NATO Leaders Want WWIII: Congress Voted Overwhelmingly Against Trump Peace Moves

(44) U.S. tanks parade through Eastern Europe in bizarre PR stunt – US Pentagon warmongers deliberately drove tanks through Europe as a ‘message’ to Russia, a nuclear power capable of annihilating all of Europe in WWIII.


Most people who live in this bizarre bubble thinking WWIII won’t be all about nuclear weapons, pretend that simple tanks will be useful in WWIII.  The Russians know their history: European leaders periodically do sneak invasions of Russia.  Russia cannot wait to see if the present rulers will try this trick.  They assume the gangsters running Europe plan to do exactly that!  Nuke Russia and then invade, that is: a temptation that the Pentagon drools over and which we escaped in the past by a hair’s breadth.

(44) US: Russian decision to cut 755 embassy staff ‘regrettable’.

Trump wanted negotiations and peace with Russia, half of the US voted for this and Congress went 95% for WWIII instead.  Ignoring their own voters, the majority of the GOP voted with the Democrats to start WWIII and this will backfire on them because voters are alarmed and angry about all this.


All the previous illegal wars like the totally illegal one launched by Bush Jr and Cheney, were sold to the public via mass media lies.  Now, the US mainstream fake news has been pounding the US public with totally fake news about Russia nonstop.  They hope to start WWIII.


Why is this?  Well…the very cruel, dark side of me is assuming that our rulers are hoping the Russians will destroy Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Stockton, etc.: all our dead former manufacturing cities now filled with illegal aliens and black people who are systematically destroying these cities.


This is insane: the Russians are fully aware that most US cities are wastelands.  The idea that Russia will nuke rich communities as well as our military bases here…that idea just doesn’t cross the warped brains of the super rich rulers of our deep in debt nation.


Sanctions imposed by the US is now hurting Europe’s economy but the EU rulers egged the US to do this and so it was done.  Ooops, the crushing shutting down of business with Russia is backfiring already.  Eastern Europe is freaking out and they should because not one soul there will survive WWIII.


Why aren’t people in London demonstrating against this restarting of WWIII systems?  Why aren’t there peace marches in Berlin?  HAHAHA.  Nope.  The left wants WWIII so they aren’t demonstrating at all.  No marchers in the US going to DC.  Why?


Because all the liberals are backing WWIII actions!  Senator Schumer is demanding WWIII.  The DNC leadership facing arrest for election crimes, wants WWIII.  The online liberal media giants all want WWIII.  So we will get WWIII.


The NATO nations are being told total lies, that Russia started all this. Russia did defend itself from a coup in Ukraine seizing an important base on the Black Sea.  Instead of negotiating with Russia about this, NATO chose to attack Russia about this and make unilateral demands.  Many a nasty war began in Crimea.  Russia won these battles every time because Russia needs Crimea and the EU doesn’t need it at all so there is far more motivation on the part of Russia to fight ferociously.


Instead of explaining history to populations, our rulers chose to tell outrageous and useless lies.  NO ONE in the EU wants to die for Crimea!  Not a soul.  So the rulers have to pretend that Russia has plans to invade Europe.  The only times Russia has done this, in the Napoleonic wars and WWII, was due entirely to Germany or France invading Russia.


Ignoring this very important history, our rulers choose to simply pretend Russia, for some reason, wants to invade Europe all the time.  Since history says the opposite, the game is to ignore or lie about history and lies pile in on lies and the victims of these lies don’t understand how reality works.


Eastern Europe was ruled by the Soviets who were very badly burned by WWII trusting Hitler.  But when the Soviet Union closed shop, the Russians left without doing anything nasty.  They just left.  The key here was, NATO nations and the US promised solemnly to never move troops to Russia’s front doorstep and then…did exactly that.


That is the beginning of the obvious provocations.  This is the key to WWIII.  The US demanded that we have the right to break promises for any reason whatsoever.  And did it.  Russia doesn’t need many troops to win WWIII.  All they need is to shoot the nuclear missiles first.  This is the key to understanding WWIII: the winner is the one who acts first.


This is why diplomacy is life and death.  All of Trump’s attempts at diplomacy were foiled by the DNC/GOP Bilderberg conspirators.  They are in full blown rage now, openly ripping apart everything.  Any sane US voters here can see clearly how we do not have two political parties, we have one that pretends to be two so as to neutralize and exploit voters who think they are voting for something they want and then getting the shaft.


There is a very ancient curse: may your wish come true.  I warn all our insane elites, that wishing for total domination and power will mean you will be reduced to ashes.



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4 responses to “NATO Leaders Want WWIII: Congress Voted Overwhelmingly Against Trump Peace Moves

  1. Jim R

    Here’s a little video from RT about how ‘The Russians pooped in the hallway’ … the Russian point of view.

  2. Nani

    I warn all our insane elites, that wishing for total domination and power will mean you will be reduced to ashes.

    If only they could heed your warning, but they won’t. Too arrogant, self complacent and stupid, they are incapable of being sensible and smart politicians.

    For the first time in a long time, the EU are doing a smart thing by opposing these sanctions. According to my knowledge the EU will impose retaliatory measures against these sanctions. Europe will not allow the US to sabotage economic cooperation between EU and Russia.

  3. Petruchio

    “This is why diplomacy is life and death. All of Trump’s attempts at diplomacy were foiled by the DNC/GOP Bilderberg conspirators.” This is, imho, THE important point to remember/realize/understand coming out of all this. There is NO difference between the two Parties! The Democrats and Republicans are owned by the same people and Interest Groups. I for one can’t understand why it is soooo difficult for the average American to figure out.

  4. tio

    A popular president under siege from a tiny minority with all the wealth, who own all the constantly attacking media and not to mention hostile foreign capital. A president that wants all that mad socialist crap, jobs, a living wage, decent education, single payer and to cap it all off peace .. nuts. Thank heavens he was not stupid enough to ‘take ownership’ of the economy 😀

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