Communist China And Semi-Commie You Tube Owners Destroy Free Speech

Youtube Goes Full 1984, Promises to Hide “Offensive” Content Without Recourse- We Must Oppose This – YouTube


West Coast liberals still very pissed off because they can’t dictate the rest of us into committing mass self destruction, are on a rampage shutting down communication systems so they can have wall to wall propaganda.  You Tube is giving over control of their site to several radical leftist groups who will be given the right to censor anyone who displeases them.  There are NO RULES to guide people using You Tube, it is all up to the censors to decide…with no explanation…what is allowed.  This reminds me of East Germany in 1968.  Oh, we have certainly come far from the ‘free speech’ days of the early internet.  Commissars now rule the roost.

#RegressiveNews: 1st of August 2017 – YouTube

The EU and China are already heavily censoring the internet and punishing anyone who dares to say any verboten stuff.  I was part of the Free Speech Movement and knew all the leaders of it in California in the sixties, even lived with some of them there.  Now, these same entities are screaming for censorship and it pisses me off, greatly.


All systems set up to raise funds on You Tube and the internet are being denied to ‘the wrong people.’  The attacks on anyone right of Chairman Mao is now nonstop and all of this comes from NYC and West Coast fake liberals who are really dictators of the worst sort.

Susan Wojcicki runs You Tube and is systematically destroying free speech there:

She is the daughter of Esther Wojcicki, an educator of Russian Jewish descent[4], and Stanley Wojcicki, a Polish American physics professor at Stanford University. She has 2 sisters: Janet Wojcicki, (PhD, anthropologist and epidemiologist)[5] and Anne Wojcicki, founder of 23andMe. She grew up on the Stanford campus, with George Dantzig as a neighbor.[6] She attended Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California, and wrote for the school newspaper.[7]  Her grandfather, Franciszek Wójcicki, was a People’s Party and Polish People’s Party politician who had been elected MP during the Polish legislative election, 1947.[25


She comes from the same background as I.  Same sort of professor/Deep State father, for example.  Grandpa was a communist MP in poor Poland…he certainly helped them all after WWII…not.



YouTube, then a small start-up was successfully competing with Google’s Google Video service overseen by Wojcicki. Her response was to propose the purchase of YouTube.[8]


She handled two of Google’s largest acquisitions: the $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube in 2006 and the $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick in 2007. In February 2014 she became the CEO of YouTube.[14]


So, she used Big Money to buy You Tube after screwing up Google Video.  It has been all downhill since then, as far as ‘free speech’ is concerned.  She is very liberal, even ‘communist’ in nature in that she apes China’s style.  Censor, control, ‘image’ stuff, tricking people, debasing the currency, etc. is all ‘tools’ to be used for mind and business control.


There is this old, old story about killing the Golden Goose.  Seems no one learns from it.  The internet is ‘golden’ due to users having some power over it all.  Being free and open means people can do all sorts of things like communicate ideas. And this is why the Golden Goose will be slain: we are doing something very dangerous here.  That is, talking with each other.  This is to be channeled and controlled by the Bilderberg gang and the communists and others who want no freedoms.


I have been literally on the internet since it was created by the government many years ago due to my father being online from day one.  I have watched it grow and grow.  But from day one, we kids literally used it to talk to each other instead of expensive telephones run by Ma Bell and my phones were tapped.  So going to the campus and using the internet was a great way to do things right under the nose of the CIA.


Fun times!  Now, anyone can do this sort of and stopping this is primary for our Real Rulers.  They hate this.  They are royally pissed off about all this.  They will cheerfully kill all systems to prevent citizens from using this to talk with each other.


This New Cold War is going to kill the internet.  Yes, we still do business on the internet, buying stuff won’t be affected, it will be reduced to this glorified yellow pages, etc.  But its utility for other means will be reduced.  It saddens me and the net will be boring instead of fascinating.  Already, they are most anxious to stop news from Russian sources and this is one of the few useful news sources left to me, all the ‘Western’ ones suck.


It isn’t just their stupid lying, it is their moronic hysteria about every thing Trump says or touches. It is like visiting a jabbering homeless drunk drug addict on the corner of 45th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.  Yuck.  Give the goof a dime and walk on!




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4 responses to “Communist China And Semi-Commie You Tube Owners Destroy Free Speech

  1. Nani

    Trump says new Russia sanctions legislation ‘significantly flawed’

    “Since this bill was first introduced, I have expressed my concerns to Congress about the many ways it improperly encroaches on Executive power, disadvantages American companies, and hurts the interests of our European allies,” he added

    By limiting the Executive’s flexibility, this bill makes it harder for the United States to strike good deals for the American people, and will drive China, Russia, and North Korea much closer together,” the president stated.

    Trump is smart enough to understand that nothing good will come out of these sanctions.

  2. Ken

    So . . . Trump knew the bill was a bad idea and he signed it anyway? Where is the logic behind that? Wasn’t he elected to fight the swamp and the status quo?

  3. He was CORNERED. He can’t stop the Bilderberg gang by himself. Let’s organize a demonstration against wars against Russia. I would happily do this if I weren’t totally tied down here right now due to several people who depend on me to stay alive.

  4. Nani

    He was CORNERED. He can’t stop the Bilderberg gang by himself.

    You are right about that Elaine. I feel sorry for Trump. He is not a bad person, but he is surrounded by evil, and is now officially powerless when it comes to foreign policy.

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