EU Attacked Again By Islamic Terrorists, Wants More, Congress Wants WWIII With Russia

After a short pause, the continuous attacks on EU populations by Islamic radicals is picking up again.  The disaster brought down on Europe by the Bilderberg gang still isn’t properly reported in the news because the mainstream news in Europe and the rest of the first world NATO nations is mostly fake these days or hides the truth.  The rulers of our nations conspire secretly to do these things to us all and we are not allowed to know that they even meet in secret, much less, what they decide to do at these secret meetings.  The EU Bilderberg leaders are demanding Poland and other nations take in millions of angry Muslim males so they, too, can be terrorized.  Also, the EU leaders are angry that the US Congress is declaring war on Russia which means Russia is retaliating…in Europe.


Of course, the EU liberal media will blame Trump for all this.  Trump is like Gulliver and the Lilliputians who tie him down by his hair.  He has to do what they demand and since Congress is demanding nearly 100% for WWIII, we get WWIII.  All attempts, no matter how small, to create some diplomacy with Russia were hammered relentlessly by the Democrats and the Republicans and the media owners.  They all wanted this very badly and got it.

Trump has to sign on.  He cannot stand totally alone.  The real problem here is, despite six months of nonstop anti-Russian propaganda in the media, half of the country is pretty pissed off about all this and seem aware of the danger of WWIII and want to avoid this.  Liberals in major cities on the other hand, seem eager to be annihilated.  This puzzles me. Why do they all want to die?

So…hilariously, Europe is going to sanction the US taxpayers who protect Europe.  HAHAHA.  This will backfire badly.  The utter arrogance of this relationship is the same as with Japan.  Yesterday, the Japanese government decided to slap a 50% tariff on sugar from the US because they wanted to increase their trade surplus at our expense.


Then someone slapped somebody hard for that news story was killed within hours of publishing it.  Too bad, I captured the story before it was killed.  It is now part of history.


Our ‘allies’ are all extremely creepy now.  They assume US citizens will protect them all no matter what, at our expense.  And on top of that, they all get to run trade surpluses with us!  This insane business is doomed to destruction, it can’t go on forever.


But they all want it to go on forever!  On top of this huge steaming mess that will lead to WWIII, we have this lunacy:

Good lord, we are COLD this summer.  We had a handful of sort of warm days but for the most part, it has been cold and damp like this is England not New England.  It is 55 degrees F outside and well into the day and it is July where it should be so hot, I should be using air conditioners which I barely touched this summer.


The pretense that it is super hot continues because desperate rulers want us to think we are roasting to death so they can CUT OFF ENERGY we use.  Yes, the plan is to freeze us to death in winter and this is already happening in first world EU countries where the poor and elderly are now being cut off from heat systems to ‘save the planet’.


The New York Times article about how we are roasting to death is from the same state where I live.  The gall of publishing this fake story this month is hubris, big time.  They just don’t care if nothing matches reality anymore.  Here is the news from England:

Yes, it was warmer than the 1970’s when everyone was talking about Ice Ages coming.  But this year is very much like the 1970’s!  This scares me for I do snow plowing and in the last year, the snow plowing has piled up more and more and I am bracing for a snowy winter.  GRRR.  How stupid is this ‘scientist’?  Well, he is paid plenty money to be stupid.  I suspect all this global warming hysteria is an excuse to start WWIII so we can have a ‘nuclear winter’ and thus ‘save the planet’?


We know for certain due to various obvious factors that the climate was at its warmest during the Minoan Warm Cycle when people of even central Europe went around half naked even in winter and homes in Crete were totally open to the wind because it was warm even in winter.  All scientific data from that era points to it being significantly warmer than during this present, short (150 year) warm cycle.


And the warmest part of this warm cycle was from 1920-1940 with a blip in the 1950’s.  Where is the Dust Bowl?  Nothing.  Note that during the warm cycle after WWI, women’s clothing became very loose and cool to wear unlike say, 50 years earlier.


During the 1970’s I wore fur coats which I bought from second hand stores because it was so very cold, for example.  Maybe I should look for some now?  Seems like a good survival strategy.  Why are liberals so set on this ‘we are roasting to death’ scam?  It just annoys the hell out of me.  Then they all move to California and whine about the messes there and cost of living and high taxes.


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17 responses to “EU Attacked Again By Islamic Terrorists, Wants More, Congress Wants WWIII With Russia

  1. floridasandy

    the sanctions are political theater from a crooked and inept congress who don’t want to be doing anything for actual Americans. I see McCain is now immediately going to get his treatments-at great taxpayer expense-with his premium healthcare plan now that he hauled his flaccid self in to vote against healthcare reform for Americans.

    You can’t fix stupid with European leaders:
    The police said the attacker was a 26-year-old who was born in the United Arab Emirates, but did not release his name. Investigators said they were still trying to determine his citizenship, but Hamburg’s mayor, Olaf Scholz, said it appeared that the attacker was someone who should have been forced to leave Germany. The young man was not deported, Mr. Scholz said, because he did not have the necessary identification and travel documents (end)

    You would expect that you would be forced to LEAVE without necessary ID.

  2. HAHAHA…Germany deported ME back in 1968. They are liars and idiots, pretending they don’t deport people.

  3. Tim E.

    Tony Heller really takes the NYT to task today.

    Do they want WWIII to make the climate experts right?

  4. OC

    Just a heads up: US Climate scientist, John Casey, has reported that it is global cooling and not global warming to Trump.

    Both the Chinese and Russian govt have been preparing for a mini ice age; not global warming.

    Best wrap up for the cold and take care.

  5. Yes, the realists are leading Russia and China. Russia, by the way, fared rather well during all Ice Ages, mastodons grazed all the way up to the North Pole there. Europe and Canada and the northern parts of the US were under a mile of ice.

  6. floridasandy

    if that little North Korean dictator,(who is starving his people to keep firing expensive missiles to nowhere) we might have global cooling for a while:

    After a regional nuclear war, though, average global temperatures would drop by 2.25 degrees F (1.25 degrees C) for two to three years afterward, the models suggest.

    maybe the world leaders have come up with another one of their “plans”.

  7. OC


    No need to wait for fatty Kim; mini ice age comes with earthquakes..

    Once Yellowstone volcano blows, you’ll get the equivalent of nuclear winter in US..

    Hope you are not nearby this place..

  8. floridasandy

    that’s one of the things that makes these blogs interesting, people are INTERESTED in the world, science, and politics- and what is actually happening.

  9. floridasandy

    why was comey even allowed to “investigate” Clinton in the first place?

    These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.

    So he was on the Clinton Foundation corporate board, and his brother does the Clinton taxes.

    There was no chance Comey could be objective, just like McCain was not going to be objective on Benghazi.

    We really need to drain the swamp.

    It’s funny looking back that Clinton blamed Comey for her loss! She didn’t even believe that.

  10. floridasandy

    sorry I was off topic, but when I saw that I just had to post it somewhere.

    has Trump actually signed the sanctions yet?

  11. He is evidently very pissed at the GOP not listening to him and trying their best to cause WWIII. I am very pissed, too.

  12. OC

    You just can’t stop the stupid:

    Putin and Xi is just love these clowns..

  13. Christian W

    @ # 9 Sandy

    That is why I for years have been saying Washington (the US system) is incredibly corrupt. All of it. It’s not only the Clintons and Dems etc. Before them the GOP were/are exactly the same. This means ALL of the US institutions are corrupt to the core

    This is the reason you cannot “Drain the Swamp”. The US system IS the swamp.

  14. The political/fake news systems are run by this group called ‘the Bilderberg gang’ who are international rich and powerful people who are imposing all sorts of crappy things on the rest of us, their latest game scheme is to flood Europe and America with illegal aliens who are angry Muslims so we can have continuous terrorism. These people are criminals, that is, this gang of rich people and nearly no one outside the elites even knows what the Bilderberg gang is.

  15. Well, that didn’t make any news!!! I live not too far from where this happened and while roaming the news feeds, didn’t see much about this at all…!!!!

  16. Lou

    16–I am on facebook and check Breitbart, so thats how I see things that others do not.
    Remember when the Muslims were found, late at night, at the reservoir in Massachusetts?

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