House Judiciary Votes For Comey/Clinton Probe…Also, Microaggression Hysteria Is Now Attacking STEM Schools

BREAKING – House Judiciary Committee Votes to Probe Comey and Clinton – YouTube


Really amazing news: the Japanese swiftly withdrew the 50% tariff and then pretended it never happened after, I presume, they got a phone call from the Trump operation!  If so, this is a first time in 50 years this has happened!  Mainstream news blindness is dangerous, it is like driving a car with paint covering the windshield.  The US is in political chaos due to fake news.  There is alternative fake news, too.  Anyone can create fake news, it is easy.  All events are clothed, by mainstream owners and by alternative news owners, in all sorts of ridiculous stories designed to deceive.  I try to tell what I think is ‘reality’ but then, reality is always filtered through humans which changes it, and because it is ridiculously easy to lie, we all can lie about all sorts of things!

BREAKING: FBI CONFIRMS SETH RICH DNC LEAKER – LINKS TO DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ – YouTube This freight train is still running down the tracks despite all DNC/media attempts at derailing it.


News I have been waiting for and which enrages Hillary supporters and of course, the Bilderberg gang:  House Judiciary Committee Officially Approves Effort to Launch Investigation of Comey, Lynch.  Note how not one Bush/Cheney/Obama entity wanted an investigation of all the garbage that went on during the election.  Mr. Socialist millionaire, Sanders, also didn’t want crimes AGAINST him investigated, this is why he and his wife were given millions of dollars.  All the howling about Russia and Trump still continues as it vanishes to be replaced with howls about other shortcomings in the Trump struggle to run things in the teeth of near-total opposition.


The new investigative effort, authorized by the passage of the amendment in the Judiciary Committee, 16-13 along partisan lines, digs deep requesting documents and information related to Comey’s leaks of conversations he had with President Donald Trump before Trump fired him. According to the Washington Post, Democrats on the committee were infuriated Republicans pressed forward with the probe.


Probing the fact that a few people dared to talk to Russians is what Congress and the mainstream media focused on maniacally for seven long months.  The media nearly never mentioned all the goofy things the Hillary/Obama gang indulged in and they refuse to talk about it much, today.  They do use lots of vitriol to accuse the GOP of being ‘political’ for daring to investigate all this criminal stuff.


Russia Retaliates: Orders U.S. To Cut Diplomatic Staff, Seizes Two Compounds: Congress recently overwhelmingly voted for WWIII so the diplomatic crisis with Russia gets worse and this is because AIPAC and Israel want to destroy Assad of Syria and can’t thanks to Putin so they are trashing all diplomacy with Russia because it is basically a temper tantrum.  European leaders are worried about all this because it is destroying businesses there but I don’t care, they deserve this.



White House tensions flare in the open as Scaramucci rips Priebus in vulgar tirade – The Washington Post and NY Times and all the mainstream media are in a tizzy about tweets.


Yes, there is chaos in DC and it is growing worse.  Trump has no idea how to run a government in the teeth of bipartisan nonstop battles against changing anything even one iota.  He can’t change this, it is a train wreck that must happen.  It shows clearly how dysfunctional DC really is.  Simple things like ‘build a better wall and patrol it more’ issue is being shelved by Congress, not the President.


They don’t want to do ANYTHING different at all.  The minority in DC who are alarmed at the cliff we are driving off of, are too few in number to stop the clown car from going off this cliff.  Simple things like reducing the trade deficit, baffles Congress, our media and no one is interested in learning how to do these things.  Instead, everyone is to concentrate on silly stuff that doesn’t harm the entire US systems.


The trade deficit is totally dangerous.  WWIII is extremely, utterly dangerous and requires diplomacy which is dead in the water thanks to our media/Congress co-conspirators.  Our education systems from top to bottom, is in a political and cultural crisis and heading off the cliff rapidly, too.  Expensive and increasingly useless at the same time, it can end civilization.


‘Color-blindness is ‘unethical,’ USC profs declare’ is a fine example of how all these threads weave an Apocalyptic tapestry.


Mary Ann Priester and Ronald Pitner, both of whom teach in the College of Social Work at USC, advanced that claim in a July 19 research article examining the prevalence of color-blind attitudes among psychology students.


Defining color-blindness as “denial or lack of awareness of race-based privilege, institutional racism, and/or racial discrimination,” they argue that “this lack of awareness has been identified as a barrier to developing therapeutic rapport with racially diverse populations.”


This ‘study’ is both insane and  instructive.  No one is ‘color blind’.  At the same time, there is VAST ‘racial discrimination’ going on and it is aimed squarely at white European and Asian males!  They are in the crosshairs of some of the most outrageous race discrimination, as bad as the worst of the Jim Crow era.


Because of the harm allegedly caused when white people subscribe to color-blind racial attitudes, the professors surveyed 409 college students to determine the prevalence of “color-blind racial attitudes” among students with varying levels of “diversity exposure.”


Students were considered to be color-blind if they agreed with meritocratic statements such as “Everyone who works hard, no matter what race they are, has an equal chance to become rich” and “Race plays a major role in the type of social services that people receive in the United States.”


The second sentence is particularly funny.  In most cities, blacks get welfare very easily, whites do not.  I know this first hand.  I had a baby out of wedlock when I was a student in college and my major was wiped out by our rulers the same time…and I had no money, using it up to pay for the birth, myself.


I could not get a penny of welfare money.  I had to work (as a building super so I could have my baby with me) in NYC which led to me becoming a landlady, myself, in three years and I didn’t end up in the welfare trap and instead, became a builder after taking some courses in that field and making money.


When my husband was injured very badly at work and we had to go to court for 8 very long hard years, I was working until I had to quit to take care of him and we lived a very difficult life with nearly no money and…we could not get welfare money even though many people including illegal aliens found it ridiculously easy to get money.


This racial discrimination in welfare payments is very real.


The professors determined that “being White was associated with higher scores on the color-blindness measure, indicating a greater lack of awareness of White privilege and racial discrimination among White students,” and speculate that this might be due to the fact that “race is often not as central” to the identity of white individuals.


The presumption of these ‘professors’ is illogical.  White people are very aware that they have to walk on eggshells while blacks believe passionately that they can cuss, call each other ‘nigger’ and resist arrest and burn down cities and be proud of this and make no bones about being very racist about everything.  This double standard of behavior is the fault of liberals.


They encouraged and enabled this.  A black person in the public eye can do horrible things, say anything they want and are not fired or punished.  A white person saying the wrong joke or doing the non-PC thing is hammered hard and lose their jobs and are abused viciously by the media giants.


Curiously, they also found that “students who attended predominantly White undergraduate institutions had greater awareness of racial oppression than students who attended institutions that were racially balanced,” a result that runs contrary to conventional wisdom.


All the schools with few black students do this: they teach white children that black children are oppressed and helpless.  If a white kid goes to a mainly black school, they know this is stupid because they get beaten up all the time by black students.  This makes zero news, of course.  White kids who rarely interface with black kids except for a few exclusive rich black kids, have no idea this is going on and are very naive so they love the story about how noble they are for not being ‘racist’.


The professors cannot tell the truth about race relations.  They can see it plain as day and then, to keep their jobs and to keep the money flowing, they lie about everything.  The entire ‘social studies’ business is  a tower of lies at this point.  Even as raw statistics show that white males are fewer and fewer in number in schools due to them boycotting higher education except in the STEM fields, clearly shows this is a crisis now and should be studied and talked about except this is totally verboten.


Shoot the messenger:  Prof blasts ‘coordinated’ groups like Campus Reform who are pointing out the obvious.


A Drexel university professor who made headlines by tweeting “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide,” is now criticizing “organized and coordinated groups” like Campus Reform for their coverage of professors.


George Ciccariello-Maher, an assistant professor of political science, told The Triangle that it is vital to note that conservative outlets are “targeting professors and looking for anything.”


This professor is a white man demanding he be ethnically cleansed.  Too stupid to figure out he is doing this, alternative media has covered his story about him calling for all whites to be eliminated and this makes the Maoist professor furious.  He hasn’t been fired yet.  I wonder why.


“We’re living in a moment in which organized and coordinated groups are attacking professors. And I was sort of, maybe, on the early end of this in this year. There are cases in the past, many cases. But we’ve since had more than a dozen cases of groups like Campus Reform, Turning Point USA, The Campus Fix [sic] and all these websites — Breitbart — and then up into Fox News targeting professors and looking for anything,” he added.


Ciccariello-Maher also defended Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams who was put on leaveafter appearing to endorse the notion that first responders to June’s congressional baseball shooting should have let the GOP lawmakers “fucking die.”


Williams later maintained that his comments were not related to the shooting and that he was targeting white supremacy.


The USC professors whining about how whites should do more to flail themselves for being eternal racists should meet up with the clowns calling openly for genocide against whites including white professors.  Oh, they are already allies on the same side.  Professor Ciccariello-Maher (who is Jewish!) claims his calls for race genocide was a ‘joke’.


Whenever students or anyone else ‘jokes’ about race in ways that piss off the far left, they are punished.  So why isn’t this clown being punished, too?


Here is another shocking story:   Engineers baffled by ‘microaggression’ workshop at conference…they were there to learn about Manufacturing and Materials a the CIMM RII Symposium at Louisiana State University and instead were lectured for HOURS about ‘microaggressions’ and ‘race relations’.


Sara Hernandez, the Associate Dean for Inclusion and Student Engagement at Cornell University, and Dr. Jenna Carpenter, the Dean of Engineering at Campbell University, presented the implicit bias workshop as part of their roles with CIMM’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC).


Carpenter told Campus Reform that the DAC recommends everybody be educated about the impacts of implicit bias, asserting that “When faculty and students aren’t aware of implicit bias, they unwittingly engage in behaviors that continue the discrimination and discouragement of women and underrepresented minorities in science, mathematics, and engineering disciplines.”


This is like dry rot in a house or sailing ship: it causes total failure when under any stress like a storm.


Dr. Pedro Derosa, who chaired the panel discussion, agreed that “social stereotypes” are the main reason for the lack of women and minorities in STEM fields, explicitly rejecting the notion that the observed differences have anything to do with qualities inherent to any of those groups.


I once taught in a STEM school and was one of the few women doing classes in how to handle tools and materials.  If women and minorities want to get ahead in these fields, all they have to do is study hard and work hard.  But instead, they demand to be elevated with minimal effort on their own part so they end up always doing rather poorly.


“When implicit biases result in entire groups being underpaid or being subjected to higher scrutiny or standards or being excluded from opportunities altogether, we have a problem,” Derosa said.


This is insanity.  The red carpet is rolled out, in STEM fields, to women and minorities.  The competition for positions by Asians and white males is ferocious.  This means only the very best rise to the top.  On the other side, the lack of competition is causing women and minorities to do worse, not their best.  A black female, in particular, is offered immense opportunities, money and job hires.  This is due to the inherent racism that now runs all systems.


Lilienfeld—who published a research paper earlier this year calling for “a moratorium on microaggression training” and “abandonment of the term ‘microaggression’”—believes that microaggression theory “is not close to being ready for real-world application,” and could actually “exacerbate racial tensions” by “sensitizing” students to perceived offenses.


This is obvious and in spades: the more the universities concentrate on microaggressions, the angrier the students who imagine they are being ‘dissed’ and the more violent the students become, and this leads to more demands that everyone walk on eggshells around them or they will explode and destroy everything!


Rather than trying to promote diversity through workshops on microaggressions and implicit bias, Lilienfeld speculated that a more effective approach would be for individual professors to lead by example, saying, “Faculty need to invest more time, energy, and effort in mentoring and encouraging minorities and women.”


Note how the ‘fix’ is to…continue to tell women who now utterly dominate both the student body and the campus staff, that they need more encouragement and help and mentoring and ditto for minorities who are already buried under a mountain of mentoring and encouragement.  This will continue until the entire system collapses.


And it deserves to collapse now that ‘teaching important skills’ no longer is the goal, anyways.


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11 responses to “House Judiciary Votes For Comey/Clinton Probe…Also, Microaggression Hysteria Is Now Attacking STEM Schools

  1. floridasandy

    hope they are probing Awan brothers and DWS too. I suspect that there is a parallel investigation as they arrested him as he was trying to flee the country. Somebody probably tipped him off, and he couldn’t wait any longer.

    Hope they have had wiretapping going on during this time period, and then some heads will roll.

  2. Melponeme_k

    One of the worst things that was promulgated in our society was that “blue collar” work such as construction, plumbing, gardening/farming, mechanical repair (cars and commercial machines) etc. was unworthy. These jobs are the backbone of any society.

    This lie prevented generations of men and women from entering trade school. Now companies have to send for parts overseas and even repairs, because no one here can fix or create anything. What a crime against this country!

  3. Lou

    I cant find PDF, ethnic differences in babies
    In the 1970’s, before the politically correct goons over ran everything, a detailed study was done to see if the differences in race behavior began at birth, therefore proving behaviors are genetically rooted.

    ANSWER: A resounding YES.

    THIS IS A WHOPPER, it is an extremely well done scientific study that considered every last variable, and arrived at a very well rooted scientific conclusion. This is in the form of a 7 page PDF, READ IT, this study was done right at the pinnacle of science, before the de-constructionists tore everything apart and is obviously BANG ON.

  4. Lou

    Note the pictures of White teachers attending this circus.
    From: “The College Fix” July 28, 2017
    Conference teaches K-12 educators how to combat ‘whiteness in schools’

  5. floridasandy

    boycotts might work after all:

    But after disappointing earnings, Amazon stock plunged — and so did Bezos’ net worth. Amazon stock opened at $1,011 and kept falling. His fortune fell by more than $6 billion from its peak on Thursday in recent trading. Bezos owns slightly more than 16 percent of Amazon.

    not that he is in the poorhouse, though. 🙂

    maybe he will make his newspaper honest with enough pressure.

  6. floridasandy

    OT, breaking Germany stabber guy:

    globalism is great, and the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  7. Officer gunned down while trying to help three black men in car crash, they shot him dead here in the US today. And the media gave names but no ID as to race but the names sound ‘black’.

  8. Lou

    8, Blacks routinely attack those injured in car crashes, molest, rob, etc—see


  9. Lou

    OT–Just for a laugh, Amazon deletes one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book

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