CTE Brain Damage Nearly 100% NFL Football Players Who Die Young

I got all this news from the Daily Mail in England: US football is one of the deadliest games anyone can play.  Half of the pro players these days are from lower class black families with no fathers at home.  The young men play hard and buy mom a house and do other good deeds only to go insane or die after a short stint as a pro.  The player in the above article is still a young man and he is sadly insane and it is tragic, what is happening to him.


He literally had a ‘flash back’ moment and thought he was rushing a line in a game when he flung himself suddenly into the front doors of a store in Michigan.  I feel very sorry for him, my husband has brain damage from chemical poisoning at work and when we won his case in court, Kodak film became besieged by lawsuits from other photographers.


Seeing first hand how brain damage is so terrible, I have nothing but sympathy for the young men who are lured into this Roman-arena style ‘sport’ which refuses to reform itself to make it safer.  They are given this lure of huge sums of money, most of which is frittered rapidly away leaving these brain damaged players in poverty or dead.

The shocking news here is, the NFL cut its ties and ceased funding research in this brain damage field after the report was released!  They made a big deal about handing over a mere $30 million to discover if football is causing brain damage and after learning that it certainly does this, they ran off.


Congress will not hold hearings about this, will they?  Congress is utterly corrupt.  Even if ‘football’ is very popular, refusing to be honest about how it affects people, the need to protect children from this that is, all the Pop Warner stuff must cease, this will be unpopular and the mania of using black innercity children as animals in a Roman coliseum will continue onwards until the Empire ceases.


This exploitation of inner city, broken family young men should trouble people more but it doesn’t, people feel that the players ‘won the lottery’ and ‘have loot’ so who cares?  Well, if they know the price they will pay in full, then it is their own hazard but in this case, there are people surrounding these often naive families telling them that they will be rich, they will win the lottery and it won’t destroy them.


It is, in other words, the LYING here that matters.  Anyone can do anything except one thing: conspire to lie or conceal or ignore known life-threatening dangers.  Selling someone a car with bad brakes while telling them, the brakes are fine, is illegal.


This is where football owners, media owners and politicians, schools, etc. are all in collusion to LIE to black boys who are still either underage or barely adults.  There should be seminars for young men entering high school, college and the NFL telling them the raw facts of their future medical condition from playing this ‘game’.


On the contrary, these clowns intend and these clowns are mostly white males, to lie to black kids in their care.  They will tell them, there is nothing wrong, go ahead, crash into each other at a high speed.  THAT is the crime here: the lying.





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7 responses to “CTE Brain Damage Nearly 100% NFL Football Players Who Die Young

  1. floridasandy

    i agree that football is too intentionally violent, but I can’t believe you played the race card there.

    they pick the best athletes, period.

    it is ridiculous to overwork and put many kids in danger who have zero chance of making the NFL, yet die in high school practice sessions. The problem is a lot of parents are delusional about their child’s chances, and encourage them. It’s a problem in all sports, though. Look at boxing and mixed martial arts. I dated a football player who would not let his children play football, and they turned to other interests.

    I don’t think most Americans are going back to baseball, so some smart person would need to invent a different sport that would still entertain people. The idea is probably out there.

  2. Many white families are withdrawing their sons from football, this has been ongoing for a while now, mostly mothers are doing this. Black mothers have few husbands but many sons and it is like winning the lottery if their boys make it to the big time so there is a huge push for them to play this game.

    And…unlike say, basketball, football is more like boxing: it is highly destructive to the men. Basketball is increasingly less popular as time passes and as more and more black players dominate it.

    It is a slow process but it is nonetheless, happening: the more a sport is dominated by black athletes, the less interest in it overall. This isn’t due to racism!

    IT IS DUE TO FEELING LEFT OUT. See? People feel there is no point in it all if they are outsiders who have zero chance of winning, too. This lack of interest is natural, not racist.

    Basketball is restricted for this reason, too. Only extremely tall people can hope to play it. This has eroded interest in actually playing the game if really tall people can simply shove the ball into the basket instead of throwing it.

    When the first dunks happened years ago, I predicted that basketball would drop in popularity in schools and this has been happening more and more, it takes decades to decay and it is definitely decaying now.

  3. Old Ari

    The problem is all the body armor they wear. If they played the game with only a Jock strap protection like rugby players the problem will go away

  4. Jim R

    I still think professional sports teams should be REQUIRED by LAW to maintain a certain racial balance. Half the players should be white.

    … because the different races are really all the same, see?

  5. melponeme_k

    Football is rapidly dropping in popularity due to the political grandstanding the league was doing last year. I don’t see the fans returning. It will collapse within our lifetime sooner rather than later.

    I can attest to the Basketball disinterest. When they would teach it in middle school during gym period, I could see how they favored the tall children. So it became a question of why bother for myself personally. I wasn’t ever going to be tall. So I would pretend to throw the ball and never made the effort to put a ball in a basket.

    Yes, on HS teams there are some shorter players now (due to schools needing to fill spots, really tall people are in short supply). But again, if you are a good player who is on the shorter side, you won’t benefit from any kind of scholarships at college. So it turns into a waste of time.

  6. Claudeeyah

    Just for my own knowledge, how can one tell when a negro football player is brain damaged?

  7. Black boxers and football players both suffer terribly for this and it is heart breaking. I have sympathy for them because they tend to be people trying very hard to get out of the Trap. And yet are trapped even worse than before.

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