Bilderberg Gang Pulls Out All Stops In Desperate War Against US Conservative Voters

Bush Lawyer: Trump’s Calling For Clinton Prosecution Is An ‘Impeachable Offense’ 


The ongoing coup against 50% of the US voters continues.  It is supported by a huge population of lawbreakers who mainly congregate in dying cities.  The fall of the US empire is classic in that the elites use the mobs to stop reforms and keeping the mobs happy is for a short while, easier than reforming important systems.  Then armies of displaced barbarians pour into these dysfunctional, no longer productive cities and loot them.  People forget, the looting of the Roman Empire wasn’t from the strongest of the invaders but the weakest who begged for temporary homes then turned on the weak government.


The fury of the Pretorian Guard because an outsider, not a Bilderberg gangster, is now running things is very strong now.  All their previous attempts which began last December to nullify and vilify the election has failed miserably and now Trump has a commission to look into the dodgy voting in DNC run cities, they are freaking out because their wonderful, illegal power base will be terminated…they are desperate.


All the many attempts at inspiring violent murder of the new President has borne no fruit so far.  Few of the elites who have openly called for murder have been punished at all so they continue their calls for terminating Trump via murder but they can’t be totally open at the top about this desire for blood, they leave that to their minions who are pop stars and movie makers to do the dirty work of egging on murder.


But they have pulled out all stops to legally destroy Trump.  This week’s attempt is due to them utterly failing to get the majority of US citizens to believe that Trump is a Russian agent based on him saying ‘Hello’ to Putin when visiting world leaders.  So they decided that any moves Trump makes to get his administration to function is…a crime!


I am aghast at this for it marks an important transition in our government: they want anarchy now.  Pure anarchy, not legal rule of law.  Trump is annoyed with his Attorney General, Sessions, for example.  Sessions never impressed me, he is too weak and used to ‘go along to get along’ from years of schmoozing in Congress and Trump needs a ‘go hunting like a hound dog’ Attorney General.


This is Trump’s fault, of course, for after winning, he actually tried to be friendly with the DNC and RNC leaders to win them over which is why he let everyone know he didn’t worry about prosecuting Clinton and her gang including Obama, for their many crimes they and their minions committed during the entire election cycle.


They then ravaged him over every single little itty bitty thing HE did during the election!  DUH.  I could have warned him but I won against him years ago and he hates me.  HAHAHA.  But the opposition hates me even more, much more.  They are highly dangerous to me.  They haven’t forgotten the stuff I did to the DNC in NYC years ago, sending a barrel load of politicians to prison.


Our Congress and their foreign buddies are willing to start WWIII in order to regain power.  They are so arrogant and stupid, they don’t understand that they might lose WWIII.  Frankly, I am betting they will lose and so will the EU and US lose much of their populations and all of their power because paranoid Russia and China, still seething with rage from when barbarians from Europe invaded 150 years ago, will launch WWIII suddenly and unlike Europe and the US, the people of these two major nations have been practicing WWIII ‘duck and cover’ exercises.


Not in Europe!  People there are told, nothing is amiss except England is the new enemy due to the population voting wrong and wanting exit from the Bilderberg-run EU.  Now, the gang is mad at Poland and Hungary for refusing to allow violent invaders into their cities so they can attack citizens at leisure.


The only reason any leftist governments remain is due to welfare money: everyone who wants the goodies continues to vote for the leftists even as the leftists plan of importing millions of angry Muslim males are causing tremendous suffering in poor communities that are forced to house and share welfare money with these invaders.


In the US, foreign invaders have taken over huge hunks of what were once our major manufacturing cities like Detroit and these places are highly dangerous now for US citizens to even visit, much less, live.  The elites, hoping WWIII will fix all systems and let themselves start all over again, are stupid because they think the Russians and Chinese have no recalibrated their targets over the last half a century.


Of course, they have updated everything.  Duh.  Why our leaders think so stupidly never ceases to amaze me. Far from being clever, they are stubbornly stupid.  Thinking they are geniuses, they can’t imagine being wrong about everything.  Since they talk to no one who disagrees with them all, they can’t figure out and this includes Trump, what is really going on.


Black leaders, for example, think that hammering on white males nonstop is the road to some victory of some sort,  not disaster from hell.  They imagine they can do this forever because in dead cities where they rule, no white males want to enter anymore and this is victory to the black leaders,  not a sign of impending doom.


A very dark thought: what if our rulers were to provoke WWIII and then nuke Detroit, Newark, St. Louis, Bakersfield, Oakland, etc. to kill 90% of the black innercity population under cover of pretending that Russia is nuking these cities’?  I could easily see them doing this deliberately.  Since they all got away with the war crime of blaming Iraq for 9/11 and then invading and destroying the place and causing huge chaos, why not do that deed, too?


The fury at Trump for demanding prosecution of various election crimes by the DNC is very attached to the crimes of the US against Iraq.  The DNC and RNC both co-conspired to commit that grave series of war crimes which the Nüremberg Trials clearly showed deserve the death penalty.  The hysteria about Trump wanting punishment for political crimes scares the bejesus out of our rulers.


They all know they should hang for their Iraq war crimes but then, go back to Nixon: he wasn’t taken down due to his many Vietnam War crimes.  I was furious about that back then.  It was illegal, amoral and set a very bad example.  His illegal bombing of Cambodia was totally…illegal.  Russia’s invasion of Czechoslovakia was also illegal and I made a lot of noise about that, when it happened for it was very attached to my being arrested in Germany back then.


We are coming to a head here: plans to kill Trump are going into high gear now.  The gang knows that even if they get all the DC co-conspirators to try to illegally take down Trump over frivolously stupid charges while letting Obama and Hillary walk after their open and obvious crimes, this will lead to an open revolt as citizens, sick and tired of being cheated and demeaned and robbed, will go on a real revolutionary rampage.


The elites don’t understand how heavily armed the countryside really is and unlike the city criminal class, the people outside the cities are, in huge numbers, sharp shooters, many have military/police training and many are scared that our Real Rulers really do want to kill their families and thus, will now fight to the death to stop the Real Rulers.


I am highly aware of all this for my family revolted in England in the 1600s and were forced out and came to the New World back then and revolted against the King of England a second time and started the USA as a sovereign nation and then ran around, making everything our thing here and I am very pissed off at newcomers not understanding how this country should run.


But then, the Bush clan came over long ago and has plotted to destroy our democracy for several generations now and I hate them much more for this, the fools!  They wanted wealth and power whereas my family wanted to be left alone and to be free, not masters.


We are facing a future whereby the people in our country will be fighting for breaking up everything along race/ethnic/religious lines and our nation will end up like the former Yugoslavia.  Europe is very fractured and after the fall of Communism, became ten times more fractured.  As it covered up this internal collapse, it did this via having everyone hand over economic and legal power to a bureaucracy in Brussels.


But that is failing due to the bureaucrats deciding to let in millions of illegal alien Muslim invaders who hate Europe.  This is forcing all the fractured states to reset their borders and set up guards and citizens to take up arms…only they have been disarmed by the clever EU dictators!  Oh, the irony.  Even the proud English disarmed and now even the police can’t stop illegal alien Muslims from attacking citizens nonstop.


I am armed.  Almost all my neighbors are armed to the teeth.  And we are not unusual in this.  This is why terrorizing us is dangerous.  The people who were forced to flee the high crime cities haven’t forgotten their lesson: they have to stand and fight somewhere.  There is nowhere else to run.


California is disarming its citizens while the criminals remain heavily armed and the police are constrained more and more and are nearly useless now.  Well, the people there wanted this!  They voted to slit their own throats.  My family settled California way back at the very beginning and now none of us remain there, we despise the place.  We consider it insane.


And it is.  The California billionaire elites have private guards who will turn on them in the end, hey, looting is far more fun and makes them richer if they turn their guns on their bosses!  The bosses are too stupid to figure this out, of course.  But to hell with them all.  I don’t care.


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24 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Pulls Out All Stops In Desperate War Against US Conservative Voters

  1. Melponeme_k

    They are all like Rumplestiltskin stomping himself into a huge crater.

    Also Lammas Day is coming next week. I bet they are sacrificing all orders of fauna and flora to their dark gods in order to get their way. The desperation oozes out of them, even the slowest simpleton can see it now.

  2. Lammas Day in Scotland

    Lammas Day (1 August) celebrated the first harvest of the year as the new loaves were brought into church to be blessed. The Scottish festival of Lammas was celebrated across Europe and marked the beginning of a new season of harvests. The feast was celebrated in Scotland from at least medieval times and was known as the ‘Gule of August’.

    In the weeks before harvest, communities were at their highest risk of starving, as stocks from the previous harvest came close to being depleted – Lammas Day heralded the new harvest and hopefully a return to times of plenty. In the Every-Day Book (published in 1838), author William Hone described celebrations held by Edinburgh farmers which included the building of towers, with communities competing to knock down each other’s towers. This was a boisterous and often dangerous contest, at which participants were occasionally killed and often injured.

    Lammas is also recognised as one of the four Scottish quarter days; a legal term for a period of time at which contracts could be terminated or renewed and servants could be hired or dismissed. The four dates were traditionally: Candlemas (28 February), Whitsunday (28 May), Lammas (28 August) and Martinmas (28 November).

  3. Jim R

    … unlike Europe and the US, the people of these two major nations have been practicing WWIII ‘duck and cover’ exercises.

    Question: what good does it do to ‘duck and cover’ AFTER the radiation blast? And did you really think that spindly little school desk could stop gamma rays?

    But with that said, the Moscow Metro can comfortably accommodate quite a few people with about twenty minutes’ warning. We seem to have allowed a ‘mineshaft gap’ to develop.

  4. Melponeme_k


    Frey Fest/Lughnasa/Lugnasad/Lammas

    This is an Irish Gaelic name for the feast which commemorates the funeral games of Lugh, Celtic god of light, and son of the Sun. In the mythological story of the Wheel of the Year, the Sun God transfers his power into the grain, and is sacrificed when the grain is harvested. So we have a dying, self-sacrificing and resurrecting god of the harvest, who dies for his people so that they may live.

    I’m sure they are equating Trump to Lugh right now. I still can’t believe how creepy these people are.

  5. Nani

    Leftists celebrate the demise of white poeple:

  6. floridasandy

    why would wasserman keep paying Awan?


    they were paid over 4 million dollars. (the least of it would be bankruptcy fraud)

    how did the other brothers get back to Pakistan, and why did Beranton Whisenant Jr. wash up murdered on a Florida beach?.

  7. floridasandy

    Newsweek loser reporter called these crazy conspiracy theories in their article, although admitting DWS intel was stolen and copied on a hard drive, and that’s why they were fired.

    so why did she keep paying them? I guess this intrepid reporter will now go on to solve these “random” murders for us—since they are clearly so much smarter than the rest of us.

  8. floridasandy

    this is rich!

    remember when Huma and her mother were tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and it was refuted on Snopes?

    To debunk the evidence, Media Matters pointed to a “fact-check” piece that cited as its sole source… Senator John McCain. This is the same John McCain who met Libyan militia leader Abdelkarim Belhaj, a known al Qaeda associate, and saluted him as “my hero” during a 2011 visit to Benghazi.

    The very same John McCain who drug his limp body back from his brain tumor surgery to vote against any kind of healthcare reform for Americans.

    People who lied and got elected partly on the basis of fixing the healthcare syste, and the border wall-which they now don’t want to fund. Two words for funding the border wall-NATIONAL LOTTERY.

    Pay as you go with the proceeds, and create jobs for Americans while you do it.

  9. floridasandy

    the other 2 anti-American Republican votes were the usual suspects:

    Susan Collins (mom born in Colombia)

    The Alaskan “write in” winner (which of course didn’t really happen) Murkowski.

    and all the democrats- who are secretly hoping for the collapse of Obamacare.

  10. floridasandy

    just a couple of little nuggets on the Murkowski dynasty of Alaska:

    dad Ex -governor of Alaska Frank Murkowski (R) – Accepted illegal polling from VECO for over $20,000. Former aides were to testify against him

    daughter US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) – Funneled taxpayer money for a road to her vacation home in Kenai, Alaska.

    business as usual for the Murkowski family.

  11. The GOP leaders (aside from Trump) better figure out soon that voters can revolt.

  12. floridasandy

    agree, Elaine.

    They better figure out that BOTH parties can revolt, and I believe that the blue collar democrats -working men and women-have had just about enough also.

    Nothing either side is doing will drive healthcare costs down yet The repeal would have been the most decent thing to give them 2 years to figure it out, but they couldn’t even commit to that.


  13. Lou

    The Assistsnt District Attorney for Washington DC. is Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s brother Steven Wasserman…

  14. floridasandy

    interesting stuff, lou:

    The answer to why Seth Rich was killed, and why he gave to Wikileaks is now out.
    Seth Rich was responsible for an internet application that helped voters find their polling stations.
    He discovered that Hillary had set up bogus polling places that were not on the official record. Hillary then had DNC staffers merge the results from both sets of polling places, keeping the actual number of voters officially recorded at the legitimate polling station the same while the actual ballots that went to Bernie and represented those numbers were swapped out for her.
    Seth Rich was appalled by the corruption, and as a result, dumped to Wikileaks.
    This answer has been out there since July 21 of 2016 and it rotted until it was recently discovered in a private E-mail.
    This was sent to me “as written by Claudia Kash, the girlfriend of Seth Rich,” people have sent corrections saying Claudia Kash was the recipient of the mail. This was written shortly after Seth was killed. The answer has been out there since the beginning.

    Certainly the Russian story is flat out junk, and CNN admitted it by calling it both nothingburger, and admitting that the leaks were coming from inside the DNC. That’s why Podesta WANTED THE LEAKER PUNISHED.


    Podesta should be cutting a deal right about now.

  15. Correct, it has been obvious for quite a while now. NONE of the DNC top elites who cheated hard during this election were prosecuted so far and the media giants conspired to talk only about Trump and Russia monotonously and stupidly…this is ridiculous and annoying as all hell and to hell with them all.

  16. Lou

    will she be arrested?

  17. floridasandy

    about 5 to 6 minutes in gets interesting:

    Imran got himself a bunch of fraudulent loans evidently. Somebody’s going down? Again, why did DWS keep him on her staff after they were discovered copying/transferring files?

    in a little bit of good news, Jeff Sessions made some arrests, which the media won’t cover:

    Standard Medicare has a similar problem making accurate payments to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers, according to statistics presented at the hearing. Standard Medicare’s payment error rate was cited at 11 percent, or $41 billion for 2016.
    Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the arrest of 412 people, some 100 doctors among them, in a scattershot of health care fraud schemes that allegedly ripped off the government for about $1.3 billion, mostly from Medicare.

    we are starting to go after some of the big fish now, and maybe that will discourage others from trying it. (although the media doesn’t cover it).

  18. Lou

    Todays post—–

  19. Petruchio

    Latest news item: Vladimir Putin is reported to have told the Israelis that if they ship weapons to Ukraine, Russia will bomb them into the Stone Age. No way of knowing how real this story is, but it supposedly is sourced.

  20. Astounding posting! I remarkably get pleasure from your effort and hard work!

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