Oroville Dam Update: Face Of Main Dam Shows Definite Seepage Problems On Mid-South Side

News Alert – 7-28-17 Oroville Dam ‘Green Spot’ Causes Concern About Leak – Lake Oroville Dam – 2017 – YouTube


There is now a big green area on the MIDDLE of the Oroville Dam face front.  There are also ‘water drain channels’ below the ‘green area’.  This means water is running down from the middle, not rain water but water when the rest of the dam is not seeing runoff.  ‘Differential settlement’ due to foundation shifting in this earthquake prone state.  This is a real danger, if it gives way suddenly, virtually no one has more than an hour or less to run for their lives. There’s a new head for California water policy, just one week ago and already there is a crisis.


California’s embattled Department of Water Resources (DWR) got a new director this week: Governor Jerry Brown appointed Grant Davis, 54, of Petaluma to head the agency, reeling from intense international and national media scrutiny of its mishandling of the Oroville Dam spillway crisis.


Mr. Davis got his start at the government teat by working for Lynn Woolsey who was the most liberal leftist in the California Congress critters, now retired.  He was elevated to various government positions ending up in the water business.  Political power in California (and Arizona) is most heavily invested in power to those who run the water systems which is life and death out there.


For example, on my mountain, I own the water which I pump here.  It is all mine, mine alone.  I am the boss totally.  When I lived in California and Arizona, I had to rely on the water state powers to have water. They controlled all the water even water on our ranch, we could not pump it out of the ground like I do here today.


They owned all the run off water, too!  Couldn’t set up rain barrels, even.  So, back to Oroville dam, there is a new leader this week and there is already a crisis and the way of dealing with this is to tell everyone, there is no crisis, there always was this ‘green wet spot’ in the past and I would suggest they are lying because they have a history of lying and to me, it looks like a definite seepage problem.


You see, I have dams on my own mountain to hold snow melt or floods so it won’t run hard to the road and the town likes this for now I don’t flood across Greenhollow Road anymore when we have 4 inches of rain.  I know how dams work and I inspect my dams regularly and yes, they do ‘settle’ and ‘change’ over time, being subject weather and geological forces, after all.


Catastrophic failure of dams in history have a very high death rate.  Generally, these dam collapses discharge tsunamis of water into fairly narrow valleys.  Work on the spillway continues and it is a gigantic operation because of all the earth that was scoured away during the near-dam collapse last spring.

Oroville Dam UPDATE 7/26/2017👍 10:37 PM 📡 Frequency Ring ✈ New Drone Fly Over🚧 ☣LHC☣ – YouTube


Four days ago, Engineering Management Failures at Lake Oroville Dam:

Berkeley engineering professor reports the entire disaster is the fault of management who hoarded water due to belief in ‘global warming’ caused them to believe that it would not snow much or rain so they didn’t keep the water level at a safe level thus leading to catastrophic flooding when more storms hit California’s water basin area.


If Oroville Dam failed, residents likely would not be advised in time was reported last February.  This continues to be true in spades.  The same people who ignored warnings and did dangerous stuff last winter are still running the joint today and this includes the DNC governor of the state, Jerry Brown Jr.  Like Bush Jr., he is a legacy ruler.


Oroville Dam Information – Home page is here and it has nothing about the possible seepage problem we see today all of this news comes strictly from CITIZEN ‘reporters’ who keep flying drones over the dam to see what is going on there.  Outsiders who are not ‘reporters’ but who have some skills in engineering are the best source for information about this dam.


Last May, some politicians and others sent a letter to Governor Brown Jr.:

The crisis isn’t over, I would suggest again like last winter, it is just beginning.  The problems are not vanishing, they are accumulating and give a good earthquake or flood in the future and we get real bad outcomes.  This is a very dangerous dam.



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15 responses to “Oroville Dam Update: Face Of Main Dam Shows Definite Seepage Problems On Mid-South Side

  1. Jim R

    You know, ‘private enterprise’ as practiced in the US and UK is not the answer either. They’ll cut corners until things fail, just to make a few bucks more ‘profit’. Whether it’s a public housing project or a nuclear plant, the hucksters of ‘private enterprise’ will be shocked, shocked when something fails and kills a bunch of people. Oh, and they’ll expect the taxpayer to bail them out at that time.

    Perhaps the only requirement should be that Jerry Brown, and the bureaucrats in charge of the dam, should live in the valley…

    But with that said, I’m not worried about that green patch. Those pictures are old, the green has been there for quite a long time. In this video you can see how it looks now (note that the green patch looks brown now).

    They are tearing out that unconsolidated metamorphic rock and putting down concrete. The spillway canyon will be filled up with concrete, and lots of rebar when they finish.

  2. Melponeme_k

    They should really declare the potential flood area near the dam a disaster zone and start moving people out.

    But we all know, they won’t do that.

  3. No, the pictures are from today.

  4. Jim R

    Your friend might have just posted the video today, but that first one just zooms in and out on 3 or 4 still pictures, some from years ago and some from back last spring, before they started filling up the canyon. The second video is mostly an incoherent rant over some DWR footage. Not sure what he’s going on about.

    I’ll choose to ‘believe’ the video I posted, from Juan Browne on July 20. Your ‘leak’ on the dam is brown, not green, now. Presumably someone is keeping an eye on that patch, but it doesn’t seem to be causing too much concern. The engineers are focusing on fixing that canyon and repairing the main spillway. They have a LOT of concrete to put in before the next rainy season.

  5. JimmyJ

    A risk to many small homeowner managed dams that is frequently overlooked is vegetation. If bushes are let to grow the roots can penetrate the dam structure and provide a route for seepage along the root channel leading to piping (which is a small stream of water through the dam structure) causes cavities and undermining of the dam leading eventually to total failure. This is often a slow and easily overlooked process, in the initial stages. Once the cavities are present or the piping has saturated portions of the structure, simply driving a vehicle over the dam or sudden flood level in the reservoir are some of the triggers for failures.

  6. We have a term for what Californians do so much: ostriches with heads in the sand. Actually, the birds are predators who hunt small mammals…but the concept is here: people denying reality in the hopes that this will stop reality are in serious pain in the future.

    The entire dam system in earthquake zones, like nuclear power plants where there are earthquakes/tsunamis is crazy dangerous.

  7. Jim R

    Elaine, you’re just a fountain of disinformation! Ostriches are not predators, they are mostly plant eaters. Might swallow the occasional bug.

    As for the dam, it’s been there four or five decades now. It has almost certainly weathered some earthquakes in that time. Will it survive “the big one”, the Mag 9 monster that may happen along the San Andreas? No idea.

    The Oroville dam is interesting in that it is the tallest pile of dirt like that in the world. Other big dams, like Hoover dam, are made of solid concrete, more or less. So there’s that. It has some concrete barriers inside it to control subsidence and seepage and whatnot.

    JimmyJ, of course that is the mechanism by which these dams have failed in the past. Like I was saying though, the engineers do not seem to be worried about the little green patch. In order for it to lead to failure, the water has to be moving fast enough to pick up particles along the seepage path and carry them out of the structure. We are not there and can only see some online videos, but that does not appear to be happening at Oroville.

  8. Whoa. I speak as someone who has raised and bred a number of birds including chickens. Toss a mouse at them and chickens mob it. From the internet proving I am 100% right and I have fed snakes to ostriches when I was a child and a guy I knew raised these birds for their feathers in Arizona:

    Their diet consists mainly of roots, leaves, and seeds, but ostriches will eat whatever is available. Sometimes they consume insects, snakes, lizards, and rodents. … Because ostriches have this ability to grind food, they can eat things that other animals cannot digest.

  9. It bothers me all to hell when people don’t bother googling simple facts when attacking me. I try to do this even for trivial things, you never know when you are not correct in some issue. So, remember: seeking information before speaking is a great strategy in the future. 🙂

  10. Jim R

    I did. I looked em up on Wikipedia to make sure. The ones at the zoo just ate this ratite kibble, I think it was from Purina.

    Eating the occasional frog or snake does not make the ostrich a predator. There IS a predatory ratite, the cassowary. It kills things as large as itself, and eats them. Not that you should ever trust that emu or ostrich, or get in its enclosure without some protection. They’ll GET you with those big foot claws.

    And, ALL birds have this grinding ability, it’s called a ‘gizzard’. Some reptiles have them as well. And of course well-preserved dinosaur skeletons have been found with a pile of gizzard stones at the approximate location. Which makes sense, because theropods were the ancestors of birds.

  11. Jim R

    Juan Browne on the “green spot”:

  12. Oh gods…I was right about ostriches and get lip. HAHAHA. As I said, I actually have fed ostriches! As well as roadrunners. I have extensive experience with large birds.

    Turkeys: guess what they eat? EVERYTHING. Watch them chase down mice, frogs, toads, snakes, etc. It is fun watching them play tug of war with a large snake. They stomp the snake, first, then rip it apart.

    Chickens: ahem…they do this too! I used to call my chickens ‘Cannibals’ because they would even eat other birds. Killer Rooster in particular, liked meat.

  13. About predators: i have watched turkeys hunt. Yes, they actually hunt. Chickens even dig for living things to eat. No mice ever dared to go into the hen house to screw around…most people’s experience with farm animals is extremely limited or only under very controlled conditions. My birds all ran outdoors, they didn’t live in pens. Thus, I could see them do what they liked, not what humans wanted.

  14. Lou

    Elaine might enjoy this. I feel for the snake, about to die,

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