New BBC Ancient Rome Cartoon Show Features African Blacks As Brits/Romans

Rome spread troops from all parts of the empire to other parts to stop uprisings from armed populations.  Northern Africa was not black back then, it was mostly Mediterranean populations and this includes Egypt, long ruled by Mediterranean Greeks for many generations.  True, there were a few black populations but it was very small back then with nearly zero in England.  To keep recent immigrants happy, the BBC has decided to give fake history to children so recent arrivals could feel at home so they changed history a great deal.  Just 10 years earlier, the typical BBC Ancient Britain cartoons didn’t show black people all over the place.


What annoys me greatly here is, this destruction of history is bad, it covers up real situations that are lessons to us all.  I have been pointing out for years and years that nearly all traces of Rome were utterly and totally wiped out except for four or five buildings and a few odds and ends by barbarian invaders from the cold Northern regions so that it was pretty much gone by 700 AD.


This mirrors the utter destruction of the Minoan/Mycenae Greek civilization 1000 years earlier.  This was called ‘the Greek Dark Ages’ because nearly everything ‘civilized’ was wiped out by a volcanic explosion/tsunamis/wars/climate change to a very cold cycle.  These cold cycles feature invasions of barbarians from the north which during very warm cycles, thrive and during the following cold cycles, pushes south to take over other lands out of sheer desperation.


People of Britain are being lied to about all this because our rulers want us all to fear warm weather and not very cold cycles.  Not to mention, pure racism: white populations are to think they are the minority and all other people who came recently have a right to come and take over.

Life in Roman Britain History The Story of Britain – YouTube

The ‘full context’ was to show that the BBC today thinks that black Africans lived in England and wore woad and fought alongside SCOTS…which is funny, even the Romans couldn’t defeat the Scots, even the Angles and Saxons left the Scots to screw around the apply named ‘Scotland’.  Why on earth does the BBC tell these lies?


Well, looking into it, I saw that the BBC also claims that since one possible skull found near London was maybe a black woman of the Roman era, this meant that blacks were held in high esteem and were at the top of the pecking order and not slaves, etc.  Lots of assumptions based on one very flimsy if not outright false ‘evidence’.

A Day In The Life… Of A 10-Year-Old In Roman Britain – Hands On History – BBC – YouTube:  Just three years ago, the typical Roman Britain cartoons for children were more realistic.  This is pure SJW propaganda by liberals hired by older liberals who just want to have all history and things stand on its head and be backwards and upside down.


Then we have this garbage:  Racist Taxpayer-Funded “Performance Art” Says White People are “Inbred Spawn Soon to Die Out”…more teachers and artists who hate everyone and want a race war.


Set to ominous background music, Massaquoi states, “Gold. Edged and decorated. A coat framed with gold surrounding white skin, wrapped around your body fat and muscles and bones like a magic cloak. The signs of power. The signs of wealth. Insignia. Details that seem small and inconsequential but they are proof of status. Your status. White. Powerful. Rich.”

“Am I meant to admire the brushwork and the colours and the historical context, without considering how you came to be here? And people who look like me aren’t? Am I meant to just accept that this is how things work out,” questions Massaquoi as he throws air punches at the paintings.
“I am here, too, now. And you are dead. Dead, random white dude. What’s so special about you?” he goes on to ask.


The more the SJW teachers and mainstream media and Congress pet these monsters, the uglier and more violent they become and this is all aimed at creating a race war with religion tossed in to make it particularly toxic.


And liberals want infinite illegal aliens for political power:  Chicago Tribune Offended by DOJ’s Use of Term ‘Illegal Alien’.  I always use the words ‘illegal aliens’ quite deliberately.  The mainstream media and Congress work day and night to destroy the use of these magic words. We are to use various useless code words to talk about people utterly and totally outside the law.


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