NATO Near Collapse As Germany Declares Trade War On US! HAHAHA

RT New from Russia.   This news like 90% of what happens in the real world, doesn’t make news in the US.  The double dealing is continuous now with Congress out of control and Trump with no inside allies to do real diplomacy.  So our rulers are now running riot in the open.  What we are witnessing this week is the utter destruction of NATO by clever Putin game playing using the stupidity of the US media and Congress to his advantage: the US creeps running us towards WWIII have demanded that Russia sell no more energy to Germans.  HAHAHA.  Boy, are the Germans pissed about this!!!

Yes, the US Congress defied Trump and basically demanded war with Russia and China.  This stupid step has many bad stumbles down the staircase of history with the Germans suddenly waking up to the fact that they just slit their own throats, demanding the US have a fake military confrontation with Russia so the Germans could get a better Gasprom deal from a supposedly desperate Putin.


This is backfiring very badly to my great amusement.

The London Daily Mail has more news than US media on international dealings.  Why is the State Department which is mostly anti-Trump operatives, so amazed that Putin did a classic tit for tat?  Did they imagine he wouldn’t?  Or are they just lying bastards pretending this is unexpected.  Since they are at all other times, bastards, I am assuming the latter.


Berlin calls for retaliation against ‘illegal’ US sanctions on Russia: yes, all our fake allies who run trade surpluses with the US, are pissed that Congress refused to follow Trump’s attempts at diplomacy and imposed a huge trade embargo on Russia which includes the Germans who are, in particular, the most pissed off.  This is hilarious, they are going to have a trade war with the US now!  GOOD.  That may be the only good thing to come out of this, it is the final nail in the coffin of NATO which is a mooching operation set up to benefit Europe and pile debt on top of Americans defending Europe for no good reasons.


New penalties against Moscow proposed by US lawmakers violate international law and officials in Brussels should consider countermeasures, the German economy minister said on Monday.


“We consider this as being against international law, plain and simple,” Brigitte Zypries told the Funke Mediengruppe newspaper chain.


“Of course we don’t want a trade war. But it is important the European Commission now looks into countermeasures,” she added.  According to the minister, “the Americans cannot punish German companies because they operate economically in another country.”


Europe’s evil rulers were very pissed off that anti-Putin Hillary lost the election despite all the illegal aliens voting against US citizen’s interests.  Then the Bilderberg gang got virtually all of Congress to vote for WWIII.


This set the German industrialists all in hysteria.  The green energy scam is biggest in Germany which is intending to commit mass suicide over time.  But it was fake: the industrial base energy came from RUSSIA.  So they pushed for the ‘let’s move the EU/German borders all the way to Moscow’ at the same time, doing business with Putin to keep Germany’s industries alive.


Now that is all trashed.  Good. The Germans have been playing this cynical double game with the US and England and the people of the US and England voted for freedom of all this and both wanted basically to Brexit the EU and…Germany is pissed off about this for it was engineering a total take over of everyone once all the southern tier EU states went bankrupt and revive the Vierte Reich: the fourth Reich.


The bill appears to target Russia’s Nord Stream-2 pipeline that will deliver natural gas from Russia to Germany. The proposed expansion would double the existing pipeline’s capacity and make Germany EU’s main energy hub.


Putin is rubbing his hands with glee now.  This, more than any other item, is guaranteed to eliminate NATO.  I must say, this clever game of his proves that Putin runs Congress!  I am joking, of course.  Putin would rather be friends with Trump than fight him.  But if he has to fight, he, a chess grandmaster, will do it on his own terms.


He knows that Trump has been ‘castled’ that is, locked in this tower by the Queen and her guards and can’t do much of anything at all while all the rooks and pawns and knights run berserk.   Putin doesn’t have to sell energy to Europe, he is selling it to China and Turkey and thus, continues to patiently pry Turkey away from NATO.


Now, NATO leaders can’t have meetings with each other unless they keep out the Turks.  Then the Turks can retaliate and shut more NATO bases.  The outcome is obvious to me: since half of Europe is too poor and deep in debt to run basic services, much less, be part of NATO, they are a heavy burden on Germany and the US and since Germany has declared a trade war with BOTH England and the US, shades of WWI and WWII!  HAHAHA.

It is too funny.  Here is the delusional idiots who run the fake New York Times, their only story about today’s Russia news:

The border of Russia is right where NATO expanded.  Demanding that Russia not protect their border is literally insane.  Worse, it is stupid.  Russia has a 100% right to have troops protect its borders.  The US public has been told by our fake news media and Congress of both parties that we don’t need to and should not protect our own borders which is why we are being invaded.

This caps the entire thing!  We cannot get to that space station except via Russia.  I hope Putin shuts this down, too.  Just to teach our stupid rulers a sharp lesson.

And our fake allies continue to be attacked by the millions of angry Muslim males the rulers there let in.  NATO is an anchor around our necks and we better exit Europe while we can.  Oh, and very little of these attacks makes news in our own fake mainstream news which I find very funny since so many Zionists own the wretched systems.


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12 responses to “NATO Near Collapse As Germany Declares Trade War On US! HAHAHA

  1. floridasandy

    I do feel sorry for the German people, because they generally have lousy choices in their elections and have to pay for the merger of east and west Germany -to the great irritation of western Germans who have helped pay  1.6 trillion euros to rebuild the east-where Merkel is from.

    So naturally she knows what is best for Germany . DUH!

    It is interesting how she is trying to pivot from Europe to Russia now. The death of the European Union was written long ago.

  2. Germany needs Russian energy. Why the rulers there opted for hostile relations with Putin baffles me. I think they are just effing insane. Germany has a long history of insane leaders. It always ends badly but it seems no one is interested in learning how to avoid being destroyed by lunatic leaders.

  3. Jim R

    Things not going well for the empire lately. Venezuela “freedom fighters” getting arrested … Erdogan prosecuting coup plotters in Ankara (how many of them are CIA?) … Putin kicking out 750 CIA “diplomats” from Russia.

    And Trump wants to shut down support for the jihadi scum that the CIA and Pentagon trained, armed, and supports in Syria.

    How much longer before a “disgruntled employee” or otherwise “deranged gunman” slips through the SS agents guarding the first family … they must be working feverishly on it.

  4. Kenogami

    I suspect these are empty words by the completely corrupt German politicians until the fall elections are passed because the German people are very angry: these politicians are all bought by lots of US $, or blackmailed.

    That psychopathic traitor Angela Teckel must have done something dreadfull when she was with the Stasi because she has been destroying Germany for many years: she is certainly blackmailed by the Anglo or the Zionists. She is a typical psychopath; she has no moral values and will always surf on the top no matter how much the political system change.

  5. Kenogami

    NATO does not benefit Europe; it benefits the US war-death complex and the Anglo-Zionists hegemonists. It serves as a political cover for their criminal wars of choice in the Middle East, in Asia and in Europe. The Europeans lackeys join their voice also in the propaganda wars against those who oppose the hegemonists madmen.

  6. tio

    They’ll be burning the midnight oil in Whitehall.

  7. Merkel hates GERMANY. She literally will drop the German (and US) flag and stomp on it in public and has done this on TV, too.

  8. floridasandy

    Merkel is an east German communist, no matter what she pretends to be.

    The Germans must be loving this:

    Muslim vigilantes enforcing Islamic justice have become increasingly common in Germany. The government’s inability or unwillingness to stop them has led to the rise of anti-Muslim counter-vigilantes. Germany’s BfV intelligence agency, in its latest annual report, warned that an escalating action-reaction cycle could result in open warfare on German streets.
    The self-appointed “Sharia Police” urged both Muslim and non-Muslim passersby to attend mosques and to refrain from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, music, pornography and prostitution

    Freedom loving Europe is toast if things don’t change.

  9. The EU populations grew fat and lazy when the US citizens did all the fighting, dying, paying taxes and taking on a gigantic mountain of debt, protecting the Europeans from their own follies.

    Voters here this year voted to stop doing this. The Bilderberg gang controls Congress so we are being forced to do this and rage is building. The EU plans to continue doing this to us. The populations there are not demanding they be taxed higher and provide bodies to die in wars. They want the old status quo back where the US does this for them while they poke at Russia.

  10. Lou

    The EU populations grew fat and lazy when the US citizens did all the fighting,
    Europe has been a war torn place. The White men there spent many centuries killing each other. Not good.
    The muslims and africans are the trojan hoss of die versity.

  11. Petruchio

    “Germany needs Russian energy. Why the rulers there opted for hostile relations with Putin baffles me.” Mainly because they are the bought-and-paid-for political wh#res of the Rothschild Banking Cartel. They don’t serve the interests of the German people anymore than the Political Wh#re Class in D.C. serves the interests of the American people. The average German could freeze to death from the cold and the German elites wouldn’t blink an eye over it.

  12. I really believe Merkel wants to destroy Germany. Recently, she was handed a German flag and she flung it down and stepped on it. She is very nasty. And the stupid Germans voted for her and deserve the hell they are in now and their future destruction. Hope they enjoy Gotterdammerung.

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