Taliban Attack NATO In Afghanistan All Over Again And Again, Etc.

Casualties confirmed as NATO convoy attacked in Afghanistan (VIDEO) — RT News


Thank you, Russian news, for having real news.  We are stuck in Afghanistan.  Bin Laden himself, said he hoped attacks on the US on 9/11 would drive us into re-invading the Afghanistan trap.  Supposedly, US special troops killed bin Laden but they were under orders to hide the body so no one could see that the head was handed over to the Bush/Cheney Skull and Bones people who use it for black magic.  The Skull and Geronimo’s Skull both want the US trapped in Afghanistan because it will bankrupt the US and it is, it is, it is!

Can the US defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan? – YouTube

The answer to that is ‘no’.  Just ‘no’.  It is impossible.  This is why bin Laden wanted Bush Jr. to rush into Afghanistan: this was the plan.  And it worked!  Now, decades later, things are a failure.  It is getting worse, not better.  Leave Afghanistan to Russia and China.  That would be a dirty trick!


US Watchdog: ‘We’re Drowning Afghans in Money’ – News From Antiwar.com: HAHAHA.


Sopko and others previously said in reports they believe the sheer quantity of money being pumped into Afghanistan is driving the corruption in the nation, which is one of the most corrupt societies in human history at this point.


Like Vietnam: US aid is corruption money.  The corruption is in DC, too.  Money laundering is easy in these outsized, ridiculous wars.  Happened during the Vietnam War, too.  Note how the left didn’t raise a peep during the Obama years, nothing bothered them.  No peace marches.  Dead silence.


Sopko’s biggest problem, though, wasn’t just the billions of dollars in waste, but the lack of accountability, saying that not a single US has ever been reprimanded in the entirety of the Afghan War over the waste, and saying that it was “shocking” how little officials seem to be inclined to do about the losses.


Because it is funny money.  Why not use Bitcoins for this?  HAHAHA.  Well, more than one empire was driven into bankruptcy this way.  History is littered with such examples.

Once upon a time, Spain was a world empire.  Biggest in Europe, by far!  Owned a huge hunk of the earth.  Was by far, the richest empire in 2,000 years.  And…was BANKRUPT in less than 200 years!  What killed it?  Endless wars that were failures or brought in no profits.  Trade deficits didn’t help, either.  By 1800, the place was a dead economy.  Easily invaded by Napoleon who then…was bogged down endlessly.  And this led to his rule weakening with the Russian invasion fiasco pushing him over the edge to ruin.

Rich China is now expanding swiftly.  And will continue to expand. Europe is dying swiftly.  And will continue to literally die.  The European people have decided they don’t need to exist anymore so they will end up the way previous populations ended up when they gave up on staying alive.  I feel sorry for this, years ago, Europe produced an amazing series of high cultures that are now already nearly totally dead, no one can compose music or paint pictures or carve statues or build beautiful buildings like Europeans 100 years ago.


Now, on to the other strange news…not: it isn’t hot anymore.  Some corners of the Northern Hemisphere are ‘hot’ but look at the key place in the planet that we should fear getting cold in SUMMER: The Great Lakes/Hudson Bay/Midwest where Ice Ages are born:  Early August Won’t Feel Much Like the Heart of Summer in Parts of Central, Eastern U.S. | The Weather Channel

July was barely warm, only a handful of ‘hot’ days.  I fear that this looming winter is going to be cruel.  Of course, nonstop ‘global warming’ news pours from mainstream media, note the lack of hurricanes so far, by the way.  More and more people distrust media giants and for very good reasons.  They lie about even the basic weather.


Another news story I am parking here:  Kevin Allred fired for tweeting to kill Trump  | Daily Mail Online


A Montclair State University professor with a history of making irresponsible political statements on the internet has been fired after he tweeted for someone to kill President Trump.


‘Trump is a f—ing joke,’ Kevin Allred wrote in the social media post Friday night, which has since been deleted from his page. ‘This is all a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright.’


Later in the weekend, Allred shared the notorious photograph of Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded prop of Trump, with the caption ‘mood.’ He also personally indicated the President was ‘a traitor and a terrorist.’


Allred was an adjunct professor for Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and most recognized for his quirky course called ‘Politicizing Beyonce’ at Montclair State University in New Jersey.


Back in November 2016, while employed at Rutgers, Allred was admitted to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital to undergo mental evaluation after he made threats ‘to kill white people,’ burn the flag and abuse gun laws, the New York Daily News reported at the time.


Another ‘sex professor’ teaching depravity and silly stuff any student can pick up on their own, pornography has been around forever, even churches in the Middle Ages had lots of dirty sex paintings (mostly of hell).  These fake professors teach at fake schools who are working hard to dump over a trillion in debt onto naive and stupid students who then are enslaved for much of their adult life and can’t form families, etc.  All so they can talk about dirty sex while in school.


Too stupid to see that they are paying through the nose to these pornographers!  Geeze, what a scam.


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5 responses to “Taliban Attack NATO In Afghanistan All Over Again And Again, Etc.

  1. floridasandy

    so kevin allred obviously had a problem, being put in a psychiatric hospital, and then another school hired him? What happened to vetting? Of course, it was a bogus class, worth NOTHING. It boggles my mind what they expose today’s kids to. I would suggest all students start their own businesses or go to trade school, and avoid this pathetic debt trap.

    Trump needs to pull out of Afghanistan, they aren’t to be trusted there, regardless of what our “generals” say. My sincere sympathy to the families of our 2 soldiers killed there. Antiwar did a piece that Trump is considering pulling out-perhaps this will help him now.

    I still don’t worry about China too much yet ,with over 1.3 billion mouths to feed. That’s a big job for any country.

    OT, Mueller may need to step down in light of his connections to Comey (and Comey’s unwillingness to investigate the Clinton Foundation, due to his brother being their lawyer, etc.) and his own connections to Hillary and the foundation, not to mention his uranium dealing.

  2. Petruchio

    And don’t forget that a primary reason for the US staying in Afghanistan is the heroin poppies. The CIA needs that Drug Money for overthrowing duly elected governments and assassinating people–such as potential whistleblowers.

  3. floridasandy

    OT, another wow in the DWS scandal:

    zero hedge is bringing it, as is 4chan, wikileaks, and those George webb you tube videos. It’s on, baby. Again, NYT had an expose on Hillary and the uranium/Canadian connection in 2015 for anybody who wants to see that too.

    I dare them to try and ignore this as it gets bigger..

  4. larry, dfh

    And it keeps getting
    curioser and curioser.

  5. We don’t have real news much these days. HAHAHA. I go to Russia for US news. This is seriously deranged.

    Yes, the DNC heads are in the sand as they think we can’t see them because their media buddies are covering up for them all but the alternative news sees them totally and this is funny and horrible at the same time.

    It is disgusting. And stupid.

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