Evolution And Why Men Are Smarter/Strategic Thinkers Than Women

Alice Through the Looking Glass (1998) – YouTube 

Alice Through the Looking Glass (1973) – YouTubeThis older version is closer to the book.

I can’t let go of the male/female chess business: why women are pretty bad at all the ‘intellectual’ and ‘mechanical’ stuff men do so much easier.  I was an exception to the rule, for example, designing and building houses and doing other ‘men’s jobs’ over the years.  But then, my brain is somewhat different from most women’s thinking systems and indeed, I get along infinitely better with men than women because of this.  Why is this? I always wondered and I know that I am not anywhere near as good as men of the same IQ when it comes to various things like…playing chess.


Well, it seems that this entire business freaks out many organizations and people who want to pretend men and women are the same.  We are not even genetically the same!  So why not acknowledge and understand the obvious differences?  Why is this so impossible and so many people use every possible scam and trick to hide reality?


This is very bad in a hundred ways.  Men are so much better than women when it comes to say, shooting bows and arrows or throwing spears or even shooting guns, all of which I have done all my life and am pretty good at this but…men still beat me when push comes to shove!


I don’t throw a temper tantrum, I find it amusing and fantastic that men can do what they evolved to do so easily, after all, I gave birth and nursed two babies and I loved doing it.  This is something men would struggle with much less, want to do in the first place.


Below are some articles from the last 5 years whereby smart scientists go to great lengths to lie, deceive and mutilate the Truth about this issue: Men’s Chess Superiority Explained – Scientific American


A study published by the Royal Society finds that men’s superiority over women at chess at the top levels can be explained by population size. Since many more men play, there’s a wider range of abilities, meaning more individuals at the very top. Karen Hopkin reports


Ta-Da!  HAHAHA.  Yes, that’s the trick!  If only millions of little girls would cease their stupidity and play chess, more will win!  This is pure lunacy and stupid, too.  I remember exactly what happened when boys began surging past me in chess playing: I had my first period and it was like hitting this brick wall.


I ceased racing along with the boys, getting better over time.  I didn’t get worse, it is just…I struggled to go further.  99% of girls who like chess lose interest when this  happens.  I didn’t lose interest as a spectator, I would team up with some boys and help them along in various ways, I just couldn’t win.


I could analyze a game afterwards or even while it was being played but I couldn’t do so hot, myself.  Why is that?  Well, my brain, set up to watch babies and little children like a hawk, would be easily distracted in trying to protect various pieces and thus, strategy would die on the vine.


It was very frustrating but after having children…the husband would ignore the baby while mommy has ‘eyes in the back of the head’, for example.


Are Girls Bad at Chess? – Scientific American struggles to answer this and then gets it totally wrong, of course:


One of the most talked about findings in psychology today is “stereotype threat” – a phenomenon in which a person experiences anxiety because of the fear of confirming a negative stereotype.


Well, bomb the issue to utter annihilation!  So, ‘negative stereotypes’ are causing girls to not play chess very well!  HAHAHA.  Not.  I know this is false, it makes me very bitter to hear this.  I desperately wanted to win at chess at age 13.  And I did, less and less and it was like falling off a cliff.


And it pissed me off.  Instead of making excuses, I wanted to figure out why this was so.  It is very attached to my eventual career in building stuff: I had to learn very carefully how to handle working in very dangerous places and with dangerous tools.  Few women ever ventured to climb up onto building to do this sort of thing.


Research has shown that stereotype threat can lead people to perform worse than expected. For example, women make more mistakes on a math test after being reminded of the stereotype that men are better at math.


Go to hell, damn it.  No one expected me to start losing at chess especially me! It was annoying, puzzling and freaky.  This crap that ‘women do worse at math when reminded that men are better’ is pure garbage.  This excuse making pisses me off greatly.


I honor men for what they have.  Thank god they have these abilities.  I wouldn’t trust a math or chess genius with raising a baby!  They would probably neglect the poor little guys.


Despite hundreds of studies showing its effects, stereotype threat remains controversial as an explanation for real-world performance gaps.


This rotten excuse cooked up for PC reason is ‘controversial’ because it is false, it is terrible and it is very stupid.


This is partly because most studies have been done using college students in carefully controlled laboratory experiments, leaving open the question as to whether stereotype threat operates the same way in more complex real life situations.


These ‘experiments’ were failures.  First, one should talk about this with women like myself who somehow, manage to ‘think like a man’ and who can give a detailed explanation about all these mysteries.  Top women chess players can explain this, they are more ‘masculine’ in their thinking systems like myself and can trace it to earliest childhood.


Also, since most stereotype threat studies have looked at adults, it’s not clear whether children and teenagers would suffer from its ill effects. Psychology professors Hank Rothgerber and Katie Wolsiefer decided to tackle both of these issues by looking at whether stereotype threat affects young girls who play in chess tournaments.


Hello!  Men are pleased to play with women.  I never met a man who didn’t want to do this and then be disappointed that I can’t be much better.  There was no animosity.  The very few females who make the top 100 (2%) are toasted by everyone as ‘geniuses’ even though they are not the very top at all.


Everyone slavers over these elite females.  People beg them to be better.  And…it never really comes along at all.  So we have to face reality: women are inferior to men in certain key areas including throwing spears, sword fighting, lifting weights, etc. etc. etc.  They create civilizations because of these advantages bought so very dearly.


For many people, the idea of a famous chess player evokes the image of someone smart yet nerdy—and male. Do societal ideas about who makes for a better chess player impact the performance and motivation of girls who play chess?


No, it doesn’t.  We have shoehorned women into many once-all male jobs including pretending that females can fight in wars (some of us can, the vast majority can’t so well).  Mother nature decrees, women who fight and die end up with NO CHILDREN.


Men create baby booms before and after major wars.  Dead women can’t do this trick.  So any ‘fighting women’ genes end up like Joan of Arc: ashes.


Why are (the best) women so good at chess? Participation rates and gender differences in intellectual domains: here is another stupid article claiming that few women in intellectual sports is due to few women, not women being crappy at it:


A popular explanation for the small number of women at the top level of intellectually demanding activities from chess to science appeals to biological differences in the intellectual abilities of men and women. An alternative explanation is that the extreme values in a large sample are likely to be greater than those in a small one. Although the performance of the 100 best German male chess players is better than that of the 100 best German women, we show that 96 per cent of the observed difference would be expected given the much greater number of men who play chess. There is little left for biological or cultural explanations to account for. In science, where there are many more male than female participants, this statistical sampling explanation, rather than differences in intellectual ability, may also be the main reason why women are under-represented at the top end.


Utter, total Bullhockyshit.  The need to desperately cling to this false story pisses me off. I won awards in various intellectual things…and sucked at winning chess when playing moderately good male players.  This is stupid.


My own IQ was through the roof in 1964.  My ability to play chess rapidly eroded vis a vis young men of similar intelligence.  My own brothers who were all very smart and ended up in the techie world, could beat me (rats!).


Why Men Rank Higher than Women at Chess (It’s Not Biological)


(PhysOrg.com) — In the recorded history of chess, world champions have always been male, not female. Further, there is currently only one woman in the top 100 chess players in the world. Because chess is often considered to be the ultimate intellectual activity, male dominance at chess is often cited as an example of innate male intellectual superiority. But rather than resort to biological or cultural explanations, a recent study proposes a different explanation.


Even the Physics guys fell for this stupid scam.  The explanation that if only many women were to study physics and play chess, they would equal men…this has been kicked out as ‘true’ with zero proof.’


A team of researchers from the UK has shown that the under-representation of women at the top end in chess is almost exactly what would be expected, given the much greater number of men that participate in the game at all. Researchers Merim Bilalic, et al., have published their research on this statistical sampling explanation in a recent issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.


There are statistics and then there are lies that are statistics.  Statistics means nothing, it is the opening shot, NOT the the end result of anything.


Gender differences in chess | ChessBase, an online chess fan club site gently tries to say what I am yelling about here:


The above got us thinking: how many female players are there in the top levels of chess? In the top hundred the answer is one percent, and that 1% is named Judit Polgar. But how about the top thousand? Using the latest available FIDE rating list for all players we were able to extract exactly 22 female players, which works out to (whip out your calculators, boys and girls) 2.2%.


They go on to say what I say: there must be a mysterious genetic component to men being so much better and so much more interested in chess.


Gender differences in chess | ChessBase has to pretend they don’t understand any of this beause there is no real difference between men and women aside from the Y chromosome which is a HUGE difference…ooops:


The most common explanation I hear for the disparity, over and over again, is that it’s an accurate reflection of ability: men do better at the higher ranks of science and math because they have better brains.


DUH!  Yes, they do have BIGGER and better brains for this sort of stuff.  It came from a series of very nasty Ice Ages where especially in the northern hemisphere, men had to struggle like crazy to survive.  Women hunkered down with furs and babies and men hunted MASTODONS, etc.  A huge stew of genetic hammering leading to men being really good with weapons and calculations.


And the most frequent rational for that is the greater male variability hypothesis: the bell curve of performance for women is better tuned to achieve a greater likelihood of median ability, while men are more erratic – they produce more damaged, faulty brains than do women, but at the same time, they produce more brilliant brains. The male population exhibits greater extremes.


And perchance, this is due to that Y chromosome which is so stunted with less than 10% of the genes on an X chromosome.  But whatever that is, there is something there that was won over the last 5 million years of evolution that causes men to be very, very good at certain things especially ‘brain’ stuff.


This has never made any sense to me.


There are deleterious traits which men have at higher frequency than women: color blindness, for instance, or haemophilia. There is also a known higher incidence for objectively measurable mental defects in males vs. females, diagnosable at birth. But how does this lead one to conclude that the greater variability should lead to greater beneficial variability?


Seemingly, that is true.  In reality, that fact that men who were really good at certain difficult and very dangerous skills including fighting off other men or stealing women to have as mates…has led to a rapid evolution of the human brain with men’s brains, like body size, usually bigger than women’s brains and body size.


There is never any specific explanation of a mechanism that would allow greater variability to promote greater intelligence in males.


The writer of this article and the ‘scientists’ are all rather stupid, I fear.   That ‘mechanism’ is simple: surviving Ice Age conditions took lots and lots of intelligence!!!  It was not easy!!!!  The tropical men and women on the equator didn’t evolve the ferocious brain size of Eurasian and North American humans.


This is due to them living in a Garden of Eden while the other humanoids were battling saber tooth tigers, gigantic hairy elephants, cave bears twice the size of grizzlies, etc.


There is much flapping of hands over the greater male frequency of autism, reading disorders, juvenile delinquency, etc. (all true), and then a dangling “therefore…” leading to the conclusion that there must be compensatory intellectual benefits for men.


DUH.  A bigger brain can cause bigger malfunctions, too.  And women die during childbirth!  Each have evolutionary stresses that are huge.  The smarter men survived better than ones that were stupid and couldn’t plan ahead or figure out how to make better and better tools, or persuade other men to do whatever when hunting or going to war with the tribe over the hill.


Men earned this genetic power via the hammer and the sword!


Y Chromosome Is More Than a Sex Switch | Science | AAAS reports:


The small, stumpy Y chromosome—possessed by male mammals but not females, and often shrugged off as doing little more than determining the sex of a developing fetus—may impact human biology in a big way.


Good lord.  That ‘stump’ is directly responsible for men being able to be physically and mentally more powerful than women!  It is the key to the ‘big human brain’ evolution.


Two independent studies have concluded that the sex chromosome, which shrank millions of years ago, retains the handful of genes that it does not by chance, but because they are key to our survival. The findings may also explain differences in disease susceptibility between men and women.


“The old textbook description says that once maleness is determined by a few Y chromosome genes and you have gonads, all other sex differences stem from there,” says geneticist Andrew Clark of Cornell University, who was not involved in either study. “These papers open up the door to a much richer and more complex way to think about the Y chromosome.”


But while the X chromosome has remained large throughout evolution, with about 2000 genes, the Y chromosome lost most of its genetic material early in its evolution; it now retains less than 100 of those original genes. That’s led some scientists to hypothesize that the chromosome is largely indispensable and could shrink away entirely.


Nope. It means that it has been pared down by evolution.  When you pare a bush by cutting off all sorts of growth, it bears more flowers and more and fatter fruits.  Pruning a tree makes it produce better!


To determine which Y chromosome genes are shared across species, Daniel Winston Bellott, a biologist at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and colleagues compared the Y chromosomes of eight mammals, including humans, chimpanzees, monkeys, mice, rats, bulls, and opossums. The overlap, they found, wasn’t just in those genes known to determine the sex of an embryo. Eighteen diverse genes stood out as being highly similar between the species. The genes had broad functions including controlling the expression of genes in many other areas of the genome. The fact that all the species have retained these genes, despite massive changes to the overall Y chromosome, hints that they’re vital to mammalian survival.


These ‘on/off’ switches are highly important.  Boys have the opposite of girls when reaching sex age: they see great growth in the parts of the brain which is connected to throwing spears, killing mastodons, counting stuff when divvying up the loot and hunting for sex or protecting the home cave and tribe!


Male sex chromosome losing genes by rapid evolution, study reveals…YIKES!


 Now, a pair of Penn State scientists has discovered that this sex chromosome, the Y chromosome, has evolved at a much more rapid pace than its partner chromosome, the X chromosome, which both males and females carry. This rapid evolution of the Y chromosome has led to a dramatic loss of genes on the Y chromosome at a rate that, if maintained, eventually could lead to the Y chromosome’s complete disappearance.


Um, no.  The sex stuff will continue.  Of course, over time, when brains ceases to matter and people who are incompetent and even stupid can have endless children and other people pay to feed them all and protect them and give them shelter while they do nothing useful…THAT will lead to evolution that will terminate humans over time.


 By comparing the DNA of the X and Y chromosomes in eutherian mammals to the DNA of the non-sex chromosomes in the opossum and platypus, the team was able to go back in time to the point when the X and Y chromosomes were still swapping DNA, just like the non-sex chromosomes in the opossum and platypus. The scientists then were able to observe how the DNA of the X and Y chromosomes changed over time relative to the DNA of the non-sex chromosomes. “Our research revealed that the Y-specific DNA began to evolve rapidly at the time that the DNA region split into two entities, while the X-specific DNA maintained the same evolutionary rate as the non-sex chromosomes,” said Makova.


Yes, we are no longer sea slugs or octopus.  Isn’t evolution funny?  Those raging dinosaurs spawned some strange relatives who evolved into mammals and these had a strict male/female game going which humans today seem bent on destroying utterly.  Which is rather funny and won’t last long.


When the next Ice Age hits, there will be swift evolution again with people who have great life skills like being able to fight with rocks and sticks and other tools and make fires (all of which I can do, thank you) will survive.


Evolution is incredibly cruel.  And the females better be good at protecting and raising little hellion children!  Or we really will be doomed.


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25 responses to “Evolution And Why Men Are Smarter/Strategic Thinkers Than Women

  1. Ken

    The liberal position of denying that stereotypes have any validity began as a way of excusing black behavior. No matter how strenuously liberals argued that blacks are exactly the same as whites, value the same things, etc, blacks never were fully accepted into white society. Eventually a consensus developed which blamed black shortcomings on whites: blacks were not being accepted by whites because of negative stereotypes.

    There is no need to recount the stereotypes. Everyone knows what they are. Studies have shown that if even 10% of the members of a group have a characteristic, then it becomes a stereotype for the whole group. “Swedes are blond” is a good example of this.

    Way more than 10% of blacks exhibit the negative stereotypes. As a result, liberals were never able to defeat the stereotypes by proving them to be false. As an alternative approach, great social pressure was applied to prohibit even acknowledging that black stereotypes exist. Now, matters have gotten to the point where someone is denounced as a racist for even acknowledging that there are negative stereotypes about blacks.

    What Elaine is noticing is the natural extension of this policy to all of society. No stereotypes can be accepted or acknowledged about anything. Even things as obvious as those pointed out by Elaine. Unless, of course, you are saying something negative about whites, such as attacking “white privilege.”

  2. melponeme_k

    Men evolved strategy due to hunting and fighting other men.

    Women evolved watching crafty children and equally crafty women. Men are too involved in strength power plays to really sit back and watch the social dynamics. The really smart men listened to their wives. Kitchen gossip is not without its rewards nor is it useless.

    This is why the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. She represents the leaps of logic that women take fearlessly and use to help the King. She also represents the back door to power. When royals married off their daughters, they hoped the daughter would be the infiltrator in the enemy camp, the spy mistress.

    Perhaps the heart of the social collapse is because marriage is no longer a power play among the middle classes. We all know our place in that game. But when all is dependent on this false notion of “love”, well it all goes to the pits. Marriage as social negotiation isn’t romantic but it keeps society running.

  3. Claudeeyah

    It goes even deeper than that, Ken. The white man, who built this country and invented our rule of law and built upon modern systems that have been in use by white men for over a thousand years, has been targeted for extermination. Exalting the negro and placing women at the spearhead of society, while throwing every monkey wrench into the white man’s efforts, is nothing short of a determined effort to bring socialism and One World Government by the one percent into complete control.

    (((They))) know exactly what they are doing. The game has been in play for a lot longer than most people are even aware.

  4. Claudeeyah


    Marriage for love was a Victorian notion, Mel. Before that, farmer’s sons married the neighboring farmer’s daughters. It wasn’t really all that important that they liked each other very much. But they did know that they liked to eat. And doubling the acreage for your family farm by marrying into your neighbor’s family meant everyone would have a better chance at surviving.

    What we are seeing now and for the past 50 plus years are a non-stop attempt at destroying the self sufficiency of the family, as well as the castration of society’s males. They’ve hit all fronts: religion, family, education, morality, responsibility. Historically, there is a reason (((they))) have been thrown out of every country in which they have once been accepted, even welcomed, as participating members.

  5. Jim R

    Y chromosomes do that. They fizz away over evolutionary time. There isn’t much on them, the only significant part is an on-off switch for testosterone.

    They start out as damaged X chromosomes… Some creatures simply have two X chromosomes for females, and one X chromosome (no Y) for males. Or they have diploid females and haploid males. Notably, crocodiles all have the same chromosomes, and it depends on the temperature at which the egg is incubated.

    The genetic code for a penis is on another chromosome anyway. Both types of sex organs are present in everyone, and the balance of hormones determines which way they develop. Some kinds of fish can actually change sex — of course fish are simpler creatures, as their eggs and sperm are both simply expelled into the water when they mate.

  6. Lou

    Okay, i ll ask–what was your IQ?

  7. Jim R

    As for the key topic of this post, I don’t agree that men are ‘smarter’. Men are more aggressive, and they tend to win at games of strategy or strength. The fact that these qualities are tested in an ‘IQ’ test simply reflects the values of the society creating the test. Men also tend to be idolized, and remembered in grand monuments, but that is a cultural thing as much as an inherent quality. If they tested for linguistics or empathy, women would beat the men every time.

    On the other other hand, my scent hound has a very intelligent nose. There are many different kinds of intelligence.

    Oh, and all this hype about “AI” is just that. It hasn’t reached the level of cockroaches yet. But it’s worth being cautions, because it’s being driven by the most dangerous lunatics now. Control freaks. Tycoons. Oligarchs.

    Women tend to be better at organizing things, and better at language. And that’s what they do, they keep the tribe together. Keep it organized. Insure that there will be another generation of people in the tribe. And that, too, is a form of intelligence. A very important one, by the way.

  8. Shawntoh


    Concerning chess– Ingmar Bergman, in the movie, “The Seventh Seal”, accurately presents how effectively men are at playing chess.

  9. Floridasandy

    Too generalized – some men are brilliant, so are some women. The smartest person I knew in math was a woman, but she actually liked math and was encouraged.

    Off topic , Wikileaks revealed an email where mueller (investigating Trump) delivered stolen uranium to Russia on behalf of our SOS Clinton. Obviously the NYT people know all this and even reported in the Clinton connections : https://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html?referer=https://www.bing.com/search?q=myellers+connections+to+urabiu+one&form=APIPH1&PC=APPL

    What a bunch of crooks. Trump needs mueller fired and then investigated simultaneously

  10. tio


    Bernays touted the idea that the “masses” are driven by factors outside their conscious understanding, and therefore that their minds can and should be manipulated by the capable few. “Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos.”

    Trigger Warning .. lmfao.

  11. I am pointing out a weakness in females for a reason: it irks me!!! I wanted to be great at doing stuff my fellow male friends and family brothers did so easily after age 13. Why was it easier and easier for them to do math, chess, fight after age 13 while it was harder and harder for me?

    This led me to understand how evolution works and why men were the top of the totem pole, so to speak: they evolved to be this way so WE all could survive the repeated Ice Ages and sundry volcanic eruptions that disrupted the entire earth periodically.

    The sheets of ice covering huge parts of the planet drove male evolution to do many amazing things like building cities and creating weapons, discovering how metals work, etc.

    Women discovered how to make pottery and weaving! These two feminine activities I mastered by age 13. It was easy and I enjoyed making pottery (we lived for a while on a reservation where the women taught us to make pottery the old way).

    Women and men both contributed to creating civilizations. But there is a very definite division of labor baked into our genes. Individuals can override these on rare occasions but my point is, ease of learning and doing.

    There is a Grand Canyon barrier between both. When I learned how to make armor in the medieval style, I was one of only two women doing this, my teachers were all men and all the other apprentices were men, too.

    We had to hammer away for hours to make armor and I did construction for a living so I could happily hammer away for hours. I know very very few women who would be entertained by doing this! It just doesn’t exist.

  12. floridasandy

    men are at the top of the totem pole for strength. This is almost as bad as all the women being triggered for micro-aggressions. Both sexes are equal and offer different perspectives. The balance is what makes civilization work. You see a complete imbalance in the Middle East, so I rest my case.

    OT again, but important, Clinton crimes:


    Evidently, Huma has given over all her personal emails (probably to avoid obstruction of justice) and now they are being released to Judicial Watch. This explains all the attack Russia stories-and the total panic that is going on in Washington DC right now. I see you can always count on Lindsey to advocate for a war, this time with North Korea. That would keep any investigation subdued for a while-haha.

  13. tio


    The detected differences in neural connectivity were negligible up to the age of 13, but became much more prominent in the 14 to 17-year-olds.[13] In terms of the potential effect on behaviour, the authors concluded, “Overall, the results suggest that male brains are structured to facilitate connectivity between perception and coordinated action, whereas female brains are designed to facilitate communication between analytical and intuitive processing modes”


  14. Petruchio

    @#3 claudeeyah: EXACTLY right!! Destroying the White Middle Class and especially White Males has been a top priority of the elites. Destroying white males has been what :Political Correctness” and “Multi Culturalism” has REALLY been about. It is also what Affirmative Action has been all about. Ditto when it comes to abortion. BTW. Have you noticed how all these poor, precious illegal Muslim immigrants are not buying into this PC/”Celebrate Diversity stuff? They are all very particular about who they hang out with. Hmong almost exclusively have just Hmong friends. Likewise with Somalis and any of the other immigrants. AND: they ALL believe in making as many babies as possible. The only exception to this rule–at least for Muslim men–is when it comes to WHITE women. White women are merely sex toys to the Muslim male. .

  15. Spent my working life in the technical fields electronics and electrical.
    All men,typically had started building/wiring stuff at an early age.
    I walked into my first telecom job and found at lunch fully 20 of a shop of 30 men were playing chess!! I felt right at home.

  16. Melponeme_k

    One year in middle school, I left my science project to the last minute. I hated science fairs. So I found a project regarding light. I had to set up small plane of glass and an object. That was easy.

    But i had to build my own lighting mechanism. I went to Radio Shack, the guy in charge looked at the book and explained the concept. He then drew a schematic for me to build the wiring.

    i did it and was so proud of myself. I got it to school (pain because it was in a huge box). The teacher took one look at it and made a big show that he was afraid to be electrocuted. Then after looking at it, accused me of having my father do the wiring job (he wasn’t in the picture). He also said the project lacked imagination. I think the mark I was given was a B-/C+. Wow, I was so pissed, I refused my classmates the permission to look at my project.

    So yeah, there are girls out there who are interested in technical projects. Not many of them and probably not as advanced as many boys. Are they encouraged to build? Not likely. I promised myself never to waste time on such a project again for so little a result. Next time science fair came around, I did nothing and happily took the fail mark in stride.

  17. Wow! Mel, that pisses me off. I won at the Science Fair with a rather sophisticated spectrum machine to filter light from various sources. I built the entire thing, myself. No teacher dared to tell me otherwise!

    I wish I could have fought for you back then. That was true ‘sexism’ whereby it was assumed you couldn’t do something because of being a girl.

    And yes, there really is this sort of thing.

  18. Petruchio

    I think it all boils down to the fact that woman was created from one of Adam’s (spare) rib. A lack of aptitude in Science and Math was written into the DNA of women!! HaHaHaHa…

  19. Except some women have the brains for this in spades! My grandmother was one of the very first US scientists to graduate with a science degree from a MEN’S school way back in the 19th century.

  20. Lou

    20–IQ is hereditary.Yes.
    See ‘The Bell Curve’. Thats why EMS and I disagree about Africans.

  21. floridasandy

    haha, petruchio is a troublemaker. 🙂

    Shouldn’t we women have more ribs then, making us anatomically superior with spare parts?


  22. Yes, one spare rib coming up!

    We do have something of greatest value: a uterus. We can have children and as far as evolution is concerned, that is the most valuable thing, bar none. That is our existence, our future, our power. All females have this.

  23. Lou, you have a genius to put in links to articles that I have already posted here. Congratulations in being so skillful…NOT. Sheesh. Try reading my stuff some day, you might even learn something.

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