


Nope.  But they seem to have plenty of money to hire endless administrators who pander to stupid urges and feelings!  Forget intellectual activity, this is the Nanny State School, not the University of Arizona.


As Campus Reform initially reported, the school planned to pay students $10 per hour to assume the responsibilities of “Social Justice Advocates,” which included hosting monthly “social justice modules” for RAs and bi-semesterly “Real Talks” with residents, while arranging both “active” and “passive” social-justice programming.


They were going to hire commissars to go around the campus, assailing students over every tiny thing and this chip on the shoulder terrorism was going to really fix things good.  I am warning all white male students to stop falling into this trap and start building an alternative school system.


Most controversially, though, the job description called for students filling the role to “report any bias incidents or claims to appropriate Residence Life staff,” prompting many conservative pundits to point out that the school was effectively paying its students to “tattle on others.”


And they will LIE about all this.  No matter how terrified and careful a white male is, they will be accused of thinking or saying something wrong. This, in a climate of nonstop cussing, making threats and other noxious, antisocial chaos from the SJW gangs which seem to have taken over all systems now.


In response, the university has scrubbed the job listing from its website, noting that it is “in the process of reviewing the title and responsibilities,” but providing no further details regarding possible revisions.


Oh, they will sneak it in under a different name.  Higher Ed As Party Trap | Confessions of a College Professor: This anonymous professor has detailed for the last six years, all the evils of the present system.  The corruption is at the top.  Retention of students is the main goal now and pleasing the worst students is required.  Professors who attempt at teaching and this includes punishing students for failure to learn, are kicked to the curb.  They can be the core of the New System I mentioned above.


Admin, 1996: “If you do not get your retention up to 85%, your contract will not be renewed.”


–why I had to leave a certain state university. “Retention” is the percent of students that do not drop the course and do not fail. On this particular campus of 50,000+ students, fraud was so rampant that some 20% of the names on the roster never actually came to class. If you wanted to remain faculty, you had little choice but to pass students who you never even saw, much less never did any work or took any test demonstrating they knew anything.


I’ve focused so much on the politics infecting our campuses that it’s been a while since I’ve discussed how our campuses became overwhelmed with students who have no business being on campus. How did it happen?


Admin worked to trap them on campus. Keeping a fake student on campus is called “retention,” and, as always, it started innocuously enough. Simpler courses, changes in policy, adding climbing walls and lazy rivers are common enough tactics, although they all needed approval because they went against the whole concept of education. How did they get people that knew higher education was about education to go along with it?


This anonymous professor teaches math.  He is filled with despair and disgust.  He is heroic to keep publishing the truth but has to be anonymous because the alternative school system that could hire him, doesn’t exist right now.  It will, eventually.


Admin: “The math department’s low retention numbers are not good. We need to bring in Education specialists to teach the courses.”


Code for this is, they hired black and female math teachers and then had them not teach real math.  I keep pointing out that when I was a young brat who won scholarships to go to college before age 16 and took a graduate course at age 17, I envied my brothers and fellow male students because learning math was so easy for them and a huge headache for me.  Why was that, I fumed.  And I knew the answer: I was a female.  The joys of having a uterus, you pay this price.


I am happy I had a uterus and had babies and loved my babies and regret nothing but noticing the differentials was important: men have certain advantages.  The fact that more men than women are at the top 1% of intelligence scales, that far, far more men are up there, is also annoying but very real.  I do not want to dumb down or punish men for being smarter.  That is stupid!


But that is the goal of the present ‘educators’ and ‘administrators’.


Since education, actually learning anything, in the courses, was irrelevant, admin quickly realized that they no longer needed knowledgeable faculty. Educationists moved in, destroying courses that had been defined and refined over the course of a century or more, erecting new courses with the same names, but without the content.


Admin: “Congratulations to Professor [Useless]. She got 100% retention this semester. We’ll be promoting her…”–yes, this was at the same campus where 20% of the students never came to class even one time.


Universities are rapidly becoming Potemkin Villages: a false front hiding a slum.


Coursework has degraded so much that if I dared to give a course like I did in the 80s, I’d lose 90% of the class, perhaps more. Back then of course, I wouldn’t lose so many students but campuses were different then: the bulk of students were on campus because they were interested in learning.


The focus on retention over everything has changed the dynamic. Now campuses are bogged down with students holding little to no interest in learning, and, to judge by the riots, are only interested in advancing a violent and self-destructive ideology.


This is why the rules were changed concerning student loans.  We had perpetual ‘students’ who went from school to school, pretending to be students and then leaving when the checks were handed out.  Now, they can’t escape this debt they are accumulating but some haven’t figured it out or perhaps they plan to be bums all their life and not have any jobs.  Seriously, young males in particular are choosing this course of action.


The American version of higher education has trapped over 20,000,000 people into debt slavery, and even though a great many people now know that higher education is a trap, there’s still no serious effort being made to stop it.


Instead, “free community college” movements are rising up. I grant that this will, technically, not put students deep into debt (instead transferring the debt to the taxpayer, and we’ll just pretend students won’t pay taxes ever), but much of community college is a fraud, as I’ve detailed extensively in this blog.


The ‘free schools’ are the same schools scamming students only it will now scam TAXPAYERS and here in NY is where Cuomo is doing exactly that: raising taxes on the rest of us for useless schools that no longer bother teaching anything and which hire mainly people whose main qualification is sex or skin color and not ‘white/Asian/male’.  Great.  It is insane.



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16 responses to “SJW Takeover Of Schools Is Near Total, ‘Diversity’ And Anti-White Male Propaganda Increases

  1. floridasandy

    two words:


  2. Melponeme_k

    The SJW, Minority/Diversity movement was a social engineering plan to destroy schools and other institutions in society.

    I don’t remember it during my years in college in the late 80s/early 90s except for one class I took in women’s studies. I had a few free credits so I took this class because it focused on women in art. The amount of anger I witnessed in the teacher because women have been ignored in the arts for so long. Honestly I could see her point up to a certain level. Yes, in history women were not outside the house much and didn’t have the freedom to explore natural talents. However we now have all the freedom in the world and still the art world (the art that still matters) is by and large driven by males.

    Frankly this is back to the math differences. Art and Music are math based. Art is also spatial focused. All this, due to evolutionary development in men, are talents in which they excel. I’m not saying women can’t perform well in the arts. I’m saying real drive and genius will show up more often in men.

    The arts were also destroyed to hide this sex difference dichotomy.

  3. Harvey Hornblower

    Lady, you need to get out of the house more often.

    A lot more.

  4. Ken

    I think we are overlooking an important source of leverage over these fake schools: alumni contributions. Every university or collage that I know of relies heavily upon alumni contributions. If the alumni get fed up, and act in a block to cut off donations, I suspect that the crazyness would scale back almost immediately.

    The alumni are “enablers,” like with family members and alcoholics. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Lisa

    Congratulations Elaine, it looks like your blog has gotten big enough for Daily Kos to hire a half-witted troll for you. However, judging from the level of reading comprehension and comment quality, they aren’t spending much on Hairy Hornswoggled. Perhaps they found a cheap Chinese troll company to hire from.

  6. Nice piece. To be fair, in almost all measures of cognitive ability, males and females have the same average, but males have a far greater variance. As I say in my classes, “if you’re talking to an idiot, it’s most likely a male.” That’s the politically correct version of what you’re saying: “if you’re talking to a genius, it’s most likely a male.” I don’t say the latter, of course, because I like having a job. But both are equivalent.

  7. csurge

    That doesn’t worry me half as much as your political situation. The little SJW brats and their enablers can be dealt with fairly easily by spooks. Everything depends on the war going on in your ‘deep state’. Obviously, your empire is coming to an end. But the current struggles will determine how soft or hard the landing is

  8. Petruchio

    One thing you will notice, if you watch, is how these new immigrants behave. The most noticeable thing is these Paragons of Multiculturalism, these celebrants of how wonderful Diversity is they do NOT mix with other races! Somalis hang with Somalis. Hmong hang very tightly to Hmong only. Pakistanis with Pakistanis and so on. Curiously, about the only time the males in these groups veer away from this very distinct preference is when it comes to WHITE WOMEN. Strange, they hate other races–except when it comes to sex. Then these illegals are pretty open to other “relationships”, which is a polite way of saying sex with white women. Note the rape epidemic in Europe, performed by the Muslim immigrants. This is coming soon to a neighborhood near you–or maybe YOUR neighborhood.

  9. floridasandy

    maybe that is why they are trying to emasculate the white men in colleges–so they don’t object when the white women are being assaulted by all the foreign men.( It is certainly happening in Europe, anybody can google it for details)

    That would give us real diversity, wouldn’t it?

    or they could just assault each other, I guess:

    and sometimes the foreign women try to rip out the guy’s intestines too:

    Some cultures have different values than other cultures, and it is ridiculous to try and ignore it.

  10. Lou


    Elaine, from Kunstlers blog,

    San Jose July 24, 2017 at 11:34 am #

    In the Bay Area, folks are waxing nostalgic about the 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love.” Actually, it was the summer of a huge public health crisis in San Francisco.

    At one of our major art museums, they staged a big “Summer of Love” exhibit which showcased the posters, fashions and music of 1967. High art was non-existent at this exhibit. It was a sad homage to the rise of post-modernism.

    Jen in San Jose

  11. Claudeeyah


    I think we all got a lot more than we bargained for regarding the Summer of Love. About fifteen years later, AIDS arrived on the scene and many versions of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, were becoming resistant to antibiotics. It’s amazing the trouble kids can get into when provided unlimited access to mind altering drugs and all the d*ck and p*ssy you can stand.

  12. melponeme_k

    The Summer of Love, the Hippies and the drug movement along with Rock/Pop music were a complete and utter socially engineered fabrication created by the Deep State/Bilderberg elites through the Esalen Institute and the Tavistock Institute. In fact, our culture hasn’t natural since WWII.

    I didn’t want to believe that was true. But after reading a whole load of books, listening to lectures and paying attention to my own impressions. It’s all true. We are in a panopticon, manufactured reality that the elites have built around us.

  13. floridasandy

    here’s the moment when the girl got pepper sprayed at Berkeley:

    after talking about being proud of the non-violent ones.

    Berkeley must be so proud! For the record, those jackasses $370 million in funding from the federal government. Your tax dollars at work! One freaking jackass school-370 million of your tax dollars

  14. floridasandy

    McCain, traitor and almost brain dead:

    This principle was explosively thrown overboard by Arizona Senator John McCain on Tuesday. Speaking in Australia before high-ranking state and military officials, including two former prime ministers, McCain delivered a damning indictment of Donald Trump and called upon the Australian government to defy his administration.

    couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  15. He should be arrested or at least, thrown out of the Senate for treason. I hope all our fake allies attack Trump. This gives us more reasons to force them into defending their lazy asses, themselves. Why are we protecting them? They cost us a fortune.

  16. Robert

    “I understood this and they did, too, and forgave me for being weaker. It was embarrassing but it was quite real. I do not have the same hormones as men and thus, not the same physical strength.

    “Code for this is, they hired black and female math teachers and then had them not teach real math. I keep pointing out that when I was a young brat who won scholarships to go to college before age 16 and took a graduate course at age 17, I envied my brothers and fellow male students because learning math was so easy for them and a huge headache for me. Why was that, I fumed. And I knew the answer: I was a female. The joys of having a uterus, you pay this price.

    “The fact that more men than women are at the top 1% of intelligence scales, that far, far more men are up there, is also annoying but very real. I do not want to dumb down or punish men for being smarter. That is stupid!

    You have just stated the law of nature lol.. the law of continuous procreation.. and that’s why feminism is b.s. 🙂

    Women, whether one likes it or not, are created to be ‘smaller’ than men,
    so that men can then love them, and make babies together! If women are equal to men in Every respect of life: size of bodies, intelligence etc.. then there is NO need for men to love women.. men would no longer fall in love with women.. and therefore the human race is doomed..

    It’s been proven that On Average, a woman’s IQ is slightly lower than a man’s IQ, just like a woman is physically weaker than a man.

    feminism destroys everything that nature has designed for humans to Live Together and a man and a woman will Complement Each Other!!! 🙂

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