NYC Actress Runs Vermont Energy Company, Installs Solar Panels On Flat Roofs In Deep Snow Country

Utility Helps Wean Vermonters From the Electric Grid – The New York Times


In a new low-income development that replaced a trailer park here, rooftop solar panels sparkle in the sun while backup batteries quietly hum away in utility closets.


Way back in 1992, we had a small solar array for electricity on our mountain when we lived in a tent for nearly ten years.  It ran a few light bulbs and other stuff but our ‘refrigerator’ all winter was the local snowbank and in the summer, the lights were needed only for a short time due to the days being very long.  This former trailer park, on the other hand, is different: the solar panels are on nearly flat roofs!  This is INSANE.


About an hour away, in Rutland, homes and businesses along a once-distressed corridor are installing the latest in energy-saving equipment, including special insulation and heat pumps.


And throughout Vermont, customers are signing up for a new program that will allow them to power their homes while entirely disconnected from the grid.


And during the winter, most of these people will die unless they take very strong measures to survive that is, flee from their homes.  I heated my tent complex and heat my home today via wood/pellet stoves.  The pellet stoves need electricity to run and if the solar panels are producing no energy, there will be no electricity to run a pellet stove, right?


The projects are part of a bold experiment aimed at turning homes, neighborhoods and towns into virtual power plants, able to reduce the amount of energy they draw from the central electric system. But behind them are not green energy advocates or proponents of living off the land. Instead, it’s the local electric company, Green Mountain Power.


Isn’t that cute?  I took one look at the picture of the fatal homes with these systems set up by liberals living in la-la land and yelled, ‘They will get ZERO power much of the winter!’  The roofs are nearly flat.  The angle of the sun in Vermont in winter is at a strong angle as the sun rises very late, skates barely above the local mountains during the day and then disappears in the afternoon for another long, bitter, cold night!


On top of all that, flat panels collect ice and snow.  It has been proven that even a partial covering of snow on a solar panel leads to it producing virtually no energy.  All the panel has to be exposed to the sun for it to function!  What else is wrong with this plan?


Well, clearing the panels, if they are flat, is nearly impossible.  All ice and snow will form a sort of glacier on the roof and you can’t walk on the panels to clear them.  All users of panels where I live have them at a very steep angle for this reason.  You get less energy in summer but you get much more in winter when it matters more!


I have held for years, putting panels on roofs is stupid in any snow region.  The smart place for these is on the ground with a system for adjusting for winter versus summer sun, that is the angle should be able to be adjusted every three months for maximum uptake of energy from the sun.


Green Mountain’s chief executive, Mary Powell, sees the program here as the best way to please customers while making the system more environmentally and physically sustainable.


“Customers, especially in Vermont with the energy-independence values that people have, want to move more toward self-generation,” she said, seated in a bright orange Modernist chair in a meeting area in the company’s open-plan headquarters near Burlington.


“The opportunity for us,” she added, is to lead the transformation of an electric system that depends on power sent along big transmission lines “to a community-, home- and business-based energy system.”


Mary G. Powell: Executive Profile & Biography – Bloomberg

She is paid four times the competition!  She is part of this Canadian operation which is why it is so insane.  Canada has decided to commit mass suicide recently.  They believe they will all roast to death soon which is odd to me since Canada is Ground Zero for EVERY Ice Age.  It is the only place on earth aside from Greenland and Antarctica which is regularly covered entirely by massive mile thick ice glaciers.


Why are they worried about global warming?  Global warming is lovely for Canada.  Even a slight chill like today or back in the 1970’s is hard on Canada.  Most of Canada was uninhabitable during the Little Ice Age.


Poor Vermont!  Here is the list of the board of directors of this incompetent scam:

Mostly public operations paid for via forcing people to buy insurance at high cost or public radio, etc.   Then there are the energy companies involved who get funds from the government to put solar panels improperly on flat roofs where they won’t function very well at all, and everyone is going to back slap each other and Vermonters trusting these super rich/powerful people will pay the piper and die.


The homes built in this story have no energy at all outside of these fatally installed panels.  The homes will definitely be abandoned by Xmas if not earlier.


The utility, owned by Gaz Métro, a leading natural gas distributor in Quebec, is also working to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions as part of the effort to slow global warming. In 2014, it became a B Corporation. That is a voluntary designation, requiring executives to take into account not just how decisions will affect profit and shareholders, but also how they will affect the public, generally defined as society or the environment.


As I suspected, it is the suicide squad from Canada who are worried about it being too warm.  Last night on my mountain, it went down to 45 degrees F.  This is insanely cold for July.  This is October temperatures.  We did have a couple of warm days this year but not many, the majority have been below normal, often far below normal.


 Now it is starting a new program, announced in May, that will offer the battery to as many as 2,000 customers for $15 a month over 10 years, or a one-time payment of $1,500.


So, they are charging $300 in interest on a $1,500 loan.  Almost usury levels?  It is double what I pay for a car loan.


Ms. Powell, 56, grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and attended a public high school focused on the arts. She came to the company in 1998 after turning down the job three times. She just couldn’t see herself working for a utility, she said, especially one whose traditional corporate culture was visible in the imposing stone lobby and slate steps that led to the chief executive’s office, hidden behind two private secretaries and outfitted with its own bathroom and shower.


She is not a scientist or trained in energy systems!!!  She is an ACTOR and her father was an ACTOR.  She is also from NYC’s liberal upper west side, not Vermont!!!!  Good lord, are the people of Vermont aware about how they are being scammed?


The family on her father’s side — he was an actor and a model for the fisherman on Gorton’s seafood packages — had roots in the state, so she had grown up spending summers there. (Her brother, Michael Powell, is a sports columnist at The New York Times.) After college, she became a technical writer for a money-market fund in New York, working her way up to associate director of operations over the next seven years.


And this clueless female’s brother is a NYT reporter.  That nails it.  How did this very connected Manhattan female rise?  Oh, she is very connected like all the other creeps destroying our country systematically.  No wonder she is pioneering this stupid scheme that won’t work.  The raw facts here are, as designed according to what I see here today, it is doomed to utter failure.  The failure is very expensive and people might die because of this failure, certainly, Vermont can and will go bankrupt due to this stupidity.  How on earth can people be so incompetent and yet paid millions of dollars do to stupid things?


HAHAHA.  A common theme here at Culture of Life News!


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15 responses to “NYC Actress Runs Vermont Energy Company, Installs Solar Panels On Flat Roofs In Deep Snow Country

  1. Jim R

    What a stupid waste of panels. All the panels I have seen when visiting up in the northeast, have been canted up at a steep angle. And the bottom edge is up off the roof or ground so that snow will slide off and they’ll collect more rays from the low winter sun.

    Obviously this <strike>bimbo</strike> executive woman must be smart, she makes more money than we do…

  2. The UK has discovered wind and sun are intermittent sources and have decided to use massive batteries to further the folly .

  3. Claudeeyah


    Yes, I read that they are outlawing gas and diesel car sales by 2040…..because, you know, we’ve got to save the earth and shiite. Amazing how the Brits and Europeans just lie down and take it like the weak bitches they are.

    Then there’s this:

    Asian countries for Asians, African countries for Africans, White countries for…..EVERYONE! Yay! …..because, Multiculturalism is really wonderful and whites need to be culturally enriched!

    I’m pretty sure the victim of this crime will be bringing flowers to her assailant, along with an apology for her white privilege.

  4. tio

    Considering that Poodlestrip One is essentially a lump of coal sitting in the Atlantic nor’ nor’west of Ushant, our energy policy seems a little off. Perhaps George and Mandie’s neolibtardistic plans for a joint French/Chinese nuke plant seem reasonable if you are an adept of the cult. Dunno.

    Strap one of these (maybe slightly larger) to your stove ..

    .. and run an alpha variant with the cold cylinder through the wall. Might work.

  5. Jim R

    That’s a cute video, tio. Before you know it, you’ll have that NYC actress selling Hog Sterling motors to rubes in Vermont.

  6. tio

    Glad you liked it, talking of crime here’s another.

  7. Jim R

    The best way to rob a bank is to own one.

  8. By far and away, the best way to rob a bank is to be a ruler.

  9. Lou

    8–Wrong. The best way is to control the rulers and banksters.

    I care not for who wins the election, or whatever that quote is.

  10. tio

    Elaine, what happens when the banksters inter marry with the ruling elite so completely that they are indistinguishable? A .. HAHAHA. My favourite bon mot: What is the bigger crime, robbing a bank or opening one?

  11. Yes, they intermix a great deal for obvious reasons just like they did during the monarchies.

  12. meagain

    Article at following link indicates solar panels may look flat while, in fact, may be tilted. Article also states why solar panels on flat roof tops are still of good value even in snowy climates.


    ———— ———-

  13. HAHAHAHA. I, on the other hand, have half a century experience removing ice and snow from roofs of ALL pitches from flat to slanted. How, pray tell, can slightly tipped solar panels crowded close together, be cleared of snow easily? From 12 feet below, no less? I DON’T SEE HOW.

    Indeed, I live up in the NE snow belt and I have seen virtually no one clear snow away from panels after a big storm. Why?

    YOU CAN DAMAGE THESE! What tools would one use to do this? A broom? HAHAHA. Good lord, people are stupid. A snow rake will damage the panels and is very unwieldy, it usually crashes down on roofs when doing ice/snow removal.

    Secondly, it doesn’t reach far up! Only just beyond the eaves.

    Thirdly, pull snow down and it jams up the spaces between the panels and then turned into ice hard nastiness. I have tons of experience with snow removal, people paid me to do this because it is dangerous and hard work.

  14. Jim R

    Hey ‘meagain’, Elaine is 100% correct on this one.

    I live in a warm climate, partly because I hate snow, but I have been acquainted with it in previous decades.

    You not only want those panels to be at an angle, you want the bottom edge to be up off the ground or roof, so that there is a place for the snow to go when it slides off. You also want at least some sort of catwalk running alongside the panels, so that you can get to them to gently brush off the snow.

    Because if only 5% or 10% of a panel is shaded by snow or shrubs or anything, its power output goes to near zero. It’s just the way they work. The whole panel has to be illuminated. Any shaded areas act like a short circuit and cancel out the power from the rest of it.

  15. Correct! This has finally been admitted this year. It drops to zero power if even only 10% of the panel is covered.

    I lived off of only solar energy/batteries for ten long years. The solar panels were on a metal structure that could be rotated by hand, the angle could be changed with the seasons and we cleaned it immediately after snow and ice storms.

    It is a lot of work.

    And we did this while standing on the ground, no ladders, no nothing dangerous. Try using a ladder after a snow storm!!! It is highly dangerous.

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